First scientific Explanation of Gravity

Updated November 11th 2023


Physics must be physically possible 

Definition of gravitational Force

How and why do omnipresent Photons interact?

 How and why do Photons generate the gravitational Force? 

Another Explanation of Gravitation by omnipresent Photons 

Why is there a Density Gradient of photons around celestial Bodies? 

How can the Gradient of Photons can be observed? 

First scientific Explanation of gravitational Lense Effect 

Exclusively celestial Bodies can exert gravitational Forces 

Gravitation in spiral Galaxies falsifies current Theories of Gravitation


Physics must be physically possible


The basic law of physics is that all statements of physics must be physically possible.

In current physics there are two theories of gravitation, which are completely different. This is already a contradiction, which is physical impassible. The mostly used theory is the statement that gravitation is caused by attraction of mass. This statement is physical impossible because attractive and also repulsive forces which work without direct contact of matter are physically impossible. The second theory is based on the statement of Albert Einstein that time and local dimensions are variable. This is absurd as there would not be any physical rule or formula which works with time or length, thus most of physics would be obsolete.

Every action in universe occurs by collisions of concrete objects like particles or bodies. Forces cannot be exerted to objects without collisions or direct contact.

All interactions in universe can and have to be explained by the three fundamental laws of nature, which are based on classical rules of mechanics:

1. Matter and energy was generated out of nothing (ground state). (The only possibility is by generation of pairs of contrary rotating spin energies)

2. The only force in universe is that matter and energy achieves the ground state. (Physical possible is just to achieve minimal spin energy).

3. During all interactions in universe the total energy stays permanently constant. (total energy = sum of spin energies plus sum of vibration energies of bonded spin energies)



Definition of gravitational Force


All definitions of physical phenomenons have to be conform to fundamental laws of nature


First scientific definition of a force:

A force is the potential of an object to transfer kinetic energy to another object.


First scientific definition of gravitational force:

Gravitational force is the potential of omnipresent photons to transfer kinetic energy to an object.



How and why do omnipresent Photons interact?


Omnipresent photons fill the complete space in universe, including the “free space” between atoms. Because of the extreme high stability of photons far over 99 % of all particles in universe are photons and their adducts.

The density of omnipresent photons reduce by distance to celestial bodies (explained later). According to the most important fundamental law of nature there is one fundamental force which cause all other forces:

Colliding (or touching) objects are forced to accelerate to the position, where these have lowest spin energies.

There is exclusively one possibility to reduce spin energies: To overlap contrary rotating spin energies. This often leads to a stable average postion of two partices, which is equivalent to a bonding.


The four possible interactions in universe:

Basic: All interactions require a collision of two particles to activate the interaction. 


1. Bonding is one of the four possible interactions of photons and other particles. By the building of a bonding, the total spin energies of bonded electrons reduce, which is the endeavor of all matter and the only force in universe. This endeavor is the most important natural law in universe, which drives all interactions in universe, has not been recognized till now.

Explanations: Spin energies are equivalent to electrons. Overlapping position of spin energies is equivalent to bonded electrons. Everything in universe consists of bonded electrons. This is conform to the most important knowledge which physicists achieved by collision experiments. All bound electrons can do further bondings, because each electron has three bonding options, which are in a plane with equal angles (=60 degrees).


Bonding of particles induces following effect: The vibration energy of the new bonding gets to the average vibration energy of all particles including the direction of vibration. 


Overall the endeavor of getting lowest spin energies would mean that particles do as many bondings as possible. But the possibility is restricted by following interaction:


2. Split of bonding. This cccurs, because collisions increase the bonding vibration. When the vibration exceeds the maximum vibration the bonding breaks. The vibration energy of bonding causes that by a break with a split of particles the two parts of particles are emitted in opposite directions.

Overall zhe vibration enery of bonding is transferred tokinetic enegy of emitted particles.


3. Reflection. This occurs when by the overlay of particles the spin energy increases so that the two particles are directly emitted again withoiu bonding. 


4. Penetration. This occurs when the particles have a very high collision energy so that overlay is not stopped by the position of minimal spin energy, so that the particle just get through the other particle. 

This however also causes that the particles are accelerated a short step to the position of smallest spin energies.Thus this is amother cause for deflections. 



How and why do Photons generate the gravitational Force?



The density of omnipresent photons increases by decreasing distance to earth surface (explained later).

Nearly everywhere around the earth there are billions of omnipresent photons which collide to objects. Many collision energies are so strong that photons penetrate through matter. This causes the effect that objects are accellerated to minimal spin energies which are the regions of higher density, which means towards the ground. 


Thus gravitational force depends on the gradient of density of omnipresent photons. If there is no relevant density gradient there is no gravitational force, which means all objects are weightless.

For acceleration of an object all vibration energies of the object have to be inceased. This is the explanation for the fact that acceleration is proportional to the number of bondings of an object, which represents the mass of an object.   Overall this leads to the first scientific explanation that gravitation is proportional to mass. As acceleration of an object is reverse proportional to its mass this results to the first scientific explanation that every object needs the same time to be accelerated by gravitational force to the ground independently from mass and shape. As there are no other scientific explanation than by fundamental laws, this verifies the fundamental laws of Scientific Universal Reality (SURe New Physics).



Another Explanation of Gravitation by omnipresent Photons


There is a second mechanism, which works by "bondings - averaging of vibration energies - decays" and  causes most other observed accelerations.  But for this mechanism there are two requirements, which are not very likely for gravitational acceleration. :

1. The collision energies to omnipresent photons have to be relative small and

2. There has to be a specific density gradient of unbound omnipresent photons, which preferrably do these interactions relative to bound adducts of photons.   

Both explanation have been considered and compared since beginning of SURe- New Physics. The other explanation was preferred for many years, but now it seems that the explanation above is the relevant explanation.



Why is there a Density Gradient of Photons around celestial Bodies?


For generation of a density gradient of photons around a celestial body there has to be a permanent emission of low energetic photons out of the surface of a celestial body. This is the case for most celestial bodies. It is well known that stars emit lots of photons. But it is not known, that besides the radiated high energetic photons, there are many more low energetic photons. Currently there is a physically impossible theory for the generation of photons.

The reality is that high energetic photons are generated by decays of chains of photons in the atmosphere of sun. These, however, play no role for gravitation. But there are many more low energetic photons, which are generated in center of the sun by decay of chains of photons. These drift to the surface of sun, and are emitted there. Most of these emitted photons are merged with omnipresent photons and thus inrease the density of onipresent photons.

The chains of photons are reaction products of nuclear fusions.

Nuclear fusions do not only occur in stars but also in planets. In stony planets with heavy atoms the decay of chains of photons results to infrared photons, which is equivalent to heat. This is the first scientific explanation of the observed heat generation in earth. Current theory is that heat is generated by radioactive decays of atoms. But it is well known that radioactive decays do not generate any heat. Despite of this physicists use this unreal theory for explanation for heat generation of earth. Scientific claims which are contrary to observations are per definition antiscience.



How can the Gradient of Photons be observed?


Particles or bodies cannot be observed. All observations are due to interactions of particles or bodies. The density of omnipresent photons can for example be observed by the fact, that a decreasing density of photons increase the propagation speeds of photons (speed of light). Another example is the reduction of run times of atomic clocks by increasing density of photons. Increasing density means increasing collisions of omnipresent photons to an object. Also increasing velocity relative to omnipresent photons results to increasing number of collisions. This is the first scientific explanation, that there are no gravitational and kinetic time dilatations and that the reality of both theories is due to an identical classical rule of chemical reaction kinetics.




First scientific Explanation of gravitational Lense Effect


Another fact is that photons do also bondings to each other. Bondings have the highest stability, when the vibration is in the direction of the bonding. Therefore bondings, which are linear are strongly preferred in a particle. Therefore at high densities of photons long photon chains are generated. At low temperatures also plane honeycomb -shaped structures are very stable. Chain structures and planar honeycomb structures have the characteristics to deflect particles including radiated photons. Especially between high density and low density there is a huge layer of parallel photon chains. These cause deflections like for chains of glass molecules on the surface of glass bodies. Thus there are deflections around celestial bodies which are equivalent to deflections of glass bodies.

Thus chains of photons are observed as the so called gravitational lens effect.




Exclusively celestial Bodies can exert gravitational Forces


As exclusively celestial bodies can emit excess numbers of photons only celestial bodies exert gravitational force, whereas this is not possible for other bodies. Similar forces, which are observed for small bodies are caused by magnetic forces, which means by reduction of chains of photons between bodies.

This means that the so called “gravitational collapse” of a high number of bodies is physically impossible. Current theory of generation of stars is no reality. Celestial bodies are generated by cristallisation by freezing of particles, which means the usual bonding effect by fundamental natural law of the force to reduce spin energies.

The gravitational force of a celestial body like a planet ends after a specific distance to surface. Beyond this distance the gravitational force is determine exclusively by the celestial body with the higher emission rate, which is the sun or the black hole. This means that it is nearly impossible that planets have a gravitational influence on other planets and that stars have on gravitational influence on other stars. Double star systems which means two stars which do orbital movements around a common center are physically impossible.

Normal orbital movements are circular and not elliptical. The explanation of current physics of elliptical orbital movements have no scientific basis.



Gravitation in spiral Galaxies falsifies current Theories of Gravitation


A theory is exclusively reality, when it is conform to all observations. Current theories of gravitation are not conform to the observed gravitational forces in spiral galaxies. These can be determined by the orbital velocities of celestial bodies around the black hole of the galaxy.

The observed finding for the sun system is, that the gravitational force reduces with distance of planets to sun. Therefore the velocities of planets increase by decreasing distance to sun.

In galaxies this is nearly the other way round: Near black hole the first celestial bodies are in the galactic bulge which have very small orbital velocities. Beyond the galactic bulge the orbital velocities rapidly increase until these stay nearly stable. Concerning gravitation this means that near the black hole there is no gravitation at all, in the galactic bulge the gravitation is small and beyond to outer spheres the gravitation quickly increases until it reduces again.

It is antiscience that physicists state that on surface of black holes there is an extreme high gravitational force although they observe that there is no gravitational force.

Scientific universal Reality – New Physics can explain all observations in galaxies by same laws which explain the different behavior in sun systems. This is presented on Youtube in Cosmos- playlist.


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