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Scientific Universal Reality (SURe) - New Physics


Volume W (Weltformel)


Update from 27-03-2024


New chapters: W18-W22




Physics without Theories/ Weltformel




W1 Weltformel: Reality replaces Theories 

W2 The Definition of physical Reality 

W3 Physics gained no understanding of Physics 

W4 The Non-Understanding of Physics now gets fatal for Mankind 

W5 The fundamental Axiom of the Universe 

W6 The first Fundamental Law of Nature (Weltformel)  

W7 The second Fundamental Law of Nature (Weltformel) 

W8 The Universal Interactions of the Universe

W9 Vibrations verify SURe - New Physics  

W10 The new Research Tasks for physical Scientists 

W11 The Cause for the Desaster of fundamental Research 

W12 Two impressive Examples for global Errors 

W13 The Possibility for a Disaster for Scientists 

W14 The global Conversion to SURe- New Physics 

W16 Financial Awards for Refutations 

W17 Weltformel is the result of Work of all Physicists 

W18 The real Climate Catastrophe: No Research 

W19 Basic Definitions derived by Weltformel 

W20 Why don’t visible Photons transfer Heat 

W21 SURe of Climate Changes 

W22 Climate Catastrophe: Mankind fights against Nature






New Physics /


Scientific Universal Reality




Volume W

Weltformel: Physics without Theories



W1 Weltformel: Reality replaces Theories



By the detection of matter and the two Fundamental Laws of nature (=Weltformel) physics converts from theories (= science fiction) to physical reality.

Most current explanations of interactions in universe are not only based on science fiction but these are physically impossible magic science fiction. The Weltformel does not allow any more to work out fictive theories to describe and explain physical interactions. The Scientific Physical Reality (SURe) of all physical interactions and physical states in universe is exactly determined by the Weltformel. There is no freedom to do any creative fictive work in natural sciences.




W2 The Definition of physical Reality


Most important task in science is to provide concrete unambiguous definitions of the used terms. Thus this is also required for “physical reality”. According to Wikipedia the definition is: “Reality is the sum or aggregate of all that is real or existent within the universe, as opposed to that which is only imaginary, nonexistent or nonactual.” 

In SURe New – Physics some additional requirements are used for improved clarifications:

Physical reality is everything in universe, which can be clearly described as a physical object or as an interaction of physical objects. A real physical object is a particle or has to consist of particles which have concrete structure, location, mass and kinetic energy. All above properties can be measured by the impact of collisions of the physical object. Thus physical reality has to be observable by these measurements. 

Required characteristics for physical reality of interactions are describable and explainable by Universal Laws (Weltformel), unambiguous, logical, conform to all observations and irrefutable.



A perfect example of reality and a non-real fictive theory is the particle-wave dualism of photons. All observed waves consists of particles like water or sonic waves and thus are reality. Electromagnetic waves do not consist of particles. They have no mass, no concrete structure and no concrete location and thus do not exist. Electromagnetic waves are imaginary fiction.

Photons are well observable as particles, for example by eyes. Eyes measure the relative time and the concrete location on the retina where a photon collides to an optic nerve. At the same time the kinetic energy of the photon is measured. Both data are conducted as specific energies of electrons to the brain for evaluation. As photons have kinetic energy these also have a concrete mass, which is about 200 times larger than the mass of an electron.




W3 Physics gained no understanding of Physics



Because of the missing fundamental knowledge of the origin of matter and the fundamental laws which determine all interactions of matter, it was not possible up to now to do scientific descriptions and explanations for any physical interaction or physical state. Some partly correct knowledge is compensated by the fact that most apparent knowledge is wrong or even physically impossible. SURe – New Physics shows, that nearly all descriptions and explanations of current physics are imaginary and no physical reality.

Imaginary and non-existing are for example electromagnetic waves, most elementary particles, all current forces, charges, magnetic moments. Not understood fundamental issues are heat, all energies, spin, movements.

All interactions like changes of movements need forces by kinetic energy of collisions. It is known that many particles which exert the forces by collisions can’t be seen by eyes. For example a windmill works by collisions and thus by kinetic energy of gas molecules. So if the colliding particles are not seen which cause change of movements it is no science to invent magic forces for these movements like electromagnetic force, gravitational force, weak or strong force. Physicists have the task to find out the particles which cause these forces and these must be real particles and not imaginary particles like bosons.

Nearly all physicists before 1900 were aware that for several interactions omnipresent matter is required and called the particles ether which is omnipresent matter. Just a single scientists (Einstein) managed that the reality of ether was abandoned.

Later physicists have detected the omnipresent matter. Instead of ether they called it dark matter. Recently physicists identified the omnipresent matter as low energetic photons and called it cosmic microwave background, but they did not use this knowledge to find the reality of their theories of magic forces.




W4 The Non-Understanding of Physics gets fatal for Mankind


Normally it is not critically when people do not understand the universe, but currently there is a high potential that this non-understanding will cause a severe disaster for mankind. It is the complete non-understanding of the fundamental knowledge concerning climate and by this a fatal misunderstanding of the cause for current climate change. Details are presented in W18.



W5 The fundamental Axiom of the Universe


The only and fundamental axiom for the universe is:

Matter and energy in universe were generated out of nothing.


The fundamental axiom results to the definition and understanding of matter:


The only possibility for generation of matter is that pairs of matter- and antimatter particles were generated. This is conform to a corresponding  theory of current physics. But in current physics the physical property was not defined, which has to be opposite so that it results to nothing. The property can’t be charge, because charge is not physically describable and thus is no reality. In addition also plus and minus of a charge is not a describable physical difference of particles which results to nothing. (Later it is shown, that charges even can’t be used for the physical explanation of bondings).

Well known physical properties which can be canceled out, are force and kinetic energy by opposite directions.

Finally only one conclusion leads to the physical reality of matter and antimatter-particles:

Antimatter and matter particles differ by opposite directions of spin rotations, so that by complete overlapping the energies are compensated to “nothing”. Generation of matter and antimatter is exclusively possible by separation of nothing to opposite rotating spin energies with identical size and energy. Separation is done by opposite movements of spin energies along their common spin axis. (Picture is shown under page “From nothing to universe”). For generation of matter in universe this occurred spontaneously at all spaces of the volume of the universe. This was physically possible as the acceleration for separation did not require energy. The generated opposite rotating spin energies are called electrons and positrons. The first generated electrons and positrons had no mass, because otherwise their acceleration to do movements to separate themselves would have needed energy. It is well known that currently the electrons and positrons have a mass. So the masses of particles were generated later. By this knowledge the origin of mass can logically be defined, which is presented in volume P.




W6 The first Fundamental Law of Nature (Weltformel)



The first Fundamental Law describes the origin of all interactions in universe:


1. All interactions in universe are driven by one single force, which causes that collided electrons are accelerated to the direction of highest gradient of decreasing spin energy by overlapping of opposite rotating spin volumes.


The position of minimal spin energy can be calculated and is a bit beyond the two spin axes. The spin axes are always aligned parallel by overlapping. By the alignment of spin axes the spin energies turn to same rotating directions. The result is that nearly all spin energies turn to electrons. Anyway the differentiation between particles and antiparticles does not make sense as these are always identical particles. These just have to turn upside down.

Thus the overlapped spin energies are equivalent to bound electrons. Overall the first fundamental natural law leads to the following knowledge:


* Everything in universe consists of bound electrons.


* All bondings in universe are done by overlapping of electrons to position of minimal spin energies.


The first Fundamental Law of nature can also be expressed by:


The matter in universe intends to achieve its ground state witch is “nothing”.




W7 The second Fundamental Law of Nature (Weltformel)





The second Fundamental Law of Nature describes the fundamental requirement for an interaction:


2. All interactions occur in a way that total energy of interacting objects stays permanently constant.


This requirement reduces strongly the possibilities for interactions, so that the end states of interacting particles are always determined by the states before interaction.

Determination means that:

The end states of interacting particles can be mathematically calculated by the start states.


Therefore the two Fundamental Laws are also called “Weltformel” = formula of the universe. The english expression “Theory of everything” should not be used because the Weltformel it is no theory but the reality of everything.

By Weltformel the properties of objects are fully determined at any time. So there is no uncertainty or non-locality in universe.


The second fundamental law results to the only fundamental constant of nature with a known value:

The total energy of matter in universe is zero at all times.




W8 The Universal Interactions of the Universe



By the Fundamental Laws (Weltformel) the possible interactions of two particles are reduced to the following:

* COLLISION, which is required for any interaction in universe to provide the necessary activation energy for the interaction.


Further interactions are determined by

- value of kinetic energy of collision

- angle of kinetic energy (vector)

- collided positions of particles

- temperature

Following properties have no influence on the interaction of two particles:

- pressure

- gravity

- density of particles

- properties of surrounded particles


A very specific interaction is VIBRATION. Vibration is described and explained separately in next chapter.


All other interactions are listed relative to kinetic energy of collision:


1a) Very high kinetic energy: PENETRATION without relevant deflection.

1b) High kinetic energy : Penetration with deflection or/and acceleration of value of kinetic energy.


2a) Medium/ low kinetic energy: A) BONDING = ABSORPTION of particles, B) Realigning of vibrations by equalizing of vibration energies.

2b) Medium/ high kinetic energy: A) + B) + C) = BREAK OF BONDING, if a vibration energy exceeds its maximum + D) Mostly followed by DECAY = EMISSION of particles, by which the vibration energy of broken bonding is transferred equally to kinetic energy of decayed particles, which are emitted to opposite directions.



ACCELERATIONS including DEFLECTIONS can occur by 1b) and 2b).


3) Medium kinetic energy: Interactions to overcome that electrons stay in bonding positions with increased (non-minimal) spin energy, which were generated by collisions:

3a) PRESSURE = Creating states of increased spin energies by collisions

3b) REFLECTION = elastic” repulsion of a small object by the plane bonding structure at the surface of a much bigger object.

3c) SCATTERING = “elastic” repulsion like for reflection by two objects with less different masses so that kinetic energies of both objects are changed according to rule of conservation of total energy, which is just kinetic energy when no bonding or decay reactions occur.

3d) DEFORMATION (typically interaction for larger objects; does not occur for particles)

3e) DECAY without previews bonding



W9 Vibrations of Particles verify SURe – New Physics


It is very strange that physicist postulate that molecules do vibrations by bonded atoms although there are no observations. In addition vibrations falsify current theories for bondings and violate current laws of forces.

Vibrations are accelerated movements and physicists are well aware that all accelerated movements require a force. Vibrations require even two different forces or one force, which are directed to opposite directions. Physicist don’t even mention that in current physics this is a postulate, which means that it cannot be explained, and that without corresponding forces vibrations are physically impossible.

Physicist already made-up theories of physically impossible magic forces of attraction and repulsion by charges but these are not suitable to explain molecular vibrations. Even when there would be magic forces which are exerted by atoms these would just explain forces which are directed to atoms, which are exclusively vibrations by stretching and repulsion but no forces which cause angular vibrations like bending, rocking, wagging and twisting.

Thus the statements of different vibration modes is conscious antiscience.

The only physically possible explanation of vibrations of bondings is provided by SURe – New Physics. Vibration is a typical result of the two only Fundamental Laws of Nature.

All natural vibrations in universe are caused by the only active force to accelerate to the direction with highest gradient of lower spin energies (1st Fundamental Law) and the only passive force, which is maintaining movement (2nd Fundamental Law).

As vibrations are not observable, the Weltformel can’t be directly verified by vibrations, but as the Weltformel can be proved by all observations in universe, the Weltformel reqires that there have to be also vibrations.

Also when there are more atoms than two, there are just stretching- repulsion vibration towards the center of mass.

As the stated cause of current climate change is based on the multiple physically impossible vibration modes of CO2, this is the most catastrophic result of the antiscience of current physics.

Later it will be explained that current increase of CO2 can be regarded as a wonder, because without this increase the global warming would have been much quicker and in addition mankind would suffer by a severe famine. ( Will be explained in detail in several other chapters like W18).



W10 The new Research Tasks for physical Scientists



The new tasks for scientists of natural sciences is to find out the descriptions and explanations of observed interactions conform to reality which is determined by the Weltformel. If there is more than one solution there have to be done additional observations by targeted experimental work to find out which is the real determined solution by Weltformel. Calculations by Weltformel might also be possible.

The different conditions should be determined, which differentiates between different solutions of the Weltformel.


Concerning observations it is important that no interpretations are allowed but just pure and sure descriptions. This is not an easy task. Most current observations are no real observations but interpretations.


Thus there will be no fictive research any more to propose theories and there will be no more discussions about the reality of theories.

Main tasks of scientists will be in future to work on applications of physics. The knowledge of the reality of interactions will offer an incredible number of new technological applications. Thus there will be an overwhelming flood of new technologies which improve and assure the quality of life for mankind in future.



W11 The Cause for the Desaster of fundamental Research



Physical Research costs a lot of money for doing experiments by sophisticated analytical equipment. New physical technologies were and are mostly supported by industries and businesses, which want to earn money by new technologies. For this the technologies have to work as expected, which is therefore well controlled.


There is a very different situation for fundamental physical research. This has just the task to describe and explain the technologies or to explain general observations. The research institutions have to apply for public funding because companies are mostly not interested in these. The application for public funding is a rigorous business with tough competition between research institutes. The best chances have institutes with highest number of publications. Thus the institutes could not wait until finding the reality of fundamental explanations. The search for the Scientific Universal Reality by our small but independent group took over 25 years and further 8 years of extremely extensive research to verify SURe – New Physics. Over 95 % (thousands of DIN A4 pages) of documented research results (which can be still presented) are new promising theories which were nearer to reality than previous theories but still no reality. So these had to be deleted again.

Of course physicists would have been much quicker to detect the Universal Reality and the Weltformel, but even few years without publications would mean the shut down of the research facility or the termination of job.

Therefore the research institutes all around the earth had to publish fictive theories in order to survive. The physical reality was not of any value, because nobody could decide what is physical reality. By accepting theories as real physics, the physical research system was not interested in controlling the reality of theories by experiments. Found inconsistencies were ignored and not published. Corrections of accepted theories were not done because research institutions feared negative impacts of their reputations.


Overall the disaster of physical research is not the guilt of scientists and not the guilt of physical research institutes. It simply happened because of the dependence on public funding. And that was globally the case.




W12 Two impressive Examples for global Errors



Above explanation caused the fact, that a statement can be totally wrong although over 99% of all scientists on earth are convinced that the statement is reality. Mostly the scientists are not really convinced but have learnt the statement in school or at university or have heard this from colleagues or in TV. By this everyone gets the typical “blindness” that he does not realize when the statement is extremly unlogical and has never been observed.

Example 1. Statement of current physics: The sun is an extremely hot plasma-ball or fire-ball. Physicists are convinced of this, although these terms are paradox and absurd. They are even much more absurd than the statement that the sun circles around the earth. The difference of the fictive temperature of above several millions Kelvin and the real temperature of below 14 Kelvin, which is very sure and logical (freezing point of hydrogen), shows that the predictions of current physics are not very good.

2. Current physics predicts that in the sun helium nuclei with two protons and two neutrons are generated by nuclear fusion of protons (= hydrogen nuclei).

The physical reality is that by nuclear fusion of protons in the sun a polymer of bound protons is generated (very logical and required by rules of kinetics) but no helium.

In additions experiments prove that a helium-4 nucleus is identical to a diproton = alpha-particle (two bound protons) and does not consist of neutrons. Only by the structure of two bound protons the characteristics of helium can be explained like super-fluidity and very low reactivity.




W13 The Possibility for a Disaster for Scientists



Every physical scientist who will start to study the documentations of SURe- New Physics by Weltformel, will quickly realize that this is scientific universal reality and that current physics is no science.

Scientists don‘ t have to fear at all that anyone is disregarded or disrespected by former antiscience, but there would be a total loss of reputation if a physical scientist would deny or ignore the reality and would continue to do antiscience.

This would be a real disaster for physical scientists and physical institutions.




W14 The global Conversion to SURe- New Physics



First leading scientists of research facilities should comment and distribute the Weltformel and Sure New – Physics to all other scientists. A global conference should be planed and arranged to work out and agree on the best practice for conversion to SURe - New Physics.

Mostly all available research facilities can be further used for verification of the Weltformel and New Physics. Lots of studies have to be done to find analytical procedures which are suitable for measurements to determine real characteristics and corresponding data for subatomic or atomic particles. Many of these measurements have to be done.

In addition uncountable ideas of new technologies have to be checked and accomplished. There will for example be a high workload to find optimal conditions to generate “clean”, cheap and inexhaustible energy analog to sun. There will be a very strong competition to apply for patents. Public funding will soon be not needed anymore.





W15 The story of Detection of the Weltformel



I started doing physics in 1988 when I got interest in physics because of the very interesting but also very strange statements of special and general relativity. This was after completion of my doctoral degree in physical chemistry. I recognized and was totally convinced that the illogical statements of Albert Einstein could not be reality. I studied all test which were done for verification of the statements of Einstein and looked for logical real explanation of the test results. After some time I took over the logical statement of most physicists before Einstein that there has to exist an omnipresent ether to explain the universe. Although this soon showed to be correct, it took about 15 years until I have found a logical explanation of all tests of SRT and ART, most of them by an ether, which follows the earth but without rotation. The ether particles were relative early identified to be neutrinos until I recognized that neutrinos must be identical to photons.

Other completely illogical statements were the statements about the four major forces in physics. In order to detect the physical reality of forces and photons I had the advantage that I studied physical chemistry with specializing in kinetics. By this I recognized that most unexplained observations in physics could be perfectly explained by kinetics, which is by bonding and decay reactions.

In 1987 I accepted a job as leader of the analytical research lab of a big company with more than 50.000 employees. By this I got lot of experience in all kind of spectroscopy and other analytical tools. This also strongly supported my physical research.

In 2017 I published an E-book as “Vogel’s Theory of Everything” which was a collection of all findings including that electrons and positrons are the only elementary particles. In 2018 I detected the only possible generation of matter and by this the origin of matter and the Weltformel. I had to stop publishing the e-book as in the e-book all interactions were explained by charges instead of spin.

Since 2018 the two Universal Laws were successfully tested on more than 500 physical experiments which all could be completely described and explained by the Weltformel. The descriptions and explanations were documented as Scientific Universal Reality / SURe- New Physics.


For the authors it was no problem to wait until the Weltformel was so carefully tested that there is no doubt that it is reality. The long duration was really needed because uncountable errors have been detected in this time which had to be corrected. Since half a year there is no significant correction any more.

This shows that it would have been not feasible that a professional physicist would have detected the Weltformel and worked out New Physics. This was only possible by doing this as a hobby without the pressure to publish results or earn money. Main work was done by myself after retirement in 2014.




W16 Financial Awards for refutations 



There might be still errors in SURe- New Physics. In order to be sure that everything is reality we ask for experimental findings which refute New Physics, so that we can do further corrections. Each refutation which requires a relevant correction will be awarded by 100 up to 300 €.

For a scientific refutation of the Weltformel there will be a bonus of 30.000 €. The detailed procedure will be worked out as soon as possible. There will be an intermediate deposition of the money by a well known public party or magazine publisher.




 W17 Weltformel is the result of Work of all Physicists



It has to be emphasized that the Weltformel and SURe - New Physics was exclusively derived from the great experimental research work of all physicists. Nearly all available experimental studies of physicists were necessary and were used for the detection of the Universal Reality. Thus SURe - New Physics is the basic achievement of all physicists since beginning of physical research. We now have to recognize this great work by ensuring that physics will get a natural science again by implementations of the real results of physical research.



W18 The real Climate Catastrophe: No Research


The real catastrophic situation is not the current global warming, but that mankind has zero understanding about climate. It is outrageous that expensive and extensive actions against the made-up physically impossible cause of climate change are done but there is no scientific research to understand climate change.

Currently there are no scientific explanations why in the middle of the day it is warmer than in the morning in the evening and there is no scientific explanation why it is warmer in summer than in winter. It is very easy to find out that current main explanation, the angle of sun incidence, is wrong. Measurements have just to be done by temperature sensors rectangular to sun incidence. The main cause is the increase of absorption of IR-photons by extended transition path through atmosphere. This was formerly teaching material in school. But observed reality has been more and more replaced by physical impossible theories. But now a completely fictive and physically impossible theory of absorption has replaced the scientific experiments of former physicists. The correlation of CO2 to warmer climate was at the beginning a factor for physicists to be clarified by research. But media made this public as catastrophic reality. Physicist had quasi no chance anymore to tell the truth by performed experiments.

Another example by which physicists should have gained knowledge about the reality of absorption: On moon it could be determined that there are no relevant differences of the very high values of average temperature on the ground by different angles of sun incident, because there is no absorption of heat by atmosphere.








W19 Basic Definitions derived by Weltformel



HEAT is the average kinetic energy of omnipresent photons (IR-photons).

( At location of measurement. In locations with different densities of omnipresent photons like space the density has to taken into account).


GENERATION OF HEAT is exclusively done by emission of IR-photons, mostly from photon chains of atomic matter.


CONSUMPTION OF HEAT is exclusively done by absorption of IR-photons. mostly by photon chains of atomic matter.


EMISSION refers to a decay of a particle by collision.


ABSORPTION refers to binding of a collided particle.


DECAY of a particle results by breaking of a bonding, by which the vibration energy is transferred (50%/50%) to kinetic energy of decay products.


BINDING of a collided particle causes that the kinetic energy of the collided particle is transferred to vibration energy of the new particle so that a harmonic streching vibration is generated.


VIBRATIONS are harmonic movements of overlapping electrons, which are always stretching and repulsion directed to mass center. No other vibration is physically allowed for particles.



a) High energetic photons like emitted IR-photons from sun are absorbed by atomic matter. Low energetic photons are penetrated. By this many photons with lower energy are emitted from photon chains, by which the average kinetic energy (= heat) is increased.


b) low energetic photons like emitted IR-photons from matter of earth surface do permanently absorption and emission reactions (= bonding and decay reactions) with neighboring low energetic photons. By each bonding and decay reaction the kinetic energy will be averaged. By this there occurs a flow of heat with is always directed to colder areas.

After averaging of vibration energies. Atomic matter takes always over the vibration energy of surrounded interacting omnipresent photons. By this the kinetic energy is stabilized for some time (= heat capacity)





W20 Why don’t visible photons transfer Heat


A basic error of physicists is that the measured energy from sun refers to heat. Main part of measured energy refers to kinetic energy of visible photons, which don’ generate heat.


By this error the real variation of heat transfer from sun has not been measured up to now.

That visible photons do not transfer heat can easily be measured and is observed daily by LED light.


The reasons for this are:

* Photons with higher energies than IR penetrate the photon chains of atomic matter. Therefore they are not absorbed by photon chains and do not transfer energy to photon chains so that these emit no IR-photons by collisions of high energetic radiated photons.

* Many visible photons are reflected by surfaces. This is the explanation why living beings can detect surfaces by eyes.

* Other visible photons are absorbed by atomic nuclei and their energies are used to activate photolysis reactions. This means photons are bonded and causes a break of bonding which mostly results to decay to a particle other than photon.

The best method to measure exclusively the received heat on earth from sun, is to measure the temperature increase of a specific water sample. By any measurement it is not possible to get absolute values. But relative values are sufficient to detect of more or less heat is received from sun.



W21 SURe of Climate Changes



There is just one main source of heat generation on earth. It is the transfer of heat by emitted IR-photons from sun to earth ground.

Therfore there are just two possibilities for climate changes:

1. The sun emits less IR-photons.

2. Less IR-photons reach the earth surface.


The first possibility can be excluded except the 11 years periodic increase of intensities which are explained in detail in volume “Cosmos”, which will be published later.

Beside this the generation and emission of IR-photons are long-term stabilized by a very effective control mechanism, which will also published later.


Thus all major climate changes of the earth are caused by different intensities of IR-photons arriving on earth ground.


Current theories of changing movements of earth around the sun have an extremely low probability as these require collisions by celestial bodies with high mass. Precession of earth rotation is physically impossible. Physicists know that for precision there has to be a fixed point of one side of rotation axis., where there is an opposite force to gravitation.


Overall nearly all climate changes are caused by changes of heat absorption from sun. Current global warming is with extreme high probability caused by decrease of atomic matter between sun and earth by which heat from sun is less absorbed.


Possible causes for global warming of earth by reduced absorption.

The list is ordered by decreasing quota of warming effect.


1. It is the nature of galaxies, that there are different densities of interstellar clouds of molecules and magnetic fields. These clouds absorb more or less infrared radiation of suns during orbiting around the black hole of a galaxy. When crossing a spiral arm, in which clouds of very high densities are, there is a high probability for the generation of the so called snowball earth. The density of clouds can be measured with relative high accuracy, because the measurement is also done by absorption data. According to NASA currently there is an extraordinaire low densit of absorbing matter..


2. Deforestation in rain-forests which causes less moisture in atmosphere and less cooling by evaporation.


3. Cleaner air, less particular matter



W22 Climate Catastrophe: Mankind fights against Nature



There are lots of mechanisms of nature on earth which all work in favour to living beings. No mechanism has been identified which works as self accelerating interaction against the survival of living beings. If such a mechanisms would exist there would be no living beings on earth.

The main actions of nature which mitigate the consequences of climate changes by slowing these down are:

1) High amounts of ice and water. Both have an extraordinary high heat capacity, particularly for changing states of aggregation. This means water and ice generate heat by climate cooling and both consume heat by climate worming. This temperature mitigating effect works also by day and night and by summer and winter.

2) Increase of sea level is mitigated by Antarctica, because there the increased precipitation by warmer sea- temperature still goes down as snow which will not contribute to sea level increase.

3) All climate changes are mitigated by changing absorption potential of atmosphere by changes of solubility of CO2 in water. This means that CO2 is out-gassing from sea water by higher temperatures and increases the absorption of heat in atmosphere, which increases cooling. Scientists know by ice-core measurements that all last global warming periods were mitigated by the cooling effect of increased CO2 concentration in atmosphere.

4) All climate changes are mitigated by changing absorption potential of atmosphere by changes of moisture in atmosphere by changes of evaporation potential.

5) Increased moisture evaporation is also an additional indirect effect by increased CO2, which is much stronger than the direct cooling effect. It is wll known by nearly everybody that increased CO2 concentration increases nearly proportional plant growth. Increase plant growth cause increased moisture evaporation by plants.


Like a wonder for mankind was, that scientists have not detected the Weltformel more than 70 years earlier, which can be regarded as extremely unlikely. By this they used the very ineffective burning of fossil fuels instead of copying the cheap energy generation analog to sun.

But by this mankind increased the concentration of CO2 in atmosphere, which was needed to avoid severe hunger disasters of the increasing population of earth. It is well known that in all periods of high temperature the population is strongly increasing. The new technologies have supported this.

Despite the wonder of additional increase of CO2 concentration, currently large areas of jungle are converted to farmland to produce crop, which has a strong warming and dryness effect on climate.


In order to prevent a real man-made climate catastrophe in near future by actions which support the catastrophe concerning climate but also concerning health of mankind, it requires that physicists have to accept the reality of the universe as soon as possible.

We have to stop, to do further physical research against the Fundamental Laws of Nature instead by the Fundamental Laws of nature.


the warming up much quicker which would have caused catastrophic effects for mankind.


Thus current actions against CO2 can be called a heavy crime on mankind and a severe action against nature. By the knowledge of the Weltformel and understanding of physics it will get a conscious crime.