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The main task of Physics is to do physical observations and to describe and explain the reality of the observations. Currently nearly all descriptions and explanations of physical observations are biased by interpretations which are no reality or there are no explanations at all.

Physical research was not possible up to now, as for this the fundamental laws of nature are essential, which have not been recognized till now.

Because of the missing real explanations physics accepted officially theories as physics although it was known that these were no reality. Examples are all theories of relativity and of quantum physics.


This unacceptable situation of Physics can and must now be corrected:

Three fundamental laws of nature have been defined which describe and explain the reality of all interactions and conditions of the universe, shortly called Fundamental Laws.

The descriptions of the universe based on the Fundamental Laws are called New Physics by SURe (Scientific Universal Reality. New Physics is Physics without any assumptions, hypotheses or theories. It is the observed physical reality of the universe. Current status is, that New Physics has explained about 90 % of relevant physical observations by the Fundamental Laws.


There is a simple definition of what is reality in physics: Everything, which can be clearly observed is physical reality. In addition everything is physical reality which can be explained by natural laws, which are conform to all observations in universe. Observable are exclusively physical objects.


Meanwhile physicist have done lots of natural and experimental observations so that these are sufficient to define the fundamental laws of nature. The method for this has been already proposed in 17th century and is generally accepted: the “scientific method”.

The process to gain information of reality by this method, however, is a long-lasting task over several years without having any valuable results which can be presented. Therefore scientists could not do this as task of their job. For me the long duration was no problem as I did the physical studies as a hobby and thus had no pressure to achieve results for publications. Main work was done after retirement of 26 years of research as physical chemist at an international company with over 50.000 employees.


The first step to detect universal reality is to study all descriptions of physical observation and to eliminate all interpretations and theories from this descriptions, which were far more than 70% of the descriptions.

The next step is to define a theory and check if this is conform to all unbiased observations. As soon as there is one contradiction then you have to define another theory and so on. The final theory, which is conform to all observations is physical reality.

In 2018 three general theories were conform to all major observations, so these were called Fundamental Laws. These showed to be the answer to the most essential questions of Physics:


What is matter?:

1. Matter (=particles, bodies) consists of spherical spin energies with identical size and energy. The spin energies are called electrons.


Why does matter interact?

2. All interactions in universe are driven by one single force, which causes that colliding electrons are accelerated to the position, where their spin energies are reduced to minimum by overlapping of contrarily rotating spin volumes. Overlapped spin energies are equivalent to bound electrons.


How does matter interact?

3. All interactions occur in a way that total energy of interacting objects stays constant over all times.


The Fundamental Laws can be mathematically expressed. Therefore the Fundamental Laws are also called “Weltformel”. The English expression “Theory of everything” should not be used because it is no theory but the reality of everything.

By Weltformel the properties of objects after interactions can be determined by the properties of objects before interactions. There is no uncertainty.


Now, after about 5 years of validations, it is nearly absolutely sure, that the Fundamental Laws meet all generally accepted requirements for a Weltformel. Up to now the Fundamental Laws have been tested on about 500 natural and experimental physical observations. All of these could in detail be described and explained conform to reality. The characteristics of reality are: physical (= describable by objects with 3 dimensions, concrete), unambiguous, logical, conform to all observations, irrefutable.


Without the knowledge of the Fundamental Laws scientists had no chance to explain and understand the universe. All explanations in physics are theories which are unreal, most are physically impossible. For fundamental physical terms like all types of energies and forces including heat and pressure, as well as mass, matter, movement and space there are currently no explanations at all, but just descriptions.


The late discovery of the Weltformel is not only caused by the need to wait for sufficient observations and the extreme long time duration until getting results but also by following facts:

* You have to keep motivated to continue the searching for reality according to scientific method, although over 95% of your work are eliminations and revisions of own theories. The authors had derived the Weltformel after working out more than 200 documented “theories of everything”, which have to be eliminated and revised one after the other until there were no non- conformities anymore. Only by this a physical theory becomes physical reality.

* Currently no scientist has a chance to publicize real findings. All findings of physical reality are not accepted because every publication is strictly checked if it is conform to current theories, which all are not reality.

* Scientists don’t get any acknowledgments for findings of physical reality. They have to fear the contrary. On the other hand scientists are called genius for working out theories which are physically impossible.


Overall the systems of physics concerning publications, acknowledgments and financial supports hindered physicists to do valuable physical research conform to reality.

New physics can present many examples where physicists were forced to convert their real findings by invalid interpretations to findings which seem to be conform to unreal theories. Only by this the findings could be published. Overall the high intellectual potential of several millions physical scientist are misused by forcing them to do senseless work on not realistic theories. This has happened by an inadequate research system. It is a great tragedy of mankind, because every scientist would have been needed to work for the health of mankind. But it is a tragedy for which nobody is guilty and which can be terminated now. Only, when the conversion of current physics, based on non-real theories is converted to physics based on fundamental laws of nature is not done, this would not only be a real tragedy but this would be irresponsible near to a crime.


Besides the theoretical work it has to be highly acknowledged that engineers managed to develop many technologies just by observations without knowing the scientific explanations of the technologies. By New Physics new developments of beneficial technologies will exponentially increase. Here are just mentioned the most urgent items:

1. By the Fundamental Laws the construction plan for the universe could be derived and by this the evolution of the universe since its generation. By this we know the process how high amounts of hydrogen have been generated in early Universe. Therefore we got the knowledge about the conditions under which hydrogen is automatically generated and that it is no problem to set up these conditions. So it will be possible for us to generate high amounts of “green” hydrogen with little costs and efforts.


2. By New Physics we know the real process of energy generation of the sun, which is extremely far away from theories.

By this knowledge we can modify current test facilities of nuclear fusion, so that these will generate lots of excess energy.

In addition we will get the knowledge that all molecules can generate extreme high amounts of “clean” energy, so that we can strongly reduce costs by using water or air as “fuel” for energy generation Thus energy can be generated in all regions of the earth.


3. By New Physics we know the real provable cause for current and all prior climate changes and can determine dates of future climate changes. Thus we will be able to do the most effective actions against climate changes.


The most important global task is now to convert as soon as possible to the reality of New Physics. The first task is to distribute the information about the discovery of the the Fundamental Laws of Nature / Weltformel to all people and to verify this by reviews of renowned physicists.

Because of the enormous impacts on teaching and research it is required that physicists get official orders to write reviews by politicians in high leading positions.

Greatest impact for physicists is, that many have to change from theoretical to experimental research and developments of new technologies.


It is very important that physicists take some time to study New Physics and the Fundamental Laws of Nature. It will take not too much time for them to recognize that there are no scientific arguments to reject New Physics.

The documentations of New Physics will be completely copied in 2023 step by step to after revisions.


After acceptance the global implementation in all areas of education and research has to be planned. The Weltformel is not only valid for physics but for all natural sciences.

Only by New Physics by SURe mankind will get the knowledge how to survive the challenges of the future. Particularly scientists and politicians have to take responsibility to support the change to reality for the good of mankind.


It has to be emphasized that New Physics has exclusively been derived from the great research work of all physicists. Thus New Physics is the basic achievement of all physicists since beginning of physical research. We now have to recognize this great work by ensuring that physics will get a natural science again by implementations of the real results of physical research.



 O. Vogel,  18 - May 2023