First scientific Explanation of Gravity

Updated 24- April, 2024


New chapters : G5 - G7




G1 Physical Basis 

G1.1. Physics must be physically possible 

G1.2. Scientific Universal Reality (=SURe- New Physics = Weltformel) 

G1.3. The Weltformel of SURe- New Physics is guaranteed reality

G1.4. The four physically possible universal Interactions 


G.2 Explanation of Gravitational Force 

G2.1. Basics of gravitational Force 

G2.2. The Story of Gravitation is the Story of Physics 

G2.3. Explanation of Gravity by first fundamental Law of Nature 

G2.4. Explanation of Gravitation by Collisions 

G2.5. Why is there a Density Gradient of Photons around celestial Bodies? 

G2.6. The Dependency of gravitational Force 

G2.7. Exclusively celestial Bodies can exert gravitational Forces 

G2.8. Which Photons are relevant for gravitation? 

G2.10. Besides Gravitation: First Scientific Definition of Heat and Heat Generation 

G2.11. Why do all objects have the same velocity by gravitation ? 


G3 Verifications 

G3.1. Basics of Observations 

G3.2. The Falsification of Photons being electromagnetic Waves 

G3.3 The Search for omnipresent Matter (Aether) 

G3.4 Latest Measurements of Omnipresent Photons 

G3.5 Measurement of Density Gradient of Omnipresent Photons 

G3.6. First scientific Explanation of gravitational Lense Effect 


G4. Falsifications of Theory of Gravitation 

G4.1. Orbital Velocities in spiral Galaxies 

G4.2. Even stronger Antiscience: The Gravitation around a Black Hole 

G4.3. How do Black Holes generate Gravitation? 

G4.4. Why is around the Black Hole no Gravity 


G5 GRAVITATIONAL WAVES are physically impossible 

G5.1 Matterless Waves do not exist 

G5.2 The Error of Generation of gravitational Waves 

G5.3 The Error of Propagation Speed 

G5.4 The Error of Observability 

G5.5 The obvious Fake of detected Gravitational Waves 

G5.6 The Force of doing Anti-Science 

G5.7 The scientific Explanation of Signals 

G5.8 Publication with Science and Anti-Science 

G5.9 Urgent Need for new Publication System


G6 Physically impossible Theories of orbital Movements 

G6.1 The Reason for non-understanding of Orbits 

G6.2 The absurd Theory of elliptical Orbits 

G6.3 Occult of orbits instead of admit missing Explanations 

G6.4 The antiscientific Use of Mathematics 

G6.5 Mathematics proves non- existing elliptical orbits 

G6.6 No valid Laws for orbital Movements 

G6.7 Orbits are not influenced by other Planets 

G6.8 The only Explanation of non-circular Orbits


G7 Irregular Gravitation proves SURe – New Physics 

G7.1 Explanation of Irregular Gravitation by orbiting 

G7.2 First Explanation of Orbit of Earth 

G7.3 First Explanation of Prehelion Precession of Mercury 

G7.4 Current Explanations of Tides are a Farce 

G7.5 First and only Explanations of Tides 

G7.6 Moon gravitation has no impact on Earth 

G7.7 The absurd theory of a double Star Syste

G7.7 The real Bridge to the Moon 

G7.8 And the Bondings of Bridge to Earth? 

G7.9 Newton’s wrong Formular of Gravitation 



 G1 Physical Basis


G1.1. Physics must be physically possible


The basic law of physics is that all statements of physics must be physically possible.

In current physics most theories are physically impossible. This is also the case for the two theories of gravitation. It is already a physically impossible contradiction that both theories are completely different. The mostly used theory is the statement that gravitation is caused by attraction of mass. This statement is physical impossible because attractive and also repulsive forces which work without direct contact of matter are physically impossible. The second theory is based on the statement of Albert Einstein that time and local dimensions are variable. This is absurd as there would not be any physical rule or formula which works with time or length, thus most of physics would be obsolete.

Physically possible are exclusively interactions which transfer energies from one particle directly to another particle. So the most important requirement for a physically possible interaction is a collision of at least two particles. Particles includes also objects. All objects in universe consists of particles.




G1.2. Scientific Universal Reality (=SURe- New Physics= Weltformel)

Scientific Universal Reality (=SURe- New Physics) describes and explains all interactions by one generally accepted axiom and two generally accepted natural laws.


0. The axiom is that matter and energy was generated out of nothing (ground state).

The only possibility for this is by generation of pairs of contrary rotating spin energies. So matter consists of spin energies, which are called electrons. Electrons are the only fundamental particles. This has been verified by lots of experiments. The most important one is that all matter can be split to electrons as smallest particles.


1. The first fundamental law of nature:

The only force in universe is that matter and energy intents to achieve the ground state by complete overlapping of contrary rotating spin energies which results to nothing.

In nature (=without mankind) it is just physical possible to achieve minimal spin energy by partly overlapping. Partly overlapped particles are called bound particles. There are no other bondings in universe.


2. The second fundamental law of nature:

During all interactions in universe the total energy stays permanently constant. (total energy = sum of spin energies plus sum of vibration energies of bonded spin energies).




G1.3. The guarranteed Reality of Weltformel of SURe - New Physics


 SURe New Physics uses not any theory, hypothesis, interpretion or other assumptions to describe or explain the universe. All statements are based on two natural laws, which have been derived from clear observations. Only reality is observable.


In order to do real physics you have to define reality. Reality has to be concrete, physical, clearly describable, logical, detailed explainable, consistent, irrefutable.



G1.4. The four physically possible universal Interactions



All interactions have to be activated by a collision. Physically possible are exclusively four interactions in universe.


1. Penetration

As matter is equivalent to spin energies and spin energies are equivalent to electrons, the first interaction after collision of objects is penetration, which means the overlapping of spin energies. All objects including particles in universe consists of bound electrons. Complete penetration of objects occur, when the penetration (overlapping movement) is not stopped within a stable overlapping position of minimal spin energy like for bonding. Penetration is always accompanied by the force to achieve lowest spin energy of overlapping bodies. This includes that changes of movement directions (= deflections) occur to achieve this aim. As the deflections of penetrated and penetrating objects are always to opposite directions the total energy for deflections like for all interactions stays stable. For single objects this is not the case. Also the total energies remain stable, whereas specific energies might be different.


2. Bonding of electrons.

Bonding is the penetration of electrons up to a stable overlapping position, where there is on average a minimum spin energy. During penetration the movement direction changes to achieve minimal spin energy

By a bonding collision energy of particles (= kinetic energy) plus reduced spin energy by overlapping is transferred to vibration energy of bonding. All bonding energies of the bonded object are averaged over all bondings including the direction of vibration. 

All bound electrons can do further bondings, because each electron has three bonding options, which are in a plane with equal angles (=60 degrees).


3. Split of bonded electrons.

When the vibration energy of a bonding goes over the overlapping position, the bonding is split.

By a split the vibration energy of the bonding plus the collision energy is transferred to kinetic energy of the split parts of object. Kinetic energy is a relative energy, which is the only usable energy for “energy generation”.


4. Reflection of objects.

The direct split occurs, when the overlapping of electrons leads to an increased spin energy, by which the overlapping movement turns to a contrary movement so that the object is directly emitted again.



G.2 Explanation of Gravitational Force


G2.1.Basics of gravitational Force


All definitions of physical phenomenons have to be conform to fundamental laws of nature


First scientific definition of a force:

A force is the potential of an object to transfer kinetic energy to another object.


First scientific definition of gravitational force:

Gravitational force is the potential of omnipresent photons to transfer kinetic energy to an object.




 G2.2. The Story of Gravitation is the Story of Physics


Before 1900 physics was done by physicists. For them it was clear that for accelerations in vacuum like gravity there has to be matter in vacuum, which transfers energy to the accelerated objects. This matter was called ether. Since 1900 physicists converted to magicians. Till then the most phenomenons were not explained by physics but by magics.

Now in SURe – New Physics the omnipresent matter has been fully described and explained. By this nothing in universe is explained any more by spooky actions over distance. All interactions occur by collisions and direct transfers of energies. Thus magics turns to physics again.



G2.3. Explanation of Gravity by first fundamental Law of Nature


Omnipresent photons fill the complete space in universe, including the “free space” between atoms. Because of the extreme high stability of photons, far over 99 % of all particles in universe are photons and their adducts.

The density of omnipresent photons reduce by distance to celestial bodies (explained later). According to the most important fundamental law of nature there is one fundamental force which cause all other forces:

Colliding (or touching) objects are forced to accelerate to the position, where these have lowest spin energies.

Because of the extreme high number of omnipresent photons, single interactions to a body play no roll in the case of gravity. So for gravitation only the common force plays a roll, which is the movement to lowest spin energies. This movement includes that the omnipresent photons first rearrange so the optimal overlapping can be done. Only for large units of bonded photons which are arranged in a way that overlapping will not reduce spin energy the rearrangement will not be possible. This is a fact which prevents black holes to generate gravity in the near surrounding (explained later).

Overall this leads to the fact with just the exception above, that bodies move to the position of highest density of omnipresent photons, which generally is the center of celestial bodies.



G2.4. Explanation of Gravitation by Collisions


Most accelerations are done by "collisions, bondings and decays. So this mechanism has also been proposed by New Physics for a long time for gravitation. For this mechanism two requirements have to be fulfilled, which are physically explainable but have a lower probability than the explanation above.

The first requirement is, that gravitation is caused by unbound photons. This might be physically possible as accelleration is done when there is a decay reaction and not when there is a collision or bonding. Adducts of photons do multiple bondings which will not be split at the same time. Thus the second or third bonding will prevent decays and thus acceleration. Only the decays of separate single photons cause acceleration of gravitation. Another requirement is that there has to be a density gradient of unbound omnipresent photons, which is contrary to the density gradient of total omnipresent photons including adducts. This is very likely as when the density of total omnipresent photons decreases, the equilibrium goes strongly to the side of unbound photons so that the number of unbound omnipresent photons increases.

So overall there are two possibilities to explain gravity. Both are conform to universal laws of nature. In this case the final decision was to use the simplest explanation which is direct force to achieve lowest spin energies. (G2.3)




G2.5. Why is there a Density Gradient of Photons around celestial Bodies?


This is again an effect of first fundamental natural law. Most celestial bodies consist of atomic material. Atoms consist of atomic nuclei. All atomic nuclei have structures at which omnipresent photons do double bondings so that extremely long chains of photons are generated. These photon chains are also used to bind atoms to molecules. Physicists already got the knowledge that former theories that there are free moving electrons around atomic nuclei are physically not possible. But they haven’t found yet the reality of photon chains. The theory of electrons came up, because by a split off of a photon chain there is at the same time a split off of an electron. One photon chain can consists of up to 100.000 photons. This explains the huge space between two bound atomic nuclei and this explains the strong potential to emit photons.

In nearly all celestial bodies nuclear bondings occur, by which the photon chains are split off. This explains that photons are generated in celestial bodies, which are emitted from surface and thus cause the density gradients of photons around celestial bodies, which is the basis for gravitation.



G2.6. The Dependency of gravitational Force


 For generation of a density gradient of photons around a celestial body there has to be a permanent emission of low energetic photons out of the surface of a celestial body. This is the case for most celestial bodies.

For explanation by G2.3. gravitational force depends on the density gradient of omnipresent photons including adducts. The change of the density gradient around a celestial body by distance to surface can be explained by the increase of spherical surface, which occur by distance to surface.

This is also nearly the case for the sun system. In a spiral galaxy, however, the gradient is very different. In outer spheres the emitted photons will gather in the plane of galaxy. Thus the density does not reduce by spherical surface but by circumference. This explains why the orbital velocities stay nearly constant So the formula for gravitation is not generally valid.

 Thus gravitational force depends on the gradient of density of omnipresent photons. If there is no relevant density gradient there is no gravitational force, which means all small objects are weightless. For big celestial bodies the

density gradient might be extremely small in order to cause a relevant gravitational effect.




G2.7. Exclusively celestial Bodies can exert gravitational Forces


As exclusively celestial bodies can emit excess numbers of photons only celestial bodies exert gravitational force, whereas this is not possible for other bodies. Similar forces, which are observed for small bodies are caused by magnetic forces, which means by generation of chains of photons between bodies.

This means that the so called “gravitational collapse” of a high number of bodies is physically impossible. Current theory of generation of stars is no reality. Celestial bodies are generated by crystallization by freezing of particles, which means the usual bonding effect by fundamental natural law of the force to reduce spin energies.

The gravitational force of a celestial body like a planet ends after a specific distance to surface. Beyond this distance the gravitational force is determined exclusively by the celestial body with the higher emission rate, which is the sun or the black hole. This means that it is mostly not the case that planets have a gravitational influence on other planets. Contrary to former statement, a double star systems which means two stars which do orbital movements around a common center are physically possible, although there is no mass center, but there is a gravity center, between the stars.



G2.8. Which Photons are relevant for gravitation?


It is well known that stars emit lots of photons. But for gravitation the radiated photons are not relevant. Only low energetic omnipresent photons, which are photons which do movements in arbitrary directions generate gravitation. Currently there are lots of physically impossible theories for the generation of photons.

The reality is that high energetic photons are generated by decays of chains of photons in the atmosphere of sun. These play no role for gravitation. But there are many more low energetic photons, which are generated in center of the sun by decay of chains of photons. These drift to the surface of sun, and are emitted there and by this increase the density of omnipresent photons.



G2.9. Why is there Heat in Center of the Earth and not in the Center of the Sun


The chains of photons are reaction products of nuclear fusions.

Nuclear fusions do not only occur in stars but also in planets. In stony planets with heavy atoms the generated photon chains by nuclear fusion decay to single infrared photons already in the center of the earth by collisions to heavy atomic nuclei. This does not occur by the small protons in a sun.

Current theory is that heat in earth is generated by radioactive decays of atoms. But it is well known that radioactive decays do not generate any heat. Despite of this physicists use this unreal theory for explanation for heat generation of earth. Scientific claims which are contrary to observations are per definition antiscience.



G2.10. Besides Gravitation: First Scientific Definition of Heat and Heat Generation


Heat is equivalent to average kinetic energies of omnipresent photons. Heat is measured by temperature.


Heat is generated by decays of infrared photons from other particles. There is no other generation of heat in the universe. All strong generations of heat occur, when chains of photons decay to infrared photons.



G2.11. Why do all objects have the same velocity by gravitation ?


For acceleration of an object all vibration energies of the object have to be increased. This is the explanation for the fact that acceleration is proportional to the number of bondings of an object, which represents the mass of an object.   Overall this leads to the first scientific explanation that gravitation is proportional to mass. As acceleration of an object is reverse proportional to its mass this results to the first scientific explanation that every object needs the same time to be accelerated by gravitational force to the ground independently from mass and shape. As there are no other scientific explanation than by fundamental laws, this verifies the fundamental laws of Scientific Universal Reality (SURe New Physics).


G3 Verifikations


G3.1. Basics of Observations


Particles or bodies cannot be observed. All observations are due to interactions of particles or bodies. All observable interactions are transfers of energies. All physical statements must be conform to observations. Clear observations are equivalent to reality. Reality is the contrary to theories. The tasks of Physics is to distinguish between Physical reality and unrealistic theories.



G3.2. The Falsification of Photons being electromagnetic Waves


All real waves in universe consist of matter (water waves or sonic waves). Everything of real waves can be well observed and explained: their generation, their energies, their movements, their energy losses, their elimination, their interference. For electromagnetic waves all these things are not observed. Energies of real waves are expressed by amplitudes of waves, high frequencies of real waves mostly show low energies. Rotation Frequencies are no wave movements. Interference never occurred for electromagnetic waves. This is not possible because there are two perpendicular waves. Interference of photons do not show increased and decreased energies, but same energy at pattern and beside pattern.

A bad kind of a joke is the interferometer by Michelson and Morley. Every scientist who has only little knowledge of technics and physics, should have noticed that the adjustment by a mirror is not capable to adjust the overlay of frequencies. One look to the „interferometer“ makes clear that the reflection angle of one beam is adjusted, so that both beams are brought to overlay.




G3.3 The Search for omnipresent Matter (Aether)


It was a correct conclusion that an Aether should be detected by its movement and shoud also have an influence to the speed of light. So Michelson and Morley did the correct measurements although they didn’t know that they measured the influence of aether movement on the angle of reflection of light. Unfortunately they didn’t do enough mesurements so they didn’t find out that there is a significant aether drift. This has been verified later by Dayton C. Miller, who used the Michelson-Morley interferometer for doing 200.000 measurements and by this got the required accuracy. So real experimental research could cearly refute the Null-results of Michelson and Morley.

Disgraceful was the reaction of Albert Einstein who ordered his colleague Shankland to declare the extremely careful measurements of Dayton Miller without any indication as faulty. He waited for this until Miller was death, so Miller could not defend himself any more.

The measurements of Dayton Miller could be verified by Ernest Esclangon around 1930. who measured directly the angle of reflection without interferometer. He achieved such a high accuracy that he even detected a peak each sideral day, when earth surface faces directly the movement through galaxy, which is a clear indication for correct measurements.

Extreme shamefully are the fake aether drift measurements by frequencies of resonators, which resultet in a Null aether drift by a circular fallacy.



G3.4 Latest Measurements of Omnipresent Photons



Omnipresent photons are involved in nearly all physical phenomenons, so there will be a separate chapter. Here is just an overview of most important facts.

The simplest measurements of omnipresent photons have been done by Horn antennas. Instead of omnipresent photons the particles were called cosmic microwave background (CMB). The measuements were misused to explain radiation from early universe. This is of course nonsence. Omnipresent photons have been generated already few days after generation of electrons. Stars and their radiation were generated much later. Since generation of stars there was radiation. As the CMB measurements have been done on earth and from satellite, in both cases the different winds of ether could be measured: on earth the movement shows the rotation speed of earth, by satellite the movement through galaxy could be measured. So the measurements of Miller and Esclangon could be verified. (chapter G3.3).



G3.5 Measurement of Density Gradient of Omnipresent Photons


The run time of atomic clocks are influenfed by collisions to omnipresent photons. So the run times show as well the „ether wind“ as the density of omnipresent photons. As besides this atomic clocks are quite stable, these can measure each little decrease in density by increase of height above N.N.

It is unbeleavable that physicists think that the time runs differently when a clock goes wrong.

The run time changes of atomic clocks can be well explained. But I have to confess that it took more than 10 years until I have found the explanation for this.


The density of omnipresent photons can also be observed by the fact, that a decreasing density of photons increases the propagation speeds of photons (speed of light).




G3.6. First scientific Explanation of gravitational Lense Effect


Another fact is that photons do also bondings to each other. Bondings have the highest stability, when the vibration is in the direction of the bonding. Therefore bondings, which are linear are strongly preferred in a particle. Therefore at high densities of photons long photon chains are generated. At low temperatures also plane honeycomb -shaped structures are very stable. Chain structures and planar honeycomb structures have the characteristics to deflect particles including radiated photons. Especially between high density and low density there is a huge layer of parallel photon chains. These cause deflections like for chains of glass molecules on the surface of glass bodies. Thus there are deflections around celestial bodies which are equivalent to deflections of glass bodies.

Thus chains of photons are observed as the so called gravitational lens effect.



G4. Falsifications of Theory of Gravitation


A theory is exclusively reality, when it is conform to all observations. Below lots of observations are presented , which are not conform to current theory of gravitation


G.4.1. Orbital Velocities in spiral Galaxies


The observed dependency of orbital velocities of celestial bodies versus the distance to the black hole is not conform to theory of gravitation. In outer regions these are nearly constant (see picture), while by theory of gravitation these should reduce with distance. This is for example the finding of orbital velocities of planets in our sun system. So this means that the inner mass of a spiral galaxy is not big enough to explain the high velocities. Instead of doing research to replace the obsolete theory of gravitation, physicists invented the theory of dark matter, which should be equivalent to the missing mass. Physicists soon recognized that this theory created many other inconsistencies. Even by additional mass it could not be explained that for all stars the additional mass exactly fits to achieve a constant orbital speed. Despite dark matter could not explain the observations dark matter still was used, which is not understandable.

In SURe- New Physics there is a logical explanation for the observation of nearly constant orbital movements in spiral galaxies. Instead of mass the concentration gradient of omnipresent photons determines gravitation. The concentration gradient around earth or other planets reduces the same way the spherical surface reduces. But in spiral galaxies the concentration gradient reduces by sphere circumference. This is the case because the omnipresent photons are concentrated in the galactic plane. Overall this leads to nearly stable velocities.



Diagram from Wikipedia "List of unsolved problems of Physics" 


B = observed = measured orbital velocities in spiral galaxy

A= predicted orbital velocuties in spiral galaxies by theory of gravitation


Remark: measured orbital velocities quickly reduce when approaching the black hole in the cross of diagram (left).

Rotation curve of a typical spiral galaxy: predicted (A) and observed (B)



G4.2. Even stronger Antiscience: The Gravitation around a Black Hole


By measurement of orbital velocities in spiral galaxies physicist found that gravitation strongly reduces by decreasing distance to black hole. Despite this observation a theory was created that the gravitation strongly increases by decreasing distance. (see picture below). Why do physicists convert a natural science to antiscience? Also all other observations show that the theory of high gravity around a black hole is antiscience. Physicists know that supermassive back holes have an extremely important function, because these have to generate stable gravitation. Because of this function a black hole has to be thoroughly sheltered from any interactions like collisions to other stars. This shelter is achieved by the fact that there is no gravitation around a black hole. This fact is clearly seen by the galactic bulge. The galactic bulge is a region surrounding the black hole relatively far away from the black hole, in which there is a very high density of star systems. The only scientific explanation for this is that gravitation starts in this region, this means all stars which have a low velocity can do only in this region stable orbital movements. At the same time the galactic bulge stops most colliding stars from outer spheres of the galaxy.



G4.3. How do Black Holes generate Gravitation?


Black holes are the simplest of all stars.

Only few days after generation of matter (electrons), these reacted to omnipresent photons.

Some low energetic photons bind to adducts. By binding the kinetic energies reduced, which caused that additional photons bind and so on. This is the typical effect of freezing. So black holes are frozen photons. The structure of all matter is known in SURe-New Physics. This includes frozen photons (see picture).

This explains why supermassive black holes rapidly grow.

But finally a black hole will be at an equilibrium between freezing an evaporation of photons. Most new freezing occurs by radiated photons which arrive from the stars in the galactic bulge. By the relative high radiation energies the photons penetrate outer regions of black hole until these lost so much energy that these are incorporated (absorbed) in photon structure. Other low energetic photons from the surface are evaporated. the energies of the photons are used for evaporation.



G4.4 Why is around the black hole no Gravity


For gravity there has to be a density gradient of omnipresent photons. It can be assumed that around a black hole there is an area of saturated density of omnipresent photons. It is definitly the case that gravitation starts first in the galactic bulge area. Gravitation is required so that orbital movements of stars can occur.

In addition it has to be taken into account that the units of bound photons are still very large in the area near a black hole. This causes that these cannot be aligned easily to overlapping positions. It is known from other solids like iron that the magnetic alignment needs some support by already aligned structures.


By this it is even likely that in the region between black hole and galactic bulge the gravity is negative, which means that there is antigravity. This would be an even stronger and highly necasssary shelter of the black hole from collisions as this might cause gravity variation all over the galaxy. 




 G5 GRAVITATIONAL WAVES are physically impossible

G5.1 Matterless Waves do not exist

Current hypotheses (science fiction):

Gravitational waves are like electromagnetic waves matter-less transversal waves.

Scientific Universal Reality:

There is not any matter-less physical phenomenon in universe. The requirements for generating waves in universe are that moving particles experience periodic forces in two opposite directions which are perpendicular to movement direction.

Required forces do not exist. Physicists had not even made up a theory to explain the required forces for gravitational waves.

G5.2 The Error of Generation of gravitational Waves

Current hypotheses (science fiction):

“Gravitational waves are generated by the accelerated masses of binary stars and other motions of gravitating masses”(from Wikipedia).

General comment::

It is highly unscientific to do statements about gravity although physicists have no definition and no explanation. At least the statements have to be declared as highly hypothetical.

Scientific Universal Reality:

Binary stars are physically impossible (see Vol. “Cosmos”).

Proved reality is that gravitation is generated by emissions of low energetic photons and by the resulting concentration gradient. According to First Fundamental Law all bodies are accelerated to positions of high concentrated omnipresent photons, when spin energies are reduced by this. Areas with concentration gradients of omnipresent photons are called gravitational fields. Their generation explains that gravitational fields follow the movements of celestial bodies, so that it is impossible that movements of celestial bodies generate gravitational waves.

G5.3 The Error of Propagation Speed

Current hypotheses (science fiction):

Propagation speed of gravitational waves are identical to speed of light

Scientific Universal Reality:

There is no independent movement of gravitational fields. As gravitational fields follow celestial bodies, the speed of movements are equivalent to speed of celestial bodies and relative to celestial bodies the speeds are zero.

G5.4 The Error of Observability

Current hypothesis (science fiction):

Gravitational waves propagate over long distances like electromagnetic waves.

Scientific Universal Reality:

As there are no gravitational waves and as gravitation does not move there are several falsifications of the statements that gravitational waves are observable in far distance to generating sources. These are even not observable in adjustments of concentration of omnipresent photons- These adjustments occur for example by generation of a new star or by supernova explosion of an old star. Relative quick is the loss of complete gravitational field of a star by supernova. All planets will depart their orbits and get a linear movement. But all neighbored sun systems will not have any impact by the supernova. There is just a single movement of increased concentration of omnipresent photons around a star to the average concentration of the blach hole at the distance of the exploded star. Although the loss of a complete sun system would not be observable form a neighbored star system.

G5.5 The obvious Fake of detected Gravitational Waves


Physicists are well aware that the easiest way to get huge amounts of public funding for physical research is when they claim that a theory from Einstein shall be verified although every physicist knows that Einstein‘s theories are based on science fiction without any indication that these are reality. Thus two research site got money to built huge interferometers for this task.

Many years they were not successful, so that they had to fear that their research project is abandoned.

Finally the two research facilities publicized in 2016 that they have found signals which verified the theory from Einstein concerning gravitational waves.

This was regarded as one of the most important discoveries in history of science.


The interferometer showed signals within a time frame of milliseconds. There were few signals without a fixed period. The magnitude of observed gravitational amplitude is below size of a proton.

The signals are probably originated in space, because the signals have been detected in both facilities, which are situated in different US states nearly the same time.

Current explanation:

Observed signals are due to gravitational waves, which have been generated by high rotation frequency of a binary system of black holes shortly before these collide.

Many impossibilities of explanations:

It can be assumed that every scientist who reviews the basic data will come to the conclusion that it is impossible that the observed signals refer to the postulated gravitational waves originated by rotations of black holes:

1. The time periods of milliseconds are much too small that these represent a rotation of a binary system of black holes.

2. A binary systems of celestial bodies are two celestial bodies which rotate around a common mass center. Of course a common mass center is just abstract mathematics but no reality. There is no mass which can be orbited by two celestial bodies.

3. Every physicists should know the rules for vectorial overlay of forces. This will result to the knowledge that stable systems of celestial bodies can exclusively be generated when a very small celestial body orbits around a very large celestial body. (see SURe-New Physics Vol. Astrophysics)

4. Black holes do never collide because these exert no gravitation but anti-gravitation in near surroundings. Collisions would destroy the complete gravitational system of a galaxy. (see SURe-New Physics Vol. Astrophysics).

5. Black holes and neutron stars are not visible. Also when collisions would be possible these would be not detectable.

6. Exerted forces which causes movements in the size range of a proton cannot seriously be assigned to gravitation.

7. Measured curve does not show wavelike signals.

8. The appearance of measured signals can’t be worse to match to current theory of gravitational waves.

G5.6 The Force of doing Anti-Science

It is really bad but understandable, that physicists dare to tell such absurd stories to the public. They have no other choice. They are forced to do this in order to save their jobs. It would have been very critical to receive further funding without a publication of success. The current autocratic business system of physics is not aware of the fact that the publication of the reality is a much more valuable performance: A publication or the reality with high scientific value would have been:

“Both research facilities for gravitational waves detected signals of extreme low magnitude. Despite the low magnitude these seem to be significant, as the detection was done by both facilities at nearly the same time. The evaluation of the signals resulted to the fact, that these are not originated analog to the theory of gravitational waves by Albert Einstein. Research to find out the real source of signals is going on.

Regarding the long time of research without signals which are conform to theory, we now gained the knowledge that the theory of Albert Einstein is false and that gravitational waves do not exist.

We will now work out other possibilities for scientific research can be done by the facilities.”

Such a publication should lead to strengthening of respect and reputation to the scientists. The opposite is not appropriate at all. Very bad scientific work is to ignore the reality and continue with doing antiscience. But this has fist to be realized by the managers of research facilities and the persons who are responsible for funding decisions.

This is the experience of SURe-New Physics:

Several hundred theories have been worked out. All except one had to be deleted again because of non-conformity to observations. The final one is SURe – New Physics.

G5.7 The scientific Explanation of Signals

There is just one scientific explanation for the observed signals, which were stated to be gravitational waves.

The measured signals show the front of emitted high energetic photons by a supernova. Collisions of the high energetic particles of the front to heavy atoms of the interferometer can surely create a movement of the magnitude of one proton.

G5.8 Publication with Science and Anti-Science

Extremely positive was, that the measured signal was presented in publication. By this every physical scientist got the knowledge that the experimental results were far away from what scientists would have expected, far away from theory and opposite to that what is physically possible by gravitation.

Extremely negative is the title of the publication, which can be called a severe fraud of public and of or by media:

“Observation of Gravitational Waves from a Binary Black Hole Merger”

This shows that we have urgently learn at school, that the description of an observation does not mean to interpret an observation by physically impossible science fiction.

This is typical for current physics. Since 17th century scientists know that the key for finding the reality are observations, which have to be permanently checked whether these are absolutely reliable and whether these are conform to all other observations. Finally the task was to define physical laws which are conform to all observation. They called this method “Scientific Method” and this method was taken by me to detect scientific universal reality. When I recently checked the description of this method in Wikipedia I was shocked, because the description of Scientific Method has been completely changed and is now a method which describes how to verify a theory by a cyclical fallacy. So it is no wonder, why most errors of physics are done by cyclical fallacies.

G5.9 Urgent Need for new Publication System

* Observations should clearly be marked and described in a separate chapter.


* The same has to be done for all interpretations, hypotheses and theories.


* All statements have to be checked, if these can be described and explained by the few Universal Interaction. If this is not the case, it has to be marked, that the statements have not been verified.




G6 Physically impossible Theories of orbital Movements



G6.1 The Reason for non-understanding of Orbits



The most errors besides the non-detection of the origin of matter and the Fundamental Laws of Nature (=Weltformel) in physics occurred, because

1. the most important matter has not been detected: The omnipresent photons.

2. the missing explanation of gravitational force.



G6.2 The absurd Theory of elliptical Orbits


Nearly all celestial bodies do stable periodic orbital movements. All movements of celestial bodies end up either by a collision or by a stable orbit. Thus it is automatically the case that nearly all observed celestial bodies do orbit movements. The orbit movement can only be changed by a significant change of mass and gravitation by a reaction like supernova or by a collision with another celestial body. Collisions with celestial bodies bigger than asteroids or comets is nearly impossible as nearly all do stable rotations.

Many orbits are nearly circular. According to current knowledge of physics all orbits should be circular.

The requirements for a stable circular orbit of an orbiting celestial body relative to the orbited celestial body are:

* The exerted gravitational force to the orbiting celestial body has to be stable.

* The velocity of the orbiting celestial body relative to the orbited celestial body has to be stable.

* The kinetic energy of the orbiting celestial body relative to the orbited celestial body has to be stable.

* The orbiting body must have same values of kinetic force and experienced gravitational force and the kinetic force and experienced gravitational force have to be perpendicular.

Comment: Kinetic force is equivalent to kinetic energy.

These requirements are based on the well known vectorial addition of forces.

So physicists should have done research, to find out which of these requirements are not fulfilled and why these are not fulfilled.




G6.3 Occult of orbits instead of admit missing Explanations



Unfortunately physical scientists did not admit to the public, that they can’t explain the non- circular orbits. This would have been a real scientific approach because by this scientists are encouraged to do further research to find the explanations.

Instead they made occult out of physical science. They stated that the orbits are generally elliptical because the orbited celestial body and another imagined hidden object which is the second focal point required for generation of an elliptic orbit. This is even worse than occultism, it is anti-science:

* the orbited celestial body can’t act as a focal point of a ellipse, as it can’t do anything which has to be fulfilled by a focal point

* the orbited celestial body can’t act as a focal point of a ellipse, because it has to know the position of imagined focal point which does not exist as an object.

* The mathematical rules for an ellipse cannot be known and not be fulfilled by any natural object; particularly it can’t be fulfilled by gravitation.

*The orbiting celestial body does not get any information how to move to form an ellipsis, this means there are no forces to deflect movement to an elliptical movements.

* Scientist did not even try to define a force for elliptical movements.

* Forces which generate elliptical movements would need a tight bondage from orbited celestial body over a bondage with flexible length to the orbiting celestial body which goes further to a tight bondage to a not existing object.




G6.4 The antiscientific Use of Mathematics



Orbits of celestial bodies is an example which shows the anti-scientific use of mathematics. It has not been understood till now that by mathematics nothing in universe can be proved or explained. Mathematics is exclusively useful to describe proportionalities of properties, but these are so simple that it better can be explained by words as there are mostly restrictions. Currently mostly mathematics is used in physics for following:

* to hide physically impossible statements by scientifically sounding complicated mathematics.

* to do fake- verification of physical impossible theories by cyclical fallacies: theories are transferred to mathematics and by correctly done transformations of mathematical equations you will get the physically impossible results of the theory. Then it is stated: as the mathematical transformations are correct, then the theory is correct.

As the universe is ruled by two simple mathematical formulas (=Weltformel), complicated formulas in scientific papers are a clear indication of a physical impossible theory.




A9.5 Mathematics proves non- existing elliptical orbits



For an ellipse there are fixed mathematical requirements. By observations the knowledge should have been gained that nearly no orbit is elliptical.

The problem is the measurement because spherical orbits appear to be exactly elliptical when the orbit is not observed rectangular to orbital movement which is mostly the case. But this is well known and can be taken into account by making a claim.




G6.6 No valid Laws for orbital Movements



It is impossible to perform valid calculations when you don’t understand, what is calculated. As the various concentrations of omnipresent matter are unknown a calculation does not make sense, because the results are meaningless. Very unscientific is that the wrong formulas of the first observers like Keppler have not been corrected. For first observations the derived formulas were an outstanding performance, but the observation capabilities have increased immensely. Also Newton’s law of gravitation have been falsified meanwhile by improved observations. It is normality that by improved observation former statements have to be revised.

Some physicists like Albert Einstein got famous by formulas which have no scientific basis at all. Einstein “corrected” the formula for calculation of precession movement of mercury to the “known value”.




G6.7 Orbits are not influenced by other Planets



It is known that all orbital movements are determined by gravitation. In our sun system gravitation is caused exclusively by sun. But the sun exerts a stable gravitational force. Thus there must be other explanations why orbits are not elliptical (current theory) or why orbits are not circular, which has to be the case for stable gravitation.

Currently there is the theory that orbital movements are influenced by other planets. Such an influence would be easily observable by different distances. As there is not any observable influence this theory is falsified and has to be eliminated.

Another falsification of this theory is that the influence would not lead to the observed periodic orbit changes. There would be nearly chaotic movements if any orbit is influenced by other orbiting celestial bodies. There is not any observation for this.

Another theory is that flattening of stars causes deviations of orbits. Also for this theory there is no verification.




G6.8 The only Explanation of non-circular Orbits



SURe is that kinetic energy of an orbiting celestial body has to be stable. At least at start of an orbit the kinetic energy has to be the same as at the end. Otherwise the orbit would steadily change to a wider orbit when the kinetic energy decreases or would convert steadily to a tighter orbit when the kinetic energy increases. This will end either to a free moving celestial body or to a collision.

As the kinetic energy of the orbiting celestial body has to be stable, the gravitational force has to change. SURe has shown that stars and black holes have mechanism so that exerted gravitational force stays constant. This is conform to observations.

Thus there is only one scientific explanation left:

Explanation: The experienced gravitational force of the orbiting body changes during one orbit so that it is the same at the start and the end of an orbit.

As gravitational force depends on concentration gradient there must be different concentrations which are at specific locations during orbital movement.

Gravitation which is not directly exerted by celestial bodies and is not directed to the center of celestial bodies is called by SURe – New Physics “irregular gravitation”.




G7 Irregular Gravitation proves SURe – New Physics



G7.1 Explanation of Irregular Gravitation by orbiting




For above conclusion it has to be explained where there are concentration variations of omnipresent photons during an orbit.

First it has to be explained why these positions of different concentrations are stable: By high concentrations of bondings there are increased bindings of photons and by increased bindings of photons there are increased concentrations of bondings. By both facts there are relative little tendencies that different concentrations balance out. This means concentration differences are very stable although there are permanent bonding and decay reactions.

The high concentrated areas of omnipresent photons are in addition determined by stability of bondings. Bonded structures of photons have a high stability when the bondings have same direction, because by this the vibrations of bondings can have higher energies before these break.


This results to following:

In the direct surroundings of a celestial body the concentration is so high that bondings are built to all directions which means spherical around the celestial body.

By less concentration of omnipresent photons because of increased distance to the celestial body two dimensional structures are built because of the higher stability. Thus a flat plane of increased concentration is generated. Such a plane is the plane of the sun system. By Fundamental Laws of Nature (Weltformel) celestial bodies prefer to orbit in this plane. This is the explanation celestial bodies are often moving in a plane. But this is not always the case. Often these cross the plane of sun system or have different distances to this.


Comment: Gravitation is determined by concentration gradient and not by concentration.

But there is a high probability that the concentration of omnipresent photons influence the velocities of bodies directly. This means that the velocity is reduced by increasing density of omnipresent photons.

As linear structures are more stable as plane structures particular in areas with low concentration of omnipresent photons linear structures are preferred. These explain for example the spiral arms of galaxies and the linear structures between galaxies, which are called the galactic net.


As already mentioned the high concentrated areas are relative stable although each single bonding is very unstable. Bindings and decays are determined by “Weltformel”: Particles do as many bindings as allowed by stability of bondings. A bonding breaks when the bonding vibrations exceed there maximal amplitude of overlapping. Each new binding increases the average of vibrations.



G7.2 First Explanation of Orbit of Earth



The orbit of earth is nearly circular. The observed focus is slightly shifted compared to the focus of a cyclic orbit. Around January 4 the northern part of earth has a point of nearest approach to sun, which is called perihelion.

Around July 4 is the point of largest distance to the sun, which is called aphelion.

Both points are at the same time the points with most deviation from average velocity. This shows that the deviations from circular orbit is a result of varying velocities. This occurs partly by penetration effect without change of kinetic energy but in addition by varying concentration gradient which influences also kinetic energy. The magnitude of both effects is not known because the concentrations and the concentration gradient is not known. Thus mathematical calculations are impossible.

The orbit of earth is nearly a circle, because it nearly follows the plane of the sun system with a minimal angle of ecliptic. In January the plane of sun system exerts a small additional gravitation by the high concentrated omnipresent photons. By the higher gravitation the orbit velocity is a bit increased. In July it is the other way round: gravitation is a bit lower by a reduction of the normal gravitation and thus the velocity is increased.




G7.3 First Explanation of Prehelion Precession of Mercury



Mercury is the planet with the highest angle of orbit to the plane of sun system. By this mercury has to traverse the complete plane of the sun system with the high concentration of omnipresent photons. Therefore mercury is affected by the strongest effects of irregular gravitation, which causes the high eccentricity of the orbit. The effectst are enhanced by low distance to sun because of the basically high concentration of emitted omnipresent photons from sun.

An explanation for the precession movement of the perihelion is with high probability a reduction of velocity by the high concentation of omnipresent photons during movement near to sun.

Detailed explanations of orbit can be done by evaluation of various velocity data.





G7.4 Current Explanations of Tides are a Farce



Physicists should well know that current explanations are physically impossible and thus they should admit that there are no scientific explanations. Scientific acting is to recognize this and admit that by current physics this can‘t be explained. Anti-scientific acting is to tell to people physically impossible explanations.

Tides cannot be explained by the gravitation of the moon because following:

* The moon does not exert gravitation to the earth and thus a flood (see next chapter).

* Also the side of earth which do not face the moon experiences a flood.

* The gravitation of sun is much stronger and there is not any flood generation by sun.

* Although there is no flood effect by sun alone, there is a stronger flood when in addition to moon also the sun faces the flood.

All observations which falsify current physics, prove the scientific universal reality of SURe – New Physics




G7.5 First and only Explanations of Tides



Tides are caused by irregular gravitation. Also the rotation of moon around the earth generates a plane of increased concentration of omnipresent photons by a bound plane structure around the earth up to the circling moon. Thus there is an irregular gravitation in direction to this plane. The irregular gravitation causes that the sea -water flows to the direction of the plane from both sides beyond this plane.

The plane of sun system is so broad that the earth completely do self rotation in this area and there is no effect of irregular gravitation by by self rotation of earth. But when position of moon is line with sun the additional thin plane between earth – moon will generate a stronger concentration gradient and thus a stronger irregular gravitation (here stronger tide).




G7.6 Moon gravitation has no impact on Earth



Currently there is a theory that moon and earth orbit around a common focus and that this causes a wobbling movement of the earth, which participates in generation of tides on earth. But it is impossible that the moon has an impact on earth. Forces are always added to a final force and this well known physical rule is valid for the value and the direction of force.

A10.7 The absurd theory of a double Star System

According to current theory there are lots of double star systems, which generate a common center of mass and that both stars rotate around this center of mass.

A center of mass is just a mathematical term, which is virtual point of a mass, but not a real mass. Nothing, what is no reality can exert forces. That is occultism, magics and is based on physically impossible science fiction. A center of mass would exclusively physically exist when there is a solid bridge between the rotating stars.

It would be possible to explain this by SURe – New Physics, because a bonding between near stars by a photon structure does exist. So I would be glad when a common center of mass would exist, because this would be a strong verification of this bound bridge of photons. But it is also reality that these bondings are not strong enough to resist the strong forces by rotation. Commonly rotating objects are generally physically impossible. Of course these never have been observed. When two neighboured stars are seen in space there is just the illusion of being neighbored. In reality these have different distances to the earth.

There are other falsifications of orbits of two celestial bodies around each other:

* It would not be possible that such a system does a common orbit around a black hole or other mass center.

* If earth would wobble by gravitation of moon this movement would be clearly seen by observation of stars. It is well known that any movement of the earth can be detected by “deflection of starlight” Although this is well known, there is no scientific explanation for this phenomenon (explained later).




G7.7 The real Bridge to the Moon



The bridge of bound photons from earth to the moon is physical reality and causes a well known effect which everyone can see by observing the moon: The bondings of the bridge of photons to the moon stopped the self rotation of the moon relative to earth. This is the explanation for the fact, that we see always the same side of the moon.




G7.8 And the Bondings of Bridge to Earth?



The bondings of the photon bridge to moon is relative week, therefore it has taken many years until the moon rotation wasstopped. Of course bondings are also generated to the earth. But the earth rotation has such a high energy that these get broken again.

Nevertheless these have also a measurable effect to earth rotation. This effect explains that the rotation of earth slows down so that a day gets longer. In order to correct the time, after time spans of few years the time measurement is officially corrected by a leap second.





G7.9 Newton’s wrong Formular of Gravitation



Of course at time of Newton there were very limitted data for gravitation. Therefore his formula is just a first trial to describe proportionalities of gravitation. As best guess he defined following formula for forces of attraction F between two objects with two different masses m1 and m2 and F1 and F2 as the gravitational force of the two bodies as:


F = F1 = F2 = G * ( m1 * m2) / r²


G = constant of gravitation and r = distance between two objects


Newton looked for a formula which is generally valid. This is only possible when you have a scientific explanation for the property. As this is by far not the case there have to be measurements of the property by changing as many conditions as possible. With the data you can get a correlation under specific conditions, which are used for the formula. A formula without an explanation which is based on measurements on specific conditions, is mostly only valid for the specific conditions. This can be seen by the found different constants G by different conditions although G is defined as universal constant.

You have to use clear definitions of properties in formula. For example it is no clear, what F1 and F2 means. These can’t be the exerted forces of gravitation, as these would differ by different masses. As comment: there are two different gravitational forces: exerted gravitational force and experienced gravitational force. Correct is the multiplication of the two masses. The multiplication of two masses mostly does not make sense, and can only be explained that in this case one mass refers to the exerted gravitation and the other mass to the experienced gravitation.


The proportionality to1/r² is explained by the fact that a spherical surface reduces by 1/r². Reality is that gravitational force reduces by the gradient of spherical surface which is by 1/r. This can be verified by measurements of the increasing velocity of usual objects, by freefall- experiments or by the velocities of orbits of planets around sun.

A formula for gravitation can only be valid when one or both objects exert gravitation. The force which is measured by Cavendish experiment is an electrostatic force. Other heavy bodies like rocks and big buildings do not exert any gravitation.

A very important result of the formula of gravitation is that systems of two celestial bodies which have masses which are not extremely different do not exist, as these would end soon by a collision. There has to be a force of movement which is in average perpendicular to a real object, which exerts gravitation.