About Author




 Background of research activities of main author (O.Vogel)


1983-1985 Doctorate in Physical Chemistry / kinetics (reaction mechanisms) 

1985-1986  Scientific Consultant for waste water cleaning

1985-1987 Postdoctorial research about kinetics (University in GB).

1987-2014 Analytical Research and Process Research Chemist at a corporation with over 50,000  employees.

1988  Starting Physics as hobby 

2014  Termination of job because of severe health problems. 

2017  Publishing of e-book "Theory of Everything", later eliminated because of non-conformities to observations.

2018  Discovery of Universal Laws of Nature (Weltformel) *)

2018- 2022 Validation of Weltformel by applying it on about 500 natural and experimental  observations in all areas of physics. *)

2019  Start documentations of new explanations of Physics on homepage, which was called New Physics/ SURe (Scientific Universal Reality).*)

2020  Presentation of parts of New Physics via YouTube, Kanal "Physik ohne Widersprüche".

2023  Review of major parts of documentations on www.new-physics.org.


*) significantly supported by J.Vogel