E. Basics of Energy 

E.0 Physical Research is at the very Beginning of Research 

E1.1 Basics of Forces 

E.1.2 The only four possible Interactions in Universe 

E.1.3 The only possibility to generate usable Energy 

E1.4 The first Explanations of Matter and Bondings 

E1.5 The fundamental Force, which cause all Interactions in Universe 

E1.6 The first Explanation of Vibrations of Particles 

E1.7 The Origin of Movement 

E1.8 Wrong Formula for kinetic Energy

 E1.9 Charges are no Physics 


E1.10 The Reason for desastrous Situation of Physics 

E2 Basics of Magnetism 

E2.1. What is a Force Field? 

E.2.2 Mechanism for Acceleration by magnetic Force Field 

E2.3 Requirements of Objects to interact with Force Fields 

E2.4 Meaningless Properties 

E2.5 Generation of magnetic Fields by magnetic Poles 

E2.6 Attraction and Repulsion between Magnets 

E2.7 Generation of magnetic Fields (electric Fields) by electrical Currents 

E2.9 Additional magnetic Field Lines (Helmholtz Coil) 

E2.10 Explanation of electric Motor 

E2.11 Explanation of Generator 

E2.12 The basic Errors of Lorentz Force

E2.13 The unbelievable Error of 3- Finger- Rule

E3 Experiments concerning Magnetism 

E3.1 Teltron Deflection Tube (Fadenstrahlrohr)

E3.2 First Explanation of spiral Deflection




E. Basics of Energy


E.0 Physical Research is at the very Beginning of Research



Tasks for physical research are

1. Do natural and experimental observations.

2. Describe the observation without interpretations.

3. Propose physical laws by theories.

4. Search for contradictions of theories to other observations.

5. Correct or propose new theory with less contradictions

6. Repeat 1.-5. until there are no contradictions. The final physical laws are laws of Nature, which describe and explain physical interactions by reality.

7. Develop new technologies based on fundamental Physics

Status of current physics: Just 1 and 3 has been done.

Status of Scientific Universal Reality of New Physics: The process of 1-6. (=”Scientific Method”) has been completed. By this all physical phenomenons are completely understood.

Future: Based on the fundamental natural laws of SURe-New Physics an incredible number of new technologies can be developed.




E1.1 Basics of Forces



All forces are impacts of kinetic energy of objects, which are mostly particles.

Forces and kinetic energies of objects are equivalent.

Both are relative and vectorial.

By the equivalence of forces and kinetic energy of objects forces are well explainable by Physics. Only by using kinetic energies instead of forces all interactions in universe can be scientifically explained.

Currently nearly all descriptions of forces have nothing to do with natural science but with magic and sorcery. Every observation, for which physicists have found no explanation they assigned just a expression for a new magic force. There was not any intention to do physical research to convert the magic to physics.

Thus nearly all physical observations are described by spooky actions of phantoms.


The most important requirement of forces is, that there are no forces without collisions of objects. By collision the kinetic energy of one object can be transferred to another object. All observations refer to transfers of kinetic energies of objects. A more scientific expression for kinetic energy would be collision energy, because collision energy includes that kinetic energy is a relative property.




E.1.2 The only four possible Interactions in Universe


There are exclusively four possibilities for interactions in universe, which all occur after collisions and depend on collision energies:

1. Building of bondings between colliding particles. This occurs mostly by low collision energy. By this the colliding energy is transferred to vibration energy of new bonding. Very important: By this the new bonding gets a vibration energie, which is the average of all bondings of colliding particles. This is also valid for the direction of vibration, which determines the direction of movement of new particle.

2. Breaking of bonding. This occurs when there are strong or many collisions and by this the vibration energy goes beyond the maximal vibration. By this mostly there is a decay to two split particles. The vibration energy of the broken bonding is transferred equally (50%) to the decayed particles as kinetic energy. By this these are emitted with high kinetic energy to opposite directions of vibration direction.

3. Rebound (=reflection of colliding particles) without change of kinetic energies except direction.

4. Penetration of colliding particles, which occur when colliding energy is so strong, that the movements of colliding particles could not be stopped. There occur energy transfers from spin energy to vibration energie and vise versa, so kinetic energies of penetrated particles do not change.



E.1.3 The only possibility to generate usable Energy


Usable energy is kinetic energy, because this can be transferred to other particles. Kinetic energy can exclusively be generated by the breaking of bondings. By this the vibration energy of bonding is transferred to kinetic energy of decaying particles.

Energy generation means generation of usable energy, which is exclusively kinetic energy, which is energy of movements of free moving particles.

Kinetic energy is exclusively generated by breaking of bondings. Breaking of bondings occur when by collisions the vibration amplitude gets above an overly position. By this the bound energy of vibration is transferred to kinetic energy of decaying particles.



E1.4 The first Explanations of Matter and Bondings


The universe was generated by separation of contrary spin energies along spin axes. The contrary spin energies are equivalent to electrons and positrons. This is the only possibility that matter in universe was generated out of nothing. This occurred at the same time everywhere in universe until the universe was filled up with electrons and positrons. The spin rotations aligned after short time to same rotations, which occurred by bondings. This explains why there is very little antimatter in universe.

All bindings in Universe occur by overlapping of electrons to minimal spin energies of electrons. Overlapping position of minimal spin energy is achieved when the electrons do a partly overlapping till a bit beyond the spin axes. There are no other bondings in universe.

By bondings the spin energies were partly transferred to vibration energies of bonded electrons.

All bondings are bondings between electrons which are the only elementary particles.

Everything which is in universe is matter of bound electrons.



E1.5 The fundamental Force, which cause all Interactions in Universe


All forces are based on just one fundamental force: The force to accelerate to the position of lowest spin energies of particles by overlapping of contrary spin energies. This is a law of nature or an axiom, which is conform to all observations.

This can also be expressed by: Matter has been generated out of nothing (ground state) and since then all interactions of matter are done by a unique intention: to achieve the ground state again. 

Logical conclusion: Mankind is in universe in order to develop and build a technology, by which all matter achieves the ground state. 

Fact is that the total energy of all matter in universe is zero. (Natural law of conservation of total energy).  



E1.6 The first Explanation of Vibrations of Particles


The only physically possible vibration is a symmetric stretch vibration of bonded electrons

Vibration is due to the natural law of total energy conservation:

If an electron collides to an other electron, the electrons are accelerated to the overlay position of minimal spin energy. As the energy conservation prevents that the electrons stop their movements immediately they just slow down. When these stop, the force goes to the opposite direction so that the accelleration goes to the opposte direction. This goes on and on without any energy damping. So finally there is a symmetrical stretching vibration. All particles except single electrons do streching vibrations independently from temperature, which means also at absolute zero.

There are no other types of vibrations of free moving particles.



E1.7 The Origin of Movement


The moving direction is always the same as the direction of vibration. It can also be said that the origin of movement is vibration of bonded electrons.

Movement and kinetic energy are no properties of objects. Velocity and Kinetic energy of an object is unknown and cannot be determined. It can have all kind of values. It just gets a property when it is expressed relative to another object. The absolute value for movement is vibration energy. Kinetic energy is the difference between a vibration energy of one object to the vibration energy of another object.



E1.8 Wrong Formula for kinetic Energy


As kinetic energy is a relative property it is impossible that it can be expressed by a quadratic term.  Also all observations falsify the formula Ekin = 1/2 mv² and verify the formula is Ekin = mv.



E1.9 Charges are no Physics


Charge has been invented as an expression assigned to particles, which should help to decide which particles do bondings . Charge has nothing to do with physics. The scientific physical reality of a charged particle is: "a particle which has a preferred bonding position in its structure which often is used for  bonding to specific other particles".  The classification by plus and minus makes no sense, nearly every particle can bind to any other particle.

Actually  electrons can bind to electrons but not to positrons. The differece between matter and antimatter are opposite spin direction, which leads to equal rotations of area of collision. This would increase spin energy by which particles bounce apart instead of binding. 

In New Physics all structures of particles have been derived by reactions of particles. So it is known, which particles can bind. 

For building and breaking of bondings there are the same rules as in chemistry.

All "transformations" of particles are classical reactions. Most important rule is that the number of electrons stays stable.

No meaningful value can be assigned to "charge". Some sense would make to use the number of bonding positions for charges.



E1.10 The Reason for desastrous Situation of Physics


The disastrous situation of current physics was caused by the fact, that there was not any inducement and not any recognition for researching scientific explanations of observations and by this for finding physical reality. Therefore except some mechanics nothing in Physics is understood, mainly because matter is not understood. Even worse was that this was not communicated. It was tried to hide this by assigning sophisticated wordings and formulas to describe observations. Nearly all formulas and properties are wrong or have no meaning.

This will be shown when specific phenomenons are explained: Examples are all energies and forces.

Main requirements for physical reality is: concrete, logical, vivid, without contradiction to observations, irrefuetable.



E2 Basics of Magnetism


E2.1. What is a Force Field?


The reality of force fields are areas where kinetic energy can be generated and transferred to objects like particles, by which these are accelerated or deflected.

The only mechanism for generation of kinetic energy is the break of bondings. By this stored non-usable energy of vibration is transferred to usable kinetic energy of decayed parts of split particles. As emitted particles mostly have a specific direction of kinetic energy, the bondings of particles must be in a unique vibration direction, which requires that force fields are bound chain structures of particles.

This requirement is met by chains of photons which are generated automatically on atomic nuclei by omnipresent photons. Another possibility works by moved electrons and will be shown later.

Overall definition of force field: area of chains of bound photons or bound muons which store energy by there bondings, which can be transferred as kinetic energy to objects, by which these are accelerated or deflected to the direction of the common vibrations of photon chains.



E.2.2 Mechanism for Acceleration by magnetic Force Field


The mechanism, how magnetic force fields exert force to particles or other objects, has to be explained. It is no natural science to just define an expression like magnetic force and to say that the acceleration is explained by magnetic force. That just means that the force cannot be explained.

The physical reality of magnetic acceleration is following:

1. A particle or object collides to a bonded chain and is bound to this chain.

2. The vibration energies of all bondings are averaged, so that the new bonding nearly gets the vibration direction of the chain structure.

3 The bonded particle often gets so much vibration energy that the bonding breaks again and the bonded particle is emitted again. 

4. By this the vibration energy is transferred as kinetic energy to the particle, which interacted with the bonded chain structure. The result is an acceleration of this particle which mostly leads to new moving direction, which is alligned to the direction or equals the direction of the chain structure.


The mechanism for deflection  explains that magnetic field lines represent the direction in which particles are deflected by magnetic fields.

Magnetic fields which cause a deflection rectangular to their force lines according to the theory of Lorentz force are physically impossible and have never been observed.



E2.3 Requirements of Objects to interact with Force Fields


Major requirement for particles or objects is, that these have positions in their structures by which they can bind to the photon chain. In current physics it is said that particles must have a charge. In E9.1. it has been explained that charges are no physical reality. Physical reality of charges is to have a suitable bonding position for specific interaction by bonding.

Another requirement for particles is that these move relative to the force field. The explanation for this requirement is, that each interaction starts with a collision.



E2.4 Meaningless Properties


The most important characteristics of force fields is their strength. It is not possible to count force fields for this and determine their density. The best way is to determine their potential to generate kinetic energy. This should be measured for specific reference samples with different sizes and structures.

It does not make sense to create a separate unit for kinetic energy or force. But current unit for kinetic energy  is wrong and have to be corrected to kg * meter/second, which is according to the correct formular: Ekin = mv instead of 1/2mv², which is physically impossible.

Also the current unit for force does not make much sense. Force should be defined as maximal potential to exert kinetic energy. So force can also get the basic unit of kinetic energy. Of course the basic unit can be further specified for special applications that means to include per second or per area.   


For magnetic fields without poles, which are generated by electric currents, which means by kinetic energies of electrons, it is useful for technical applications to define the correlation between applied kinetic energies (current) to potential for generation of kinetic energies by magnetic fields versus the potential to generate kinetic energies by the generated magnetic force fields.

Other useful informations are the spatial distributions for the potential to generate kinetic enery and in addition the different magnetic interactions by different materials of magnets. 

Nearly all other magnetic properties are not meaningful or even do not exist, which is for example the case for magnetic moments of particles.

Below the possibilities for generation of magnetic fields are listed. There are no other possibilities. Particles cannot generate magnetic fields. Also spins of particles do not generate magnetic forces. Spin orientation just determines at which magnetic or electric pole a particle can bind. 

There are no free moving electrons around atoms, so these also do not generate magnetic fields. 



E2.5 Generation of magnetic Fields by magnetic Poles


As there is no explanation of magnetic fields, there is a wrong understanding of generation of magnetic fields. Movements of electrons or other “charged” materials do not generate magnetic fields. There are no moving electrons in atoms or atomic matter. Only as currents in conductor lines electrons cause generation of magnetic fields, but not by movement (see other chapter).

Magnetic fields which have magnetic poles are created by the magnetic poles. Mostly this is the case for ferromagnetic objects. As soon as in ferromagnetic objects most atoms are aligned to a main bonding direction these form dipoles. Aligned bonding direction is equivalent to aligned spin direction. That means that at the poles are billions of aligned bonding positions, which are used by omnipresent photons to do bondings to a strong rope of photons which consists of billions single photon chains which are connected to each other.

So magnetic force lines consist of ropes of photon chains. Energetically preferred are rope structures which go from one pole to the other, because the other side of photons can bind to the other site of alligned atoms.

Magnetic fields on poles are equivalent to electric fields on poles.




E2.6 Attraction and Repulsion between Magnets


Attraction: Like it is energetically preferred that the ends of ropes of photon chains bind to the other pole of the same magnetic object these prefer to bind to a contrary pol of an other magnetic object. Overall this proves that bonding of particles refers to overlapping of contrary spin rotations. Only particles with same spin orientations can bind, because in this case the touched areas have contrary spinning rotations. The strength of bondings increases and by this the overall spin energy of bondings decreases when the chain length between the two magnetic object is reduced. Therefore the photons which decay from chain are not replaced by new photons and the chain length gets shorter. (Explanation: There occur permanent buildings and breakings of photon bondings). Thus the chain length between magnetic objects gets shorter until the magnetic objects are directly bound.

Repulsion: When the ends of photon chains do not bind because of same rotation direction of touching area, both ends build additional bondings to photons, which means that the distance between magnetic objects gets longer, which appears like a repulsion.

Most important physical rule: Spooky attraction or repulsion over empty space is physically not possible.




E2.7 Generation of magnetic Fields (electric Fields) by electrical Currents


“Magnetic fields” by electric currents are quite different as these are bound rod-like structures of photons without magnetic poles. These surround the conductor lines. To differentiate from fields with poles these should be be called electrical fields.

Mechanism of generation: the electrons (e) of an electric current in an electrical conductor, collide to photons (4e) of chains between atoms. By this photons react to pions (5e). These are not very stable. A pion quickly decays to a muon (3e) and an electron pair (2e). Both are emitted out of the conductor line. The electron pairs have relative high energies so that these do not combine and are usable for data transfer. The muons have lower energies and bind after some time to bound rod-like structures. These structures are not stable and decay after some time to photons. This without continuously generation of new bonded structures out of emitted photons the potential to generate force gets lost.




E2.8 Generation of magnetic Fields by electric Coils 



All overlapping force vectors generated by single conductor lines have to be added to get the resulting magnetic field linesof electric coils. This again shows the important rule to add vectors of different forces, which was omitted by deriving the Lorentz force. This error clearly explains, why Lorentz force is a non-real theory.

The resulting magnetic lines are shown in picture below.

By the coil the magnetic field within the coil is getting nearly linear and rectangular to the conductor circles.

If there is an iron bar in this space the magnetic field in air induces a magnetic field in the iron bar. By this the magnetic field without poles in air get to a bipolar magnetic field in iron, which is stronger.



E2.9 Additional magnetic Field Lines (Helmholtz Coil)


Magnetic field of powered conductor line

It is well known that a conductor line under power generates circled magnetic fields around the conductor. This can be observed by iron filings on a sheet of paper, and a vertical conductor going through this sheet.

It has already been mentioned that magnetic lines generated by powered conductor consists of bound structures of muons (= 3 bound electrons) which are emitted out of the conductor. As the muons are emitted at each position of the line and muons can bind in several directions muons bind also in direction of the conductor line. The linear bondings are even more stable than the circled ones. Overall a conductor is surrounded by several layers of tubular structures, which have most bondings in direction to the couse of the conductor line.  Between the tubular layers are no bondings, which is verified by the rings without iron filings. The rings with iron filings show the tubular layers. 


Magnetic field by powered electric coils

In electric coils with small diameter the field lines along the conductor can't be generated, because of the strong curvature. The strongest magnetic force lines go through the coil.

But in coils with relative large diameter these are significant. In the attachment this is shown by a compass.


Magnetic fields by Helmholtz coils

Helmholtz coils are two coils with a relative large diameter which are parallel arranged in a distance which equals the diameter. The emitted muons by the two coils build inbetween the coils very stable tubular layers which go from one coil to the other. Magnetic force lines (bondings) are generated as well from one coil to the other as circular bonding lines in course of the tubular layers.

When a beam of electrons are accelerated into region between the coils these are deflected in a circle, for which the diameter is influensef by speed of electrons and magnetic strength.

This has been shown by the experiment of the Teltron Deflection Tube /seeE3.1).




E2.10 Explanation of electric Motor


An electric motor by DC voltage runs with a fixed dipole coil and a dipole coil with alternating poles. The change of dipoles is done when contrary magnetic poles have approached after a semicircle so that for the next semicircle there is again a force of apparent attraction by contrary magnetic poles.

All movements of “attraction” are done along magnetic force lines between contrary poles. There are no forces which are rectangular to force field lines. So an electric motor also falsifies Lorentz force.

It has to be emphasized that there is no spooky force over empty space, also forces of attraction or repulsion are done by collisions of particles. In this case the collisions are done by omnipresent photons to photon chains. This explains why two magnets are attracted even if these don’t move.



E2.11 Explanation of Generator


The force for the acceleration of electrons is generated by movements of magnetic objects. By the movement of magnetic objects also the magnetic field lines are moving so that the chains of photons collide to electrons. By this the same mechanism is induced as for acceleration/deflection of particles, which in this case are just electrons.



E2.12 The basic Errors of Lorentz Force


Lorentz force is a theory which has been proposed, because specific observations have been erroneously interpreted. The observations were mostly experiments, where a normal magnetic field interacted with a circular magnetic field generated by a powered conductor line.  The severe errors are due to generally known physical rules:

1. The magnetic field of the powered conductor was not taken into account.

2. It was not recognized that when several forces impact a movement, the overall force i given be vectorial addition of all forces.

3. The Lorentz force has been verified by the requirement that it is reality.

This is a typical circular fallacy. For Lorentz force this was very clear and obvious. It is well known in research to be very careful, so that verifications by circular fallacies are not made.


But the worst thing in physics is, that theories are generally protected against criticism and of course elimination. 

Thus nearly all scientists in the world  believe in Lorentz force although each observation concerning forces by magnets show that directions of accelerations are done by magnetic or electric fields which exert forces in the direction of acceleration. It is an absurd thinking that an acceleration is done rectangular to the exerted force. 


It has to be highly recognized that engineers mostly didn't follow the Lorentz theory. Thousands of technologies like electric motors or all other accelerated movements of objects  are working by magnets. But in all these the engineers build the magnets in a way that the force is exerted in the same direction as the accelerated object. Thus hundreds of technologies falsify the Lorentz force. 



E2.13 The unbelievable Error of 3- Finger- Rule


In addition to Lorentz force there is a rule that the direction of movement determines the direction of force.

This means when the direction of movement of an object (mostly particle) changes then also the direction of exerted magnetic force to the object changes. The direction of movement causes that the force is rectangular to the movement. By this "rule" the observed circular deflections in a magnetic field of electrons are explained. 

Till now the thinking of physicist concerning cause and effect was the other way round: The direction of force causes a change of movement of an object, which is conform to all obsevations. 

But in physics theories give informations how the universe works and not observations. So all physicist in the world believe that a changed direction of an object causes a change of force direction exerted to the object.  




E3 Experiments concerning Magnetism


E3.1 Teltron Deflection Tube (Fadenstrahlrohr)


The Teltron deflection tube works with a Helmholtz coil (see E2.9).

For the circular deflection of the electrons, which occur by the Teltron deflection tube, there are two possibilities:

1. Force towards center

1. There is a constant force to the center, which has to be exerted at all positions of the circle on the deflected electrons

This is not possible as there is not any force to the center. It would be possible if there would be a magnetic or electric pole at the center to all directions. But a pole exerts forces just to one main direction and not to all directions and poles always consist of atomic matter. Thus a force to the center can be excluded.

In addition the exerted force has to be equal to the kinetic energy of an “orbiting” electron. Due to the low mass of an electron the force must be very low, which is not the case. In many cases emitted electrons are directly deflected to the direction of bonding vibration.


Current theory of Lorentz force:

The observed deflection of electrons to the center are done by Lorentz force. This means that the direction of acceleration of objects is the result of a force which is exerted rectangular to the direction of acceleration. This absurd theory contradicts all observations and of course all logic thinking of mankind. Nevertheless nearly all physicists on earth believe in this physically impossible theory instead of concrete observations. Scientific physical reality is that the direction of exerting forces on an object will cause an acceleration of the object to the same direction as the force.


Current theory of “three finger rule”

This states that the velocity of an object in a magnetic field determines the direction of force exerted by the magnetic field. If the direction of velocity changes, there is a change of the direction of the magnetic force, so that this is always perpendicular to the direction of velocity. This is extreme far away from physics. It is an absurd thinking about cause and effect: Scientific physical reality (SURe) is that a direction of movement can be changed by a force, physical nonsense is that given direction of a force can be changed by a change of movement direction.



2. The second possibility for circled deflections is, that at all positions of the circle a force to direction of the course of the circle is exerted.

Generation of forces is always done by breaking of a bonding. The explanation for this rule is that vibration energy of bonding is transferred to kinetic energy of the split particles, so that these are accelerated (emitted) in bonding direction. That means there have to be bondings of matter in a circle. This is the case and can be explained by the circular magnetic field lines generated by Helmholtz coil. The Scientific universal reality of magnetic force lines are structures of bonded photons or bonded muons. The Hemholtz coil generates tubular bonded structures in many layers between the coils.



The deflection occurs tangential to the tubular structures. 

This statement led to a "veto" of a follower with the detected inconsisteny that by tangential deflection the electrons will go out of the circle. So this was modified. This is an example for the fact, that physical research is not possible without a careful control by searching for inconsistencies.

The correction was: The interactions of deflection occur at the inner surface of the structure, so that by the tangential deflection the electrons will stay in the tubular layer.

Later I myself have found an inconsistency: When the angle of collision is very small, the electron will not reach a position where it can do bondings, which is the first step for deflection. This is particularly the case for electrons because of their low mass.

So there is a further correction:

An electron does first do deflections as long as collision angle is large enough to do a bonding followed by emission. After this the deflection interaction turns to a reflection. Corresponding changes of interactions depending on angle of collision is also known for other observations like radiated photons on surface of glass. 



E3.2 First Explanation of spiral Deflection 


Analyses of colliding experiments often are done by special chambers which look to the decaying particles and their deflections by magnets. At least for electrons spiral movements are observed.

It is very strange that there is no research to get more informations about this unique phenomenon.

Also for the experiment of electron beams by Teltron tube these movements can be observed by turning the emission direction of the electrons. But physicist don't report that their theories of rectangular relations don't work anymore. Also deflection by bonding-decay-mechanism is not possible. The only possible explanation is that there are reflections on the circled area of tubular layers. This is conform to the extreme tight bondings of electrons of the tubular layers, which have not any bonding option at the surface.



Photo of compass, which shows the two different magnetic force fields of a coil.

The compass-needle goes to the sum of both field directions:

Because of form of coil

1. a weak force by force field line, which goes through the coil windings.

2. a stronger force by force field line parallel to conductor.


Below picture by  Von Zátonyi Sándor, (ifj.) Fizped - Eigenes Werk, CC BY-SA 3.0,