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Announcemement of New Physics / (SURe)


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We are proud to announce the most spectacular and most important scientifical achievement in history of mankind.  It is the discovery of the unique physical mechanism which rules the universe. All events /interactions in universe work by this mechanism, which is a combination of three classical general physical rules with highest level of generalisation (= Universal Principles).  The leader of UFG (Unabhängige Forschungsgemeinschaft) discovered the universal mechanism already in March 2018. Since then a group of scientists verified this achievement  by describing and explaining all relevant natural and experimental findings in all areas of physics by the universal mechanism and documented this as “New Physics”. New Physics showed to be conform and consistent to all observations in universe and by this meets the criteria to be called Scientific Universal Reality (SURe).


Physicists always predicted that there must be a simple universal basis which is the origin of all physical phenomenons and can explain everything. There is probably not any physicists who have not dreamed or tried to discover this basic rule. Now this common purpose of physicists has become a common achievement. It is an achievement of all physicists because the leader of UFG derived SURe “just” by applying scientific method on nearly all experimental findings of physicists. Scientific method is the generally accepted methodology to acquire knowledge about reality by defining physical rules with highest level of generalization on basis of unbiased observations.The leader of UFG did this time consuming process since 1980. Finally he got aware of the unique universal mechanism by defining the only possible way of the generation and evolution of the universe (= all matter and all energy) out of “nothing” by just following two universal principles:

  1. Total energy  remains constant, this means at each moment of all interactions

  2. Fundamental particles have the endeavor to minimize their intrinsic energy.

By the universal principles the universal interactions can be derived:

All interactions in universe start with a collision of particles followed by one of these interactions:

* Building of bonding in order to minimize contrary spin energies by overlay

* Decay of bonding, when vibration energy ist too high.

* Penetration of two paeticles when kinetic energies are strongly different

* Reflection of par when no spin energy is inctreased by overlay




Overall  New Physics/ SURe eliminates all theories, all inconsistencies and all questions of physics.


New Physics/ SURe is such an exceptional achievement that we have chosen an adequate exceptional way of publication. Most physicists have not been directly involved in this project, because our team wanted to wait until being 100% sure before publication. The majority of scientists should get the chance to get aware of New Physics/ SURe and to do a formal review at nearly the same time. This will strongly support the purpose that New Physics/ SURe is perceived and appreciated as a common achievement of all of us. Scientists will only need few minutes to realize that New Physics/ SURe is no theory but reality. Quick implementation of New Physics/ SURe as new basis for all future R&D is of extreme importance as it will solve actual and future problems which jeopardize the continuous existence of mankind /nature by providing:

  • New technologies for generation of “clean” and safe energy by low costs.

  • Optimal scientific strategy for control of climate (global warming), which is much more effective, much less cost intensive and has essential advantages compared to all current plans.

  • Incredible number of new technologies which will improve quality of life and save nature.

  • The applicability for all natural sciences like biology and medical science will lead to the understanding and elimination of diseases including cancer and dementia within relative short time.


New Physics/ SURe is completely falsifiable but can’t be falsified. As the universal principles and the universal interactions can be expressed by basic mathematical formulas, the generation and evolution of the universe can be simulated up to its end. All structures and all interactions of matter can be visualized. This will verify all findings of New Physics/ SURe.

 There is not any scientific argument to oppose New Physics/ SURe. Some physicists might oppose New Physics/ SURe because of personal reasons. Main personal impact will be that physicists who currently work on theories have to change their field of research. But every physicist will get many options to work on new exciting and challenging tasks. By New Physics/ SURe there will be an exponentially increasing demand of additional physicists, mainly for working on new technologies.


A basic postulate of New Physics / SURe is:

 Physics has to meet criteria for a natural science.

 A natural science describes natural and experimental observations (=reality) and defines general rules which are conform to the observations. Purpose of general rules is that there is a high chance that similar new observations can also be described by the derived rules. Thus the general rules are the basis for the explanation and the understanding of the universe

Main tasks of natural scientists are

  • do additional natural and experimental observations

  • describe these without using assumptions

  • eliminate general scientific rules which are not conform to the new unbiased observations

  • define general scientific rules which are conform to the observations and consistent to other general rules

 This process is called scientific method and leads automatically to the knowledge of reality, which are the physical rules with highest level of generalization (called Universal Principles)


Currently physics describes human thoughts (ideas, hypotheses, theories) without the requirements that these are conform to observations (reality) and that these are consistent to other hypotheses. By this physics rejects scientific method and meets the generally accepted criteria for pseudo- or antiscience. Physics might still be called human science, with the definition that human sciences are describing thinkings of humans.


The first and main step of physics to convert to antiscience was the general acceptance of theories of relativity after 1905. Theories of relativity were completely derived by ideas which are well-known to be not conform to observations. After that physics could not return to science any more because of the “code of honor of physicists”: Physicists are not allowed to question already accepted hypothesis (theories). When physicists falsified an accepted theory they had to create new theories instead of the elimination of the falsified theory. This procedure created more and more irrealistic theories and inconsistencies. Another problem was that all further descriptions and interpretations of observations of physicists were biased by their knowledge of irrealistic theories. New Physics shows that all claimed “verifications” of theories by experiments are invalid because of biased interpretations of these experiments. Physicists think that their knowledge of physics is reality but nearly all current physics is the knowledge of irrealistic thinkings.


Most difficult and essential task for the leader of UFG on the way to scientific universal reality was to convert biased descriptions and interpretations of observations to unbiased descriptions which means to eliminate all used assumptions. Even the basic physical knowledge of the leader of UFG (physico-chemist) strongly hindered him to do unbiased descriptions. He would have not discovered SURe without the support of his daughter  who is teacher for chemistry and has very little knowledge about physics. So she did automatically unbiased descriptions and her ideas for explanations of physical phenomenons were purely based on logic. For example she had the “simple but genius” idea to use the general rules (scientific principles) for chemical reactions (=interactions of atomic particles) also for physical reactions (=interactions of subatomic particles). The scientific principles for chemical reactions indeed proved to be conform to all interactions of particles in universe. By this the hypothetical forces like weak force and strong force and all corresponding theories could be replaced by scientific principles which are based on thousands of observations.


A well-known historic biased observation is: The sun circles around the earth.

 An unbiased description of this observation might be: The sun is seen in the morning in the east and in the evening in the west.

 Such errors by biased descriptions of observations happened in physics hundreds of times. And physicists defended their errors even much stronger than the church in the case of orbital movement of sun around earth.


After the leader of UFG eliminated all assumptions of the descriptions of observations/experiments he derived step by step generally valid physical rules. He did this process for 37 years by which he successfully eliminated lots of irrealistic theories and inconsistencies but was not able to define final reality. For this he needed the already mentioned sudden idea that the scientific universal reality can completely be derived by basic classical rules and the simple postulate that the universe has been generated out of nothing (no matter and no energy). The generation of the universe will result in the complete knowledge about fundamental particles (particularly their type of intrinsic energy). The two general rules lead to the universal CBD mechanism. One direct conclusion is that the total energy of the universe is permanently constant at exactly zero. Another direct conclusion is that there has to be a second type of energy which compensates the reduction of intrinsic energy. By logical thinking you can define the intrinsic energy and the compensating energy and by this you can easily derive the universal CBD-mechanism, which means you will understand can explain the universe.


One of the most important conclusion of Universal Principles is the existence of an omnipresent matter which consists of omnipresent neutrinos (called ONs by New Physics). This will be impressively shown by simulation of the first minutes of physical evolution. The structure of a neutrino explains that it is by far the most stable particle in universe.


Neutrinos fill the complete space of the universe and can be observed by spectroscopy due to their random movements with low kinetic energies (= cosmic microwave background , CMB) or by their interactions with beams of light sources in cosmos (= gravitational lens effect).


When neutrinos are emitted from matter and thus travel in a group to specific directions, these are called by New Physics radiated neutrinos (=RNs) instead of current terms, which are photons, light, electromagnetic waves or radiation. RNs can have a broad range of kinetic energies (currently called frequencies).

 When neutrinos are bound to agglomerates these are called bound neutrinos or BNs. BNs can be observed as magnetic fields, electric fields, gravitational fields or black holes. All structures of matter/ particles  have been defined by New Physics/SURe.


Unfortunately A. Einstein abandoned omnipresent matter (historically called aether) by theory of special relativity and since this has been generally accepted, physicists had no chance any more to define valid physical rules or valid explanations for most observations, as neutrinos are involved in nearly all interactions.  

The general validity of SURe has been verified by an association of renominated physicists (called PhysiLeaks International). PhysiLeaks Int. is a  Society of physiccsts and other scientists, which was founded to reveal concealed inconsistencies of physics and to reveal the “non-scientific actions” of physicists to prevent that inconsistencies become public. Until now PhysiLeaks just have collected and discussed the inconsistencies internally in order to find solutions for elimination of the inconsistencies by improved theories. So the group has been searching for something which is now provided by SURe.


PhysiLeaks vehemently criticized, that research of physicists is strongly restricted as physicists are quasi not allowed to report any findings which are not conform to accepted theories. By this physicists had and have no chance to solve inconsistencies. Instead they are forced to create new inconsistencies by new theories and to do rather non-scientific practices like

  • Intentional wrong or biased interpretations of findings (findings = results of physical research).

  • Concealment of findings which are not conform to accepted theories.

  • Ignoring data or theories, which are not conform to accepted theories.

  • Adjustments of basic data of findings to expectations (manipulation of data).

  • Defamation of scientists who publicized findings which are not conform to accepted theories.

So besides the discussion about explanations for concealed inconsistencies the intention of PhysiLeaks is to achieve a work environment which allows “free” scientific work without the restriction to save obsolete theories. The group had to operate privately, anonymous and in underground. Telling the truth about reality of physics and physical research would be equivalent to terminate their jobs. One example, which impressively demonstrates this problem is following: A true but concealed observation of collider experiments is that basic data don’t differ between first experiments over 50 years ago compared to basic data observed by high energetic acceleration, which means that the accelerator for LHC at CERN has provided not any new basic data and thus is useless.

New Physics shows that collider experiments led to many outstanding findings of the reality of particles, but none of these could be reported; all findings had to be converted to irrealistic findings, because the findings had to fit to the accepted irrealistic Standard Model.

 PhysiLeaks is aware of similar examples in all areas of physical research, which all show the extreme problematic situation to tell the truth of physics.


In 2017 PhysiLeaks got aware of an e-book by UFG called “’Theory of  Everything (TOE)” by UFG, where the leader eliminated many theories and inconsistencies . The TOE already unified all forces, identified all experimental verifications of theories of relativity as invalid and specified dark matter as neutrinos (inclusive structure). But PhysiLeaks still found many errors, which were communicated anonymously UFG. The UFG did an extended revision of “TOE” and by this discovered in 2018 the Universal Principles / CBD-mechanism, which were communicated to PhysiLeaks. The group realized the great potential of these universal rules and checked since then their validity by applying them to all relevant observations of physics. The result was exciting: CBD- mechanism explains all phenomenons of physics without inconsistencies and conform to observations. Every physicist can check and verify this by applying Universal Principles/ CBD mechanism to own experimental findings or unsolved problems (see “Verification of New Physics/ SURe as a common action of all physicists”.

 The new explanations of physical observations by CBD-mechanism were called “New Physics”. UFG  merged all findings and called the result “New Physics/ SURe”.

 PhysiLeaks decided that publication of New Physics/ SURe should be done by Vogel. The problem is that since college Vogel did all his life research work for a  international company ( >50,000 employees) and his work was restricted for publication. Without any publication Vogel had no chance to do a usual process of publication. Besides of this there were the already mentioned reasons to do the publication by present way.


The majority of members of PhysiLeaks voted against the disclosing of their identifications for publication of New Physics. They think that New Physics/ SURe is such a great unique issue that it should be regarded as a common achievement of all physicists (and other scientists) and not an achievement of a group of scientists. This will be supported by the plan that the next version of New Physics/ SURe will be strongly extended by physicists all over the world, which explain their specific actual work by Universal (CBD-mechanism) if not already covered. The complete community of physicists shall be remembered in the mind of people as scientists who uses his/her expertise and skills for the benefit of mankind and not for saving obsolete theories. Members of PhysiLeaks have no intention to bring colleagues into discredit by publishing any detailed information of their knowledge about “unscientific work practices” as soon as New Physics/ SURe is generally accepted and the suppression of scientific work has an end.

If New Physics/ SURe will not be accepted by publication of Vogel, the group sees no other option than to identify themselves as members of PhysiLeaks and thus as authors of New Physics. The group meanwhile got so strong that it is 100% sure that New Physics/ SURe will be immediately accepted to be the new basis of physics when the names of physicists are known. New Physics/ SURe is too important for mankind to be ignored.

The errors of “historic” physics have to be corrected. This does not mean that the great achievements of historic physics are downgraded. The contrary is the case. Historic physics was much more challenging than New Physics. Only scientists with outstanding intellectual skills could manage to get a physicists, because the stuff was extremely complex and difficult. By New Physics physics gets much simpler. So historic physicists will be forever admired for their research work. All great accomplishments of physical research will remain great accomplishments and all acknowledgments will remain to be realized as exceptional and well deserved for ever.


Historic physics can be regarded as an epoch of physics where physicists did the best they could do. The difference by New Physics/ SURe is that the best what physicists can do has changed. The challenging task of physicists changes now to save the future of mankind by R&D based on reality. . Great physicist have the intellectual skills to realize the importance that since now they have to work on basis of New Physics/ SURe. Non-acceptance of New Physics/ SURe would be a crime against all of us but particular for our children because there are severe problems which threaten our future.


Members of PhysiLeaks think that many physicists might first feel obliged to oppose New Physics. But after reading the published compendium they will realize that there are not any scientific arguments against the simple reality of New Physics. No wise scientist will subscribe a written rejection of New Physics/ SURe by his name because he knows that by this he will disqualify himself to be a scientist. Of course it would also be a joke to reject New Physics/ SURe by the argument that it is not conform to generally accepted physics, because this is the basic finding of New Physics/ SURe and the basic problem of historic physics. A simple and the only valid argument against New Physics is to present a non-biased description of a physical observations which is not conform to New Physics/ SURe. But this will lead to the correction of New Physics/ SURe  and not to a return to historic physics.


We all would be glad if all physicists and other scientists will celebrate the exceptional discovery of New Physics/ SURe as a unique achievement of all of us. Every scientist should come on board of our exciting journey into a new era of science. Mankind now urgently needs the skills of every single physicist on our vulnerable planet to lead mankind safe through the challenging tasks of the future.



Sept. 2019,  partly update Sept. 2022