The END of Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics gets Particle Mechanics

A1.6.1 Kinetic Energy is no Property of bodies

One of the most severe errors of current physics is, that kinetic energy is assigned to an object. The kinetic energy of an object is not determined and cannot be determined like it is the case for the velocity of onan object. Both properties are relative and vectorial properties. So it has always to be mentioned to which object the kinetic energy or the velocity is valid. Only when this is very clear it has not to be mentioned.



A1.6.2 The physically impossible Formula for Kinetic Energy

The error of kinetic energy implies the error of the formula for kinetic energy being E kin = ½ mv². It is physically and mathematically impossible that a relative property is a quadratic term. Although this is well known by scientists they did not convert completely to the correct formula which is Ekin = m*v. By the wrong kinetic energy there are also other errors like the law of energy transfers by elatic collisions or movements in space.

A1.7 Basic Misunderstanding of Gravity

A1.7.1 Newton’s wrong Formular of Gravitation


Of course at time of Newton there were very limitted data for gravitation. Therefore his formula is just a first trial to describe proportionalities of gravitation. As best guess he defined following formula for forces of attraction F between two objects with two different masses m1 and m2 and F1 and F2 as the gravitational force of the two bodies as:

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QQ0 The Discovery of the Scientific Universal Reality of Physics (SURe – New Physics)

Q0.1 The History of Discovery of SURe

Q0.2 The discovered Universal Principles (Weltformel) 

Q0.3 The Detection of the Forces, Energies and Mechanisms, which rules the Universe 

Q.04 Physics is ruled completely by Mathematics 


Q1 Basics of Quantum Physics

Q1.1 The END of QUANTUM PHYSICS is SURe (Scientific Universal Reality) 

          Q1.2 The wrong conclusions of Findings by Planck and Einstein 

Q1.3 The Absurdity of Quantization of Energies 

Q1.4 The Reality of Quantum Physics is Particle Mechanics 

Q1.5 Emissions of Photons are not restricted to discrete Quanta of Energies 

Q1.6 Atoms have no energetic States which can be occupied 

Q1.7 The invalid Explanation of Energies by QUANTUM NUMBERS 

Q1.8 All energetic changes in universe are done continuously and not momentarily. 

Q 1.9 Explanation by SURe of Emissions of Photons 

Q1.10 The Explanation of Emissions of Photons with same Energies 

Q1.11 The Falsification of Quantization by spectroscopic Measurements 

Q1.12 The invalid Explanation of Energies by WAVE FUNCTIONS 

Q1.13 The Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Physics

Q1.14 Summary of Quantization of Radiation Energy 


Q2 Wrong Understanding about Structure of Atom

Q2.1 Atomic Model by Niels Bohr 

Q2.2 The Theory of Local Probability Distribution of apparent atomic Electrons 

Q2.3. The Theory of Wave Functions of apparent atomic Electrons 

Q2.4 Inconsistencies of Atomic Orbital Model 


Q2.6 The Cause for the Believe in atomic Electrons 

Q2.7 The first scientific explanation of generation of different Atoms 

          Q2.8 The Falsification of PERIODIC SYSTEM of Atoms 


Q3 Scientific Explanation of Radiation by Photons

Q3.1 The scientific Definition of Radiation 

Q3.2 The Unification of Generation of Radiation (Emissions of Photons) 

Q3.3 Radiation by Fluorescence and Phosphorescence 

Q3.4 Physical impossible: Resonancefluorescence 

Q3.5 SURe of Black Body Radiation 

Q3.6 First scientific Explanation of Absorption and Emission 

Q3.7 Black Body Radiation at high Temperatures 

Q3.8 SURe of Synchrotron Radiation 

Q3.9 Synchrotron Radiation is typical for decay of photon chains. 

Q3.10 Why is Synchrotron Radiation polarized? 

Q3.11 Radiation of sun or other stars and planets 

Q3.12 Generation of Energy analog to Sun 


Q4 Reality of Frequency of Radiation is kinetic Energy of Particle

Q4.1 Wrong UNITS for KINETIC ENERGIES (particularly for photons) 

Q4.2 Wrong Understanding of emitted Energy

Q4.3The first Explanation for the constant Propagation Speed of Photons 

Q4.4 Speed of Light depends on Density of penetrated Matter 

Q4.5 Speed of celestial Bodies depend on Density of omnipresent Photons 

Q4.6 Wrong Stefan-Boltzman Equation 

Q4.7 The Summit of Antiscience: The Earth’s Energy Balance 

Q4.8 Transferred kinetic energies by Photons falsifies UNCERTAINTY 

Q4.9 The nonsense of PLANCK CONSTANT (h) 

Q4.10 Simple but surprising: the Reality of PLANCK CONSTANT 


Q4.12 An even more absurd Theory of the Planck Constant concerning Spin 


Q5 FALSIFICATIONS of Electromagnetic Waves

Q5.1 The Mythology of PARTICLE-WAVE-Hybrids 

Q5.2 Electromagnetic waves are physically not possible 

Q5.3 INTERFERENCE PATTERNS of Radiation are not caused by Interference 

Q5.4  Laser light falsifies electromagnetic waves and Interference  

Q5.5 Real waves can be extinguished by Interference 

Q5.6 What about amplitudes of waves? 

Q5.7 Fresnel-Huygens principle falsifies Light being a Wave 

Q5.8 Stunning News: Light does not go around a Corner (except a bit) 

Q5.9 Falsification by Albert Einstein’s Photo Effect 


Q6. Deflections of photons

Q6.1 The universal Mechanisms of Deflections 

Q.6.2 Waves can be refracted but not Photons (light) 

Q.6.3 Waves can interfere but not Photons (light) 

Q6.4 Theories for Refraction of Light are physically impossible 

Q6.5 SURe of Deflections of photons by water surface 

Q6.6 SURe of Deflections of photons by Glass surface 

Q6.7 First Explanation of Beam Splitters 

Q6.8 Why equals Angle of Incidence to Surface the Angle of Reflection

Q6.9 Non-specific Deflections of Photons 

Q6.10 Interference Patterns of Radiation are Deflection Patterns 

Q6.11 Lots of Falsifications that particles can also be waves by double slit 

Q6.12 The Reality of Double Slit Experiment 

Q6.13 The Reality of DOUBLE SLIT experiment by single Particles is very obvious. 


Q6.15 Strange: Another expression for the same observation: Diffraction 

Q6.16 Correct explanation of Arago Spot, Poison Spot, Fresnel Spot 

Q6.17 Correct explanation of Zeeman and Stark Effects 

Q6.18 Again a Falsification of Charges 



Q7 Scientific Universal Reality of Changes of “Frequencies


Q7.2 General Rule for Energies of Radiation 

Q7.3 The biased Observation of Shifts of Frequencies 

Q7.4 Increasing number of collisions of omnipresent photons to atoms reduce the energy of emitted radiation 

Q7.5 Natural laws of SURe - New Physics falsifies gravitational TIME DILATION 

Q7.6 SURe - New Physics replaces TIME DILATION by Velocity 

Q7.7 Lost of Time: Time Measurements by Radiation (Atomic Clocks) 

Q7.8 Atomic Clocks do not obey Einstein


Q8 The wrong Thinking about Radio Radiation

Q8.1 The Detection of the scientific Explanation of Radio Radiation 

Q8.2 RADIO Radiation consists not of Photons but Electron-Pairs 

Q8.3 The technical Generation of RADIO Radiation (Electron-Pairs) 

Q8.4 Verification of Electron-Pairs by Measurements 

Q8.5 Measurement of Temperatures by Electron-Pairs 

Q8.6 Measurement of Cosmic Microwave Background 

Q8.7 Data Transfer by Radio Radiation 

Q8.8 The manipulated picture of a Black Hole 


Q9 First scientific Explanation of Data Transfer

Q9.1 The incredible Error of Data Transfer

Q9.2 The first scientific Explanation of Data Transfer

Q9.3 Example of Data Transfer by human Eyes 

Q9.4 Technical Data Transfer 

Q9.5 Useful Data Transfers by electromagnetic Waves are absolutely impossible 

Q9.6 Transfer of Data through space without conducting 

Q9.7 Transfer of digital Data 

Q9.8 The Error of sonic Waves 

Q9.9 The Reality of apparent Waves of Radio Radiation 

Q9.10 The first scientific Explanation of Modulation of Data

Q9.11 Another Physical Impossibility for electromagnetic Waves 


Q10 Spectacular tool: SPECTRAL ANALYSIS

Q10.1 Spectroscopic data falsify current radiation theory 

Q10.2 The falsification of discrete Absorption and Emission Energies of Photons 

Q10.3 The Energies of Emissions can be more specific 

Q10.4 The Explanation of dependency of Energies by Temperature 

Q10.5 The Correlation to Concentration 

Q10.6 Spectroscopic measurements refer to Photolyses Reactions 

Q10.7 Absorptions and Emissions of Photons which are not specific for atoms 

Q10.8 The clear Falsification of the current climate change by CO2



Q12 The Unification of OPTICS by Universal Principles

Q13 Quantum Physics describes non-observable Ideas but not our Universe

Q14 The Myths of NON-Locality of Particles

Q15 The good Thing: Engineers did an outstanding Job despite Quantum Theories

Q16 FRANCK-HERTZ EXPERIMENT falsifies Quantum Physics

Q17 Explanations and Terms which should be eliminated


Q18 The reality of Observation collaps to spooky Sciencefiction 

Q18.1 Quantum physics use Magics to arise attention 

Q18.2 The Problem of Magics is that the Reality can be observed 

Q18.3 The collapse of Wave Functions is the Collapse of Science 

Q18.4 The spooky Transformations of Particles to Wave Functions 

Q18.5 The Definition of Observations 

Q18.6 The serious invalid Observation of Temperature of Sun 

Q18.7 Observations falsify Interference of electromagnetic Waves 

Q18.8 Observations falsify Uncertainty 

Q18.9 Valid observations prove wrong Formula for kinetic Energy 

Q18.10 The Reality of Interference of photons is simple, clear and logic 

Q18.11 The stated Prevention of Patterns by Observation blame physics 

Q18.12 The reactivation of Patterns by Quantum Eraser 

Q18.13 Valid Explanations must be verifiable 

Q18.14 Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser (measuring device) 

Q18.15 The antiscientific statements of delayed Choice Quantum Eraser 

Q18.16 SURe of Deflection Patterns (Summary)

           Q18.17 Properties are also defined when these can’t be measured 


Q19 The Magic Capabilities of QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT

Q19.1 What is QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT ? – A serious Attack against Science! 

Q19.2 The next step of crazy magics: TELEPORTATION faster than Light 

Q19.3 The increase of Craziness to prevent detection of Reality 

Q19.4 Proven DETERMINISM instead of INSTANTANEOUS Data transfer

Q19.5 First EXPLANATION for Generation of entangled Particles 

Q19.6 The Discovery of the “HIDDEN VARIABLES” 

Q19.7 Ironic example of instantaneous Transfer by Quantum Entanglement 

Q19.8 The Uncertainty of Quantum Entanglement




Q21 Small chapter for small Effect: CASIMIR EFFECT



Q23 STERN-GERLACH-experiment falsifies Quantum Physics

Q23.1. Falsification of Lorentz Force 

Q23.2 Falsification of Existence of Charges 

Q23.3 Basic requirements for Deflections by magnetic Fields 

Q23.4 Mechanisms for Deflections by magnetic Fields 

Q23.5 Falsification of current Theory of Deflections by magnetic Fields 

Q23.6 No Clarifications of interactions in current Physics 

Q23.7 Falsification of current explanation of Spin or Spin energy

Q23.8 The cause for deflections to opposite sides of Magnetic Field Lines 

Q23.9 Falsification of two different magnitudes of deflections 

Q23.10 Falsifications that an in-homogeneous magnetic field is needed for deflections 

Q23.11 The only partly correct finding of Stern- Gerlach experiment 


Q24 SURe of SPIN


Q24.1 The non-existing Quantum States of Spin 

Q24.2 SURe of Spin Energies 

Q24.3 Why do Electrons do Spin Movements? 

Q24.4 The Specification of Particles by Spin 

Q24.5 Spin orientation specifies ANTIMATTER

Q24.6 Spin orientation specify structures of Particles 

Q24.7 Spin orientation Specify side of Deflection 

Q24.8 The Error of Deflections of split Electron-Pairs 

Q24.9 MAGNETIC MOMENTS moments of particles do not exist 

Q24.10 The inadequate Measurement of Spin Orientation 

Q24.11 Except Spins of Electrons all Rotations are based on linear kinetic Energies 

Q24.12 It is physically impossible that small particles do Rotation 

Q24.13 The unscientific interpretations of EINSTEIN-DE HAAS-Effekt 

Q24.14 Example that “Proofs” by mathematics are invalid 


Q25 SURe of Polarization


Q26 Bell’s Theorem

Q26.1 Overview 

G26.2 Polarization and Spin are inadequate properties for Bell’s theorem 





Q27.1 Basic Considerations 

Q27.2 SURe - New Physics of superfluidity. 

Q27.3 SURe - New Physics of Superconductivity 

Q27.4 Scientific explanation of Meissner Effect by Superconductivity 


Q28 It is certain that there is no UNCERTAINTY in Universe


Q29 QUANTUM TUNNELING through a non-existing Barrier

Q30 Superposition 

Q31 Schrödingers Cat 





Scientific Universal Reality (SURe) of QUANTUM PHYSICS


 Q0 The Discovery of the Scientific Universal Reality of Physics (SURe – New Physics)


Q0.1 The History of Discovery of SURe


During his study of chemistry and promotion in Physical Chemistry - Kinetics in the 1980th Vogel (discoverer of SURe) recognized that while most subjects of Chemistry are logical and well explainable, for many issues in Physics logic explanations were missing. So he decided to search logic explanations for physical issues starting with theories of relativity. For this he just used clear experimental findings by tests of relativity and not any theory or other assumptions. It took over 10 years until he could describe and explain all tests, which officially were conform to theories of relativity, by classical logical rules while severe nonconformities of test results to theories were found.

After that he continued with other unexplainable physical issues like particle-wave dualism and many others. Later he found that nearly all physical issues can be explained by chemical reactions. He got some support from other scientists and published the findings in 2017 as “Vogels Theory of Everything”. But in the following months many non-conformities to observations were found in this script. So main research was to eliminate all inconsistencies by other solutions. Up to 100 revisions of TOE had to be done, which were not published any more. In the last three years only five inconsistencies have been found and eliminated. Finally the Universal Principles (Weltformel) could be defined which logical and completely describes and explains all tested physical interaction and states, which meanwhile are more than 600 physical observations.

The descriptions and explanations have been documented as Scientific Universal Reality (SURe) – New Physics and will be published bit by bit on


Q0.2 The discovered Universal Principles (Weltformel)


The Universal Principles consist of one postulate (axiom) and two fundamental laws of nature:

* Axiom: Matter and energy in universe was generated out of nothing (=ground state). This postulate results to the fact, that everything in universe consist of bound electrons and that electrons are equivalent to spin energies.

* First fundamental law of nature: Matter/energy in universe intents to achieve the ground state. This results to the only active force in universe: the force to accelerate to an overlapping position of contrary spin energies, where the total spin energy is minimum.

* Second fundamental law of nature: All interactions in universe are done in a way, that the total energy of interacting particles remains permanently constant.


Q0.3 The Detection of the Forces, Energies and Mechanisms, which rules the Universe

By extensive physical research SURe - NEW PHYSICS has detected the fundamental forces, the fundamental energies and fundamental interactions, by which all physical interactions and physical states can be described and explained. All other forces, energies and interactions can be easily derived by these:

The only active force: Acceleration to the position of lowest spin energy by overlapping of contrary spin energy.

The only passive force: Maintain relative kinetic energy.

The only energies:

Spin energy of electrons,

Vibration energy of bonded electrons,

Relative kinetic energies of unbound electrons.

The only interaction:

0. All interactions start by collisions

1. Building bondings with averaging of bonding energies within a particle

2. Decay of bondings and transfer of 50% of bonding + collision energy to kinetic energy of split particles

3. Reflections of objects

4. Penetration of objects.

Most important interactions are accelerations which results from 2. or 4, For an acceleration the requirement is that a force in direction to the acceleration is exerted to an object which can be for example a particle. An exerted force is always a transferred kinetic energy of a particle to the deflected particle. So physicists have just to define how and why kinetic energy is transferred to the deflected particle.

Physicist should have done this for all observed accelerations in the universe, as example for magnetism and gravity (see both chapters on

But instead of physical research, in current Physics the contrary was and is done. Theories were worked out without any intention that the theory is physically possible, make sense or is logic. Thus physical institutions have decided to do spiritual science instead of a natural science.. The main reason is, that finding out the reality of the universe and the scientific explanations of all interactions would have needed lots of years without results and without publications, which would have severe negative consequences for public financial support particularly when competing institutions would not wait until detection of physical reality before publications.

But now it gets more and more important to convert physics to a natural science, for example in order to generate high amounts of cheap clean energy analog to the sun or to prevent the earth from catastrophic consequences by climate change.



Q.0.4 Physics is ruled completely by Mathematics


All physical interactions and states can be described and explained by mathematics. All physical interactions and states are even clearly determined by mathematics. Thus the physical evolution of the universe from generation till now can be calculated and is clearly determined. This means that the physical reality of everything in the universe can be unequivocally determined. The reality of the universe cannot be discussed anymore. The reality can be accepted or not accepted.

Unfortunately physicist had to work out and publicize physical scripts before they have detected the mathematical formulas which describe the physical reality. Therefore they had to work out physical theories and the corresponding mathematics, which do not describe something which is physically possible and conform to reality. There are just few formulas concerning mechanics which are conform to reality. It can be easily differentiated between mathematics which describes the reality of the universe and mathematics which describe unrealistic theories. The formulas for reality are much simpler as the universe do interactions by the most simplest way, (Principle of “Occam’s razor”).

Complete mathematics for physical reality is expressed by the two fundamental laws of nature (= Universal Principles = Weltformel, see Q0):

The first fundamental law of nature determines mathematically which bondings electrons do in order to achieve minimal spin energy. Remark: Bondings are equivalent to overlapping of contrary spin energies.

The second fundamental law determines mathematically which bondings get broken again. Remark: a reduction of spin energy is permanently balanced by an increase of vibration energy of bonding. When an amplitude of vibration gets out of overlapping of bonded electrons the corresponding bonding breaks.

A universe with interactions can only exist, when there are two fundamental laws, which determine contrary interaction, which assures that there is an equilibrium of interactions. Otherwise all interactions in universe would have come or would come to an end, which means the “death of a universe”.

The only difficulty for mathematics is that reactions equilibria depend on temperature. By cold temperatures bondings are preferred and by high temperature decays of bondings are preferred.

Building bricks of the universe are electrons. By mathematics it is specified that each electron can do three bondings to other electrons in a plane with bonding angles of 60 degrees. By this you get the most stable particle: the photon, which consits of four bonded electrons. Over 99% of all matter in universe are photons, because the complete space including the “free” space between atomic nuclei is filled with omnipresent photons.

Mathematics also results to the fact that the only other relevant bound particles besides atoms are: electron pair (2e), muon (3e), neutron (10e, two hexagonic rings) proton (15e, 3 hexagonic rings) and in addition polymerized photons (matter of force fields and black hole)- Atoms are polymerized protons bonded to polymerized chains of photons.



Q1 Basics of Quantum Physics


Q1.1 The END of QUANTUM PHYSICS is SURe (Scientific Universal Reality)


Quantum physics is an impressive demonstration that it is impossible to find scientifically sound and consistent explanations for observations without the knowledge of the basis for all actions in universe: the Universal Principles (Weltformel).

Physicists realized that for many observations they couldn't find realistic explanations. So they invented unrealistic phenomenons like particle-wave dualism, non-locality, wave functions, vacuum fluctuations, degenerate matter, uncertainty, and all the issues with prefix quantum. All these theories can be easily by identified as unrealistic, as these are physically impossible, The word quantum can be regarded as a synonym for an unrealistic description and quantum physics is a compilation of physically impossible theories.

SURe- New Physics shows that all quantum effects are classical effects which can be described and explained like all other observations by Universal Principles above. By this SURe eliminates all quantum theories, which means complete quantum physics. Quantum physics will get an interesting part in the history of physics. SURe does mean this seriously and does not want that quantum physics appears ridiculous. Quantum physics is an important and necessary step of the evolution of science and by this the evolution of mankind. No one will laugh about the unrealistc theories of “modern physics”. But everyone would laugh about physicists who would now continue to do physics on basis of the physically impossible theories.




Q1.2 The wrong conclusions of Findings by Planck and Einstein


Around 1900 Max Planck und Albert Einstein found out that light is emitted and absorbed in very small specific quantities of energies. The scientific conclusion of this finding is, that light consists of emitted particles (photons). This would perfectly explain the observed quantization of energy. This would also explain the finding of Planck that in a specific range of energy the emitted energies are continuous over all real values and that there is a minimal value of energy. Particles have kinetic energies and kinetic energies would verify that the energy quanta are continuously over all real values in a specific range.

Instead of this obvious conclusion, which later was verified by all experimental observations, physicists hold on to the theory of electromagnetic waves, which transfer specific quanta of energy. In addition it was stated contrary to Planck’s finding, that exclusively discrete energies can be transferred. So the theory of electromagnetic waves had to be modified from a continuous wave to wave with groups or packages of waves. Till today lots of questions are not explained. The most important are:

How the different energies are transferred?

Which forces generate the wave? (The contrary movements of a wave require two forces, one in each direction.)

Why is the energy of an electromagnetic wave stable, while all real waves loose their energy by propagation?

What are the mechanisms for generation, for emission and for absorption?



Q1.3 The Absurdity of Quantization of Energies


Quantization is exclusively possible for units which are defined by numbers like particles, objects, bondings, spin energies (=unbound electrons).

Quantization is not possible for energies or properties which do not refer to numbers. The only energies in universe are relative kinetic energies, vibration energies of bondings and spin energies of bonded electrons. All energies in universe are based on theses fundamental energies of movements. Most inportant interactions refer to accelerations of objects. If there would be quantization of energies which means that some energy values are not allowed, then acceleration would not be possible. Also vibration would not be possible, because by vibration bound kinetic energies change continuously over all real values from zero to maximum limit. Vibration of electrons occurs even at zero Kelvin. Overall energies are restricted to a range but not to discrete values.

Conclusion: Quantization of properties which are independent from numbers has never been observed und is physically impossible.



Q1.4 The Reality of Quantum Physics is Particle Mechanics



Everything in Universe which is described and explained by quantum physics is physically impossible. All interactions and states in universe can and has to described by classical laws of nature (= Weltformel, Universal)

Comment: Theory of Everything for the German “Weltformel” should not be used, as the Weltformel is guaranteed Universal Scientific Reality (SURe) and no theory.

Some physicists state that the „laws“ of quantum physics are exclusively valid and relevant for small particles and that classical physical laws are not valid for small particles. Different physics for different sizes of particles doesn't make sense. It is the basic principle of science that scientific laws are only valid if these are generally valid for all observers and for all physical systems. A differentiation cannot be explained and a size for differentiation has not been defined.

SURe shows that all physical rules (Universal Principles) refer to objects independently whether the object are small particles or the largest celestial body. Universal Principles are valid for all physical systems: fundamental particles, elementary particles, nuclei, atoms, molecules, bodies, celestial bodies and huge structures of particles like electric and magnetic fields. All interactions in us are described by five Universal Principles. There is even no difference between physics, chemistry, biology and medical science.



Q1.5 Emissions of Photons are not restricted to discrete Quanta of Energies



The basic apparent observation of quantum physics by which quantum physics got its name is, that atoms absorb and emit discrete quanta of energies and that the energy quanta are characteristic for specific atoms (elements).

This is explained by the theory that atoms, atomic electrons and atomic nuclei can occupy discrete states of energies.

The explanation of absorption is that the energy “jumps” from a lower state, mostly the ground state, to a higher energetic state, whereas emission is a “jump” from the elevated energy level to a lower level, mostly ground level.



A basic fault of physicists is that their theories contain statements or expressions which are not clearly defined. By this their statements and theories are not usable A theory about energies is not meaningful, when the energies are not clearly described and explained. Physicists already falsified the quantum theory of discrete energies of emissions by spectroscopic measurements (see separate chapter): Spectral curves show always more or less broad ranges with continuous energies instead of discrete energies. Ranges of energies can be well explained by SURe.



Q1.6 Atoms have no energetic States which can be occupied



No object occupies an energy level. What does this mean and why do only atoms have energetic states which can be occupied by electrons?

SURe is that every atom or other particle has an unique level of vibration, an unique level of spin energy and an unique levels of kinetic energy to a fixed relative position. All these energies can change continuously by a collision.

No particle or other object has excited energetic states or a ground state. A particle / object does not even have a state of kinetic energy, because kinetic energy is relative.


Only bonding positions can be occupied in a particle by other particles. But by this a different particle is generated. This interaction is called reaction and occurs by building or decay of bondings.



Q1.7 The invalid Explanation of Energies by QUANTUM NUMBERS


As atoms or other particles have no discrete energy levels, theses cannot be described by “quantum numbers”.



Q1.8 All energetic changes in universe are done continuously and not momentarily.



Time is the essential requirement that interactions can occur. Otherwise there would not be causes for any effects of interaction effect no interaction would be explainable. This follows that all interactions need time to occur.

There is no single observation in universe where energies are changed by discrete levels (step wise). There is no mechanism in universe which can explain a step wise change of energy.



Q 1.9 Explanation by SURe of Emissions of Photons


All emissions of photons by atoms refer to decays of photons which are bonded to atoms. Decays are chemical reactions which occur after activation by a collision of another particle which also can be a photon. Atoms do not consist of unbound electrons. Emissions of photons have nothing to do with electrons. Atomic electrons do not exist (see chapter 2). Instead there are chains of photons, which are bound to atomic nuclei by omnipresent photons. As photon chain consists of millions of bonded photons with slightly different energies, by decays photons are emitted with continuous energies, mostly IR-energy. As the emitted photons can activate further decays (highly exponential chain reaction) the emissions of countless photons by a single activation energy is the first scientific explanation of explosions and energy generation of sun. On the other site it verifies SURe as there is no other explanation than by existence of atomic photon chains .

There are also photons which are directly bonded to the nucleus which can decay with specific higher energies. In addition reactions can occur, by which the structure of the nucleus is changed and a specific photon is generated and emitted (see separate chapter).




Q1.10 The Explanation of Emissions of Photons with same Energies


SURe is that specific atoms (elements) can emit photons which have several levels of same energies.

The emissions can be observed, when a small sample which contains a specific element is hold in a colorless flame. By activation of the heat of the flame some elements emit photons with specific energies in visible range, which generate specific colors. The generated color is an information, which can be used to identify the atomic element.

The requirement for photons with same energy is that the activation is done by a collision to the nucleus at a different position than the emitted photon. By this all bondings of the atom are increased. The bondings which have the lowest maximal vibration energy break when its maximal possible vibration amplitude is reached. This assures that the collision energy is not added to the emission energy and the emitted energy is always the maximal vibration energy. The nucleus of sodium has two bonding positions to photons with nearly the same maximal vibration energy. Therefore two narrow emission lines can be observed.

All other explanations are no reality and can easily be falsified.



Q1.11 The Falsification of Quantization by spectroscopic Measurements


Spectroscopic measurements refer to measurements of absorption and emissions of radiation. These are used for identification and quantification not only for different atomic elements but also for different molecules of same atoms.

Till now there is no scientific explanations for theses measurents.

Even for hydrogen as the simplest atom the theretical radiation energies are not conform to measured frequencies.

It is highly antiscientific, that the contrary is reported, which is that the conformity has been verified. Lots of constructed theoretical spectra of hydrogen are shown in physic books. But there is not any direct comparison to measured spectra. If a measured spectra is shown, some radiation signals are assigned to theoretical electron “jumps”, but not all. So it is just a fake, because each peak which is not explainable by theory is a falsification of the theory.


The reality of spectroscopic measurements is shown in a separate chapter.




Q1.12 The invalid Explanation of Energies by WAVE FUNCTIONS


Current hypotheses:

Energies of atoms can be described by change of wave functions of atomic electrons.

New Physics / SURe:

Atoms are just particles. Atoms are no waves and have no characteristics of a wave. Therefore a description by a wave function does not work.

The description of atomic electrons and energies by wave functions is a typical error of invalid circular reasoning by hardly detectable fallacies. These fallacies occur as follows:

  1. Describe apparent physical issues (like discrete energy levels) by non-observable issues (like wave functions and quantum numbers).

  2. Adjust mathematics for non-observable hypotheses to observations. (Comment: Invalid hypotheses can be mostly described by valid mathematics).

  3. State that the “invented“ hypotheses and corresponding mathematics are the reasoning (explanation) for the observation.

  4. State that the mathematics verify the hypotheses

Many reasoning in physics are unconsciously done by invalid circular reasoning. So physicists start for reasoning with the identical issue they want to prove, but just call it differently: In this case instead of discrete energy levels they call it discrete wave functions and discrete quantum numbers. With this quantum physicists state: We can explain the discrete energy levels by discrete wave functions and discrete quantum numbers.

As the quantum physicists have transformed the observed specific energies to discrete wave functions and discrete quantum numbers, the real meaning of their „verification“ is: our explanation of the observed specific maxima of atomic spectra is that there are specific maxima of atomic spectra.

Mathematics has caused that physicists became not aware of their errors, because of mathematics the circular reasoning are less easy to be discovered. Verification of a hypotheses by mathematics is mostly a circular reasoning, because by mathematical transformations you just prove that a starting statement is the same as the end statement. Mathematics are transformations of identical hypotheses. Otherwise mathematics would be invalid.

Overall the theories of physicists concerning atomic radiation are extremely far away from reality. The main reason is that the theories are not conform to observations.




 Q1.13 The Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Physics


The Copenhagen Interpretation is the trial of leading quantum physicists around 1950 to define a common understanding of the basic statements of quantum physics. The discussions showed that this was not very successful. There were lots of different views about the meaning of quantum physics, particular concerning the basic differences to classical physics like indeterminism of interactions, non-locality and uncertainty of observations and measurements.

This shows, that quantum physics is not a well defined natural science which tries to define the reality of the universe. without contradictions to observation. Quantum Physics tries to define reasons, why it is not possible to define the reality of the universe. Thus quantum physics officially gave up Physics as natural science and opens the possibility to do physical statements which are contradictory to physical reality and logic.



Q1.14 Summary of Quantization of Radiation Energy



Radiation is equivalent to emitted particles. Electromagnetic waves are physically impossible and do not exist. photons are objects which do same interactions as any other objects in universe. There is not any specific physical rule for radiation. New Physics has already proved that all observations concerning radiation are conform to universal principles, which are valid for all objects. Energies of objects are never restricted to discrete values. So there is no quantization of energy.

Photons can be reaction product of all objects but are particularly generated by reactions of atoms, as atoms consists of extreme high number of bound photons.

Like all objects, generated and emitted photons have specific but not discrete energies which can be in a broad continuous range. The reaction of atoms to photons requires activation energies (=collision energies) which have a specific minimum for each reaction. The specific activation energies can be observed by spectrometer. Therefore spectral data are specific for different atoms or other objects.

This process is the origin of observation of specific energies of spectral data. The theory that these are discrete energies is no reality.


The most important tool to analyze radiation are spectroscopic measurements, which mean the measurements of concentration of emitted or absorbed photons (= intensities of absorbed or emitted radiation) in correlation to activation energies. All spectral data clearly show that there are always more or less broad bands of continuous energies and never discrete energies.





Q2 Wrong Understanding about Structure of Atom


Q2.1 Atomic Model by Niels Bohr


One of the first models to describe the structure of an atom has been postulated by Niels Bohr.

Postulates of N. Bohr:

An atom consists of a nucleus of various numbers of protons (positive charge) and neutrons in the center of the atom and a number of electrons (negative charge), which orbit around this center at different discrete shells. The different discrete orbits of electrons refer to different discrete energies. Electrons can absorb energy by jumping to orbits with increased energy (outer shell levels) and emit energy by jumping back to lower energy levels.

Concerning the atomic electrons Bohr postulated (based on the analog observations of sun systems):

Electrons are orbiting around the center, so that the forces of attraction between proton and electrons and the forces of movement (kinetic energies) of electrons are compensated.

Inconsistencies of Bohr's model:

For Bohr's atomic model there are following inconsistencies:

  • There are many observations which falsify orbital movements of electrons in atoms (examples: Stern-Gerlach experiment, Einstein-deHaas-experiment) 
  • For orbiting electrons there has to be an equilibrium of the speed (kinetic energy) of electrons and the attracting force by the atomic nucleus: If an electron looses energy by emission of radiation it should go to an orbit with increased distance to nucleus (like for orbiting celestial bodies). Thus there has to be a “jump” to lower orbital levels by emission of energy, a jump to lower levels is paradox.

  • By this the principle of energy conservation is not fulfilled.

  • The model does not explain why photons are emitted and /or absorbed by atoms.

  • This model does not explain destinct emission energies.

  • Collision experiments to atoms would be strongly influenced by orbiting electrons, which is not observed.



Q2.2 The Theory of Local Probability Distribution of apparent atomic Electrons


Quantum physics does not solve inconsistencies of Bohr's model on basis of scientific principles but makes it much worse by adding additional unrealistic postulates like non-locality for the first atomic quantum theory. This states that atomic electrons have no concrete locations, but just a probability to exist at specific positions. The atomic electrons continuously change but the any movements cannot be described or explained.



Q2.3. The Theory of Wave Functions of apparent atomic Electrons


The fact, that there are different theories by quantum Physics shows, that Physicist don’t believe that the theories are reality.

The second theory is a complete abstract theory which is physically impossible by definition, because atomic electrons are no particles anymore but wave functions. Thus the reality of observations change to the unreality of abstract mathematics. Wave functions are formulas which do not result to energies and thus don’t make sense. By wave functions physics offers no scientific explanations but just uses an apparent „scientifically sounding“ description atoms and energies of atoms. Main task of a valid atomic model is to explain the observation of emission of specific energies. Current theories do not fulfill this main task., but create more questions and inconsistencies than answers (see Q2.4). Complex mathematics is just used as a tool to hide the inconsistencies.


In order to explain that all observations show that electrons are particles and no wave functions, physicists postulate that the wave function „collapses“ to an electron as soon as it is observed and a particle collapses to a wave function when it is not observed. There is not any description of mechanisms for these non-observable transformations.

This was the start of ignoring observations (= ignoring findings of experiments) and sticking to impossible and non-observable hypotheses by creation of abstract additional postulates, which were not conform to reliable observations, very complex, not understandable and illogical.

SURe - New Physics of atomic structure differs strongly from current theories and is described in Q2.5.


Q2.4 Inconsistencies of Atomic Orbital Model



Atomic orbital models of quantum physics does not answer following questions:

  • Why does quantum physics postulate that atomic electrons do orbital movements except electrons in s-shells, which is illogical?

  • Einstein-deHaas effect shows that electrons in d-orbitals do not do orbital movements, which is not conform to quantum physics. Why is this reliable experimental finding ignored?

  • Why are the static electrons in atomic shells not attracted by nucleus?

  • What is the mechanism of a quantum loop from orbiting electron to a static position (energy conservation)?

  • How do electrons move from static orbitals to orbiting orbitals?

  • How can atomic electrons be waves although these are continuously “observed” by protons (electromagnetic interaction)

  • How can particles with non-locality can be detected by scattering experiments?

  • How can waves interact with protons?

  • How does a wave know where to end?

  • What is the mechanism that only standing waves are possible?

  • Why are there discrete energy levels?

  • Why are continuous ranges of energies observed?

  • How is the temperature dependence explained?

  • How does quantum physics explain shifts of emitted frequencies by velocity and gravity?

  • Why refer waves with different frequencies to different energies? (Energy of waves are not determined by frequencies, but by amplitudes. If there are harmonic standing waves with different frequencies these would all have the same energy)

  • Why doesn't quantum physics mention that energies of waves are determined by amplitudes and not by frequencies?

  • How can wave functions have a structure?

  • How can photons be generated from nothing?

  • What is the mechanism of absorption of photons?

  • What is the mechanism that photons carry energy?

  • Why can photons carry a broad continuous range of different energy levels?

  • How can the continuous energy levels of black body radiation be explained?






Unbiased observations concerning atomic structure:

  • There are no unbound electrons in atoms or molecules

  • Atomic nuclei are structures of bound protons.

  • Atomic nuclei do not consist of separate protons and neutrons except the unbound proton of a hydrogen atom.

  • Atomic nuclei do not consists of bound neutrons, but neutrons can be split off from structure of bound protons.

  • Omnipresent photons bind to specific positions of structures of atomic nuclei. By this extreme long chains of photons are generated on outer parts of atomic nuclei.

  • The chains of photons can consist of up to 100.000 photons. The chains of photons bind atoms to molecules.

  • There are continuously bondings and decays of photons on photon chains, which explain absorption and emissions of photons.

  • If a complete photon chain gets broken lots of photons with different energies are generated. This is the process which occurs in the atmospheres of stars, which is equivalent of energy generation of stars.

  • Chains of photons can be split off by collisions. Atoms with missing photon chains are called Plasma particle.

  • By collisions of photons to nuclei electrons can be emitted from nuclei; by collisions of electrons to nuclei photons can be emitted from nuclei (photoelectric effect, Compton effect, Franck-Hertz experiment).

  • Scattering experiments on atomic electrons prove that electrons are not moving, otherwise the movement should cause significant effects on scattering.

  • Einstein-deHaas experiment falsifies orbital movement of atomic electrons

  • Non-binding electrons in outer shells have fixed orientations in molecules (polarity).

  • Pairs of electrons are preferred compared to single electrons

  • Electrons of atoms in outer shell prefer a tetraedric structure of 4 pairs of electrons.

  • Most stable atoms are formed, when there are 2, 10, 18, 36 total atomic electrons or 2 or 8 in an outer shell (magic numbers, periodic table of elements).

 Detailed structure of atoms:

All structures of particles are determined by Universal Principles. Till now about 15 specific structures and all general structures of atoms have been defined, but the work to complete this is going on. All characteristics of atoms can be explained by structures. For example the superfluidity of He-4, He-3 and Li-6.


Q2.6 The Cause for the Believe in atomic Electrons


Photons with specific energies react with specific atoms by bonding to atomic nuclei and by this replaces a photon chain, which is emitted but not detected. The vibration energy of the bonded photon gets so strong that an electron is emitted. This stabilizes the new particle, which is called ion in current physics. Thus the emitted electron is not even a part of the original atom.


Q2.7 The first scientific explanation of generation of different Atoms


First there has to be an understanding, how the different atoms have been generated. It is quite clear that the first generated atoms have been hydrogen- atoms. These condensed to hydrogen molecules and then protons did a nuclear fusion to a proton complex. Nuclear fusion is equivalent to freezing of protons. So a star consist of frozen photons. This is conform to the freezing temperature of 11 K.

By a supernova the mix beween hydrogen and frozen hydrogen decays to all kind of different atoms. Onla 1% frozen protons, called protonium, is highly stable and remains as remnant after supernova explosion.


Q2.8 The Falsification of PERIODIC SYSTEM of Atoms



Quantum physicists have postulated quantum numbers in order to do a systematic description of the periodic properties of atoms. But doing this by quantum numbers do not make sense at all.

Grouping of atoms by SURe – New Physics:

Particles like atoms can be grouped by their characteristics. This is also done in current physics. But the characteristics of atoms have to be caused by something physical like the structure of atoms and not by something abstract like quantum numbers.

Physical is the number of available photon chains, because these can do bondings to other atoms.

So the first group of atoms have no photon chain or no stable photon chains. In these group are the nobel gas atoms. This group is well known and the list by weight goes from He, Ne, Ar, Xe and Xe.

Next is the group of a atomic nuclei with a single photon chain, which is the group of alkali atoms, and some metal atoms

The group of two photon chains is devided by two chains to same direction and two chains by opposite directions. In this group are most atoms. H2O is linear without angle!

The group of 3 planar photon chains is N, Si!, P...

The group of 4 planar chains is C ...




 Q3 Scientific Explanation of Radiation by Photons


Q3.1 The scientific Definition of Radiation


Radiation is the usual movement of a particle. Although all observations prove that radiation consists of particles, institutions of physics and physicists decided to tell people the obsolete and physically impossible theory that radiation are immaterial waves. So physicists decided to do antiscience instead of science.

The characteristics of a particle is that it has a relative kinetic energy, by which the particle can maintain its relative velocity for ever unless there is an active deceleration.

If radiation would be waves, there would be huge amounts of energy necessary so that the waves are continuously accelerated to maintain their velocity. There would not be sufficient energy in universe to maintain the electromagnetic radiation of stars.

There need to be two forces because waves have to be accelerated in two different directions, which has to be explained by physicists.

There is not any indication that photons have something to do with magnetic or electric fields. So why are these called electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic fields are no waves.

Every physicist knows that there are not any explanations and hundreds of falsifications for the existence of electromagnetic waves, but no physicists is willing to draw the scientific consequence and eliminate the physically impossible electromagnetic waves.



Q3.2 The Unification of Generation of Radiation (Emissions of Photons)


Physicists have not understood that photon generation refers to just one simple reaction: the decay of photons:

Particle with bound photon → activation by collision → Particle + photon


Specific photons are emitted from specific positions of atomic nuclei, which are the photons between nucleus and photon chain, by activation of high energetic collisions. These emitting photons explain the different colors, when atoms are hold in flames.


Huge amounts of photons are generated by decay of photon chains. Photon chains are automatically generated by bondings of omnipresent photons to specific positions on nuclei.

All reactions are more or less reversible. The reverse reaction of an emission of a photon is the absorption of a photon.


Energy levels of emitted photons are determined by collision energies (kinetic energies) of emitted photons.


Instead of one reaction, physicists created more than 25 totally different theories, which generate photons.

Most of these are physically impossible, marked by “-”, The others are not filly explained, marked by “*”.


- By jumping electrons in atoms

- By the change of different vibration modes of molecules

- By self rotations of particles

- By change of spin

- By induction (Laser)

* By freezing reaction

- By two different Synchrotron radiation types

* By activation of cosmic particles and chemical reactions (Chemo-luminescence)

* By direct activations of chemical reactions (fire, explosions)

* By activation of electrons (electric current)

* By activation of cosmic particles in atmosphere together with clouds (lightning)

* By activations of collisions in atmospheres of stars (sun)

* By supernova reaction

* By nuclear fusion


In addition: * Luminescence is radiation which occurs mostly over longer time periods under relative cold conditions.

Also luminescence is not spontaneous but needs activation by a collision.

For luminescence the radiation is often activated by collisions of cosmic particles. Cosmic radiation has not to activate luminescence radiation directly, it can also be activated by various reactions by which luminescence can further be differentiated: (copied from Wikipedia)

Chemiluminescence the emission of light as a result of a chemical reaction

Bioluminescence, a result of biochemical reactions in a living organism

Electrochemiluminescence, a result of an electrochemical reaction

Lyoluminescence, a result of dissolving a solid (usually heavily irradiated) in a liquid solvent

Candoluminescence, is light emitted by certain materials at elevated temperatures, which differs from the blackbody emission expected at the temperature in question.

Crystalloluminescence, produced during crystallization

Electroluminescence, a result of an electric current passed through a substance

Cathodoluminescence, a result of a luminescent material being struck by electrons

Mechanoluminescence, a result of a mechanical action on a solid

Triboluminescence, generated when bonds in a material are broken when that material is scratched, crushed, or rubbed

Fractoluminescence, generated when bonds in certain crystals are broken by fractures

Piezoluminescence, produced by the action of pressure on certain solids[4]

Sonoluminescence, a result of imploding bubbles in a liquid when excited by sound“


Comment: In some cases two activations are needed: The first activate the decay of photon chain form nucleus which occurs without generation of photons.

The second to avtivate the decay of the photon chain to single photons.



Q3.3 Radiation by Fluorescence and Phosphorescence


All current theories which explain fluorescence and phosphorescence are far away from reality and are physically impossible. A physically impossible theory is that any radiation occurs spontaneously. Interactions with radiation are usual bonding and decay reactions with photons. For each reaction there has to be an activation energy by collision. Usually a bonding (absorption) and a decay (emission) occurs simultaneously. If the absorption and the emission occurs at different locations of a molecule there might be a short time between absorption and emission. UV – light has the typical kinetic energy which is needed to activate a break O=O bondings in biological molecules or minerals like it is the case for O2 in atmosphere. The generated radicals combine a short time later by which mostly visible photons are emitted. Concerning O-radicals theses are blue photons, which are the explanation for the blue sky. The blue color of the sky is not generated by scattering effects.

So these reactions explain that overall molecules are not changed which is important for most molecules particularly biological molecules.


Phosphorescence is radiation which is emitted longer times after first activated reaction by photons. These are mostly caused by decay of photon chains which take a while and lots of low energetic collisions. The first reacton is the decay of bonding of a photon chain to a nucleus, which need higher photon energy for activation.



Q3.4 Physical impossible: Resonancefluorescence


When an absorbed photon is emitted within a short time with same kinetic energy this is called resonancefluorescence. Resonansefluorescence is physical impossible as absorption and emission are based on different energies: The required activation energy for reactions of photons are generally different than the emitted energies of photons. So it occurs very rarely and at random that there are same kinetic energies of absorbed and emitted photons. If it occurs these are not the same photons.

If photons are directly reemitted after collisions to a massive object. By this the photons do not change their value of kinetic energy. This interaction is called reflections and occurs when the spin energy is increased by overlapping. Reflections can go to same directions (directed) or to various directions (indirected) depending on surface of reflection.



Q3.5 SURe of Black Body Radiation


Each atomic object has chains of photons which are bound to the nucleus. Each atomic object react permanently with omnipresent or radiated photons by bondings and emissions of photons. By this reaction the object gets the temperature of the surrounding photons. On the other hand the maximal energies of the emitted photons increase with increasing temperature. The range of energies starts already by low energies. A black color of the body does not influence the range of emitted energies, but as the visible photons are absorbed and emitted as IR-photons the emitted intensities of IR-photons gets a bit larger. Thus it shows wrong understanding of physics that still black body radiation is used for this phenomenon. Emissions of photons which are in the energy range of visible photons start at temperatures over 700 degree C.

The emitted photons of “black body radiation” proof that these can have all real values of energies. This is also true for absorbed photons, which provide the activation energies for emission. Emitted photons are other photons than absorbed photons. By high activation energies, lots of low energetic photons are emitted.


Q3.6 First scientific Explanation of Absorption and Emission


Hypotheses of quantum physics:

  1. Absorption is the change from an energetic state to an excited energetic state, emission of radiation is the transfer from an excited state to lower energetic state.

  2. Absorbed and emitted light is done by discrete energy quanta according to E= frequency * Planck constant where frequency is restricted to integer numbers.

SURe - New Physics:

  1. Absorption and emission has nothing to do with energetic states. There are no energetic states. There are just objects consisting of particles, which have a total energy, which is the sum of spin energies of electrons and vibration energies of bondings of electrons.

  2. Absorption is defined as bonding of a particle to a particle. Emission of a particle is a decay of particles, when a bonding breaks by too strong vibration energy.

  3. Absorption energy is equivalent to activation energy whereas emission energy refers to the difference between collision energy to maximum possible vibration energy.

If the collision energy is below activation energy of any reaction, the omnipresent photons (radiation) is not absorbed (bound) but emitted again after merging of momenta (=vibrations). This process is equivalent to reflection or deflection.

  1. Discrete energy levels with the definition that there are energy levels which are not allowed, do not exist in universe and have never been observed.


  1. Black bodies absorb all radiation with energies in visible range and emit radiation with energies in IR range and lower. If matter of black bodies is activated by high energetic collisions above UV energy these emit also energies in UV and visible range.

  2. Spectra (intensity versus radiation energy) of black body radiation shows a continuous range of energies, where the intensities have a maximum at a specific energy (depending on temperature) and goes to zero to higher and lower frequencies. Even spectra of sources which consists of single type of atoms show continuous spectra (tungsten light bulb).

Explanations by modern physics:

There have been many inconsistent theories to explain the spectral form (intensities versus energies). First basic research on black body radiation was done by Max Planck. Max Planck postulated that there has to be a specific minimum for radiation energy to explain the spectra. This led to the error of definition of following formula for energies of radiation: E = h * f (f = frequency of radiation, h = Planck constant).

and that E is minimum at f = 1.

The first trial to explain the spectra of black body radiation has been done by quantum physics. This explanation is based on the possibilities of different frequencies of a wave function in a closed black box. For this it is postulated that at the walls of the black box the amplitude of the wave functions has to be zero. By this all kind of wave functions with different discrete frequencies would be possible by integer frequencies from 1 to infinite. But this gives not any explanation of observation but creates uncountable severe questions:

- it does not explain low frequencies, because the lowest observed energy is not conform to E = h

- it does not explain leveling out of high frequencies b

- it does not explain the never observed dependency of energies on frequencies of waves.

Later there have been set up theories for high frequencies and Max Planck mixed these theories.

There are several theories concerning black body radiation, but none of the theories has a scientifically sound basis.

Different energies of waves can exclusively be explained by amplitudes. Physicists strictly avoid to use the word “amplitude“ in order to avoid that someone would discover the nonsense of wave functions.

In pictures of physics books there are mostly decreasing amplitudes with increasing frequencies and physicists don't do any comments on these pictures, although they know that according to the pictures the energies do not increase by increased frequencies and lower amplitudes.

Explanations by Universal Principles:

Emitted omnipresent photons of a body are reaction products which require a minimum energy of activation. The activation energy has to be larger than the emitted energy of radiation. Besides the requirement of a minimum activation energy there are no requirements concerning discrete or specific energy levels for activation. If collision energies are above activation energy the rest of the collision energy is transferred to vibration energy which means a change of kinetic energy. This is verified by Compton effect. The continuous energy range occur by following effects:

  • Atoms consists of lots of omnipresent photons with different energies,.

  • Energies of emitted omnipresent photons experience various continuous shifts by kinetic energies (temperature, velocity) of colliding particles

  • Emitted omnipresent photons collide to other omnipresent photons by which emitted energies are changed.

For a perfect black body spectrum the emitted omnipresent photons have to get averaged by collisions. If number of collisions are not sufficient to achieve equilibrium energy the spectra of emitted radiation differ from black body radiation.

Falsification of postulate of discrete energy levels:

In SURe Vol. 6 it is shown that quantization of radiation energy by E = h*f by f being an integer number would be completely illogical, because frequency contains second as time span which is defined by mankind without knowing that a second has to be conform to postulated quantization of radiation.

Transferred energies by collisions depend on angle of collisions which have various continuous levels. Therefore black body radiation has no discrete energy levels. Even other „natural“ radiation has no discrete energies.

There is no single radiation spectrum in universe which shows discrete lines, but always discrete maxima with more or less leveling down on both sides. Ideal black body radiation has only one broad maxima. Mostly there is an overlay of black body radiation by atomic radiation with specific maxima. By collisions to omnipresent bulk of omnipresent photons the maxima are more or less broad with continuous energies. There is not any reasoning for discrete energy levels of radiation. In universe there are not any example for oscillations which are restricted to integer frequencies. At lowest temperature in universe at about 2.7 K omnipresent photons do still vibrate. This has been well observed and is a perfect black body radiation in the low energetic range. SURe has already shown that currently physicists have a “fantastic“ wrong interpretation of this radiation (CMB).




Q3.7 Black Body Radiation at high Temperatures


In 5.8 it is shown that temperature is equivalent to intensity of IR-radiation. This means that the characteristics of black body radiation at higher temperature is not the shift of black body spectra to higher energies but to higher intensities of IR-radiation. On the other side an increase of IR radiation normally correlates with a shift to larger kinetic energies of radiation. So the increased intensities correlate with a shift of the maximum of intensities to larger energies. Overall this explains the form of black body spectra at different temperatures. Black body radiation is mostly the reaction product of strong exothermic reactions like decay reactions of elementary particles. All radiation at temperatures above about 4000 K generates mainly black body radiation and only little atomic radiation because atoms decay at those high temperatures and omnipresent photons are emitted by decay products of omnipresent photons. Characteristic for black body radiation is that it has a broad continuous range of frequencies from a minimum to a maximum frequency. All kind of particles collide with omnipresent omnipresent photons (muon-neutrinos). By this omnipresent photons take over kinetic energy of collision in form of vibration energy. Energy transfer is done by a transition state. Mostly the transition state decays again to colliding particles. By this there is no change of frequency, but mostly a change of direction of movement.

Collisions of other particles like electrons against omnipresent photons lead to Compton effect. This means the transferred energy depends on angle of collision.


Collisions of high energetic electrons or positrons to omnipresent low energetic omnipresent photons result in high energetic omnipresent photons, which are observed for example as gamma ray radiation. Examples are the generation of gamma rays as Synchroton radiation or the equivalent braking radiation.



Q3.8 SURe of Synchrotron Radiation


Synchrotron radiation is a very specific radiation, which can exclusively be explained by Universal Principles and thus verifies SURe – New Physics.

Synchrotron radiation is observed in high energetic colliders, when particles collide against magnetic fields. This verifies that magnetic fields consists of bound chain structures of photons. By high energetic collisions these photon chains decay to photons. This is independent whether particles are charged or not. This is conform to universal principle, by which it is known that there are no charges. It is well known by experiments that magnetic fields deflect also non-charged particles. (see chapter Q7 deflectons).



Q3.9 Synchrotron Radiation is typical for decay of photon chains.


Typical for synchrotron radiation is that there is mostly a broad range of energies and high intensities. This is always the case when bounded structures of photons decay, because the decaying photons collide to other chains and activate lots of other photon decays by accelerated chain reactions. Generally the energetic range of photons correlates with the energy of accelerated colliding particles.

If there are not so strong collision energies of accelerated particles compared to the strength of magnetiv fields there can be specific energies of photons generated, as there have to be specific activation energies for decay reactions.



Q3.10 Why is Synchrotron Radiation polarized?


The requirement that polarized radiation is generated is, that the decaying photon structures are polarized. This is the case for the generated magnetic fields in the used accelerators In addition there has to be always the same direction of collision.


Q3.11 Radiation of sun or other stars and planets


These radiations are generated like synchrotron radiation by collisions of high energetic protons to magnetic fields in atmosphere of celestial bodies. The magnetic fields are generated in celestial bodies by nuclear fusion reactions, by which atomic photon chains are emitted and diffuse to the surface by which these combine with other photon chains to huge magnetic fields. These get a high pressure and are catapulted out of the surface, which is easily observed. Heat generation by binding reactions like nuclear fusions are physically forbidden. This can be unambiguously explained by laws of nature. In addition it is logical that all stars are solid and generated by freezing of hydrogen at temperatures below 11K.

The same occurs in hydrogen planets. This explains the relative hot and tuebulent atmosphere of jupiter.

In stony planets like earth, the atomic photon chains decay already by collisions with heavy atoms to IR-photons. within the planet. This is the first scientific explanation for the high temperatures in center of earth.



Q3.12 Generation of Energy analog to Sun


By decay reactions of all kind of atoms huge amounts of cheap energy can be generated even out of water, nitrogen or sand. A high activation energy is required, but this is completely generated again by decay reactions. The task for engeneers is just to find the optimal conditions of concentrations for the reaction.

An impressive demonstration that all matter decays to radiated energy are the asteroids of Tunguska and Chelyabinsk.



Q4 Reality of Frequency of Radiation is kinetic Energy



Q4.1 Wrong UNITS for KINETIC ENERGIES (particularly for photons)


Moving particles like photons can transfer their kinetic energies to other objects by collisions. Kinetic energy is defined as strength of impact, which an object has to another object. The impact is generally proportional to the mass and the relative velocity of a body. Thus the kinetic energy of a body is mass multiplied by its velocity, which results to the unit kg*m/s. Currently ½ mv²is used as formula for kinetic energy. This does not make sense and is physically impossible, as velocity is a vector, which is physically forbidden to square.

The use of frequencies as energy units for photons does not make sense, as photons are no waves und have no wave frequencies. If these would have wave frequencies, thes would not be s, photons and have no frequencies. As no natural wave energies correlate to wave amplitudes and not to wave frequencies, this proves that sows photons are no waves.

Thus frequency and Joule are wrong and have to be corrected and unified to kg*m/s.



Q4.2 Wrong Understanding of emitted Energy


Emitted energy of a body is the sum of kinetic energies of emitted photons per time unit. It is impossible to measure the emitted energy. The problems are following:

* If you measure the emitted heat by temperature increase of a body you measure just the emitted infrared photons which have higher kinetic energies than the body which absorbs the IR-photons. Therfore you would have to measure by a sensor which is zero Kelvin.

* If you measure temperature increase you don’ t measure the visible photos because their energies do not increase temperature.

* There is no accurate measurement method to measure the energies of photons other than IR-photons.

* There is no calibration procedure to transfer temperature to total kinetic energy.



Q4.3The first Explanation for the constant Propagation Speed of Photons


It is well known that the formula Ekin = m*v is not valid for photons. This is caused by universal principles, by which propagation velocities of objects depend on penetrated particles whereas kinetic energies are not influenced by penetration. The speed of penetration is decreased by increasing kinetic energy. This is the first scientific explanation for the observation that the propagation speeds of photons with different kinetic energies are nearly constant.



Q4.4 Speed of Light depends on Density of penetrated Matter


Universal principles and by this the universal interaction of penetration are verified by the observation that the propagation speeds of light depend on density of penetrated particles. It is well known that the speed of light is reduced in matter depending on density of matter: Vacuum > upper atmosphere > lower atmosphere > water > glass.


Still unknown is, that speed of light of course also depends on density of omnipresent photons. The density of omnipresent photons reduces by distance to celestial bodies. Therefore for example the speed of light to the moon is faster than the measured speed C on earth surface in vacuum. This is the explanation for the fact that the real distance from earth to the moon is longer than measured distance by light velocity C. The distance measured by the trigometric method is therefore the more accurate distance. The verification of C by distance to the moon is a typical circular fallacy of physics.



Q4.5 Speed of celestial Bodies depend on Density of omnipresent Photons


The density of omnipresent photons in the plane of the sun system is higher than in other regions. This is due to the first fundamental natural law. This explains also why orbits of planets in the plane of sun system are preferred. This explains also why speed of planets are reduced when these move through the plane of the sun system. Most impressive effect of speed variaions by omnipresent photons show the precession of mercur. Many celestial bodies reduce speeds by high density of omnipresent photons, which explains, that orbits are often no circles. The spiral arms of galxies are also caused by higher density and reduction of orbital velocities.  


Q4.6 Wrong Stefan-Boltzman Equation


Stefan-Boltzmann formular for emitted energy of photons in correlation to temperature is based on measurements by Stefan who measured temperature increase of an object which absorbed the emitted energy from a hotter body at different temperature differences between bodies. Thus he got a very strong correlation to temperatur difference, which is far off from the dependency of emitted energy to temperature of an heat emitting body.

The correlation to the forth potency of temperature is no reality, is physically impossible, is unexplainable and an can easily be falsified by measurements. This again shows the antscience of current physics.



Q4.7 The Summit of Antiscience: The Earth’s Energy Balance


Current statement that the observed global warming of earth is caused by CO2, which reemits emitted heat from earth back to the ground is based on more than 20 other statements, which are absolutely physical impossible:

* The emitted heat by earth can be calculated by physical impossible Stefan-Botzmann equation.

* Most of the emitted heat is absorbed by CO2, which emits the heat back to the earth ground.

* Radiation from a cold body (CO2-particle) can heat up the temperature of a warm body (earth surface).

* The heat from sun is measured inclusive the energy of visible photons, which doesn’t add any heat.

* CO2 blocks more heat from earth than heat from sun.

* CO2-molecules absorbs more IR-radiation than H2O

* Main gases do not absorb IR-radiation.



Q4.8 Transferred kinetic energies by Photons falsifies UNCERTAINTY


There are very accurate sensors for photons, which accurately can measure location and energy of each photon at the same time. Biological sensors are eyes. Technical sensors are CCD sensors or telescopes. This shows that there is no uncertainty in physics. Uncertainty is a problem of measurement accuracy, which can be optimized to very high accuracy.



Q4.9 The nonsense of PLANCK CONSTANT (h)


Planck constant is no natural constant, but made by mankind. It is a conversion factor to transfer the irrealistic unit of „frequency“ to the irrealistic unit „Joule“. It should urgently be deleteted in order to support, that physics gets a natural science.


Q4.10 Simple but surprising: the Reality of PLANCK CONSTANT


The definition of the physical description of Planck constant (h) was rather difficult because besides following reliable correlation there are hypotheses without any scientific basis concerning Planck constant.

Unbiased correlation:

Energies of radiated photons are expressed by frequencies of radiation multiplied by Planck constant, where frequencies are not restricted to integer numbers.

SURe - New Physics of Planck constant:

Frequencies of radiated particles do not exist and are not observable. SURe - New Physics is that values of frequencies of radiation refer to kinetic energies of radiated photons. In order to get comparable numbers for all energies with a common unit Joule, frequencies of radiation have to be multiplicated by a factor with the unit Joule*second. This normalization factor has been called Planck constant h.

This is conform to the methods to determine the Planck constant. These are the typical methods to determine a normalization constant.

The Planck constant is no natural or universal constant. It is just a mathematical normalization constant for energy of radiation, which wrongly got the term „frequency“ by current physics. The constant is useless and should be immediately replaced by a unit for kinetic energy which is generally valid. Of course the use of the terms „electromagnetic wave, frequency and wavelength for descriptions of radiation should also be stopped to avoid confusion of future generations. Frequencies and wavelengths should exclusively by used to describe real waves.


Unfortunately Joule is a wrong unit for kinetic energy. So frequency has to be converted to the correct unit for kinetic energy which is m*v. Planck constant has to be deleted and in addition frequencies and wavelengths and radiation.





Current hypothesis:

Energies of radiation are quantized by integer frequencies according to E(rad) = frequency * Planck constant.

SURe - New Physics:

Emitted photons have same type of energies as all objects in universe. Generally the energies of objects are described by relative energies of movements, which are kinetic energies. It is obvious that kinetic energies are not restricted to discrete values.

A property which is restricted is the amplitude of vibration, because each bonding has a maximal vibration amplitude where it breaks. Besides this there are no restrictions for values of vibrations of particles. Therefore emitted energies are not quantized. Even after emission of photons these do not have a defined frequency (=kinetic energy). Frequency (=kinetic energy) can only be defined relative to another object and if this is not done the frequency (= kinetic energy) can have any number depending on the reference.

As already mentionend it doesn’t make sense to use frequency as unit for relative kinetic energy. The units for energy have to be adjusted in order to make cleat that there is no difference between radiation or other movements.

Also all energetic quantization of kinetic energies have to be eliminated.

The nonsense of the restriction of frequencies to integer numbers is rather obvious: A second is an arbitrary time interval, which has been defined by mankind in order to have a unique common definition of time interval in universe. An arbitrarily chosen unit by mankind can't be basis for a physical law. The universe is not aware what time spans mankind will chose. Mankind can't dictate the universe how to emit radiation and forbid some levels of radiation energy. The chosen common time interval for time could have been shorter or longer. So a restriction of frequencies to integer frequencies is absurd. All observed frequencies in universe are described by continuous (= natural) numbers.



Q4.12 An even more absurd Theory of the Planck Constant concerning Spin


Following theory has no scientific background at all:

Spin of electrons have two discrete states of energy. The two discrete energy levels differ by Planck constant.

Biased observations, which led to above hypotheses:

Decaying atoms with an unpaired electron like silver interact in a magnetic field by causing deflections of two different magnitudes to same direction with equal probabilities. (Stern-Gerlach-experiment, see separate chapter).

Non-biased observations:

Decaying atoms with an unpaired electron like silver interact in a magnetic fields by causing deflection to opposite directions with equal probabilities. (Stern-Gerlach-experiment, see separate chapter). So there are no two different values of deflection but two different directions


There are no observations of two discrete energy levels of spin. The postulate of difference was done without any indications or scientific basis. The two different directions of deflections can be well explained by Weltformel SURe-New Physics.



Q5 FALSIFICATIONS of Electromagnetic Waves


Q5.1 The Mythology of PARTICLE-WAVE-Hybrids


The postulated particle-wave duality of current physics is much more absurd than the human-animal hybrids of the Greek mythology or the Jekyll and Hyde story. Hybrids between human and animal stay as these are and have chararters and appearances of boths different beings. Physicists tell people stories which are more far away from anything which is physically possible: A complete transformation of a usual physical well described system, which is the particle to a non-oservable matterless system which just exists in the minds of physicists, but has nothing to do with a natural science. It is something which cannot be described, because it has no structure, no locality. It is highly blamable that in 2023 scientists still tell people magic ghost stories instead of doing research to define the reality. Telling magic ghost stories is done consciously. It is the confession of physicists that they don’t want to do research for reality anvmore but to invent theories, which are more absurd than the usual Science Fiction stories.

The theory of radiation being waves has already been falsified by many experiments. Most known examples are photo effect and Compton effect. SURe shows that all optical observations concerning light like deflection, reflection, refraction or interference falsify that light is a wave and verify that light are particles. (see SURe Vol. 5). All physical systems are particles, and all actions of physical systems can be explained by classical collisions of particles (like interference, deflection, reflection, refraction, aberration, gravitational lens effect).

All observed waves in universe are formed by interacting particles: ultrasonic waves, waves of water or other fluids and various other mechanical waves. SURe shows in that this is partly also true for radio waves although radio waves are different from current theory of waves. Technically generated radio waves can have are periodically changes of energy of emitted particles.

Modern physics has not postulated any mechanism how a particle change to a matterless wave, which means a change from locality to non-locality. As light is always a system of particles when observed physicists postulate that particles mutate to waves when not observed. Postulating of non-observable physical issues is typical for modern physics. You can postulate lots of nonsense if you postulate in addition that the postulate is not observable. The strategy of non-observable postulates is used for nearly all apparent explanations of experiments by quantum physics. Scientists don't need to do experiments, when they postulate the contrary of that what they find out in experiments.


As matterless electromagnetic waves are no physical reality there are no frequencies or wavelengths of radiation. There have never been observations of wavelengths or frequencies of radiation. All observations or measurements of frequencies are observations and measurements of energies of radiation particles. The only measurable frequencies are radio, because contrary to radiation radio waves are real waves (but of course waves of particles). . But radiation from microwave to gamma-rays is something different. Frequency of radiation is a specific unit of energy, which is specifically used for energy of radiation. This means frequency of radiation has not the physical definition of frequency of a wave. This is already proved by physicists by the found correlation of E = h * frequency of radiation . Normal frequencies are not proportional to energies. Wavelength have been determined by interference of waves. But every physicist knows that radiation does no interference. This is the difference to radio waves which do interference (modulation). The observation of interference patterns for light are due to specific angles of deflection of light particles which causes local changes of concentrations of light particles. This has been verified by interference of single “photons“. Accordng to SURe - New Physics radiated photons are contrary to omnipresent photons photons that move to a specific direction whereas omnipresent photons move to all directions in a statistical way.

SURe - New Physics:

  • All optical effects are exclusively explainable by Universal Principles

  • All optical effects are caused by classical collisions of Photons (radiation) are vibrating omnipresent photons, omnipresent photons are muon-neutrinos

  • Frequencies of radiation have nothing to do with frequencies.

  • Frequencies of photons refer to strength of amplitudes of vibrations of omnipresent photons.



Q5.2 Electromagnetic waves are physically not possible


Physicists have already done lots of falsifications, that radiation consists of electromagnetic waves. There is neither a physically possible description nor a physically possible explanation for electromagnetic waves. It is well known that radiation can be absorbed and emitted. This can be well explained by bonding and decay of particles. Particularly the energetic effects of absorption and emission can be well explained by particles: By bondings the kinetic energies of particles are transferred to vibration energy of bonding. Thus usable free kinetic energy is bound to not-usable bound energy. By emission not usable bound energy is transferred to usable kinetic energy. Only by these interactions the generation of huge amounts of usable radiation energy by sun can be explained. By electromagnetic waves absorption and emission cannot be explained. Only material objects can be emitted and absorbed. It is not possible to emit or absorb something which is immaterial. Every object in universe has a specific well defined value of total energy. Total energy of an object is defined as sum of spin energies of bound electrons plus the sum of vibration energies of bondings. Transfers of energy can be well explained by collisions of particles but not by electromagnetic waves.

In addition reaction of photons to other particles like electrons or from other particles to photons can only be explained by building and decay of bindings of particles, but not by electromagnetic waves.



Q5.2 Laser light falsifies electromagnetic waves and Interference


Electromagnetic waves and interference is simply falsified by Laser light. It is well known the Laser light consist of photons with extreme high density and which are all in a very narrow range of energies. This would not be possible, when photons would consist of electrmagnetic waves which do interference.

Although every physicist knows this falsification of electromagnetic waves and interference, they still believe in these absurd Physical statements. It is unbelievable.



Q5.3 INTERFERENCE PATTERNS of Radiation are not caused by Interference


You just have to measure the energies of photons from pattern area of maximum light and from an area where there is much lower light. The energy of photon is nearly the same. So there can be no waves and there can be no interference.




 Q5.4 Laser light falsifies electromagnetic waves and Interference

Electromagnetic waves and interference is simply falsified by Laser light. It is well known the Laser light consist of photons with extreme high density and which are all in a very narrow range of energies. This would not be possible, when photons would consist of electromagnetic waves, because the photons have optimal conditions to do interference, by which lots of different energies would be generated.

Although every physicist knows this falsification of electromagnetic waves and interference, they still believe in these absurd Physical statements. It is unbelievable. .



Q5.5 Real waves can be extinguished by Interference


Everyone knows that sonic waves can be extinguished by interference of contrary amplitudes of real waves,

This is not possible for light.


Q5.6 What about amplitudes of waves?


In fact physicist have never observed any characteristics of waves for light, which are amplitudes, wavelengths or frequencies. Physicists just assume that they observe frequencies and wavelengths (see next chapter) and don't mention anything about the amplitudes of light. Amplitudes of waves would be even more interesting as amplitudes determine the energy of waves and not frequencies.



Q5.7 Fresnel-Huygens principle falsifies Light being a Wave


Physicists have proved that radiation behaves completely different than waves like water or sonic waves. Characteristic for waves is that waves are generated by particles which transfer their kinetic energy of movement to all adjacent particles with some delay time. This principle of waves is called Fresnel-Huygens principle. By this principle it can be explained that when waves do movementse through a slit the wave continues to travel behind the slit to all directions. The energy of waves do not depend on angle of diffraction behind the slit, but energy goes down by distance to slit as the energy is always transferred to increasing number of particles.


The maximal energies of waves are determined by maximal amplitudes. This effect does not occur and has never been observed for radiation and other linear moving particles. The Fresnel-Huygens principle has never been observed for radiation. Interference patterns of light falsify that light is an electromagnetic wave. (see separate chapter).

Interference is again an example where physicists do not eliminate accepted hypotheses although these were clearly falsified.



Q5.8 Stunning News: Light does not go around a Corner (except a bit)



According to Huygens-Fresnel principle moving particles of a wave transfer the movement to all adjacent particles which results to the fact that the wavelike movement of particles at a single spot of propagates to all directions.


Huygens-Fresnel principle is valid for all observed waves like water or sonic waves as these go around a corner and to all directions if passing through a slit. Huygens-Fresnel principle is not valid for light as light does not go around a corner.


Light is no wave.

Hypothesis of modern physics:

Although light does not behave like a wave physicists postulate that light is an electromagnetic wave.

SURe - New Physics:

There is not any indication that light is a wave or behaves like a wave. All observations concerning light are conform to the physical reality that all effects of light are caused by classical effects of collisions of moving particles. All radiation are traveling omnipresent photons particles which travel through “resting“ omnipresent photons. As light particles collide with sane inertial masses there are no reflections but just deflections of particles. The deflection of omnipresent photons to resting omnipresent photons can be maximal 90 degrees. As for light beams there is a high concentration of traveling particles to same direction many resting particles are hit apart so that finally theses also get the direction of the traveling omnipresent photons. The intensities are strongly decreasing by increasing angle of diffraction. This difference to waves is observed daily by everyone: Sonic waves through an open window are heard in all edges of the room, light mainly goes straight through the window. Another simple observation: You can hear someone behind a board or an edge but you don't see him.

So reliable observations show that the Huygens-Fresnel principle is not valid for light.

Even when collisions change direction of propagation, there will be further collisions by light beam, which will re-adjust the direction of the particles to the direction of the beam. By this just changed directions have a chance to keep the changed directions when the particles are in the shadow of an ordinary body. This is the origin of diffraction of light through slits or by edges (surfaces of non-transparent bodies).



 Q5.9 Falsification by Albert Einstein’s Photo Effect



Albert Einstein has proved by photo effect that photons do usual collisions in atoms as all other particles, and that there are no electromagnetic waves.


Q6. Deflections of photons



Q6.1 The universal Mechanisms of Deflections


All movements in universe which change moving direction refer to deflections of objects like particles. Deflections always require kinetic energies which are transferred by other objects/particles to the object/ particle, so that it is deflected to a different moving direction. There are following possibilities for deflections (for details see chapter “Magnetism”):

1. Deflection by relative small angle of deflection by penetration through other particles. During the penetration process the particles are accelerated to the position of lowest spin energy, which means to the direction of highest overlapping of contrary spin energies of bound electrons. This is due to the first fundamental law of nature. This is often the case for extended magnetic fields. The magnetic lines of magnetic fields are equivalent to photon chains. The particles are deflected in small steps by each penetration through a magnetic line to or opposite to the direction of the magnetic line depending on spin of the deflected particle. In magnetic lines the spin directions of all electrons are in the same direction.

2a). Deflection by a specific angle by bonding- and-decay interaction with just one single photon chain. This is often the case at photon chains which go out of surfaces of atomic matter like between small slits. The first deflection step is that a particle binds to the photon chain. After bonding all vibration energies and directions of bondings are averaged. This mostly increases the vibration of the new bonding above maximum so that the bonding breaks. By this the bonded particle is emitted again, but now in the direction of vibration of the bonding, which means in a specific direction which depends on kinetic energy of the deflected particle.

2b) Deflection according to 2a) except that the deflection does not occur by bonding to a chain of photons outside an object , but a chain of atomic bondings which are build as surface layer of liquids or glassy matter.

Overall by bonding and decay a particle is deflected to direction of main vibrations of the particle to which it collides and build a bonding. Photons which collide to photon chains are deflected to the direction of the photon chains. Collisions of single particles like omnipresent photons or gas molecules will get a typical accelerated movement to different direction, which are arbitrary accelerated movements. Movements by prermanent deflections to changing various direction are called Browns – movements.

3) Deflection by reflection. This occurs without bonding because of increasing energy by penetration. Therefore the penetration movement decelerarates until it stops and there is an acceleration to the opposite direction until the split to former unbound particles occurs.



Q.6.2 Waves can be refracted but not Photons (light)


The deflections of real waves are called refraction or diffraction. For refraction and diffraction there is a competely different mechanism than for photons. Refractions or diffraction for photons are physically impossible. The use of these expression shows that physicist have not yet understood the reality of the interactions in universe.

The basis for refraction of real waves like water waves can be explained by Huygens-Fresnel principle, This means there are wavelike movements of particles which propagate over distance. The propagation is caused by the fact that the moving particles (here water molecules) are partly coupled by bondings to surrounding neighbored particles. Thus the waves propagate from one point to all directions. This mechanism generates the observed wave patterns behind barriers of water flows like holes. Waves propagate over the whole water surface of water after a barrier. Typical for all real waves is also that these lose energy (hight of amplitude) by propagation to increasing areas.

Everyone knows that light photons which go through a hole do not propagate to all directions, but the light beam just gets broader. The Fresnel-Huygens principle is not valid for light / radiated photons.



Q.6.3 Waves can interfere but not Photons (light)


Another characteristic of real waves is that different waves add their energies when these overlap. This phenomen is called interference. Interference is not possible for energies of photons and has never been observed. Photons generate deflections patterns but no interference patterns. Real waves can be interfered to zero energy which is not possible for energies of moving photons. Instead of changing energy by overlapping of wave energies, photons collide and do specific interactions like bonding and decay, which can lead to deflections.



Q6.4 Theories for Refraction of Light are physically impossible


As the theory of electromagnetic waves is physically impossible, can’t be explained and can’t be observed, the theory of refraction is physically impossible, can’t be explained and can’t be observed.

The observed reality is that a light beam is deflected by a specific angle at a boundary layer of two different materials.

The impossible statement of current physics is that the angle of deflection correlates to the different phase velocities of light in different materials. Unexplained is why and how this occurs and why phase velocities have been invented instead of using the measured propagation velocities of light which was the former theory. The only reason for using phase velocities seems to be that physicists found out the first theory by propagation velocities was not conform to reality and could easily be falsified. Phase velocities are impossible to measure even if theses would exist. But by this physicist could do a circled fallacy, which often is done in physics: The calculation of phase velocities by using measured angles of refraction and then using the calculated phase velocities to verify the measured angle of refraction. But this didn’t work for all combinations of materials. So even verification by circled fallacy is not possible. But as there are no velocities which give valid angles of deflections for different combinations of materials, all theories concerning refraction of light are clearly falsified.



Q6.5 SURe of Deflections of photons by water surface


Nearly everyone uses the technologies for deflections of photons by lenses or prisms of glassy materials or has observed deflections by water surfaces. For the scientific explanation of these deflections it is necessary to have the knowledge of the molecular structures of glassy materals and water. Nearly all current molecular structures of molecules are wrong and are not conform to universal principles. By SURe- New Physics many years of research was necessary to find out the real structures. For example all observed characteristic properties of water can only be explained by H2O having a linear structure and no angle. Only by this structure water generates plane structures. A proton always has 3 bonding options in a plane and the oxygene nucleus has two bonding options in opposite direction. By this plane honeycomb structures are generated as layer on the surface of water. This explains the high surface tension of water and the support of water that bubbles are generated.

Another effect of this surface layer is the deflection of photons by bonding and decay interactions according to mechanism 2b in Q6. This means photons In addition the high reflection of water can But the main can be has two with hone


Q6.6 SURe of Deflections of photons by Glass surface


Like water also glass generates plane honeycomb structures on surfaces. The realty of Siliciumoxid is that it has 3 bonding options to oxygen and not 4. The 3 bondings and the honeycomb structure has been verified by scanning tunneling microscope.

Comment: the tunneling microscope works by classical transfers of electrons by electrical voltage. So it has nothing to do with a tunnel effect of quantum physics. Electrons can be emitted to any other matter. Voltage of transfer depends always on space between matter, which is well known by physicists from electric arcs.


Q6.7 First Explanation of Beam Splitters


The plane layer of honeycomb structures also explain reflections on surfaces of glass and water. Photons can have two spin orientations. On surfaces of glass or water all electrons on the surface spin to same directions.

If a colliding photon has same spinrotation as electrons of surface layer these penetrate through surface and are deflected in direction of surface layer.

If a colliding photon has opposite spinrotations as electrons on surface layer these penetrate less deep into surface layer and are reflected out again. A small angle of collision favors reflections.



Q6.8 Why equals Angle of Incidence to Surface the Angle of Reflection?


Although this rule seems to be logical, for full understanding this should be explained by physicist. For real waves it can partly be explained by Huygens-Fresnel Principle. But if light would be waves there would be strong disturbances by interference of arriving and reflected waves, which is not the case. This again falsifies that light is an electromagnetic wave. In addition the explanation by waves requires a wavefront. Wavefronts need attractive or bonding interaction among particles of the wavefront. Photons do not do such interactions and therefore there is no wave front. As the photons of a beam are independent particles these would increase or decrease its velocity without deflection. So different velocities in different media do not cause deflections.

The physical mechanism of reflection has to be explained by kinetic energies. When a photon collides to a surface, the kinetic energy has to be stopped by a force that has a direction rectangular to the surface and not in direction of movement. This works like a spring rectangular to surface. When the increased energy of the spring is released again, the direction of force remains rectangular to surface but in opposite direction. By this mechanism the particle stays with the velocity parallel to the surface but has an opposite velocity rectangular to surface. The bonding structure of surface layers for water and glass work like a jumping mat or spring and by this fulfil the requirements.

Only SURe-New Physics provides a scientific explanation.



Q6.9 Non-specific Deflections of Photons



Photons which are emitted separately in vacuum from exactly the same location by identical direction and energy do not travel straight to the same spot on a screen, but have a broad distribution range.

Current hypotheses:

Travel path of single photons cannot be explained classically. Photons are quantum objects, for which locality and travel path cannot be determined. This phenomenon is called uncertainty.

SURe -New Physics:

All interactions in universe are classical interactions of particles /objects with clearly defined relative locations and relative energies by laws of nature. Thus all objects in universe are “quantum objects”, which have unambiguous quanta of relative energies and locations. The possible energies are average spin energies of bound electrons, average vibration energies and relative kinetic energies. These energies have to be in a specific range so that the quantum objects are stable, but within this stable range quantum objects can have all real values of energy. There is not any observation in the universe that energy values exist that are not allowed. When some values of kinetic energy would not be allowed, no object can be accelerated. Each acceleration is a continuous increase of kinetic energy. Vibration energy of bonding is an energy which continuously changes energy of movement of bonded electrons and continuously changes spin energy of electrons.


* By definition of physicists, electrons are the only elementary particles in universe, as physicists have found out, that all matter can decay to electrons as smallest particles.

* It is physically impossible to define absolute energies. All energies are energies of movement and it is not possible to define or measure absolute velocities).

* The only absolute values in universe are the sum of all energy- vectors and the sum of all velocity- vectors. Both are exactly zero.

All observations in universe can be logically explained by unambiguous mechanical interactions (mechanisms) which can be clearly and completely described by Universal Principles. If this is not possible then the observation is no reality but just physically impossible science fiction. Nearly all explanations of current physics is physically impossible science fiction.


Photons are classical particles which interact as all objects: They do collisions to other particles and by this do one of following possible reactions:

1. If the kinetic energies of photons are similar to particles of collisions including omnipresent photons, whose average energies determines the temperature, then these interact by bonding and decay or reflection. Thus the travel pathes are randomly scattered to all directions.

2. If the kinetic energies of photons are significant higher than omnipresent photons but lower than molecules, then the omnipresent photons are penetrated with small angles of deflections, but there are strong deflections by scattering at molecules. Deflection angles are given by differences of energy and the exact position and kinetic energy of collisions to molecules.

3. If photons have kinetic energies, which are much higher than molecules then there are just small angles of deflections by penetration. By penetration, objects are accelerated to the position of smallest spin energies.


Overall single photons have a very low probability to travel always to same direction. For a beam of photons the travel pathes are mostly adjusted to one main direction which is caused by collisions of subsequent radiated photons.


By knowledge of all relative positions and kinetic energies of interacting particles, the interactions are exactly determined by the two laws of nature which represent the Weltformel. So in physics there is no uncertainty and non-locality.

The only problems are that after a determination of locality and kinetic energy of an object by a measurement, both will be changed by measurement. The other problem is the need of extreme high calculation power.




Q6.10 Interference Patterns of Radiation are Deflection Patterns



Light patterns are generated, when light particles travel through a narrow slit.

First explanation of light patterns

In order to generate patterns of light, there have to be deflections by specific angles. Specific angles of deflection are always generated by collisions and decay mechanism. In narrow slits photon chains are generated form one side of the slit to the other. Every time , when a photon interacts with a photon chain, it will be deflected by a specific angle. When it reacts two times with a photon chain, the photon will be two times deflected and so on.

It is strange that deflection by one slot is called differently than for two slots a

Interference and diffraction are caused by collisions of traveling omnipresent photons to omnipresent photons which are bound to surfaces of ordinary matter.

SURe - New Physics of interference patterns of radiation:

At surfaces of matter there are always several layers of bound omnipresent photons. In slits the omnipresent photons go from one side to the other side of the open area of slit. By this the bondings and positions of omnipresent photons are relative stable. Interference of light can easily explained by collision /bonding/decay mechanism of Universal Principles. Collisions leads to merge of momenta of vibration energy of traveling omnipresent photons and vibration energy of bound omnipresent photons. The vibration energy of bound omnipresent photons on surface of matter have a momentum in direction to the surface. Therefore the resulting momentum of vibration energy has a direction which is deflected from traveling direction. and decay occurs in a specific deflected direction. The angle of deflection depends on bonding energy of bound omnipresent photons and on kinetic energy of traveling omnipresent photons.

Overall the interference patterns are due to specific angles of deflection by collisions to bound omnipresent photons on surfaces of matter. All deflections in universe are effects which are due to collision/bonding/decay-mechanism according to Universal Principles. As the described interaction depends on orientation of spin the generation of “interference“ patterns require radiation particles with same orientations of spin (coherence).

As angle of deflection depends on kinetic energy of traveling omnipresent photons, the angles of deflection depend on kinetic energy: angle increases by decreasing energy. Kinetic energy of radiation is currently called frequency. The use of the term frequency for an energy should be stopped because in this case frequencies leads to misunderstanding of physics.

Additional Verification:

Interference patterns depend on matter of slits. This can't be explained by waves.


Q6.11 Lots of Falsifications that particles can also be waves by double slit


Current theory: All particles show interference patterns by double slit experiment as these change to waves when these go through double slit.

SURe - New Physics: Only very few particles show “interference patterns”. All particles which show “interference” patterns are highly symmetric. That is contradictory to the theory that these show interference as a wave. Waves have no structures. Thus structure of particles should have no influence.

This shows the extreme unscientific publication system of current physics Only results of experiments which are conform to theories are publicized, although conformity to a theory is no verification of this theory.

On the other side all experimental results, which are not conform to a theory and therefore is of high importance for physics, because it clearly falsifies a theory, is not publicized.


Q6.12 The Reality of Double Slit Experiment


Best is to show the reality of double slit experiment by checking the travel paths of single photons. It is well known that by double slit experiment of single photons there appears after some time the light pattern of photons on a screen where the positions on which photons hit the screen are marked by an enlightened spot.

So you just have to put such a screen to various positions in order to get the information about possible travel paths. First position should be directly behind the double slit.

On this screen you will see as expected two pattern of light. If you move the screen 20 cm behind the double slit you will get after some time two, three or even more pattern on boths sides of the screen. On a screen 60 cm behind the double slit, the patterns will be further to the left and further to the right.

Explanation: Between the sides of a slit there will be automatically built photon chains from one side to the other site. As photon chains are magnetic fields they cause interactions which result to deflections. As photons can interact with several photon chains there will be different angles of deflection depending on the number of deflections. As the angle width increases by inceasing distance to double slit, the pattern more and more go to the sides due to the stable deflection angle. According to universal principles of SURe the angle of deflection depends on the kinetic energy of the deflected particle, which is conform to observation.



Q6.13 The Reality of DOUBLE SLIT experiment by single Particles is very obvious


When double slit experiment is done by single radiated photons show same interference patterns after a while as by traveling in a beam bulk. Besides photons there are other particles, which show interference: electron, proton, fullerene.

In addition it has been found out that all particles which hit the final screen have nearly the same energy.

At the latest by these observations physicists should have realized that interference patterns are not caused by interference but by deflections. But instead of the logical conclusions of physical reality they concluded even more absurd hypotheses contrary to all known scientific rules.





Hypothesis of current physics:

By distances between maxima and/or minima of interference patterns of radiation wavelengths and frequencies of light can be determined.

SURe - New Physics:

By distances between maxima and/or minima of deflection patterns of radiation kinetic energies of photons can be determined. Strange is that normally there should also be different velocities of the photons and not only different kinetic energies. So this was further investigated.

Clear is that the apparent frequencies of photons represent kinetic energies of photons. This explains why apparent frequencies of light are proportional to energy of light.

All effects on wavelength are biased observations. This is for example the case for Doppler effect of light. Doppler effect is not a change of wavelength by relative velocity of source to detector of light. SURe - New Physics is that the kinetic energy of omnipresent photons changes by relative velocity of source to detector of light. This is an energetic effect which is valid for all particles or bodies.



Q6.15 Strange: Another expression for the same observation: Diffraction


Chain structures of photons are generated nearly on all surfaces of atomic matter. Therefore deflection patterns are generated also by surfaces without any need of slits. This is called diffraction, although it functions by same mechanism as by double slits.



Q6.16 Correct explanation of Arago Spot, Poison Spot, Fresnel Spot


Deflection of photons work two both directions of photon chains. By this there is a light spot in the center of a circular objects shadow.



Q6.17 Correct explanation of Zeeman and Stark Effects

As Magnetic fields are equivalent to photon chains, there are also deflections of photons by spectrodcopic mesurements.



Q6.18 Again a Falsification of Charges


Particles don’t have charges. Charges have never been observed and described. Deflection of photons by photon chains which are equivalent to magnetic fields prove, that charges are not necessary for deflections by magnetic field. As the physical reality of charges are bonding positions and nearly all particles have bonding positions, nearly all particles can be deflected by magnetic fields.

First explanation of light patterns

In order to generate patterns of light, there have to be deflections by specific angles. Specific angles of deflection are always generated by collisions and decay mechanism. In narrow slits photon chains are generated form one side of the slit to the other. Every time , when a photon interacts with a photon chain, it will be deflected by a specific angle. When it reacts two times with a photon chain, the photon will be two times deflected and so on.



7 Scientific Universal Reality of Changes of “Frequencies”




Theory of current physics:

Change of frequencies by relative velocities of radiation is caused by compressing or tearing of observed frequencies, which is called Doppler effect.

SURe - New Physics:

Radiation is the movement of usual particles which are mostly photons. Radiation is not caused by electromagnetic waves. Therefore there are no frequencies of radiation. Instead of frequencies of waves there are kinetic energies of photons. But there is a problem to express kinetic energies by velocities of photons, because the velocities are nearly the same.

Every physicist knows that velocity is no absolute property. It is not possible to define, determine or measure the velocity of an object. Exclusively the velocity relative to another object can be determined. The same is true for kinetic energies. It does not make sense to use the expression frequency instead of kinetic energy for movement of particles. Frequencies should exclusively be used for physical waves.


It is unscientific that a normal effect gets a specific expression as optical Doppler effect. The reality of frequencies are kinetic energies of particles, which are always relative to another object.


Q7.2 General Rule for Energies of Radiation


Physicists know that any movement of an object stays constant as long as the movement is not accelerated (or decelerated) by interactions with other objects. There are exclusively four possible interactions in universe. In most cases these change movements, which are kinetic energies: bonding, decay, reflection and penetration. Without these interactions there are not any changes of kinetic energies (currently wrongly expressed as frequencies).


Q7.3 The biased Observation of Shifts of Frequencies


Wrong Interpretation of current physics:

Currently it is stated that shifts of frequencies (=kinetic energies) occur by the travel of light through different areas of gravitational force.

In 1960 Pound and Repka did an experiment to check the change of frequencies (see also Relativity). For this they compared frequencies of emitted and detected light where emission and detection were done at different heights. They apparently found the predicted difference of frequencies.

SURe - New Physics:

Above interpretation of current physic would be a violation of principle of energy conservation and therefore is not correct.

SURe - New Physics is that exclusively the emission energies are changed at different heights, which means at different densities of omnipresent photons. After emission the photons will maintain their energies and do not change energies unless the photons do interactions by collisions during traveling.

Pound and Rebka misinterpreted the results of their experiment. The detector in the Pound- Rebka experiment was based on emissions (optical resonator), so the observed change of frequency during travel was in reality the predicted difference of emitted energies by SURe. This experiment has shown the contrary of that what was stated: Frequencies (=kinetic energies) do not change when objects (particles) travel up and down.


Q7.4 Increasing number of collisions of omnipresent photons to atoms reduce the energy of emitted radiation


Each additional photon bonding of an atom generates a new atom, which is a different state of energy than the prior atom. Two different particles are two different specific energies. This means the corresponding change of radiation energy is a quantized energy effect. This is different to the effect on emitted radiation by temperature.



Q7.5 Natural laws of SURe - New Physics falsifies gravitational TIME DILATION



Energies of emitted photons from atoms decreases by increasing altitude of atoms.

Hypotheses by current physics:

Time intervals (seconds) reduce by decreasing gravitation.

Explanation of run time changes of atomic clocks by SURe - New Physics:

run times of atomic clocks are controlled by emitted frequencies of photons from specific atoms like cesium. This control, however, causes a faulty time meaurement because times go faster by increased height of atomic clocks and by this less number of collisions by omnipresent photons.

The change of emitted energy of radiation is a classical energetic effect which occurs by increased collisions of omnipresent photons to atoms and has nothing to do with change of time interval.


Frequencies of radiation are equivalent to kinetic energies of emitted omnipresent photons, which are changed by following correlations and energetic effects:

- Decreased altitudes correlate with increased concentrations of omnipresent photons particles (omnipresent photons).

- Increased concentration of omnipresent photons correlate with increased number of low energetic collisions of omnipresent photons to atomic matter particles.

- Increased number of low energetic collisions correlates to increased number of formed omnipresent photons-bondings of.

- Increased number of bondings correlate with decreased bonding energies of omnipresent photons.

- The decreased bonding energies are equivalent to decreased energies of emitted omnipresent photons by decay reaction.

- This is equivalent to decreased energies of radiation


Change of radiation energies are also called red-shift (shift to lower energy) or blueshift (shift to higher energy).

There is no impact on time!


Albert Einstein did the same fatal error (violation of principle of energy conservation) when he deduced the „apparent“ effect of gravitation on photons.

Overall the experiment verified SURe and falsified theory of general relativity.




Q7.6 SURe - New Physics replaces TIME DILATION by Velocity


In current physics gravitational and kinematic time dilation are two different things. In SURe both observations have nearly the same origin. Both effects are due to increased number of collisions of atoms to omnipresent photons. In one case by increased concentration of omnipresent photons in the other case by increased velocity relative to omnipresent photons.


Energies of emitted light of atoms (including emitted radiation of atomic clocks) decrease by increasing velocity of atoms.

Hypotheses of modern physics:

Observed energies are frequencies of waves which are reduced by Lorentz-factor due to time dilatation.

Lorentz-factor = 1/ square-root( 1- (v² / c²))

SURe - New Physics:

Observed energies are vibration energies of emitted omnipresent photons which are reduced by mechanisms of Universal Principles, resp. The general rule described by Q4.1. The magnitude of reduction has still has to be evaluated on basis of scientific principles. The postulated formula by modern physics has no scientific basis but correlates with the change of number of collisions and thus might get results which are near physical reality.


The change of emitted energy corresponds to an equivalent change of speed of emitted light. Contrary to the fact that the radiation energy remains constant by traveling through different regions of gravity, the light speed changes during traveling through regions of different gravitational force. The same can also be observed for light in ordinary matter like glass.


Overall the postulated kinematic and gravitational time dilations are no physical reality. This means all apparent verifications of these effects and by this of special and general relativity have no scientific basis. All tests of special and general relativity can be explained by Universal Principles and thus are conform to SURe.

This will be explained in detail in SURe Vol. 7.


Q7.7 Lost of Time: Time Measurements by Radiation (Atomic Clocks)


Hypotheses of modern physics:

Time can be accurately measured by an atomic clock.


SURe - New Physics:

An atomic clock adjusts the frequency of a harmonic crystal oscillator to radiation energy of specific atoms.

The radiation energy of atoms is not stable, but varies by velocity (kinematic change of radiation energy) and by concentration of omnipresent photons (gravitational change of radiation energy). These effects are explained in chapters above. Because of the dependencies to velocity and gravitation the measurement principle of atomic clocks is not adequate to measure time.

Instead the dependencies of emitted atomic radiation energy on omnipresent photons concentration and absolute velocity can be used to measure absolute velocities and concentrations of omnipresent photons. This has been verified by Hafele-Keating experiment (see SURe Vol.7).

Explanations by Universal Principles:

Mechanism of atomic clocks:

By an oscillating electric current electrons in a quartz crystal oscillators do oscillating movements of electrons. The moving electrons are causing collisions to atomic omnipresent photons. The collision energy depends on velocity relative to omnipresent photons. Collision energy is transferred to vibration energy of emitted omnipresent photons of quartz crystal. Emitted omnipresent photons of quartz crystal collide with atomic omnipresent photons of atoms used for energetic control in atomic clocks like Cs. These induce emission of specific energies of the omnipresent photons of Cs atoms. The omnipresent photons emitted by CS atoms collide against free moving electrons of quartz crystal and cause an adjustment of the oscillating movement of electrons in the quartz crystal.

Nearly all energetic effects including the movement of electrons in quartz crystal are affected by number of collisions to omnipresent photons. 


Q7.8 Atomic Clocks do not obey Einstein


Reliable Observation:

Atomic clocks show different run times by different velocities.


Physicist state that the changing run times of atomic clocks by movement are due to time dilation as predicted by Einstein's theory of special relativity.

SURe - New Physics:

Run time change of atomic clocks contradicts time dilation.


The measurement principle of atomic clocks is that time intervals of harmonic crystal oscillators are adjusted to energies of specific emitted radiation of specific atoms. As according to SURe the energy of emitted radiation depends on absolute velocity (besides concentration of omnipresent photons/ gravitation) the run times of an atomic clock decreases when moving relative to omnipresent photons. Thus atomic clocks are not very useful to measure time intervals, but they offer instruments to measure velocities in reference to vD (absolute velocities). By comparing the different run times at different speeds they provide an easy way to define the reference frame for velocities and kinetic energy.

This has been done in the famous Hafele-Keating-experiment, where the atomic clocks were carried in planes which traveled. around the earth in different directions. The effect of absolute velocity on emitted energy has also been verified in other experiments: Mößbauer-Rotor- experiment, Ives-Stilwell-experiment.

Special Relativity:

Special relativity predicts that there is no change of run times of atomic clocks, because run times of atomic clocks are registrated always in the same frame system as the clock, which is the rest frame.

Special relativity is often explained by the famous example of the behavior of light in a moving train:

A light flash is emitted in the middle of a moving train so that it is traveling at same start time to the end and to the front of the train. According to special relativity the travel time depend on observer: For the observer in the train the travel times to front and end are postulated to be identical. This is explained by the postulate that the observer in the train sees the train as a resting system. For an observer from a platform outside of the train, the travel time to the front is longer than that to the rear. This is explained by the postulate that the observer at the platform sees the train as moving system. The movement of the train during travel time of light causes that the travel length of light to the front is longer than the travel time to rear.

Above postulates of special relativity should also be valid for a similar case, which is the case of atomic clocks in a moving plane. For an observer in the plane the atomic clock is always in a rest system. So special relativity postulates that there is no change of run times by any movement as the atomic clock is not aware of any movement.

This means the observed fact that run times of atomic clocks change by movement is a falsification of theory of special relativity.

SURe - New Physics is unique and does not depend on observer. All observers see the same change of run times by velocity. Concerning the example of the moving train all observers will see the same difference of arrival times, which depend on absolute velocity of train. This is conform to the real description of the principle of relativity: Physical observations and physical laws have to be identical for all observers, otherwise these are no physical laws!

If there are two different observations of same physical issue then one observation is a biased observation.

Although Hafele-Keating experiment falsifies special relativity, most physicists state, that this experiment verifies special relativity.

SURe - New Physics is unique and cannot depend on thinking, even not by the thinking of Einstein! Velocities cannot be stopped by thinking that one has no velocity. Currently nobody can tell, which velocity he has, because physics has not accepted that there are absolute velocities, although these have been defined in Hafele-Keating experiment.

And that is the most spectacular and most important finding of the Hafele-Keating experiment. Hafele and Keating discovered the absolute reference frame of velocities on earth; This is not the surface of the earth, but the center of the earth which means the surface of earth without rotation of earth. By this it would have been possible for the first time to determine kinetic energy and momentum.




Q8 The wrong Thinking about Radio Radiation


Q8.1 The Detection of the scientific Explanation of Radio Radiation


Radio radiations are also radiations by radar, microwave ovens, other microwave radiations and natural radio radiation from stars like sun. Current Physics does not care about the observations that the characteristics of radio radiation are not conform to the characteristics of usual radiation by photons. Examples are that for usual radiation the penetration through matter increases by increasing kinetic energy. But despite of the very low kinetic energy radio radiation has a very strong potential for penetration through matter, which is even stronger than X-ray radiation. At least there should have been intensive research to solve the question if radio radiation is dangerous for mankind like it is true for X-ray radiation.

For SURe it took over 10 years of research until the explanation could be found.



Q8.2 RADIO Radiation consists not of Photons but Electron-Pairs


It is obvious that penetration of particles is enhanced not only by kinetic energies but also by smaller sizes of particles. Overall also all other characteristics of radio radiation showed to be conform to the fact that these are electron pairs pairs. By this it can be explained that radio radiation is always generated when there are also photons. The cause is that photons decay to two electron pairs, which occurs more or lesss in other directions. ation of Finally known that everywhere where there is radiation by photons like from stars this radiation includes also electron- pairs. This is caused by the fact that a small part of lower than 0,1 % of photons are split by collisions to electron pairs: Photon 4e = 2 x 2e (electron pair).

Photons and electron pairs are called by current physics muon-neutrinos and electron-neutrinos. New Physics does not use these nominations anymore in order to have concrete nominations for concrete particles. Remark: Tauons and tauon- neutrinos do not exist.



Q8.3 The technical Generation of RADIO Radiation (Electron-Pairs)


Besides the natural generation of emitted electron-pairs by decay of photons, radio radiation (emitted electron pairs) can be generated by electric currents in a conductor. It is well known in current physics that radio radiation and magnetic fields are generated by moving electrons in a conductor. By SURe – New Physics the reaction equations and mechanism for the generation have been found out:

1. By collisions of electrons against photons in an electrical conductor pions are generated: Electron (e) + photon (4e) = pion (5e)

2. Pions have low stability and decay after short time by collisions to electron pairs and muons: Pion (5e) = electron pair (2e) + muon (3e)

3. By the decay these particles get so much kinetic energy that these are emitted out of the conductor.

3a) Electron pairs penetrate most atoms and propagate through matter until these are absorbed by heavy atoms (mostly metals like iron).

3b) Muons collide to other muons and bind to planar photon structures, which are similar to chain structures of photons and thus are equivalent to magnetic force fields. These decay to low energetic photons after some time. This is the explanation of the fact that electro magnets just work, when there is an electric current, which means movements of electrons.


Q8.4 Verification of Electron-Pairs by Measurements


Contrary to photons, electron pairs can easily be measured. The easy measurement is caused by the decay reaction of an electron pair to two electrons, when an electron pair collides to a metallic sensor. By the decay of an electron pair two electrons are generated. This means that an electrical current is generated which can be measured. Decay of photons in order to measure photons is much more difficult.



Q8.5 Measurement of Temperatures by Electron-Pairs


Temperature is a unit, which measures average energies of omnipresent photons. Direct measurements of temperatures need contact thermometer. Thermometer without direct contact like “Infrared”- thermometer can’t measre temperature directly, because omipresent photons are not radiated but do random movements to all directions, because these are absorbed by other omnipresent photons and by this change temperatures in other surroundings.

But as there is a stable correlation between bulk temperature of omnipresent photons and radiated energy of emitted electron pairs by decay of omnipresent photons, radiated electrons-pairs can be used to do indirect temperature measurements. For this the measurement has to be calibrated against real measurements.


Q8.6 Measurement of Cosmic Microwave Background


As a part of omnipresent photons always decay to electron pairs, the measured energies of electron-pairs in space can be measured as temperature of omnipresent photons in space. As many more electron-pairs are received from surroundings than received from stars, the measured energies refer to temperature of the omnipresent photons in the surrounding.

The measurements verify many statements of SURe – New-Physics. Most important results of measurements were, that the velocities of aether wind (= bulk movement of omnipresent photons) have been verfied by the corresponding Doppler effect: CMB measurements on earth showed the velocity of earth rotation and the measurements of CMB by satellite showed the orbit velocity around our black hole. This means that the aether follows the earth movement at surface but without rotation. Typical for physics is that the main finding is not published adequately, because this discovers unrealistic theories.


Q8.7 Data Transfer by Radio Radiation


Data transfer over atmosphere is one of the most important technologies. It is strange that physicist do no research to find a scientific explanation for this.

There is already some knowledge for data transfer by electrons. It is extremely anti-scientific that current physics uses the expression data transfer and does not explain, what is meant by data. A date is just a value without a physical meaning and cannot be transferred. To understand data transfer there has to be an explanation for the physical reality that is transferred.

The only physical issues which can be transferred is kinetic energy of an object. Objects are in most cases electrons. But electrons reqire a conductor. Electron-pairs have the required properties which can be used for data transfer in atmosphere.

Data transfer is explained in detail in chapter Q9.



Q8.8 The manipulated picture of a Black Hole


Very famous is the picture of a black hole, which was done by radio radiation. The picture as shown is not possible and no reality. A comparison to an earlier picture clearly shows that there is no center area of a black hole picture without radio signals. The signals just have a little bit less intensities in the center than at a circle around the center, This is caused by the fact that all radio radiation is emitted by the galactic bulge, which surrounds every black hole as a hollow sphere, which means at all sides, including the center.

This proves that there is a relativ extensive region between black hole and galactic bulge, where there are no stars. The only explanation for this is that around a black hole there is no gravitation (see chapter gravity). This hinders stars to do orbital movements. Physicist already have verfied that the orbital velocities of stars in the galactic bulge are very low, which is conform to the unusual gravity.

Again the main finding of the manipulated picture was not reported: That is the proof of SURe – New Physics that the observed ring around the black hole is in reality a hollowsphere of the galactic bulge which shows that there is no gravitation between black hole and galactic bulge.



Q9 First scientific Explanation of Data Transfer



 Q9.1 The incredible Error of Data Transfer


This chapter has been written very late on 30th of Dec., 2023, because I thought that there are no discrepancies to current physics. After I finished the explanations I compared these to current physics. It was unbelievable for me that currently there is not any explanation of data transfer at all and that there are no intentions to find out the reality of data transfer. This is another example, that nearly all technologies are not understood in current physics because the fundamental laws of nature (universal principles) have not been defined.

The current description is that there are quantum informations which can go out of matter and can be transferred to matter in other locations. Thus data or informations are handled as if these are objects. But there is no physical description of the “quantum object”, All real objects must have structures which can be described.


Q9.2 The first scientific Explanation of Data Transfer


By universal principles it is SURe that all data transfers in universe are transfers of moving particles. The only data which particles can transfer are the value of a property. The only property, by which data can be transferred is kinetic energy. The only process of data transfer is by collisions. The first developed technology for data transfer was the transfer of data by electrons in electrical conductors. The requirement for this is that the electrons are generated in a sequence of specific energies. This is technically done by varying the electrical voltage.

The biological mechanism of data transfer is the same except that different energies of electrons often are generated by chemical reactions.

Biological data transfers:

1. Kinetic energies are measured by biological sensors:

a) Pictures by eyes as sensors for kinetic energies of visible photons.

b) Music, speech, sounds by “ears” with internal sensors for kinetic energies of gas molecules.

c) Heat (temperature) by skin as sensor for kinetic energies of infrared photons.

d) Low concentrations of kinetic energies of aromatic compounds by reactions in nose as sensors.

2. All kinetic energies of different particles are transferred to corresponding kinetic energies of electrons by specific reaction.




 Q9.3 Example of Data Transfer by human Eyes


1. On the retina of eyes there are photosensitive sensors which transmit specific energies and intensities (separately) to specific kinetic energy of electrons by specific reactions. In order to assign the different energies to specific locations form where the photons have been emitted the electronic signals from each sensor are transferred to a separate nerve line.

2. Electrons are conducted by nervecords to the brain. Overall the nerve cord from human eyes to brain consists of about one million separate nerve fibers for parallel data transfers. There is even a nerve cross, by which 50% of nerves from outer site of retina change to the opposite half of brain, while the other part stay at same side the, so that spatial vision is optimized. The nerve cells are optimized for conducting electrons, by being mantled by a layer of electrical insulation und by special gaps between from one cell to the other of nerve lines.

3. The nerve lines of the brain distribute the electrons from specific nerve lines to different regions of brain. There occur specific reactions of electrons to specific compounds which depend on kinetic energy of electrons. Thus all transferred data are more or less permanently stored.



Q9.4 Technical Data Transfer


1. A certain sequence of emitted particles with specific kinetic energies is transferred to same sequence of kinetic energies of electrons by an electrical circuit. If the emission location is an additional information, which has to be transferred like for visual data this requires a defined reproducible order of the different positions.

2. The sequence of emitted electrons is conducted to another electric circuit, which is used as end transmitter.

3. The end transmitter transfers kinetic energies of electrons including their order or arrival to specific energies of the measured kinetic energies.





Q9.5 Useful Data Transfers by electromagnetic Waves are absolutely impossible


It is extremely antiscientific, that physicists still state that data transfers over space is done by electromagnetic waves, although they should have the knowledge that well structured data transfers of millions of separate data values per second are not possible by magnetic waves.

In addition the transfer of thousands of different data per second in a well defined specific order is not possible by electromagnetic wave. An electromagnetic wave would have to change thousand times per second its frequency.

This again shows that physicists don’t get the task to do research for finding the reality of the universe. Research institutions do the contrary: They prohibit, that theories are eliminated or even criticized, because they fear to lose their high reputation.


Q9.6 Transfer of Data through space without conducting


In chapter Q5 it has been explained that moving electrons in conductors react with photons, by which electron pairs und muons are generated and emitted out of the conductor line. Thus the sequences of kinetic energies of electrons cause same sequences of energies of electron pairs which travel to all directions through the atmosphere. Electron pairs penetrate to most atoms except heavy metal atoms like iron. Collisions to iron atoms cause that the electron pairs decay to two electrons which are emitted in opposite directions. The moving electrons generate a current which is equivalent to the sequence of energies which was emitted by an antenna.

Thus there is nearly the same mechanism as for data transfers by electons, which has been already done for many years, but without scientific explanations.    


Q9.7 Transfer of digital Data


Transfer of digital data is much easier as there are just two energy levels. One level is mostly zero. By this the data transfer works nearly without problems by change of energies by accidental occuring interactions. Thus very little information get lost. The disadvantage is that there has to be a group of data which has to be transmitted to a single analog value. The group is called byte and the single binary value bit.



Q9.8 The Error of sonic Waves


Sonic waves can be generated in a wavelike form, but mostly these can`t be described as waves, except their movement.

Sonic signals are generated by a specific sequence of pressure differences, which move to all directions starting from position of generation. The pressure differences cause that air molecules get a specific sequence of different kinetic energies. For data transfer the sequence of kinetic energies of molecules are transmitted to the same sequence of kinetic energies of electrons.

It has been explained in earlier chapter, that a frequency of a wave does not correlate to energy, but the amplitude.

Similar to pressure sequences by sound are pressure sequences by earth quakes.



Q9.9 The Reality of apparent Waves of Radio Radiation


Of course particles like electrons and electron-pairs can be generated and emitted so that their energies have the sequence of a harmonic or any other wave. On an oscilloscope or diagram which monitors energies by time you can also “sell” this as electromagnetic wave to general public. But that would be a severe antiscientific fake, because an electromagnetic wave would have identical energies by same frequency but no alternating energy.

On the other hand, the measured “energies” by frequency of such “waves” of radio radiation will have nothing in common with the real energy.


Data transfers cannot be done by electromagnetic waves. If these would exist these do not have possibilities to store an extreme high number of separate specific energies. It is not possible to assign a sequence of well defined specific data to an electromagnetic wave.



Q9.10 The first scientific Explanation of Modulation of Data


Modulation means to overlay a sequence of energies, which has to be transferred, by an additional well known simple sequence in order to assign the sequence so that lots of other sequences can be transferred with different modulations at the same time. At the end of transfer each specific overlay is deducted again which results to the original data sequence.

Modulation is possible because the kinetic energy of each particle can be added or subtracted by a wide range of other kinetic energies.

Thus the only sense of modulation is that this enables, that lots of data sequences can be transferred at the same time without influencing each other.

The overlaid kinetic energies must be well reproducible. For this mostly harmonic wavelike sequences are used. But generally there are no specific requirements for the modulation sequence except that it is unique within a time range.



Q9.11 Another Physical Impossibility for electromagnetic Waves


It is incomprehensible that physicists accepted the extreme long wavelengths for low energetic electromagnetic waves without having an explanation for this. The theory is that the wavelength refers to the energy of the wave. But at which position of the wave is the energy when the wavelength is several kilometers?




Q10 Spectacular tool: SPECTRAL ANALYSIS 


Q10.1 Spectroscopic data falsify current radiation theory


 Hypotheses of current physics:

Matter has different discret energy levels. There is one ground level for each type of radiation and lots of higher energy levels, which get tighter when the energy levels increase. When an energy level changes from a lower level to a higher level a photon or an electromagnetic wave is absorbed. This process is reversible. Thus the the energie level changes mostly to the ground level again as this is preferred. Most matter wants to return to the preferred ground state.

Thus emission spectra should mostly identical to absorption spectra.

Falsification by spedctral data:

Emission spectra are very different from absorption spectra.

Explanation by SURe- New Physics:

Photons are particles. Nearly all interactions of particles are building and breaking of bondings. For radiation this is equivalent to absorption and emission of photons. Electromagnetic waves cannot be absorbed or emitted. So this fasifies again that photons are electromagnetic waves. Most photons are absorbed when by the bonding a breaking of a former bonding is activated. Thus bondings means mostly the emission of another particle. The energy, which photons have for absorption refers to an activation energy, which is the collision energy of the absorbed photon. whereas the energies of emitted photons refer to the collision energy plus half of the bonding energy, because this is transferred to the emitted photon.

This results to the fact, that absorption enegies and emission energies are completely different. Emission energies are usually higher. In most cases absorbed and emitted photons refer to different reaction, so that these are not comparable.



Q10.2 The falsification of discrete Absorption and Emission Energies of Photons


As activations energies for absorption are minimum energies, the activations also occur when the spectrometer turns to higher kinetic energies of photons , which can have continous natural values. But there is an upper limit. The upper limit is a proof of the knowledge of Universal Principles that by high energetic interactions penetraions of particles occur without reactions.

As emission energies depend on absorption energies also emission energies are in a continiuos range of values.



Q10.3 The Energies of Emissions can be more specific


Emitted particles by direct replacement reactions have also a continous range of energies as these depend on absorption energies.

But photons or another particles can also be emitted at other positions of the particle by transfer of the colliding energy. In this case an emission by specific energies are occurs, because the emission is done as the maximum vibration energy of a bonding is achieved. This is for example for alpha decays the case. But also for specific photons, which are emitted in flames and show the specific colors of atoms.



Q10.4 The Explanation of dependency of Energies by Temperature


When the vibration energies are already on the higher side by higher Temperature, then less activation energy is needed for emission.




Q10.5 The Correlation to Concentration



While the minimum activation energies of absorbed photons are specific for molecules, the intensities of an absorpion band or peak correlate to concentrations of measured compounds. Intensity is given by area of bands or peaks. The compounds are measured in dilute solutions so all molecules in the solutions react with photons until there are no relevant concentration any more. The unknown concentrations are measured relative to a known concentration.



Q10.6 Spectroscopic measurements refer to Photolyses Reactions


Collision/bonding/decay mechanism by spectroscopic measurements refers to photolyses reaction, that means a photon is absorbed and another particle is emitted.

Examples are:

* Absorption of UV-C-photon and corresponding decay of an O2 molecule to two emitted O- atoms in atmosphere. Further reaction O + O2 = O3.

* Absorption of X-ray photon by corresponding decay of a N2 molecule to two emitted N – atoms in atmosphere. Further reaction by N + O2 = NO2.




Q10.7 Absorptions and Emissions of Photons which are not specific for atoms


Experts in spectroscopy know that there are many absorptions and emissions of low energetic IR-photons which do not refer to specific atoms and therefore cannot be used for identifications of atoms. These reactions are canceled out at spectroscopic measurements by reference samples.

Physicist already found out that all atoms and molecules have huge ranges (bands) of emissions and absorptions. This shows that there have to be lots of bonding options of photons to atoms. SURe - New Physics has found out that there are extreme long chains of photons bound on atomic nuclei. At the sides of photon chains there occur continuously bondings and emissions of omnipresent photons.

Structures of atoms must be capable to emit omnipresent photons. SURe calls structure of bound omnipresent chains of photons atomic magnetic fields, as these are identical to usual magnetic fields except that these are smaller.


Overall physical reality is completely different to current postulates: The specific ranges of energy levels of atomic radiation are not caused by electrons in atoms but by bound omnipresent photons in atoms. Due to the different energy levels of bound omnipresent photons the absorbed and emitted omnipresent photons (=radiation) have different specific ranges of energy levels. Physicists already got the knowledge by measurements that the range of continuous energies depens on temperature.

Like it is the case for all particles in universe different energies of omnipresent photons are due to different values of vibration energies. Because of their strong stability omnipresent photons can have a broad continuous range of vibration energies. Spectra by taking vacuum or hydrogen as reference show that neaerly all other molecules absorb IR-photons in nearly the same wide range.



Q10.8 The clear Falsification of the current climate change by CO2


As the absorption of omnipresent IR-photons and by this the absorption potential for heat is for nearly all molecules the same, there is no specific strong absorption for CO2. The Greenhouse theory of CO2 and other gases is an extreme unscientific theory, for which there exist not any indication. In each spectroscopic lab the absurd greenhouse theory can be falsified. Indeed it is clearly the other way round. Each additional molecule in the atmosphere of the earth will cool the climate on earth.




Q11 LASER falsifies QUANTUM PHYSICS and verifies



Physically impossible theory of current physics: Laser amplify light by induction. This means that a photon can induce the generation of an additional photon with same energy. This would double the energy out of nothing, which is a severe violation of energy conservation.

SURe – New Physics is that in a Laser two of the four possible interactions occur:

*Activation of a decay of a photon chain of specific atoms by collisions

* Photon chains collide and by this lots of single photons are generated by decay of the photon chains

* The generated photons have lots of different energies. But by lots of reflections from one side to the other side in the laser tube these do bonding and decay reaction.

* By bondings of two colliding photons the different vibration energies (=kinetic energies) are averaged. so that by decay of the generated diphoton two photons are generated with identical energies.

* Thus after lots of reflections and collisions all photons have identical energies.

* In addition by the reflexion all photons are adjusted to the same polarization direction.



Q12 The Unification of OPTICS by Universal Principles


All observed effects of optics have to obey Universal Principles and thus have a common origin:

All optical effects are due to collisions of photons. But there are no specific physical rules for photons and optical effects. Photons do the same four possible interactions as all particeles. All four interactions are activated by collisions:

a) building of bondings according first law of nature, that means achieve lowest spin energies by overlapping of contrary spin energies, after bonding the bonding vibrations of all bondings are alligned to average vibration strength and vibration direction.

b) Decay of bonding by which vibration energy of bonding is transferred to broken parts of particles, so that both parts get 50% of total kinetic to opposite direction.

c) reflection, which is the direct decay after collisions

d) penetration, when the colliding energy is very high.


a) + b), c) an d) results to deflections, which are the typical interactions concerning photons:

  • Diffraction

  • Refraction

  • Aberration

  • Specular reflection

  • Diffuse reflection (scattering)

  • All types of scattering and reflection

Specific issue for optical effects:

In a radiation beam there are so many traveling particles that the particles within the beam have nearly no chance to escape travel direction of beam by collisions. Most collisions which change travel direction will be quickly “corrected“ by other collisions which bring the “runaways“ back to the common travel path.


There is no deflection effect and no dispersion effects when photons travel through matter with different speeds or different densities.

Refraction cannot be explained by the analogy to a marching soldiers which marches at a specific angle from the street into an area of mud, by which the marching speed is reduced. Different speeds have just the effect that the first row of marching soldiers is not any more side by side.

Other facts by SURe - New Physics:

As there are no electromagnetic waves and no frequencies there are no phase velocities.


Origin of dispersion effect: Main effect which causes dispersion are the specific bondings on surface layers. These cause deflections which depend on kinetic energies of photons. Dispersion deflections on surfaces.



Q13 Quantum Physics describes non-observable Ideas but not our Universe


All observations of electrons prove that electrons are particles and no waves. For example the double slit experiment shows that electrons are particles when these are observed during emission, these are particles when observed directly before, in and after the slits and these are particles when these hit the interference screen. Nevertheless there are still physicists who stick to the falsified hypothesis that particles can be at the same time waves. To be conform to observations these physicists postulate, that the waves of electrons “collapse“ to particles as soon as someone observes them and transform back to waves as soon as these are not observed. Of course transformations of particles to mass-less waves is inconsistent to all accepted physical principles like principle of energy conservation and principle of relativity. So there are two physics: one is the physics of observations and physical principles, the other is the physics of non-observable hypotheses. If physics shall be a natural science it should be the physics of observations and experiments. If some physicist think that physics shall be arts then physics can describe non-observable things which people create arbitrarily in their mind. Physicist are very naive, when they think they can do a magic change of physical laws by closing their eyes. This is a tricky thing: Quantum physicists describe what can't be observed. It is like describing dreams. Everyone could dream different magic transformations of electrons. For example that the electron transforms to an elephant, when it is not observed. This is even more realistic than a wave function, because an elephant is a real physical system, a wave function is no real physical system. Descriptions of non-observable issues can't be disproved by experiments, because experiments are observations and all experiments will observe an electron.

According to SURe any interaction with a particle can be regarded as an observation of the particle. This definition is also accepted in quantum physics. As the electrons are continuously interacting with proton of atomic nuclei the electron is continuously observed and has to be a particle all the time. So also according to quantum physics the electrons in atoms have to be particles and cannot be a wave functions. So quantum physicists have disproved particle-wave duality and proved that wave functions are not more than a historic trial to describe some observations.

Describing dreams or thinking about something which cannot be observed is very popular in physics, because it cannot be falsified by experiments: Examples are non-locality, uncertainty, superposition, extra dimensions, strings, quarks, bosons, fields, singularities, dark energy, time dilatation and many more. Dreams can be interesting and funny, but not useful for mankind. 


Q14 The Myths of NON-Locality of Particles


Non-locality of particles violates nearly all scientific principles.

There is not even a clear definition in physics. There are several different types of non-locality:

a) Non-locality by waves

b) Non-locality by the statement that one particle has several locations.

c) Non-locality by infinite speed

d) Non-locality by quantum entanglement

e) Non-locality by different observers (special relativity)

f) Non-locality of particles without energy

g) Non-locality of non-interacting particles

h) Non-locality of dot-like particles


SURe - New Physics:

A particle is a specific structure of bound spin energies which occupies a part of the 3 dimensional space of the universe. Occupied space means space where energetic interactions of particles occur. The occupied space of the particle is called locality of particle. Magnitudes of locality can change by interactions. By very specific interactions locality can be compensated to zero locality, which means to “nothing“ (no particle, no energy). There are no indications that such an interaction have ever occurred in universe. According to SURe such an interaction is a chain reaction which eliminates the universe.


Particles have per definition locality. There are no physical systems in universe which have no locality (do not consist of particles).


c), f) g)and h) would be physical reality, if the corresponding characteristics would be physical reality.

g) is equivalent to the statement of quantum physics that particles have exclusively non-locality when these are not observed. This means the statement of quantum physics is scientifically correct:

As soon as a particle is not observable (= does not interact) it has non-locality, which means it does not exist.

This is a general principle in physics (valid for all particles).

But: In universe all particles interact continuously with other particles. All particles vibrate which are interactions of the fundamental particles of particles. Therefore locality of particles should also be a conclusion of quantum physics.

As vibrations are the origin of movement and collisions of particles to omnipresent omnipresent photons particles are the origin of speed limits c) is equivalent to g).

h) Dot-like is a unscientific description of modern physics for elementary particles. The expression dot is used by mathematics to describe a location in a coordinate system, but has no physical definition. Physical systems can only be spherical or have other structures. To describe very small particles as dot-like is strongly unscientific and leads to lots of inconsistencies.

b) is an anti-scientific postulate by modern physics to explain interference of single particles: The single particle is divided in two parts, so that it can go simultaneously through two slits. But even if this postulate would be valid there is still locality of the separated particles as everything which goes through slits has locality.

The impossibilities of d) and e) is detailed explained in separate chapters. 

Q15 The good Thing: Engineers did an outstanding Job despite Quantum Theories


The development and constructions of new technologies can exclusively be based on physical reality. All observations are physical reality. SURe - New Physics cannot be eliminated by unrealistic explanations of modern physics. Classical effects will be classical effects also when these are called quantum effects. So despite quantum theories the observations of “quantum effects“ have led to the development of a high number of very important new technologies. This shows that engineers can do an outstanding good job based on observations even when there are no scientifically sound explanations of these observations. But by the physical reality of SURe engineers will get the real detailed knowledge of mechanisms of observations. By this engineers will get much higher effectivity for their work which will lead to many new important technologies.



Q16 FRANCK-HERTZ EXPERIMENT falsifies Quantum Physics



The experiment of James Franck and Gustav Hertz from 1914 is regarded by physicists as the first experiment which verified the hypotheses of quantum physics concerning the absorption and emission of discrete energy quanta by atoms. Below it will be shown that the Franck-Hertz experiment falsifies the hypotheses of quantum physics and verifies SURe - New Physics.


According to SURe radiation is equivalent with particles and particles are equivalent with energy quanta.


Collisions of accelerated electrons with mercury atoms causes:

  • electrons do not transfer kinetic energy of collisions to atoms up to a specific level of kinetic energy.

  • electrons transfer kinetic energy to atoms as soon as these have a specific level of kinetic energy.

Current Hypotheses:

  1. Collisions occur between accelerated electron and a specific atomic electron in outer electronic shell of atom.

  1. Discrete quanta of energy are transferred from the accelerated electron to the atom.

  2. Transferred quanta of energy causes the elevation of the specific atomic electron to an excited energy level.

  3. Excited energy levels of electrons are not stable and fall back again to ground state. By this the excited discrete energy quanta is emitted as radiation energy.

  4. Discrete quanta of radiation energy are determined by integer frequencies f according to E= h *f, where h is the Planck constant.

  5. In the excited state the electron has a different position in an atom than in ground state.


Falsification and scientific explanation of SURe - New Physics: All interactions in universe by which new particles are generated are caused by bonding and decay reactions, which are equivalent to absorption – emission reactions. By Franck- Hertz reaction an electron is absorbed and another electron and photons are emitted. The emitted electron has less energy than the accelerated electron. Thus it has to be accelerated again until it can do another reaction.

Chemists know that for each reaction a specific collision energy is necessary to activate the reaction.

The activation energy is determined by the atom and its photon chain which decays by the collision of the electron.

Thus the reality of ionisation is the decay of a photon chain of an atom.

There are no interactions of accelerated electrons with atomic electrons. There are no atomic electrons.

It is well known by physicists what happens when particles with sufficient activation energy collide to atoms;

Atoms decay to ionized atoms and electrons, observed by photo effect and Compton effect.


All hypotheses above (1.-6.) are physical impossible and can’t be explained.

Just three examples:

* The collision energy between an accelerated electron and a moving electron around an atom is very different, so discrete energy quanta can’t be generated.

* The probability that the accelerated electrons collide to specific atomic electrons is extremely low so that electron/electron collisions can be excluded. The size of electrons can be neglected compared to size of atom. Acording to modern physics the space between nuclei and atomic electrons is empty.

* According to current physics atomic electrons are waves or wave functions without locality. So there can't be collisions.

* All experiments in universe prove that particles can have continuous levels of energy from minimum to a specific maximum energy. All observations and experiments show that particles do continuous changes of energies. Stepwise changes of energies are impossible. There is no observation or experiment that energies or changes of energies of particles are restricted to discrete quanta. Even Franck-Hertz experiment verifies that the kinetic energy of the accelerated electrons increase continuously by acceleration. This is valid for all particles in universe, so also for atoms and omnipresent photons.

*Specific energies are transferred to vibration energy of bound omnipresent photons of atoms. The magnitude of transferred energy is due to the activation of a specific reaction. The transferred specific energy is called activation energy. Each reaction in universe has to be activated by a specific activation energy. Atomic electrons are not involved in the reaction process. There are no different states of energy of atomic electrons. Not any particle in universe has energetic states. Every particle is a n energetic state. Atomic electrons and atomic nuclei are no particles. Atomic electrons and atomic nuclei are bound parts of a separate complex particle, which is called atom.

* A change of position of atomic electron does not explain change of energy.

  1. There are neither ground states nor excited states and atomic radiation is not caused by atomic electrons. Atomic radiation in this case is a reaction of Hg atom with electron which activated by collision energy of electron, which results to an electron with reduced kinetic energy and the decay of the atom by which a omnipresent photons is emitted. Emitted omnipresent photons is radiation.

  2. Radiation energies ( E = h * f) are not restricted to integer frequencies.

Falsifications of hypothesis No 5:

a) Frequency is a number per second and the length of a second is arbitrarily defined by mankind to a fixed value. Physics cannot be ruled by arbitrary decisions of mankind. Frequencies are never restricted to integer numbers, frequencies are always natural numbers.

b) There is not any observation in universe that a frequency is restricted to integer numbers.

c) Frequencies of radiation have never been observed. SURe - New Physics is that there are no frequencies of radiation and if there would be frequencies these are not observable. Observable are exclusively transfers of energy.

d) All observations (examples: black body radiation, CMB) show continuous ranges of radiation energies.

e) In order to explain observed continuous ranges of radiation energy physicists postulated that the discrete energies of radiation are not observable because of uncertainty.

f) The only observable frequencies are frequencies of radio waves. Physicists have not realized that radio waves are a completely different physical phenomenon than radiation. Radio waves show neither the postulated dependency of frequencies on energy nor the postulated quantization of energy. Of course these obvious inconsistencies are not mentioned by physicists.

  1. The atomic electrons do not change their positions by absorption or emission of radiation. Atomic electrons don't care about events which happen far away from their locations.

  2. Exclusively for elastic collisions like reflections or deflections absorption energy is identical to emission energy. Concerning the Franck-Hertz experiment this is the case for collisions below activation energy. If activation energy is consumed a reaction occurs. A reaction is an interaction of particles by which the colliding particles rearrange to different particles. It is nearly impossible that the activation energy of a reaction is identical to the kinetic energy of a generated product of reaction. Above hypothesis of quantum physics has no scientific basis.

Falsification of hypothesis No.7:

Quantum physics cannot present any observation which is conform to their hypothesis. Most physicists avoid to mention that the absorbed energies at all experiments analog to Franck-Hertz are different from emitted energies. They don't mention it because their is not any scientific explanation except the physical reality of SURe.



In universe there are specific energies but no discrete energies. No energy in universe can change momentarily. All observations of changes of energies show that energies change continuously. All observations of spectra show that there are continuous ranges of energies.

Franck-Hertz experiment shows that atomic radiation occurs at a specific energy of collision and that emitted particles are specific well definable energies as every particle in universe. If the electron has lower energy than the required activation energy of reaction there is just an elastic collision, which means the formed transition state decays again to electron and atom with unchanged energies. The required minimum activation energy for atomic radiation reaction is equivalent to maximum vibration energy of the specific omnipresent photons-bondings of the atom. This means by exceeding this energy the collision energy leads to the breaking of a omnipresent photons-bonding. By the breaking of omnipresent photons-bonding the vibration energy of the bonding is transferred to kinetic energy. Half of the energetic energy gets the emitted omnipresent photons, the other half gets the atom. This mechanism is identical for all breaks of bondings.

If the collision energy is below activation energy of atomic radiation the collision occurs according to classical rules for elastic collisions, which means without reaction to radiation omnipresent photons (=emission of radiation).



 Q18 The Reality of observations collapse to spooky Science Fiction



Q18.1 Quantum physics use Magics to arise attention


Magicians arise attention and make money by showing unexplainable observations to people. If they would tell people the reality there would be no interest any more for their shows. The same is true for scientific publications. The physical reality of observations are just well known boring natural laws. Nobody cares anymore about publications in which new physical observations are explained like all other observations. So physical institutions recognized that it has many advantages that physicist don’t do research in order to find the reality of new physical observations by explaining these by well known classical laws but to explain these by surprising magics which is far beyond logical thinkings.

The main example for this is that physicist do not accept the numerous proofs that photon radiation consists of particles, but still state that photon radiation can also be electromagnetic waves although these are clearly physical impossible und got physically impossible and inconsistent descriptios and explanations. The physical impossible electromagnetic waves are mainly used for the magic show of quantum physics.



Q18.2 The Problem of Magics is that the Reality can be observed


The differentiation between magics and reality is quite easy: reality can be clearly observed and non- reality can not be observed. So main research task of quantum physicists is to interpret observations conform to their unrealistic statements (theories) by non-realistic explanations and to find and perform experiments which can be interpreted by non-realistic explanations.

Final possibility is the statement, that their theory cannot be observed. This opens the door for all kind of unrealistic theories, because it is not possible to prove the theory.


Q18.3 The collapse of Wave Functions is the Collapse of Science


Every movement, which can be observed in universe, has proved to be a movement of an object. Objects can be from largest celestial bodies to smallest particle. Even all observed real waves consists of moving particles. But physicists are forced to stick to their theories. So for explanation of double slit experiment by physically impossible electromagnetic waves they use following absurd theory: Electromagnetic waves are wave functions which exclusively appear, when you do no observation. As soon as you do observations the wave functions collaps to particles.


Q18.4 The spooky Transformations of Particles to Wave Functions


In order to explain Interference of particles like electrons, quantum physics states that these decay to wave functions as soon as these pass a double slit and turn back to particles as soon as these hit a screen. This means that particles and wave functions have to get knowledge during travelling when these pass a double slit or hit a screen. Or the double slit and the screen have the magic power to activate the transformations,

Interesting is that quantum physics use the expression wave function instead of wave. This has to be done, because real waves consists of particles and can be observed, but wave functions are abstract mathematics which can be shown as formula, but cannot be observed as reality. 



Q18.5 The Definition of Observations


Observable are exclusively interactions. All interactions are impacts by collisions of particles. Impacts occur by the kinetic energy of colliding particles. Therefore the strength of impacts are a measure for kinetic energies.

It is very unscientific that currently the term observation is used without to define the term. Most used terms in current physics have no scientific definition. This already shows that nearly all explanations of current physics are not understandable and are no scientific explanations.

Most important requirement for an observation is, that it contains no interpretations or other assumptions. Most descriptions of observations are spoiled with interpretations and thus can be catastrophic if these are used as reality.




Q18.6 The serious invalid Observation of Temperature of Sun


Following invalid observation can be called catastrophic at this prevented that cheap clean energy has been generated already since about 50 years, An example is the apparent observation that the sun is extreme hot in the center. Nobody can observe the temperature in the center of the sun or other stars. So there must be reliable observations by measurements. Very reliable observations by measurements concerning stars are that they were generated in surroundings of clouds which contain mainly hydrogen. Another very reliable observation is that the sun has since generation a stable spheric shape which is exclusively possible when the sum is a solid object. Another very reliable observation is that hydrogen freezes at a about 11 Kelvin and space has a temperatur at about 3 K. A very reliable conclusion is that the inner body of sun has a temperature below 11 Kelvin.

An very reliable observation is that the atmosphere of sun is extreme hot. This has been verified by reliable measurements



Q18.7 Observations falsify Interference of electromagnetic Waves


All Observations refer to kinetic energies and relative positions of particles. These properties can be measured at the same time for examples by sensors on a screen. Such screens are used for showing interference patterns of photons but of course also for all pictures including the sensors of eyes. Interference occurs exclusively by real waves. Interference is defined as overlay of amplitudes of real waves. Amplitudes of real waves are proportional to the energies of each wave. This is well observed by everyone for water waves or waves of earth quakes. Examples of other wavelike kinetic energies are generated by earthquake, sound or radio radiation. These can be made visible by electronic devices. Photon radiation has no wavelike energies and therefore cannot be made visible. Noone has ever observed wavelike frequencies of photon radiation Nevertheless kinetic energies of photons are expressed by frequencies of waves, which is double nonsense. Frequencies are not proportional to energies and photons are no waves.

Interference and waves of photons are falsified by their apparent interference patterns. The patterns do not differ by energies but by intensities from low to high, which is well aware by physicists. The only scientific explanation for this is that photons consists of particles. It is possible to measure the kinetic energies of photons at all positions they have in the experiment. There is no indication for collapsing to waves or wave function. Wave functions have just abstract energies, which have no physical impacts. Thus a transformation from particles to wave functions is not possible because it would violate conservation of energy.



Q18.8 Observations falsify Uncertainty


Observations of kinetic energies und positions falsify uncertainty principle of Werner Heisenberg. It is possible to arrange sensors for pictures (=CCD) extremely tight, so that in principle the location and kinetic energy of each photon or other particle can be measured. Uncertainty is just caused by limitted accuracy of the used measurement device.


Q18.9 Valid observations prove wrong Formula for kinetic Energy


Impacts of kinetic energy are proportional to the mass and the relative velocity of particles. This can be proved by experiments. For examples the kinetic energies of shot bullets can be determined by as impact of kinetic energy (depth of penetration). Although some kinetic energy of bullet is transferred to kinetic energies of material to the material at sides of the bullet, the accuracy of measurements are sufficient to prof that the formula for kinetic energy is Ekin = m*v and falsify that the formula is Ekin = ½ mv².





 Q18.10 The Reality of Interference of photons is simple, clear and logic




As photons are particles the simple explanation of apparent interference patterns refer are deflections of photons by specific angles. The deflections are caused by magnetic fields which are generally buildt on surfaces of atomic matter, thus also between the sides of a slit. The reaction steps of all deflections in universe by specific angles are


* collision of particke to magnetic field line (= photon chain) or other bonded system.


* bonding of particle to field line – averaging of vibration energies and direction over all bondings


* break of bonding and emission of particle by transfer of vibration energy as kinetic energy to particle. By this the particle also gets a changed moving in direction of field line which correlates to kinetic energy of particle.






Q18.11 The stated Prevention of Patterns by Observation blame physics




If there is something which prevents deflection patterns (apparent interference), there has to be a scientific explanation for this. To state that this occurs just because it is observed, through which slit photons fly, might be an idea of a child but not of a scientist. There has to be scientfic explanation by a logical mechanism. Observation can have very different meanings. Without specification of the detailed interaction which is described by a clear mechanism this is no information which is useful. When a scientists has no scientific explanation he should admit this. This would show much more scientific competence than telling people an explanation which does not make sense.


There are several possibilities of scientific explanations. Which of these is the correct one has still be found out by variations of double slit experiment. If the observation is done by beam splitters and photomultiplier the cause of prevention of patterns is with high probability that photons from a photomultiplier travel back to the corresponding emission position of one the BBO-crystal. As this affects also one emission position of the path to the pattern screen this distroys the symmetric emission of photons to the pattern screen, which is required for the generation of the pattern. Particularly experiments with single photons are strongly influenced by all kind of radiation from other sources. Of course also a beam splitter between photon source and slits has an impact because of different polarizations of photons. There are also many possibilities for hidden manipulations.



Q18.12 The reactivation of Patterns by Quantum Eraser



The mostly used quantum eraser is a device where the two “which way” control beams for the two slits give randomly signals by one of two photomultipliers each equipped by a semi-transparent mirror. By this a photomultiplier signal gives no information through which slit the photon travels. Using such a device causes that the deflection pattern appears again. Scientist have now to find out the scientific explanation for the reactivation of patterns.

 Without additional information the only possible cause is that the oppression of patterns which has been explained by the flow of disturbing photons from one photomultiplier to the BBO-crystal pattern is cancelled out by two photomultipliers. This means that there ie again a sxmmetric emission of photons to the pattern screen. This explanation is conform to the knowledge of scientists that ordered signals require symmetric interactions.


Also the generation of beams with different polarizations can play a roll for prevention and reactivation of deflection patterns. This explanation is also supported by the fact that the semitransparent mirrors on the way from photomultiplier to screen causes a specific polarization and that deflection patterns are exclusively generated when there are equal numbers and equal polarizations of photons by both travel paths of photons.


There is a quite different explanation with high probability: Although the used quantum eraser also works with photomultipliers the backtravelling of photons can be easily prevented because these have to go though the backside of a beam splitter. So by use of a beamsplitter which has no transmission from backside is a reliable explanation.




Q18.13 Valid Explanations must be verifiable



In all cases a necessary requirement for a scientific and thus valid explanation is that it has to be logical, physical and clearly verifiable by experiments. Another possibility is to show that the explanation is conform to Universal Laws (=fundamental laws of nature).




Q18.14 Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser (measuring device)



Mostly the double slit experiments with quantum eraser works in a way that beams are splitted to a control beam and a pattern beam directly after the double slit by a bariumboratoxyd (BBO)-crystal, which has very specific characteristics. The specific properties of this crystal are not understood yet. For example it is stated that the crystal splits one photon to two photons with half the wavelength. This is physical impossible because:


* A photon can’t be split to two photons,


* Two photons with half the wavelength would result to quadruple energy which is not possible by energy conservation.


* A photon can react with an atom to another photon with changed energy. The probability is extreme low, that the wavelength of the generated photon is half the wavelength of the reacting photon.


These informations are just mentioned to get the knowledge that there might also be additional unkown explanations, which are not known till now.


But these are not relevant for the next chapter which is fully explained.




Q18.15 The antiscientific statements of delayed Choice Quantum Eraser


By delayed choice quantum eraser the fact is meant that the photomultipliers and by this the quantum eraser can be positioned in a way, that the time of “which way- observation” is later than the time that photons know if these have to form deflection patterns or not. This would mean that the effect happens earlier than the cause.

Again this is a typical example that physicists are glad to have found a physical impossible phenomenon, which gives high attention and acknowledgment by publishing this.

In times before quantum physics physicists would have reacted in a different way, which means like scientists. They would have known that this is physically impossible and would have searched for the error until they found a physically possible explanation.the physical reality.




Q18.16 SURe of Deflection Patterns (Summary)



Cause of quantization:


Quantization of effects requires that the effect depends on a number of interactions.


Cause of quantization for deflections:


Angle of deflection is proportional to number of collisions to magnetic field lines which activate a deflection interaction. Magnetic field lines are equivalent to bonded chains of photons.


Deflections by single slit:


The side of deflection is determined by spin orientations of the electrons of a photon. The total angle is determined by number of interactions with photon chains This means deflections of a single slit go stepwise to the side. In a single wide slit the photon chains are just at the sides so that there are no deflections in the middle. This results in a spot of pattern also in the middle.


Deflection by double slit.


When there are two slits there are photons which are deflected towards each other. These collide in the middle part between slits and average their moving directions to a more or less straight direction (rectangular), but also quantized in small steps by the difference of single deflections, numbers of collisions. (Exact rectangular emission requires equal number of collisions to a photon chain). This is the explanation why there is a pattern of narrow spots in the middle by double slit, which is missing by single slit.


Requirements for generation of pattern:


Requirement for generation of deflection patterns by double slit is that both slits have adequate and same dimensions and the photon beams of both slits are not differently affected by interactions by photon beams from other sources. By this it is assured that the deflection angles by each single slit are the same, so that collisions of deflected photons of single slits occur. The collisions are necessary that the symmetric spots in the middle region of double slits occur.


In order that the collisions lead to a reaction it is necessary that the colliding particles don’t have opposite polarizations.


A single slit causes always a deflection pattern.






 Q19 The Magic Capabilities of Quantum Entanglement


Q19.1 What is QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT ? – A serious Attack against Science!

Quantum entanglement is an incredible example of quantum physicists making spectacular magic shows out of scientific principles.

Quantum physic normally worked-out unrealistic theories because there were no scientific explanation. This is different for the entanglement of particles. There is a well known and accepted explanation based on scientific principles, but quantum physicists did not accept this and again created completely absurd hypotheses without need and called it quantum entanglement.

Classical Entanglement of particles by scientific principles:

When a bound particle like an electron pair decays to two electrons, the two electrons have entangled properties like spin orientation. This means that the entangled spin orientations depend on the spin orientation of the electron pair, because the principle of maintaining total energy has to be met. Thus if you measure the spin orientation of one electron you have also the knowledge of the spin orientation of the second electron. This is the classical entanglement, which is determined by fundamental laws of nature.

Entanglement of particles by Quantum Physics:

Quantum physicists had a severe problem that measurements of the two entangled particles show the results predicted by principle of energy conservation. For double slit measurements they had stated that by observation (measurements) of particles /waves properties like spin direction change because of collapse of wave function. Thus the findings of classical reality would be a falsification of the theory of wave functions. To avoid the falsification they invented another highly absurd theory: both entangled particles have all kind of unknown spin orientations. When the spin orientation of one electron is measured the other electron gets the information to which spin position it has to change when it is measured so that the found spin direction gets conform to classical principles of energy conservation. Another unbelievable summit of absurd antiscience.

But this is exactly that what research institutions look for and acknowledge: extreme absurd new theories which are far away from that, what people can imagine to be physics. So physicist would punish themselves if they would explain their findings by scientific principles. No one would take notice of them. This is the main reason that all the absurd theories of quantum physics exist. Quantum physics is the legitimization that highest antiscientific nonsense gets highest acknowledgment.

Thus the proof of the reality of classical entanglement, is converted to lots of absurd incredible theories. Or in other words: Explanations of observations are not anymore done by Universal Principles (Fundamental laws of nature) but by absurd physically impossible theories:

As soon as a particle is observed by measurements it gets a well defined location and well defined property, which are conform to Universal Principles. But as long as a particle is not observed Universal Principles are not valid so that a particle can have all kind of values of specific properties. Only then, when a property is measured the value is generated and the generation stops exactly at the value which is demanded by Universal Principles. As this is not absurd enough quantum physicists further postulates: As soon as one entangled particle is observed by a measurement then the entangled particle gets the information how its property has to be according to scientific principles. So it changes to the expected property. Before it can have any value of property and violate scientific principles.




Q19.2 The first explanation of Generation of entangled Particles



The Generation of entangled particles is well described by current Physics. But exclusively SURe – New Physics provide a scientific explanation:

All entangled particles are generated by the bonding- averaging - decay mechanism, which is one of the most important mechanism in universe. Therefore it is abbreviated as BAD by SURe -New Physics. For photons this means that two photons with different vibration energies are bonded – the vibration energies are averaged – the diphoton decays to two photons again, which after decay have same properties like vibration energy, kinetic energy and orientations of polarisation and spin. Same polarisation and spin means that the plane orientations of photons are the same. This is caused by the fact that the binding occurs bonding by two bondings, which assures that all electrons of bonded photons or other particles are in a plane. A single electron just needs one bonding. BAD by omnipresent photons mean that omnipresent photons mostly are averaged to same kinetic energy in surroundings. This assures that in a sorrounding without generation or consumption of heat the temperature is adjusted to an average temperatur. The BAD process explains that heat is always flows to cold areas and never to warmer surroundings.


 Q19.3 The increase of Craziness to prevent detection of Reality


As the number of physicists increased who did not believe in teleportation, some quantum physicists stated that when the value of property of one particle is changed, then this information goes also to the entangled particle by teleportation. By this the entangled particle instantaneously slso changes its property, so that this is again conform to the former sum of values.


SURe is that this is physically impossible and has never been observed. But it is reality that spin otientations change by collisions to other particles like gas molecules, cosmic particles or radiated photos of unknown sources. Thus there might be random cases of changes of both particles at the same time.



Q19.4 Determinsm instead of instantaneous by Data transfer


Thus the proof of the reality of classical entanglement is converted to lots of absurd incredible theories. Or in other words: Explanations of observations are not anymore done by Universal Principles (Fundamental laws of nature) but by absurd physically impossible theories.

But the determination by entanglement ends as soon as there is a collision of one entangled particle to a new particle. which generates a new entanglement of collided particles. This problem was not taken into account for the tests by Dell’s theorem (see separate chapter).



Q19.5 First Explanation of Generation of entangled Particles


The Generation of entangled particles is well described by current Physics. But exclusively SURe – New Physics provide a scientific explanation:


All entangled particles are generated by the bonding- averaging - decay mechanism, which is one of the most important mechanism in universe. Therefore it is abbreviated as BAD by SURe -New Physics. For photons this means that two photons with different vibration energies are bonded – the vibration energies are averaged – the diphoton decays to two photons again, which after decay have same properties like vibration energy, kinetic energy and orientations of polarisation and spin. Same polarisation and spin means that the plane orientations of photons are the same. This is caused by the fact that the binding occurs bonding by two bondings, which assures that all electrons of bonded photons or other particles are in a plane. A single electron just needs one bonding. BAD by omnipresent photons mean that omnipresent photons mostly are averaged to same kinetic energy in surroundings. This assures that in a sorrounding without generation or consumption of heat the temperature is adjusted to an average temperatur. The BAD process explains that heat is always flows to cold areas and never to warmer surroundings.


Q19.6 The Discovery of the “hidden Variables”


The term “hidden variables” is used in physics for the explanation of determinism of interactions and states in physics. By such an explanation the basic theories of quantum physics like non-locality, non-determinism and uncertainty get obsolete. The explanation is the BAD mechanism by universal principles as described above. This means, by the requirement of minimal spin energy all bondings in a particle are determined which includes same energy and directions of all vibration energies of all bondings in a particle. When a bonding of any particle breaks the two parts are emitted in opposite direction with same kinetic energy and same orientation of spin and polarization.

The mechanism is impressively used by laser, in which photons with random energies and orientations are converted by permanent collisions and BAD- processes to billions of entangled photons with same kinetic energy and same orientations of spin/polarization.



Q19.7 An ironic example of instantanous of Data Transfer by Quantum Entanglement


The principle of ultrafast data transfer is that lots of entangled particles are generated and spread to locations where these are far away from each other. Now quantum Physics can be used in following way: When a property of one particle is measured then a corresponding value is available at the same moment at all the locations where all the other particles are. This is a real momentary data transfer which is of course much quicker than by light velocity.

Even Einstein could not believe this, but it is reality, which can be proved by an example:

Billion of entangled photons can be generated by laser. The entangled laser photons can be spread to various locations. Then when the energy of a photon is measured the information of the energy is momentarily at all locations, where the entangled photons are. Thus ultra fast data transfer is “quantum” reality, but dues not make much sense.



Q19.8 The Uncertainty of Quantum Entanglement


There is a well known problem of quantum entanglement which refers to the stability of entangled particles. The generation process is at the same time a changing process. Thus by collisions against of not entangled particles to entangled particles the entanglement changes the particle group. Thus you cannot be sure for how long the value of a entangled property stays constant.








Physicists realized that there are energetic effects in vacuum which can only be explained by particles. So physicists postulated that there are virtual particles in vacuum which are pairs of matter and antimatter particles and continuously appear and disappear. This hypothesis is called vacuum fluctuation.

SURe - New Physics:

Correct is, that there has to be matter in vacuum. This was also the thinking of most physicists before 1900, when this matter has been called aether. Without the existence of an aether lots of observations would physically not be possible and cannot be explained. But of course it does not make sense to propose virtual particles for this. There have to be real particles.

Pairs of matter – antimatter particles is a quite good idea. But unfortunately there is a physical impossible theory for matter and antimatter. In addition generation by pairs of matter-antimatter particles was possible for first generation of matter and since then no more. Generation of an electron-positron pair cannot occur in our universe anymore, because totally empty space is required for this. By this vacuum fluctuation is equivalent to generation and degeneration of universes. It cannot happen in our universe because there is no empty space due to omnipresent omnipresent photons. Omnipresent photons would immediately interact with generated matter which stops the generation. Particles which are currently called electrons and positrons are no fundamental electrons and positrons as these are bound to omnipresent photons. Therefore an positron and electron cannot annihilate to nothing.

Vacuum fluctuation has been postulated because many observation need the existence of particles in vacuum. As the existence of particles in vacuum is physical reality and the corresponding observations can be explained by this the postulate of vacuum fluctuation can be eliminated. The same is the case for vacuum energy, because vacuum energy is the energy of omnipresent photons which is physical reality. According to definition of matter and antimatter by modern physics vacuum fluctuation is forbidden as it would violate principle of energy conservation. Violation of this principle cannot be justified by postulating that the particles have an extreme short life time.

Modern physics has already postulated that there is omnipresent photons in vacuum, so it would be simple just to adopt this postulate with the addition that omnipresent photons is the origin for vacuum energy and energetic effects like vacuum polarization. But this is too simple for quantum physics. Quantum physics needs much more complex and not understandable solutions. Most quantum physicists are proud that quantum physics can't be understood and can't be explained.

In SURe the irreality of quantum physics is eliminated and replaced by physical reality, which means the physical reality of virtual particles are omnipresent omnipresent photons particles (omnipresent photons).

Vacuum fluctuation and vacuum energy are paradox nominations and should be eliminated. Vacuum energy is the energy of omnipresent photons particles in vacuum. The vibration energy of omnipresent photons has been precisely observed and has been called Cosmic Microwave Background.



Q21 Small chapter for small Effect: CASIMIR EFFECT



If the distance between two parallel plates in vacuum is very small, there are attractive forces between the plates.

Hypotheses of modern physics:

Attractive forces are due to virtual Van der Waals forces of virtual particles, which are generated by virtual vacuum fluctuation and vacuum polarization.

Explanations by Universal Principles:

Between narrow surfaces of ordinary matter chains of omnipresent photons (magnetic fields) are generated. The energetically preferred chain length is shorter than distance to matter which leads shortening of chains by emission of omnipresent photons. This results to a movement of attraction.




Hypotheses of modern physics:

The virtual particles are generated by vacuum fluctuation for short times and cause energetic effects on “real“ particles, which are called vacuum polarization. A main effect of vacuum polarization is the reduction of the electromagnetic forces of electrons and positrons.

SURe - New Physics:

There are no virtual particles in vacuum, but real particles, which are omnipresent photons. All energetic effects of vacuum can be explained by classical effects of omnipresent photons by Universal Principles. All theories concerning vacuum polarization have no scientifically sound basis and have to be eliminated.

By bonding to “charged“ particles omnipresent photons do a kind of shielding of reactivity to other particles.



Q23 STERN-GERLACH-experiment falsifies Quantum Physics



The Stern-Gerlach-experiment is regarded as important experiment, which verifies quantum physics. But again the apparent verification is due to a biased observation. Reality is that Stern-Gerlach experiment verifies Universal Principles and falsifies quantum physics.


Stern and Gerlach generated silver atoms by decay of bound metallic silver and led these travel as a beam of atoms through a strong magnetic field.


The beam of atoms is split into two parts with equal intensities by deflection to opposite directions parallel to applied magnetic field lines.



Q23.1. Falsification of Lorentz Force


Stern-Gerlach experiment clearly shows that particles are deflected in direction of magnetic field lines. This falsifies the Lorentz- theory by which particles are deflected rectangular to magnetic field lines.



Q23.2 Falsification of Existence of Charges


Stern-Gerlach experiment shows that magnetic fields deflect not only charged particles but also non-charged particle like the used neutral silver atoms. Thus charged particles do not possesss any characteristics, which also non-charged particles have. The physical reality of charge is the intention to do a bonding and this intention have all particles. Thus even photons are deflected ba magnetic fields. This is experimentally verified by Zeeman effect, that is observations that the used photons for spectroscopic measurements show several absorption lines when these are deflected by a magnetic field.


Q23.3 Basic requirements for Deflections by magnetic Fields


By extensive physical research SURe - NEW PHYSICS has detected the forces, energies and mechanisms, which describe and explain all physical interactions and physical states. By the postulate that matter has been generated from Nothing it could be defined that Everything in Universe consists of bound electrons. Magnetic fields consist of strong and long chain structures of photons.

For a deflection the requirement is that a force in direction to the deflection is exerted to the deflected particles, in this case to the silver atoms. An exerted force is always a transferred kinetic energy of a particle to the deflected particle. So physicists have just to define how and why kinetic energy is transferred to the deflected particle.


Q23.4 Mechanisms for Deflections by magnetic Fields


SURe – New Physics has detected two possibilities by which deflections by magnetic fields can be caused:

1. By penetration of the particles through magnetic fields. Particles penetrate magnetic fields, when these have such a high collision energy that the chains of photon chains are penetrated without that the penetration is stzopped by a position, where the spin energy is minimum. By penetration the deflection is relative smooth as for each penetration of a photon chain the angle of deflection is very small. So in case of usual magnetic fields this is mostly the case.

2. By absorption – averaging of vibration energies – decay of absorbed particle to a new direction, which is mostly the direction of length of photon chains. By this the deflection has a fixed value, and occurs nearly directly to the new directon, which can have a relative strong angle.

This occurs for example for deflections byrelative small photon chains on surfaces like in slits (double slit experiment. But also for refraction, diffraction and reflection.


Q23.5 Falsification of current Theory of Deflections by magnetic Fields


First there was a theory by which the moving atomic electrons do interactions, which interact with magnetic field by deflection. There was never a scientific explanation for this interaction. But Einstein did an experiment together with de Haas. Which proved that orbiting electrons explain the found magnitude of magnetic interaction.

After some years the theory came up that spin movements of electrons cause the deflections by magnetic fields. Since then the magnitude of magnetic interactions was completely assigned to spin of single electrons, whereas the spins of an pair of electrons was thought that there the spin effect cancel out although the spin movments are thouht tu go to opposte direction. In reality the spin rotations of both electron in a pair show identical spin rotational direction. So Einstein and the former theory showd to be wrong. But again there was not any scientific explanation, neither for the fact that former theory was wrong, nor that the spin theory was reality.

Overall spin has nothing to do with magnetic forces. Each particle consists of bound electrons An atom consists out of of several hundred thousands electrons, which all have the same spin rotation.


Q23.6 No Clarifications of interactions in current Physics


Before thinking of interactions physicists have to clarify the cause and effects of interactions. In a magnetic field particles are accelerated. So the acceleration of particles is an effect for which the cause has to be find out. Magnetic fields are not accelerated. So the magnetic fields must accelerate the particles different than by movement. So physicists have to have ideas how magnetic fields can cause accelerations.

Spin is an interaction , which is neither an effect nor a cause of an effect like acceleration. Thus the charcteristic of magnetic field o cause acceleration, is not caused by spin.


Q23.7 Falsification of current explanation of Spin or Spin energy


Spin energy is a property which exclusively electrons possess. Spin is selfrotation of electrons as the only elementary particles. Everything in universes consists of spin energies. All spin energies have without overlapping identical values but can have arbitrary orientations. In force fields like magnetic fields the orientations are aligned to the orientations of the force field. Alignment to lowest spin energy by overlapping is the intention of all spin energies.

For reducing spin energy by overlapping = bonding orientations of spin energies have to be identc.

Irrealistic current hypothesis:

Spins of particles generally have two discrete energy levels depending on spin orientation.



Q23.8 The cause for deflections to opposite sides of Magnetic Field Lines


The first step of a deflection is either a bonding or a penetration to lower spin energies. In both cases the deflected particle interacts with that side of a photon chain (= magnetic field line) which has the same spin rotation, because only at the side of same spin rotation the touched volumes for overlay do contrary rotations, which is needed for a bonding+ deflection or direct deflection. All electrons of the same particle have identical spin rotations. There are two extreme possibles:

1. All particles have the same spin rotation, then there is a single deflection to the side of the chain, by which spin reduction is possible.

2. When the particles like the silver atoms of the Stern-Gerlach experiment have arbitrary spin orientations, the magnetic field aligns half of the particles to one side of the chain and the other half of silver atoms to the other side of the photon chain. In this case there are two deflection directions to opposite sides of the photon chain.


Q23.9 Falsification of two different magnitudes of deflections


This is physical impossible. All spin rotations have identical energies. The spin direction is always adjusted to the nearest orientation, where spin reduction to minimum occurs. Just two opposite orientations are possible, which means deflections to opposite sides of magnetic field lines.

Another falsification would be that two different states of energy would cause that most particles “occupy” the lower energy. Exactly the same number of particles wih different energies cannot be explained.



Q23.10 Falsifications that an in-homogeneous magnetic field is needed for deflections


The statement is one of the most infamous actions in the history of physics . This shows how far “scientists” go when they are forced to “sell” new findings of quantum physics. The only purpose of this statement is to disguise that the observed deflection is a normal deflection to opposite sides. For a nobel price it was necessary to sell this as two distinct energy levels. The only effect of inhomogemeous magnetic field is that the deflection to one side is much stronger than to the other side.

Of course every experimental researcher does a “blind” or “zero” experiment with a homogenous magnetic fields before he does the final experiment. So Stern and Gerlach surely were aware that there are two equal deflections to opposite sides.


Q23.11 The only partly correct finding of Stern- Gerlach experiment


The finding is that there is no orbital movement of the single electron in the s-orbital. This falsifies Einstein, who verified the movement of an electron in s-orbital by same experiment.


In Reality there are not any unbound electrons around atomic nuclei and there are no orbitals.



Q24 SURe of SPIN


Q24.1 The non-existing Quantum States of Spin


Spin is a property of particles which is mostly used to demonstrate non-locality, non-determinism and superposition of quantum states, often in connection with quantum entanglement. In this chapter it will be proved that spin has non of theses characteristics of quantum physics.

The antiscience of current physics is again, that statements about a physical phenomenon like spin are done without scientific explanations. For spin there are even different definitions. Correct are the current statements that spin is the self rotation of an elementary particle and that by spin a particle has a specific vectorial energy of self rotation. Physically impossible and not explained is that the energies are quantized by a factor of Planck constant and numbers in steps of a half. The discrete energy levels are stated although there is not any indication for this and although measurments of spin energies are not possible until now.


Q24.2 SURe of Spin Energies


By universal principles there is an elementary spin energy, which is the spin energy of an electron. Physical more accurate is, that electrons are equivalent to spin energies.

Thus the first scientific definition of matter is: matter consists of bound spin energies and one unbound spin energy. All elementary spin energies (single electrons) have same values. The values are changed by overlapping or superposition. It is known that energies can superpose by which this energies are added like forces. But contrary to quantum physics superposition is exclusively possible by overlapping of volumes. In order to emphasize this, overlapping is used instead of superposition. The total spin-energy of an object is the sum of spin-energies of all bound electrons of a particle.

Spin energies are of high meaning in the universe, because all structures of particles are generated by the requirement, that the structure has minimal spin energy. Thus all structures of particles are determined by mathematics. For every particle there is a concrete solution for its structure.


Q24.3 Why do Electrons do Spin Movements


This cant be explained. The Spin movement of electrons is an axiom = postulate = basic requirement. Without this basic requirement there would be no matter in the universe. A basic requirement is also that all electrons = spin energies have the same size and the same spin velocity. Already if there would be two different types of electrons the universe would be chaotic, which means there would be no physical rules and there would be no equal matter besides small particles.


Q24.4 The Specification of Particles by Spin


Specifications of particles by spin quantum number does not make sense at all. Current spin quantum numbers have no meaning. The numbers don’t even classify same or similar characteristics of particles. All existing particles have the same characteristics and can do the same interactions. The only classifications which makes sense is: A) subatomic particles (relevant are only electron (e), electron pair (2e), muon(3e), photon (4e), neutron (10e) and proton (13e), B) atomic particles, C) polymerized photons and protons.

Only the second specification of spin orientation does make sense;

1. The direction of the axis of rotation of an electron.

This can have all possible angles to a vertical axis. These are not used for specification as these have no relevant influences to interactions and can’ be measured.

2. The direction of self rotation of an electron.

As the direction of self rotation changes when the electron turns upside down, the spin movement direction is specified as spin up and spin down instead of spin to the left and spin to the right.


Q24.5 Spin orientation specifies Antimatter


Relevant for interactions are just the relative orientation to another particle. This is specified by parallel for same spin orientation and antiparallel for opposite spin operation. Particles with antiparallel spins are antiparticles. By first fundamental law of nature these can´t bind, because by collisions the overlapped are of both particles have same spin rotations, by which the spin energy is increasing. The result is a reflection. But by reflection the particles turn a bit their spin axes to reduce the increasing spin energy. If there is a group of particles containing of matter or antimatter, the permanent collisions cause that all antimatter gets matter by turning their spins to same orientation. This is the first scientific explanation that there are only few antiparticles in universe.

As an antiparticle is just a different orientation of a particle both are identical particles.



Q24.6 Spin orientation specify structures of Particles


The requirement of minimal spin energies cause that all electrons in a bound particle arrange all spins to same orientation. By this all particles are linear or planar. Macroscopic spherical structures are still possible as the surface is nearly a plane for particles. In order to be stable against increasing vibrations at higher temperatures a linear structure is favored. This explains the generation of photon chains bonded to atomic nuclei.

Non-planar structures can only be generated by many particles with different orientations of planes or when lots of planes of particles are next to each other. Between planar layers of particles there are no bondings. This is the explanaton for the observation that many materials can be split in one orientation but not in the others. Mostly there are more or less big areas (=domains) with same bonding orientation, but these domains are disributed randomly in a material, For iron these are known as magnetic domains. As these are in iron flexible these can be completely alligned by magnets by which an object gets also magnetic.

Cold temperatures strongly favor bondings as by the increasing vibrations of bondings by increasing energy the bondings break. This is the scientific explanation for all phase transitions. Freezing is the proof for the fact that all particles can bind to each other particles. This also proves that bondings have nothing to do with charges. Charges do not exist.

In gas phase only very stable bondings are stable. These are the bondings between atoms to molecules, which occur by chains of photons. By even higher energies also the bondings of the photon chain breaks. This phase is called plasma. When a bonding to a photon chain gets broken the corresponding atom is called ion.



Q24.7 Spin orientation Specify side of Deflection


Current theories of generation of magnetic force are far away from reality (see magnetism = chapter M). But the spin orientation of particles determine to which side a particle is deflected in a magnetic field. Often particles have random spin orienations In this case 50% of the deflected particles are deflected to either direction. This is verified by many experiments like Stern Gerlach experiment.


Q24.8 The Error of Deflections of split Electron-Pairs


When a particle like an electron-pair is split to electrons, you have the information that both electrons have same spin orientations. But by measurements of deflections there is the erroneous thinking that an electron and a positron is generated. This error is caused because the two electrons are emitted in two opposite direction and mostly the two electrons are measured by same magnetic fields. By the different directions of movements through the magnetic field one electron is deflected to the opposite direction to the other. By this the unrealisic theory was stated that an electron binds to an positron. But this is physically impossible.


Q24.9 Magnetic moments of particles do not exist


As neither spin nor any other property of a particle generates magnetic force fields and by this magnetic forces, there are no magnetic moments by particles. The general mechanism concerning magnetism is that force fields have to be generated, then a particle must collide to the magnetic field and do an interaction by BAD mechanism (bonding averaging of energies and decay of a particle.


Q24.10 The inadequate Measurement of Spin Orientation


Magnetic fields are used to measure spin orientation, which is done by side of deflection of particle. But there is a severe problem of understanding. For each particle one gets either spin up or spin down. But the real orientations can be all kind of different orientations of the axis of rotation. By collisions to the magnetic field lines the real orientation of a particle is first adjusted to the fixed spin orientation of the chain of photons and the deflection mainly occur after adjustment. The turn of spin orientation goes always to the nearest fixed spin position of the photon chain.

Overall a maesured result for spin orientation of “spin up” refers not to a discrete quantum orientation, but to any orientation within a continuos possibilities in a range of 180 degrees to the horizontal orientations.

This is a reason, why Bell’s tests for the proof of quantum physics is not valid for spin measurements. See separate chapter 26.



Q24.11 Except Spins of Electrons all Rotations are based on linear kinetic Energies


Only energies except spins are linear kinetic energies. Kinetic energies are equivalent to relative vibration energies of two objects. caused by vibrations. Vibration energies are directed to movements vibrations and thefore also kinetic energies are directed to movements of vibration.

In order to rotate there have to be an additional force which is directed to a common center. This force is generated by bondings to the center. This reality is verfied, when the bonding forces to the center are broken or eliminated. As soon as this is the broken parts change their rotational movements to linear movements.


Q24.12 It is physically impossible that small particles do Rotation


Only particles can do rotations, when these have many bondings aound the which have lots of bondings, so that there are bondings around a spherical surface. In this cast the bondings are quasi linear and these can do rotations. All smaller particles particles can just do linear movements.


Q24.13 The unscientific interpretations of EINSTEIN-DE HAAS-Effekt



A ferromagnetic cylinder is freely hanging on a thin string within a symmetric magnetic coil. As soon as electric current is changed in the magnetic coil there is a small torsion movement of the cylinder.

Explanation by current Physics:

* Einstein and de Haas thought the torsion movement is caused by orbital movement of electrons around iron atoms.

* 10 years later this theory of Einstein and de Haas was falsified and instead a new theory was worked out: the torsion movement is caused by spin movements of single electrons around iron nuclei.


Scientific explanation by SURe -New Physics:

* There are no electrons around any atom and there are no orbital movement of electrons around atoms. If there would be orbiting electrons these would not generate any magnetic or other forces.

* Spin movements of electrons are inner energies, which cannot exercise any forces outside of spin movements.


Scientific explanation of observed torsion movements:


It is well known that a flow of electrons through a conductor generates particles which are emitted out of the conductor. SURe – New Physics has found out that these particles are electron – pairs (see chapter 4) besides muons which generate a magnetic field. The electron pairs are emitted tangential to the coil windings. Thus collisions of electron-pairs to the cylinder cause the acceleration of rotation until an equivalent torsion force is achieved.


Q24.14 Example that “Proofs” by mathematics are invalid


As well the theory of causing magnetic forces by orbital movements of electrons and the theory of causing magnetic forces by spin movements have been proved by mathematics. In both cases they got exactly the magnetic force which was proposed. But of course both theories are physical impossible. Thus it can be seen that mathematical proofs cant prove the reality of a theories.

Mathematical proofs are just a perfect instrument that a theory appears to be real, although it is far from any physical reality.

Most mathematical proofs of theories are circular fallacies because the theories are used as basis.


Strong indications of adjustment of results (manipulation):

Einstein and de Haas published their findings as „Experimental proof of the existence of Ampere's molecular currents“ ( = verification of existence of orbital movements of electrons). Unfortunately 10 years later it has been discovered that electrons do spin movements, and that the spin of electrons are causing a momentum which is twice of the published data of Einstein-de Haas and fits exactly to results of same experiment by other physicists which before were declared to be inaccurate. So again strong indications for an example that many verifications of theories are done by „adjustments“ of experimental data.

It is very often the case in current physics that a lot of mathematics is done without any scientific basis to adjust the calculated theoretical value to the measured value of the experiment. Physicists know that by mathematics and some additional postulates all theoretical results can be made conform to experimental results or vice versa.

Of course nobody dares to blame Einstein: They ignored the discrepancies of Einstein and De Haas and since that times celebrated them to have proved the spin movement by their experiment and not the orbital movement.




Q25 SURe of Polarization


Orientations of spin and polarization are identical properties. Both describe the orientation of the plane of bonded electrons of particles. The difference is that polarization is mostly used when a group of particles like radiation has same spin orientations. This means that the plane of rotations of bonded electrons are identical to the plane of bonded electrons. Of course the spin axes are perpendicular to the planes of rotations and bondings, Corresponding values of spin up and spin down are linear polarization and circular polarization. The term circular polarization has to be substituted by a meaningful expression, because it gives a wrong impression. If radiation would be a wave, a circular polarisation would be physically impossible and not explainable. In addition it would be contradictory to the other descriptions of electromagnetic waves.


Q26 Bell’s Theorem


Q26.1 Overview


After 1930 there was a long lasting debate of the contrary situation between the non-locality (irrealism) of quantum theory and locality (realism) of scientific principles. 1935 Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen published a paper which favored classical local realism of scientific principles. Einstein described non-locality by the wording “instantaneous (spuky) action at a distance“ and realism as „the moon is there even when not observed“. Niels Bohr and other favored the non-locality and irrealismus of quantum theory.

In 1964 John Stewart Bell worked out and published a theorem, which provided a set of tests which can differentiate between reality based on scientific principles like locality and determinism and unrealistic hypotheses like non-locality and uncertainty.

These experiments required two entangled particles. The experiment differentiates between following statements.

Classical physics and SURe:

Properties of all particles in universe have to obey Universal Principles like conservation of energy even when these are not observed. So all values of properties of particles are not independent but well determined by prior energetic states of particles. Particularly the classical entanglement process leads to clearly determined values.

Quantum physics:

Scientific principles like conservation of energy are not valid as long as particles are not observed. Therefore properties of entangled particles have not to be conform to scientific principles like conservation of energy and are arbitrary. When a property of one entangled particle is measured, the other particle gets immediately the information that it has to choose one of the possible values and manifest this as value of the entangeled property. The value should be the value expected by universal principles but can also be another value. Thus there should be a good correlation, but below 100%.

Differentiation by Bell's theorem(simplified):

The correlation between the values of entangled particles have to be measured, and if this is below 100% then non-locality and non-determinism of quantum physics are verified.



G26.2 Polarization and Spin are inadequate properties for Bell’s theorem


Measurements of orientations of spin or polarization are inadequate on principle to provide accurate and reliable results. The problems are:

* There is a high probability that spin orientation changes by collisions to any particles.

* The accuracy of the measurements are inadequate each measurement refers to a broad range of data.

* The correlation gets worse when measurements are done with an additional variable like orientation of magnetic field.





By preventing measurement errors or using more adequate properties like kinetic energy the tests of Bell’s theorem result to a perfect correlation to predicted values by Universal Principles. This means that the local realism conform to the statements of Einstein, Podolsk and Rosen has been verified, while the theories of non- locality , non- derterminism and superposition have been clearly falsified.

This shows again that in current physics there is not any interest to get knowledge about the reality because magic statements and theories get much more attention and acknowledgment. In this case physicists even are well aware of the measurement problems for spin and polarization, but they had to ignore these, because the whole quantum physics would be “in danger” by telling the truth.


Overall Bell's test is a perfect test to check if a property and its measurement has been understood by physics. If test results show a violation of Bell's theorem, then physicists get knowledge that they have done something wrong or that their theories are wrong (irrealistic).

This chapter again is also an example that valid mathematics can be used for fake verifications of theories.

There is and there will be no experiment in universe which will falsifies Scientific Universal Reality. If there will be a publication in future about an experiment which violates Universal Principles this is not a falsification of Universal Principles this will be a proof that there is a systematic error of experimentation.

It is very strange that concerning quantum physics the logical thoughts of Albert Einstein were not accepted whereas all his unlogical thoughts have been accepted. That's magic!





Q27.1 Basic Considerations


All theories concerning superconductivity and super-fluidity. are not based on Universal Principles, which means these have no scientific basis. Following theories, hypotheses and terms should be deleted from physics books as these hinder the understanding of superconductivity and super-fluidity.:

BCS-theory, Cooper pairs, composite boson, boson, exciton, plasmon, London equations, theory of Meissner effect, Fermi surface, Bose-Einstein-condensate, Bogoliubov transformations, Coulomb repulsion, Freshbach resonance and many more.

Basic conclusions by basic observations:

Superconductivity and super-fluidity occur with type of matter at a specific temperature, so both are products of phase transition reactions. Both phase transitions occur at very low temperature, so the phase transitions are crystallization. Crystallized phases are always phases with increased bondings which are relative stable so that these are not fluctuating like in liquidor gas phase. By this the crystallized phases have specific structures. As not all types of matter crystallizes to superconductivity and super-fluidity, these types of matter must have specific structures. Both crystallized phases show effects which refer to less interactions with other particles. Superconductivity shows very weak interactions (collisions) with electrons. Superfluidity shoes very weak interactions to all other matter. Transition temperatures of both crystallization depend on isotopes. By this it can be concluded that bondings for crystallization occur with nuclei.

Thus in order to explain the characteristics of atoms, it is necessary to define the detailed structures of all atoms. For SURe – New Physics this required much more work time than other issue and is still going on.



Q27.2 SURe - New Physics of super-fluidity.


About two month ago it was detected, that the atoms He-4, He-3 and LI -6 have very specific atomic structures, by which all their properties concerninfg super fluidity could be explained. A normal atomic structure consists of a nucleus which is a plane structure of attached hexagons. Nuclei mainly consists of bonded protons. A proton consists of 3 hexagons.

He4, He3and Li6 are plane structures which crystallize (=bind) at low temperature (called lamb temperature) to huge plane structures, which have not any bonding option to the 3rd dimension. By this they are the only large physical systems with extreme small bonding effect to the 3rd dimension. Just some very loose bondings to cover bodies as a layer. This results to the specific observed effect:

  • gliding on surfaces and through small slits without any relevant resistance by bondings

  • zero viscosity

  • formation of multiples of plane nexagonic structures on surface, which will be seen by stirring.

by stirring the superfluid gets an angular momentum which leads to breaking of weak internal bondings so that a most stable size remains for doing the circling movements.

  • high thermal conductivity

This is due to the fact that that superfluids are huge bound flat particles. If one bonding is activated to increased vibration, the vibration energy is distributed over all internal bondings.



Q27.3 SURe - New Physics of Superconductivity:


Until now the basic explanation of superconductivity is following. (Detailed research is going on.) Generally superconductivity is a higher order of atomic bondings which is the general effect by reduction of temperature. As it is the case for super fluidity also for superconductivity the planar structures of nuclei are strongly optimized and enlarged. By this layers of atoms are generated which are highly suitable for undisturbed movements of electrons as there are nearly no areas where another planar structure crosses the structure or where bonding options in these atomic layers hinder the flow of electrons.



Q27.4 Scientific explanation of Meissner effect by Superconductivity


The most characteristics of superconductivity is the Meissner effect, which means that it is not possible that a usual external magnetic field enters a material, which is in the state of superconductivity.

This can be explained by the fact that in the state of superconductivity planar layer structures of atoms are generated. Most usual bondings between atoms are done by chains of photons. Thus there are similar structures as the structures of magnetic force lines. But there is an important difference: Photon chains of atomic layers in the state of superconductivity have a hexagonal structure, wheras magnetic photon chains are linear. Boths structures can’t exist side by side. Either the magnetic photon structure is destroyed or the structure of superconductivity is destroyed. Normally the magnetic chains will bend around the material with superconductivity.



Q28 It is certain that there is no UNCERTAINTY in Universe


There have been several trials to define or derive an uncertainty. But no trial is valid. Heisenberg used the Planck constant (h) for which there was a complete erroneous understanding and which is no natural constant. Other argued with frequencies or wavelengths of light which are no reality. Best argumentation against uncertainty is that there are physical laws which would not exist with uncertainty. There is also determinism which would not exist by uncertainty. According to Universal Principles no event in universe is arbitrary.

The location and momentum (=kinetic energy) of a particle at any time can be defined by classical collisions which is verified by picture measurements with CCD sensors or antennas of satellites. Thus there is no general limitation but just the limitation by the accuracy of the measuring equipment.

SURe – New Physics proved this already for particles in double slit experiment. All future locations and energies of particles in can exactly be predicted by actual states and properties of interacting particles.

Uncertainty is exclusively a problem of inadequate measurements, because most methods of measurements have an


Q29 QUANTUM TUNNELING through a non-existing Barrier


It has been already falsified that there are charges in universe. The theory of charges was invented to explain bondings and to explain forces of repulsion and attractions in universe. But forces of repulsion and attraction over space have never been observed. Only when particles touch each other and the touched areas have opposite spin movements the particles will do a bonding in order to minimize spin energy by overlapping opposite spin energies. This is the only basic law of nature, which describes the only force in universe.

Thus an electron binds to another electron, which leads to the generation of an electron pair, which is also called electron neutrino. Another experiment, which can be easily done, is the low energetic collision of two protons, by which a diproton is generated. The generation of a diproton can easily be proved, because a diproton is identical to an alpha particle. It can be easily be shown by studying alpha decays in a bubble chamber. A short time after an alpha particle appears it will decay to two protons (depending on conditions). This proofs that there is no coulomb barriere at all. The contrary is realty! In order to do a bonding of two protons, a very low collision energy is needed.

The building of bondings is an intention of all particles, which is enhanced by cold temperatures. Thus the protons of hydrogen do bondings at 11 K. This is the temperature where hydrogen (or protons) freeze to stars like sun. Suns would not be in universe when their temperatures would be above 12 K.

Quantum tunneling is an extreme absurd theory, which is not needed in universe. And if really high energy would be needed, then it is antiscience to overcome the required energy by magics.



The authors of SURe- New Physics do not question the scientific skills of physicists. The authors know, that physicists had no other choices, Physicists had to comply the autocratic system of physics, which forced them to sustain unreal theories by all means. Physicists did an outstanding job and were extreme successful to comply to the autocratic system. The “inadequate provocative“ wordings are just used to galvanize and stir physicists to stop working for the autocratic system and use now their outstanding skills for mankind. Mankind urgently need the skills of each physicist for working on reality instead of unrealistic theories.



Q30 Superposition


Superposition is well known in classic physics and means the addition of values of equal properties by overlay, which means these have to be present in the same space or have an impact in the same space. Properties which show superpositions are mainly energetic properties like kinetic energie or spin energy. The overlay of sin energies are one of the basic characteristics of matter, because matter consists of spin energies.

In quantum physics superposition has a different meaning. It refers to different states of particles with various properties. Many of these superpositios are physically impossible like:

* Particles cannot completely superpose, but just parts of their volumes.

* Electromagnetic waves or wave functions cannot superpose, as only amplitudes of real waves can superpose-

* Superpositions cannot refer at the same time to several states.

* Superositions are restricted to identical locality.

* Superpositions are restricted to same time


Q31 Schrödingers Cat



This is an illustration of Erwin Schrödinger which should show the problems of superposition according to quantum physics. The illustration is a cat in a box which has access to strong poison on a plate. According to quantum physics the cat has three states: living, dead and half living and half dead. These states exists in all times as long as the box is not opened. As soon as the box is opened, the three existing states suddenly convert to one single state.

Everybody can decide if he believes in reality of classical physics or in the statements of quantum physics. Most people choose quantum physics as this is much more interesting and can be told to others.