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7.0 Basics of NEW PHYSIC








7.1.4 1905: A simple error CHANGED PHYSICS TO ANTISCIENCE:

7.1.5 Explanation of the ERROR OF THEORY OF RELATIVITY!




7.1.9 DOPPLER EFFECT of light



7.2.2 Einstein's Error concerning aether impeded DISCOVERY OF OMNIPRESENT PHOTONS

7.2.3 MICHELSEN-MORLEY Experiment

7.2.4 Prove of Aether Wind by EXPERIMENTS OF MILLER


7.2.6 Prove of New Physics by EXPERIMENTS OF ESCLANGON

7.2.7. MICHELSON-GALE- Experiment verifies Esclangon Experiment

7.2.8 SAGNAC-Effect

7.2.9 Prove of Aether wind by COSMIC MICROWAVE BACKGROUND

7.2.10 The Fake of falsification of aether wind by OPTICAL RESONATORS


7.3.2 POUND-REBKA-Experiment

7.3.3 IVES-STILWELL-Experiment

7.3.4 MÖSSBAUR-ROTOR-Experiment

7.3.5 HAFELE-KEATING-Experiment (Apparent kinematic Time Dilation)

7.3.6 HAFELE-KEATING-Experiment (Apparent gravimetric Time Dilatation)

7.4. Other EFFECTS


7.4.2 Light in Ordinary Matter

7.4.3 FIZEAU-Experiment

7.4.4 Increase of LIFE-TIMES OF MUONS by velocity









7.5.8 SHAPIRO DELAY of Light

7.5.9 Gravitational REDSHIFT

7.5.10 The PERIHELION PRECESSION of Mercury 

7.5.11 Lense Thirring Effect / Gravity Probe B









Einstein publicized in 1905 “Zur Elektrodynamik bewegter Körper”, which is known as theory of special relativity. By careful studying this publication every scientist will realize that Einstein did a basic error, which caused that not any conclusion of theory is reality. It is due to an erroneous understanding of the postulates which are the basis for his theory. Einstein assumed two postulates which he defined on page 895 under §2:

* Postulate No 1 is that the principle of relativity is universal valid.

* Postulate No.2 is that the propagation speed of light in vacuum is independent from source of light.

Both claimed postulates are no postulates, because postulates are defined as statements which can’t be explained. But these postulates can be explained like all phenomenons by the two postulates of New  Physics, which are the fundamental universal principles of New Physics. This means Eunstein's postulates are reality.

Both real statements ´, however, have been erroneous interpreted by Einstein, and his interpretations are physical impossible.

* Principle of relativity according to law of nature is: Every physical property is the same for every observer, this includes the propagation speed of light in vacuum FOR a moving observer.

* Principle of relativity according to erroneous interpretation by Einstein is: Every physical property is the same for every observer, this includes propagation speed of light in vacuum TO a moving observer.

Einstein’s interpretation of principle of relativity is contradictory and paradox to the constant light velocity, because when light velocity is constant to every movement of an observer it can’t be constant. Einstein realized that his postulates are contradictory therefore he proved these by mathematics. But as he used the same erroneous postulates for his mathematically correct transformations the mathematics proved conformity which is a typical circular fallacy.

His theory can also be expressed as follows: As an observer sometimes is not aware that he moves, the observer thinks that he does not move although he moves relative to an oberved interaction. He thinks for example in a moving train, that a flash of light in the middle of the train arrives at the same time at the end and at the front of the train. This thinking is erroneous because it takes not into account that the travel-paths of light beams to the front increases by the additional travel path by the movement of the train to same direction and that the travel path of light is reduced to the end by the travel path of the train towards the light flash. According to Einstein the observer thinks instead of the logic reality of changed travel paths, that the front half of the train has expanded and the rear half of the train has shrunk. In addition he thinks that the time span of a second expanded in the front half of the train and the time span of a second shrunk in the rear half of the train.

Although this is undoubtedly physically absurd which means impossible, Einstein claimed that this is reality, because he proved this by mathematics. But again he did a circular fallacy because he used the erroneous thinking for his mathematical calculations. It is a general severe error of current physics that by doing correct mathematics, a formula, which is physical nonsense, can be transformed to formulas which are physical reality. Overall the theory of relativity can be summarized as theory that alone by mind of people the structure of bodies and time spans can be expanded or be shrunk. This is obvious antiscience.

To work out a theory which later proved to include an error so that it is physically impossible is normality in scientific research. So Einstein is still a great physicist. But by regarding a theory as reality, although there is a lot of additional knowledge by new experiments with improved technology which showed lots of contradictions, physics lost the criteria to be a natural science.

More than 90% of the research work of New Physics was to prove own theories if there are contradictions to additional observations which mostly lead to the elimination of the theory and an improved theory. Since more than three years no major contradictory could be found, so that New Physics can be called SURe (Scientific Universal Reality). New Physics proves that all apparent proves of theory of relativity are based on erroneous interpretations.



7.0 Basics of NEW PHYSIC



The so called “New Physics by SURe (Scientific Universal Reality)” has defined by generally accepted Scientific Method two fundamental laws of nature, which describe and explain everything in universe and are called universal principles. These are expressed as


1. All interactions in universe occur in a way, that the total energy remains in each moment constant.


Comments: Interactions include the generation of matter and energy from”nothing”, which leads to the conclusion that the total energy of the universe is zero.

A pair of contrary rotating spin energies are the only objects which can be generated out of nothing by separation of opposite rotating spin along their spin axes. Opposite rotating spin energies can be called electron and positron.


2. All interactions in universe occur in a way, that particles try to achieve lowest possible spin energy.


Comments: Reduction of spin energies is achieved by overlapping of opposite spin energies. This is done when two spin energies with same spin rotation collide. The state of minimum energy is achieved when the overlapping goes shortly above spin axes. Because The overlappinThis state of pertly overlapping to minimum is called bonding and leads to vibration of bonding.

These are identical by turning upside down. The conclusion is that the universe consists of electrons and The total energy is spin energy plus vibration energy of bonding





According to universal principles exclusively following interactions in universe are possible:

1. collisions of particles followed by one of these interactions:

2. building a bonding in order to reduce spin energy, by which vibration energy of bonding is generated.

Then all vibration energies of particles turn to equal harmonic vibration mode and balanced energy.

3. break of bonding when vibration energy increases above maximum vibration energy

4. penetration of particles

5. reflection of particles


The descriptions and explanations of all physical interactions by these interactions is called New Physics or Scientific Universal Reality = SURe.






Far more than 99% of all particles in universe are photons and bonded structures of photons. This is due to the extreme stable structure of a photon, which consists of four symmetrically bound electrons. Photons are also called muon-neutrinos. Most photons exist as omnipresent photons with movements in all directions. These fill the vacuum and also the space between atomic nuclei. The distance between atomic nuclei is caused by chains of bonded photons. There are no electrons around atomic nuclei. Much longer chain structures of photons are gravitational, magnetic and electric force fields. Three-dimensional bonding of photons results to structures with the highest density in universe. This is the structure of black holes.

In New Physics all structures of particles have been defined. Exclusively by structures the preferred interactions of the different particles can be explained. For example these explain the possible bondings between particles. Particles have no charges or magnetic moments. The periodic table of elements just classifies atoms with specific bondings, but does not explain this. Current model of atomic structures are far from reality with lots of contradictions.





In this chapter it is shown that Einsteins theory of Relativity is based on antiscientific assumptions of fundamental physical issues like velocity. The conclusions of this theory are so undoubtedly impossible that it is unbelievable that this theory was accepted to be reality.

New Physics proves in detail that every observation (experiment) which in current physics is claimed to be a verification of the theories of relativity has been misinterpreted and can be explained by universal interactions.




Background: Theory of relativity is based on the same unrealistic assumptions as the Lorentz Transformation. By this both theories lead to physical impossible phenomenons like time dilation and length expansion, which is described and explained in 7.1.5.

A transformation is a mathematical calculation procedure, which transfers data of locations to a different coordinate system. Lorentz also included time as forth dimension for a coordinate transformation, so that also velocities can be included. Physically it describes how physical issues change when these are observed by another observer. This includes observers who does a movement relative to the observed issue.

Physics does not need any transformations because the most important requirement for physical reality is, that it is for every observer the same which means that it has to be independent from observer. So if there is a physical theory which claims that there are different observations for different observers, then the theory is no reality and has to be revised. This is currently the case for some apparent observations of electrodynamics. It is a wrong way to create a different transformation which is based on unreality. In New Physics all descriptions of physics are the same for all observers.




Particular physical properties have to be the same for every observer. The definition of a property is that it is a well defined characterization of the state of the object. Formerly many physicists were not aware that relative properties are no properties, because these don’t characterize the state of an object. Important examples are velocity and kinetic energy. More obvious is, that distance is no property of an object. Relative properties have no meaning at all. But they can be changed to meaningful real properties by defining a reference object and mostly the reference medium. This is also important for the use of relative properties for correlations or formulae. Otherwise the formula is meaningless. Only when the reference is clear for everyone it has not to be mentioned.

For some formulae a relative property does not make sense even with a reference. This is the case for the total energy. The kinetic energy cannot be part of the total energy of an object. New physics has found out that there are definitely just two types of energy in the universe, which are part of total energy: spin energy and vibration energy of electrons. Vibration energy represents the absolute kinetic energy.

Error of Lorentz and Einstein: Both defined vacuum as reference for propagation speed of light. This is not quite correct, because later we will see that the matter in vacuum is needed as reference, but for explanations in this chapter vacuum can be regarded as reference medium.

The error was the conclusion of Lorentz and Einstein that as the propagation speed of light in vacuum is independent from the movement of source and observer it is also independent and constant to the moving source and moving observer. But that is a paradox conclusion. If the light speed is constant to a moving reference, it must be constant to all moving references, which means it is not constant and not definable anymore. The total travel path of light from source to observer is always the sum of travel path of light + travel path of source + travel path of observer. Only by the adjustment of the travel path the speed of of light remains constant. This is a logic rule and valid for all velocities (constant, depending on movement of source and observer or accelerated). Of course this reality can also be observed, for example frequencies of light which are in reality the energies of photons depend on movement of source and movement of observer, which means it correlates to the relative speed between source and observer.

Lorentz and Einstein were not aware of the logic reality. They should have noticed that the conclusions of their error were physically not possible: the time dilation and length change, which is explained in 7.1.5.





The definition in Wikipedia shows that currently basic physics has not been understood:

Any uniformly moving observer in an inertial frame cannot determine his "absolute" state of motion by a co-moving experimental arrangement”.

New Physics by SURe: Velocity or motion is no property of an object or observer and therefore cannot be determined by anyone or anything. A relative property like velocity or kinetic energy is meaningless unless an object and a medium is specified to which it refers.

Determinable is for example the motion of an object relative to aether. This has already been defined by measurement of the kinetic energy of the particles of aether, These are mainly omnipresent photons. These photons have been called 3 Kelvin-photons. A completely misleading term is Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB). Determinations of this “aether wind” can also be done by other methods like by atomic clocks. This is explained in chapter 7.2.

Einstein correctly defined in his SRT the principle of relativity as:

Physical statements are exclusively valid and real when these have a unique clear meaning for all observers independent from movement of observer.


7.1.4 1905: A simple error CHANGED PHYSICS TO ANTISCIENCE:


In 1905 Albert Einstein publicized the theory of Special Relativity. Einstein did a simple error in his theory, which is described in the next chapter.


Einstein was a perfect scientist, because his research work was based on the well known scientific method, which describes the way how to detect physical reality. The first step is to propose a theory by available experimental and natural observations. Whereas this step is mostly done in physics, the much more important next steps are seldom done: The theory has to be carefully rechecked by as many additional experiments as possible. When by this contradictions are found a new theory has to be proposed. This process has to be repeated until the theory is conform to all natural and experimental observations. If this is the case, the theory can be called universal principle or fundamental natural law.

The problem in physics was and still is to use assumptions or hypotheses in order to describe observations. A well-known example for such a biased observation is the circling of sun around the earth. Current Physics consists of hundreds of wrong descriptions of observations. The elimination of interpretations was the main task of New Physics to derive the universal principles.

Before the preliminary version of New Physics - Scientific Universal Reality has been completed there were nearly two hundred versions which still contained contradictions or errors.

This shows that unrealistic theories is a normal product of doing research.


The greatest error in of mankind is to think, that it is negative, or a poor research work, if a scientist does an error. It is the contrary. It is a clear indication for a bad research work, when there are only few contradictions which has to be eliminated by scientific modifications of theory. It is a strong indication, that the theory is not checked thoroughly for contradictions. By additional and more accurate analytical possibilities it is nearly always the case that an old theory has to be eliminate because of contradictions to new findings. Currently most modifications eliminate one contradiction, but creates several new contradictions.


Albert Einstein followed the best practice of research. He checked his SRT and when he found a contradiction he published 1911 a major modification: It is the fact that the light speed depends on gravitational force.

But meanwhile his theory was generally accepted as reality and he got a strong shit-storm from public and scientists. So he did not any follow up of his crucial modification.

This caused that for physicist did not care about contradictions of as reality accepted theories any more.


Einstein was highly acknowledged to be genius for his theory. The justification for this was, that it is particular sophisticated, to find out something which is contrary to observations. Statements which are contrary to observations is officially called antiscience. From this time on, physicists were forced to do antiscience to get a genius scientist. They still checked theories by experimental tests, but these were not properly observed but interpreted by unreal assumption, so that these were conform to the theory. Any detection of contradictions were either not published or the contradiction was accepted as physical reality. It should be known that at least one of two claims, which are contradictory, is antiscience. Einstein highly deserved of course the acknowledgment for his prove that photons are particles, but even he dared not to say that by this electromagnetic waves are disproved.


Overall not Albert Einstein or other physicists but the physical research institutions changed Physics to an antiscience by their acknowledgment criteria. By this mankind was hindered to get knowledge about the reality of the universe. About 90% of the explanations in physics is not conform to reality.


7.1.5 Explanation of the ERROR OF THEORY OF RELATIVITY!


Every physicist, who carefully has read Einsteins publication should have noticed the erroneous claim of Einstein, because he clearly described how it was derived.


Einstein based his theory on following postulations, which are reality:

* The principle of relativity which he correctly defines by: physical laws must have for every observer the same meaning. That includes observers which have different speeds.

* Propagation speed of light is constant, which means that it is independent from movement of source of light.

* Propagation speed of light is constant in a specific medium.


But then he did a wrong interpretation as well for the principle of relativity as also for the constant speed of light, which turned the real claims to the contrary, they got paradox, which means physically impossible:

* When by principle of relativity the light speed is constant for a moving observer, it is also constant to a moving observer.

* When the light speed is independent from movement of source, it is also constant to a moving source.

Both conclusions are invalid because these are paradox. The requirement or criteria for any constant speed in the universe is that it is not constant to movement of the source or to the movement of an observer. It is not allowed to mix movements from one inertial frame to another inertial frame without taking the relative movements of the inertial frames into account.

Thus for a moving observer the travel path of light from source to observer is not the same as for non-moving observer.

Reality is that by movement of observer relative to the light source, for example in same direction as the light, the travel path of light increases by the travel path of observer, so that the travel time of light takes longer. Instead of this logic reality Einsteins thinking was, that the travel path inclusive all bodies on the path expanded. In addition he claimed that the time units last longer than by non-moving observer. So the complete theory of relativity is based on a totally unrealistic interpretation of the principle of relativity. All claimed effects of time dilation and length variations have no scientific basis. As these are not real, these have never been observed. For real observations like run time changes of atomic clocks or life-time changes of muons Einsteins theory is not even applicable because there are no moving observers. According to Einstein’s theory there is no time dilation on atomic clocks and muons. So these experiments disproved SRT, but in publications it was claimed that these experiments verified SRT. This is an affront against science. were glaimed as prove of SRT.


Another problem is that according to v = s/t it is not clear which property has to be changed due to Einsteins erroneous thinking that there is a wrong velocity. According to physicists everything is possible. Space, time and velocity can be changed to lots of different values. Overall one can prove any absurd idea by special relativity as nothing is specified


So the claims about relativistic effects are definitely a result of wrong thinking of Einstein. But wrong conclusions of observations is normality in science. This occurred in New Physics lots of times before a conclusion was found, which was reality. Far more than 95% of work time for New Physics was to check own statements for contradictions and eliminating these contradictions. This is the most important task in a natural science, but was not thoroughly done in physics. Not Einstein has to be criticized but the physicists which accepted his theory without control by review.

It took a long time until physicists accepted the claims of Einstein, as these were not conform to all observations and to logical thinking. But as all people like crazy abnormal ideas of scientists, the theory got so popular, that physicists probably had not the courage to correct it by scientific claims. The chance was too high to get a personal “shit storm” by the public. Another reason for acceptance was, that only by this theory physicist could present to people apparent explanations for some observations concerning light.


Physicists did not fully agree to Einsteins theory and did a fundamental modification without mentioning that the modification is contrary to Einsteins theory. Einstein theory was derived for an observer who does a movement relative to the issues which he observes. Only by this the effects of the theory could be explained by Einstein. Physicists now state that the effects of the theory occur, when observer and observed interaction is in same reference frame. So these can’t be explained by Einsteins theory even Einsteins assumptions would be correct. As observations are always reality, physicist should have looked for valid explanations of these.

The only scientific explanation for all observed effects, which are currently apparent verification of the theories of relativity will be presented by New Physic based on two scientific principles.


Another additional claim of current physics is that the claimed effects are only relevant for large velocities. But there is no scientific reason for this, the theory should be valid for all constant speeds, like sonic waves or just a constant moving car. As velocity is a relative property it cannot be specified as large or not. Every object has extreme large velocities and at the same time extreme small velocities depending on the reference frame.


Finally by SRT there exist no reality any more because important properties are not defined and not measurable: no velocity, no space and no time. So nearly all formulas have no meaning. Physics has no meaning. That means the universe cannot be described by physics.







Another example for the same error of Einstein as described before are thoughts about propagation of light in a moving train. The historic hypothetical experiment is: A flash of light is emitted at the same time from the middle of a train to the front and to the end of the train.

The thoughts analog to theory of relativity are:

* For a person in the train the beams arrive at the same time at the front and at the end of train because he thinks that he doesn’t move.

* For a person outside the train the beams arrive at the front later than at the back, because he observes that the train is moving.


Reality is not determined by thinkings of a person. Reality is what a person surely observes. Sure observations are that there is a short flash emission of light. The starting point of flash is a fixed position in the train. During the travel time of beam the rear moves towards the flash beam, so the path of flash reduces, while the front of train moves in same direction as the light flash, by which the travel path increases. Because of the constant speed of light, the flash arrives first at the end of train and later at the front of train. This is the only reality for all observers. Thinkers can think different things beside reality. But that is antiscience instead of physics, because it is not observed.

Comment: In this example the effects on speeds by the movement of the medium in vacuum according to chapter 7.2 is not taken into account. The medium is called aether, which has been identified by New Physics to consist of low energetic photons which move in all directions (= omnipresent photons) .





A major failing of current physics is that most physical phenomenons are not at all or not scientifically explained. For example this is the case for the constant speed of photons. After finding a physical law by observations, the research has to continue to find a scientific explanation.


It is very unusual that emitted photons are independent from movement of emitting source. Nearly all objects which are released from a moving object without acceleration have the velocity of the moving object, when there is an additional acceleration the speed equals the movement of the source plus the final speed of acceleration (all velocities relative to same reference). Examples are javelin throw or shot-put. For all constant velocities, any higher speeds of the source are reduced to the constant speeds like for sonic speed caused by a jet fighter with a higher speed. So there must be a medium, even in vacuum, which cause the reduction of speed of light. Most movements which are independent from source have already been explained, like for sonic waves or the maximum constant speed of a car. The explanation for the constant propagation of light could be achieved by universal principles of New Physics. It depends on the medium in vacuum which consists of omnipresent photons.


Like all other phenomenons the constant propagation speed of beam photons is described and explained by the five possible universal interactions. Beam photons always collide to omnipresent photons.

When beam photons with low energy collide to omnipresent photons there will occur a bonding to a di-photon, also called kaon. Bonding of photons mainly occur to atoms which is also called absorption. Most beam photons have energies which have a high difference to the hit omnipresent photon. In this case the overlapping of particles can’t be stopped by spin energies, so that the overlapping leads to a complete penetration.

During penetration the speed of a beam photon is strongly reduced, which is also explainable by scientific principles. The real speed of a photon between penetrations is much faster than the propagation speed. When the speed of photons is measured than the much lower propagation speed is measured. As the number of penetrations increase by increasing real velocity of photons, the increasing real velocity is nearly exactly compensated by reduced speed of higher number of penetrations. Thus photons with strong differences in real speed have nearly the same constant propagation speed. Otherwise there would be a strong dispersion of photons with different energies just by movement.

Overall the constant propagation speed of photons refers to the medium, because as well in vacuum as in atomic matter the propagation speed is determined by the number of collisions to omnipresent photons. The number to omnipresent photons is increased by increased density and increased velocity of beam photons versus omnipresent photons. The latter is also called aether wind. Concerning aether wind the reference is zero aether wind.

In atomic matter there is a high density of omnipresent photons. This is the explanation for the lower speeds in atomic matter than in vacuum. In vacuum the concentration of omnipresent photons depends on the distance to celestial bodies, which correlates nearly to gravitational force.


Penetration has no effect on energy of photons or other particles. The impact of a photon to a reference object, which is the kinetic energy, is determined by real speed and not by propagation speed. Overall this explains that concerning energetic effects photons are particles like other particles or bodies, which have a kinetic energy that correlates to real velocity and a mass. Photons are no waves. Particle-wave dualism is not possible. Reality is unique. Contradictions are not allowed. Waves which do not consists of particles are physically impossible and have never been observed.






As photons are well observable particles and no electromagnetic waves, which are physically impossible and have never been observed, frequency is a misleading nomination, which should only be used for waves like radio waves, Frequency is currently used to express the kinetic energy of photons. Frequency can be regarded as specific unit for kinetic energy of photons. The normalization factor from frequency to Joule is the Planck constant. In addition frequency makes no sense to express energy because the energy of waves correlates to their amplitudes of a wave and not to frequency.


Beam photons with somewhat higher energies than omnipresent photons penetrate omnipresent photons. Penetrations reduce the real speed of beam photons to a constant propagation speed, but penetrations do not change the kinetic energy of beam photons or other particles, which is determined by real speed and mass of photon. New Physics found out by universal principles that the mass of a particle is nearly proportional to the number of stable bondings. So the mass of a photon is about 50% higher than the mass of a myon. Overall the energetic effects of photons are identical to all other particles or bodies.

Photons are no waves. Particle-wave dualism is not possible. Reality is unique. Contradictions are not allowed. Waves which do not consists of particles are physically impossible and have never been observed.



7.1.9 DOPPLER EFFECT of light


The Doppler effect describes the change of frequencies of light which means it describes the change of kinetic energies of photons by movement of source and detector.

Because the energies are proportional to real speeds of photons and not of propagation speeds, the effects of movement of beam photons relative to omnipresent matter on energies of photons are the same as for other particles or bodies.

This means that energies of photons relative to observer are proportional to relative movement between source and observer.

As penetrations do not change kinetic energies of beam photons, kinetic energies are not changed when traveling through the medium of omnipresent photons. But for emission of photons the kinetic energy of emitted photons are influenced by number of collisions to omnipresent photons. This effect by aether wind and aether concentration is currently called relativistic Doppler effect or transversal Doppler effect and will be explained in a separate chapter.







Before and around 1900 there were lots of scientific efforts to get information about the medium in vacuum which was assumed by most physicists to be necessary for propagation of light. This medium was called aether at that time. In current physics there are several theories which require a matter in vacuum. Most famous is the theory about dark matter. Dark matter was postulated in order to save the unreal theory of gravitation by mass attraction in galaxies. It was assumed that a movement of aether should have an impact to the velocity of light. Mainly the following possibilities were discussed, which seemed to be the most probable:

  1. Aether is constant all over the universe, which means that the earth moves through the aether by far more than 200 km/s. This can be expressed that there is an aether wind of more than 200 km/s on earth.

  2. Aether is dragged by celestial bodies as it is the case for atmospheres. This means there is no aether wind on earth. This is also the postulate for dark matter in galaxies.


To check the assumption that the wind of aether changes the speed of light, Michelson and Morley in 1887 did an experiment (here called MM-experiment) by an interferometer which they thought is able to compare the speed of light in different directions. The result of the MM-experiment was that the speed of light is nearly constant in different directions (within 10 km/s which was within the accuracy of their experiment).

Einsteins conclusion by this result was, that there is no aether and that the light speed is absolute constant.

Fact is that this can’t be concluded by the result of the experiment. It is just an assumption with a low probability to be reality. More logical would be the dragging of aether by the earth, as this is also observed for the atmosphere.


Another information about influence to light speed at that time was gained by experiments of the so called Sagnac effect. These experiments showed that moving matter like moving mirrors do not drag aether. The conclusion of many physicists (including Einstein) was that if aether cannot be dragged by matter it cannot be dragged by earth.

Coudres and Wien proposed in 1898 the theory that aether is exclusively dragged by gravitation of large masses like celestial bodies. This is supported by the fact that this is also true for gas molecules.


SURe shows that this theory is the correct one. But Coudres and Wien wrongly assumed that gravitational force drags aether in a way that aether also follows the rotation of earth. This was disproved by the Michelson-Gale experiment. So the theory of the gravitationally dragged aether was abandoned. This however was a wrong conclusion. The aether is dragged by earth but without rotation of earth. This was proved in later years by famous Hafele-Keating experiment with atomic clocks. Thus by this wrong understanding of gravitational force it took till now until it could be shown by SURe of New Physics that all experiments and physical observations are conform to the theory of an aether dragged by earth without earth rotation.

By universal principles of New Physics it was found out that aether consists of low energetic photons which move in arbitrary directions. This has been proved by measurements of Cosmic Microwave Background. Here the photons were called 3-Kelvin-photons.


7.2.2 Einstein's Error concerning aether impeded DISCOVERY OF OMNIPRESENT PHOTONS


Einstein claimed that aether is not needed to explain any observation in physics. This opinion was against most other physicists at that time which had the opinion that the travel of light through vacuum needs a medium.

New Physics will show by universal principles of SURe that aether is needed for explanation of nearly all observations in universe.


The most embarrassing thing was, that Einsteins theories were accepted by physicists as reality and after acceptance they had not the courage to confess their faults when later the influence of aether to light speed has been proved.

For example this was achieved by experiments of Miller, Esclangon and Michelson-Gale, where the accuracy compared to the MM-experiment was strongly improved. These experiment clearly showed that aether is dragged by earth but without the movement of rotation. This means the velocity of omnipresent photons on earth surface is at about 0,5 km/s, which is below accuracy of the MM-experiment and therefore has not been detected by MM.


Not only the light velocity but also energetic properties of all bodies and particles are influenced by the wind of omnipresent photons.

The experiment, by which the movement of omnipresent photons, i.e. the reference system for velocities has been determined was the Hafele Keating experiment. The equipment, which can be used for determination of omnipresent photons movement is an atomic clock. The time reading of atomic clocks is based on emittance of photons and the measurement of the corresponding kinetic energies. As the emitted energies are reduced by wind of aether, it can be checked when frequencies are maximum. At maximum time reading an atomic clock the aether does not move relative to aether. Thus the Hafele-Keating-experiment proved that when an aeroplane flies to the east, it has a lower velocity versus aether than an aeroplane standing on the ground.

The anisotropy of speed of light is not in conflict with tests, which apparently show an extremely high accuracy of tested isotropy of speed of light. For all experiments, which according to physicists showed perfect isotropy of speed of light, equipment have been used which have not measured speed of light, but just frequencies or energies of photons which have been measured in a way that effects of aether are eliminated.


7.2.3 MICHELSEN-MORLEY Experiment



Michelson-Morley experiment (here written as MM-experiment) is one of the main experiments, which has influenced Albert Einstein for working out his theory of Special Relativity. Even until today in public it is often erroneously claimed that this experiment has proved the theory of special relativity. Michelson and Morley in 1881 and 1887 used an interferometer to measure the difference of light speeds in different directions.

Result of MM-Experiment:

Michelson and Morley got no significant difference and thus no indications that light speed is influenced by movement of an aether. The difference in light speed to different directions was found to be less than 8 km/s, which is in the range of the accuracy of the MM-experiment. Therefore the accuracy of the interferometer was not adequate to measure the real movement of aether by earth rotation. This is about 0.5 km/s.

Failure of physics:

By Einstein and other physicists it was proved, that light consists of particles which are called photons. When light consists of photons, light cannot be electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic waves are physically impossible. Frequencies do exclusively exist for waves. Thus an interferometer does not work by overlay of the frequencies of two different light beams. The failure of physics was, that the unrealistic theory of electromagnetic waves was not eliminated and that there was not any research to explain how an interferometer works. By research

physicists would have discovered that an interferometer works by measuring the different angles of reflection for photons which fly to different directions. This is an effect of aether wind which results from universal principles of New Physics and is explained in chapter 7.2.5.




7.2.4 Prove of Aether Wind by EXPERIMENTS OF MILLER



Miller did over many years about 200,000 MM-experiments, by which the accuracy was strongly improved.



Millers measurements clearly showed that there is a significant influence by aether wind on light to different directions. The effect is conform to aether which is dragged by earth without rotation.

The significance was proved by the fact, that the aether showed effects with a periodic dependency to celestial time. T


The dependency to celestial time can only be caused by cosmic effects from galaxy. The explanation of New Physics is the following:

There is an overlay of the aether movement on earth by the aether movement which is due to rotation of sun system in galaxy. This overlay is strongest when the surface of earth is facing the movement direction of the sun system.

Another possible explanation is due to different concentrations of aether. This occurs twice per day when the surface of earth is in line with the plane of the galaxy or in line to the moon (see also 7.2.5).

In order to get final physical reality, additional measurements are necessary.


Einstein's Fight against Miller:

Einstein realized, that the results of Miller are a falsification of special relativity. Therefore he arranged that a colleague (R. Shankland) brought the experiments of Miller in discredit by arguing that these have systematic errors although he did not have any scientific argument. As he knew that Miller had good arguments against this defamation, he waited until Miller was dead, so that Miller couldn't defend himself any more.

By this Einstein successfully defended his theory of special relativity. Much later an objective check of Miller's experimental work resulted in that there are no indications for systematic errors. But at this time special relativity was already accepted by nearly all physicists and the physicists ignored these study.




In current physics it is assumed that an interferometer works by shifting a light beam over another light beam, so that there is maximum overlay of amplitudes of electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic waves are physically impossible and have never been observed. These do not exist.

It can never be managed accurately to shift a mirror by less than 1/1000 mm, which would be needed for wave adjustment. The really done shifts at an interferometer are much larger than a wavelength and by this the shift will not give any information about different light speeds of the two beams. Physicists try to save their unreal assumptions concerning light by the invention of a new property of waves which is called coherence length. But this created even more contradictions.

All interactions which physicists explain by electromagnetic waves are in New Physics described and explained by photons. All explanations are conclusions of the two universal principles.

Interferometers work by different angles of reflection due to anisotropic effects of light. Mirrors are adjusted in interferometer to adjust the angle of reflection to maximum light.


7.2.6 Prove of New Physics by EXPERIMENTS OF ESCLANGON



Esclangon did by far the most important experiment, because this clearly showed an effect on light by aether wind, which was never observed before: It is the effect that different movements of aether changes the angle of reflection of light.

As reflections occur also in interferometers, scientists got the knowledge what really happens by a interferometer. An interferometers does not work by adjustment of mirror in order to achieve maximal overlay of amplitudes of electromagnetic waves. It works by movement of a mirror in order to adjust two separated beams to one beam. So this is another prove that electromagnetic waves do not exist. These are physically impossible because a wave needs two forces so that it moves first in one direction and then in the other. There are lots of contradictions which disprove electromagnetic waves.

Physicists try to avoid mentioning and publishing the experiments of Esclangon as these disprove many theories of current physicist. This is typical behavior to prevent that people get knowledge of the antiscientific theories of current physics.


Esclangon did his experiments in 1927 on the observatory of Strasbourg in France. He did 40,000 measurements during all months and day hours of a year. The measurements were repeated with much higher accuracy in 2010 by Dough Marret see: The Aberration of Light and the Experiment of Ernest Esclangon ( The results showed a significant anisotropy and the same dependency of magnitude of effect as it has been seen by interferometer measurements of Miller. Both experiments showed that the magnitude of deflection has a maximum and a minimum within a sidereal day, partly also two maxima.


Explanation of the impact of aether wind on the angle of reflection:

Currently physicists cannot explain the effect of aether on reflection. The explanation by New Physics is conform to universal principles. It is due to a well known rule of reaction kinetics, which explains also the energetic change of emitted photons in atomic clocks by which the run time is changed. By a higher number of colliding hotons, which are generally generated on atomic nuclei and by this on the surface of mirrors and beam splitters. All optical surface effects are caused by the chain structures of photons on the surface of atomic objects. So by different movements of aether and by different concentrations of aether the optical effects might change. Also the sidphotons, more photons are bound to the chain structures of bonded pe of collision can have an influence on properties. her wind, which means the direction of colliding omnipresent photons change the chain lengths of bonded photons which are generally generated on surfaces. The reflection energy or the reflection direction changes because of the changed chains which cause the reflection. By longer chains the energy of reflection should be reduced.




7.2.7. MICHELSON-GALE- Experiment verifies Esclangon Experiment



The experiment was performed in 1925 by Michelson, Gale and Pearson with a huge ring- interferometer (Sagnac-Interferometer). Two light beams were conducted in opposite direction along evacuated pipes which were arranged as a huge rectangle of 613 x 339 m size. The two beams showed effects by the rotation of the earth, which exclusively can be explained by aether wind.

By this experiment it is obvious that interferometers do not work by overlay of waves in order to adjust speeds. In the rectangle on earth surface it cannot be explained that there is a relevant influence on light speeds of the two beams by an ether wind. On the other hand there are four mirrors, which should cause same deflection effects as observed by Esclangon. So the adjustment of mirror of interferometer leads to the overlay of the two separate beams to one beam.


The scientific explanation has been presented in last chapter. The used formula for calculation of rotation speed of earth is a fake. It has no scientific basis at all. It will never give a correct result, which would have been proved when the experiment would have been repeated at other locations or with other conditions.

The experiment disproves the theory of constant light velocities, because by constant speed of light there should be no differences of the two beams.




7.2.8 SAGNAC-Effect


Georges Sagnac set up an experiment to measure effects on light motion by a ring interferometer. A ring interferometer compares two light beams which are conducted by mirrors in opposite directions around a rotating disc.

Observation (results of experiments):

When the disc is not rotating the two beams show no interference pattern, by rotation of disc, there is an interference pattern, which depends on rotation velocity.

Scientific explanation:

The light beam which travels towards approaching mirrors is reflected by a different angle than the beam which travels towards mirrors which move in direction of light. The differences of angles of deflection correlate to rotation speeds.



7.2.9 Prove of Aether wind by COSMIC MICROWAVE BACKGROUND



The so called cosmic microwave background is in reality the aether, which consists of omnipresent photons. These are in reaction equilibrium with a very low concentration of their decay products which are electron pairs. Electron pairs can be easily measured by antennas, by which the electron pairs decay to electrons. This leads to an electric signal which is proportional to the energy of electron pair. Electron pairs are the particles which transfer radio signals.



The measurements were done on earth and by satellite. This is very important as you see on earth the aether wind of the rotation of earth and by satellite the aether wind by rotation of sun system around galactic center. The measurements showed clearly the the different anisotropyeffects of the different movements anisotropy of the kinetic energy of electron pairs, for the direction of moving aether. It is claimed that this is caused by a Doppler effect, but there is no scientific explanation. A Doppler effect requires an approaching object, which emits photons. This object has to be in the direction where the increased energies have been detected. Instead of the picture of the raw data, which showed the anisotropy, mostly only the picture of the manipulated isotropic data were shown to the public.

Two other important observations have not been published at all:

* The difference of anisotropy between earth ground and space.

* The difference of energies between earth surface and space, which showed the higher energies of omnipresent photons on earth because of the higher temperature.



The detection of the omnipresent particles is one of the most valuable accomplishments in history of physics. Instead of publishing the observations and the great findings, the observed results were misused to do an absurd interpretation in order to be apparently conform to the big bang theory, which is undoubtedly physically impossible. The picture of data clearly shows that there is a perfect homogeneity of matter in universe. This is only physically possible when matter has been generated homogeneously all over the space of universe. But physicist tell the contradictory to people. This means real physics is turned to antiscience in order to maintain antiscience. So current physical research creates lots of new contradictions instead of finding out reality, which can only be done by eliminating contradictions.



7.2.10 The Fake of falsification of aether wind by OPTICAL RESONATORS


Experiments with high accuracy were done by optical resonators (Maser, Laser) to verify that there is no aether wind. These experiments did not detect any difference for frequencies by different directions of measurement equipment, which is interpretated that there is no aether wind. The latest results have been published 2007 by Eisele and Herrmann. The physical reality of frequencies of electromagnetic waves are kinetic energies of photons.


There are no differences between emitted and absorbed frequencies in different directions when measured by optical resonators.


Optical resonators like maser or laser compare energies of emitted and absorbed light. In chapter 7.1.4 it was explained, that frequencies of light, which means correctly energies of photons, do not correlate to propagation speed. Whereas propagation speed of beam photons shows an anisotropie by aether wind, the energies of emitted photons are not affected by different directions of aether wind.

Atomic clocks prove that energies of emitted photons depend on number of collisions to omnipresent photons. For resonator experiments there is no difference of colliding photons.


This is a typical pseudo-scientific fake experiment, which is interpreted to prove something which is completely different from that, what is measured by the experiment.





Every observation in universe can be described and explained by the two classical universal principles of New Physics. Time dilatation is physically impossible and has to be corrected by universal principles. Following tests and phenomenons refer to the change of energies of emitted photons by changes of number of collisions to atomic matter:

* Relativistic Doppler effect

* Ives Stilwell experiment.

* Pound-Repka experiment

* Hafele-Keating experiment

Scientific mechanism for changing energies of emitted photons:

The mechanism is the most important rule of classical reaction kinetics.

By increased density of omnipresent photons or increased velocity of atoms relative to omnipresent photons (aether wind) the number of collisions of omnipresent photons to atoms are increased. By this the number of bondings to the atomic chains of photons are increased. Due to the balancing of bonding energies, the high bonding energies as for gamma-photons are somewhat reduced in atomic compound. High energetic gamma- photons are emitted directly from atomic nuclei. This means these are much more stable and have much higher bonding energy than photons which are bound to chain structure of photons. Therefore the balancing of bonding energies in this case is no equalization. Stable bondings in and to atomic nuclei will still have higher energies after balancing than photon bondings to photon chains. When a high energetic photon with reduced bonding energy is emitted the kinetic energy of the emitted photon is also reduced.

Comments: There is another more complicated explanation for the reduced bonding energy, which is not mentioned here, because it should be calculated if it is valid.

The density of omnipresent photons increases by reduced distance to celestial bodies, which explains the correlaion to gravitation.

The complete mechanism fulfills the requirement that there is not any time moment, where total energy is not constant.






Whereas the usual Doppler effect describes the change of energy of photons by relative movement of source and detector of emitted light, the relativistic Doppler is an effect on energy of emitted photons which occurs also when there no relative movement between source and detector.

Definition: The relativistic Doppler effect reduces the energy of emitted photons by increasing velocities of a source independently from movement of detector, that means also when there is no relative movement between source and detector the energy is reduced by increase of velocity.

Explanation of current physics: This is an effect by time dilation by movement.


Falsification of New Physics: As already proved, time dilation has no scientific basis. It is physically impossible and has never been observed. Time spans are absolutely constant.

Current formulas for time dilation are not valid, because these are derived based on erroneous thinking. In addition these use undefined velocities. So these have no meaning at all.

The formulas are disproved by Hafele-Keating experiment, which is shown in separate chapter.


Explanation of New Physics: The emission of reduced energies of photons by increased velocity of atoms relative to omnipresent photons is a well known effect of reaction kinetics, explained in chapter 7.3.




7.3.2 POUND-REBKA-Experiment



Pound and Rebka in1960 carried out an experiment to prove the theory that emitted light changes frequencies by traveling between different heights on earth. To have an adequate accuracy they used Mössbauer resonators to emit and absorb the radiation for their experiment.

Observation (result of experiment):

High energetic photons emitted from an optical resonator (maser, laser) showed a higher kinetic energy than detected by a resonator at a lower altitude.

Erroneous interpretation of observation:

Photons change their kinetic energy when these travel to a different altitude.

Explanation of observation by New Physics:

Kinetic energies of photons, which are emitted at different heights are different according to rules of reaction kinetics explained in chapter 7.1.

Pound and Repka used optical resonators as source and detector of energies. A resonator which is used for detection works in reality by emissions of photons. This means that the observed different energies are due to different energies of emitted photons. Energy of photons are not affected by gravitational force. A change of energies when traveling would violate principle of energy conservation.

Comment: After more than 60 years of additional physical knowledge physicists should have detected the erroneous interpretation of Pound and Repka. The reality can easily be verified by experiments.


Besides the theory of special relativity Pound and Repka falsified Einsteins theory that photons are affected by gravitation. Thus also the deflection of star light by gravitation is disproved. This was the main apparently verified statement, which lead to the acceptance of Einstein’s theory of general relativity.


The Pound-Repka experiment is a typical example where physical reality is concealed in order to disallow that errors in Physics are getting public. Instead of regarding errors as normality in research and eliminate these, mostly additional errors are created.


A few years later other experiments, which just measured emitted frequencies at different heights by atomic clocks (Hafele-Keating- and Maryland-experiment verified that there is a change of emitted frequencies. This means there is no change of frequencies during traveling of light. Principle of energy conservation has been verified, Einstein's theory has been refuted.



7.3.3 IVES-STILWELL-Experiment



Ives-Stilwell experiment of 1938 was the first experiment which verified the direction independent changes of emitted frequencies by movement of source of radiation (= transversal or relativistic Doppler effect). Ives-Stilwell experiment has been proposed by Einstein and is regarded as an important verification of Einstein's theory of special relativity.

Reality is that the Ives- Stilwell- Experiment disproves special Relativity and verifies SURe of New Physics


Atomic ions are accelerated in a tube to a velocity v and reflected to the other side in the tube. The ions emit photons by atomic decay reaction. The kinetic energies of photons were measured on one side of the tube and compared to energies of emitted photons by non-accelerated ions.

Statement of current physics: The photons have frequencies (=energies) according to their velocities c-v, c and c+v.

Frequencies are modified by the relativistic Doppler effect by time dilation depending on the velocity of ions by same factor. This leads to the observed fact, that the frequencies of photons from non-accelerated ions are not in the middle between the other frequencies.

Comment: It is argued here with frequencies which refer to light velocities of c+v and c-v, which is a severe contradiction to the theory of relativity and it is no reality.

SURe of New Physics:

Energies of photons cannot be derived from propagation speeds of photons, as there is no correlation between these properties. Propagation speeds of photons are independent from movement of source, so for the three different movements of atoms the propagation speed is constant c (relative to aether). Contrary to constant propagation speeds, the energies of photons correlate to the real speeds relative to aether, and by this energies of the three different movements of source are not symmetrical as observed.




7.3.4 MÖSSBAUR-ROTOR-Experiment



Emitted gamma photons by atoms at the fringe of a rotating disc have lower kinetic energies than gamma photons which are emitted by same atoms at the center of the same rotating disc. The reduction of kinetic energies of the photons correlates with velocity of emitting atoms.

Irrealistic claims of modern physics:

Kinetic energies of photons refer to frequencies. Frequencies of of emitted photons are changed by different movements of atoms because of time dilation according to relativistic Doppler shift.

New Physics/ SURe:

The Mössbauer- Rotor experiment verifies classic rules of reaction kinetics and by this universal principles of New Physics according to chapter 7.3: Energies of emitted photons are reduced by increasing velocity relative to omnipresent photons.




7.3.5 HAFELE-KEATING-Experiment (Apparent kinematic Time Dilation)



Run times of atomic clocks were compared in airplanes by different velocities and flight directions and in addition with run times of atomic clocks on earth surface.


The atomic clocks showed run time differences depending on relative velocities of atomic clocks to omnipresent photons.

Severe failure of construction of atomic clocks:

Physicists got the knowledge by their research that the energies of emitted photons of atoms change by changed velocity of atoms. Nevertheless they constructed atomic clocks, in which the energies of emitted photons are used to control and adjust the run times of usual clocks, which mostly work by quartz vibrations. Thus physicists should know that in atomic clocks run times are adjusted to wrong values. The vibration of quartz clocks is influenced much less by aether wind, so that quartz clocks do not show the measuring problems of atomic clocks.

Falsification of special relativity:

The observer of atomic clocks is in the same reference frame as the clock, so according to Einstein’s theory there is no time dilation at all for the atomic clocks.

According to New Physics the run times change according to rules of classical reaction kinetics.

Current formula for value of run time change shows that fundamental physics has not been understood. In this case the reference frame for velocities are not the normel ones, which is the earth ground. So it is required that this is mentioned. Without mentioning the reference for velocity the Lorentz factor and the complete formula has no meaning. It is a well known and verified pseudoscience. Hafele and Keating verified SURe of New Physics: The change on energies of emitted photons depend on velocity of atomic clocks relative to omnipresent photons.

But published data have been adjusted to formula for time dilation. This is the reason for the extreme unbelievable fact, that this experiment has never been repeated. Additional experiments would have also shown the dependency of run time change, which has been detected by Miller and Esclangon.

In addition the formula violates the principle of relativity. Also for this a reference frame has to be mentioned.


Overall Hafele and Keating were great physicists as they discovered the aether wind to be opposite to earth rotation. It is something which lots of physicists tried to discover for many years until Einstein declared aether to be useless.




7.3.6 HAFELE-KEATING-Experiment (Apparent gravimetric Time Dilatation)



Run times of atomic clocks in planes at different altitudes showed significant differences depending on differences of gravitational force. Run times increase with altitude.

The effect was verified by other experiments (Maryland-Experiment or Pound-Rebka-Experiment).

Explanation by current physics:

There is no scientific explanation but just a erroneous description: Run time changes occur according to time dilatation by gravitation.

Scientifically sound explanation of SURe:

The same effect of accepted rules of reaction kinetics: Energies of emitted photons decrease by increased concentration of omnipresent photons which correlates to geographical hight.




7.3.7 Scientifically sound Explanation of Time Correction of GPS



The Global Positioning System (GPS) measures positions by comparison of run times of signals to different satellites. For this it is important that time measurements between satellites and earth surface are synchronized. GPS uses atomic clocks for time measurements.


The run times of atomic clocks in GPS satellites have to be adjusted periodically


Atomic clocks in GPS satellites are affected by energetic effects due to relative velocity of GPS satellites to omnipresent photons and to density of to omnipresent photons. So they have to be adjusted (calibrated) periodically to run times on earth surface.



7.4. Other EFFECTS




The relativistic addition of velocities is one of the summits of violations of scientific principles: besides violation of principles of relativity and energy conservation the formula of relativistic addition of velocities is the first and only example which violates the rules of mathematics. This shows the poor understanding of Einstein and many physicists of the difference between mathematics and natural science. Mathematical correlations help to describe the universe in a systematic way but mathematics has nothing to do with reality of physics. First an observation has to be fully explained physically, and then by the explanation a formula can be derived.

Currently there is no explanation why the velocity of light is constant. By research you will get the knowledge, that only the propagation speed of light is constant, but not the speed of light. The speed of photons are much higher than the propagation speed. The normal speed strongly varies and causes a broad continuous distribution of energies of photons.


Therefore the claim of modern physics that 1c + 1c = 1c is wrong. Rules of mathematics must be valid, this means 1c + 1c = 2c. This is for example valid for the relative light speed between two photons emitted in opposite direction.





7.4.2 Light in Ordinary Matter


Omnipresent photons are not only in space but they fill also the free space around atomic nuclei. As high energetic photons of beams penetrate omnipresent photons in space they also penetrate the omnipresent photons in atomic matter. Penetration is stopped by absorption. The potential for absorption correlates with the mass of the absorbing nuclei and opposite to the energy of the photons which are absorbed.

The density of omnipresent photons in ordinary matter is generally much higher than in space. This is the explanation that the velocity of beam photons is lower in matter than in space. All observations, which are currently explained by optical density can be explained by omnipresent photons density. It is already known that speed of light is depending on optical density (density of omnipresent photons).




7.4.3 FIZEAU-Experiment


Observation (result of experiment):

Movement of matter in which photons propagate influences propagation speed of photons relative to moving medium.

Scientifically sound explanations:

As it is the case in vacuum the propagation speed of beam photons correlate to number of penetrated omnipresent photons per length unit. By this it depends on density of omnipresent photons and of velocity of beam photons relative to omnipresent photons.


New Physics by SURe provides the first scientifically sound explanation of Fizeau experiment. The Fizeau experiment is the verification of SURe's mechanism for light propagation.


7.4.4 Increase of LIFE-TIMES OF MUONS by velocity



Muons are relative unstable subatomic particles consisting of 3 bonded electrons. Muons are present in atmosphere of earth and travel with high speed to surface of earth. Muons are decay products of cosmic pions. Cosmic pions are decay products of cosmic protons which are generated by collisions of cosmic protons to atoms of atmosphere.


Life-times of muons are increasing with increasing speed.

Hypothesis of modern physics:

Life-time is increased by kinematic time dilation according to Einstein's theory of special relativity.

New Physics/ SURe:

Observations refer to effects of reaction kinetics, which are valid for all subatomic and atomic particles including photons: There are two different reactions of muons or other particles depending on energy of collisions (= activation energy)

1. Low relative velocities of colliding particles:

Collisions lead to absorption, i.e. bonding to molecules with light elements. By this the life-times of muons are terminated, which results to the observed short lifetimes of muons with low velocity. After absorption of muons mostly directly but also later a decay to an electron pair and an electron occurs.

2. High relative velocities of colliding particles:

Kinetic energy is too large to be stopped by absorption by light elements. Absorption occurs by heavier elements as for example at the earth ground. This results to the longer life-times of muons with high velocities in earth atmosphere.

General contradiction

According to the publication of Einstein, the theory of relativity is valid for cases where observer and the observed movement are in different inertial frames. This is not the case for observations of muons.




All other experiments can be explained nearly by everyone, because there are just five possible interactions in universe and two universal principles by which all observations can be explained. These are listed in chapter 7.0.




General Relativity is again an example for mathematical calculations which start with formulas which are physical nonsense and end up with formulas which are physical nonsense, but as the mathematical transformations are correct, the end formulas are regarded as physical reality.





The theories of gravitation by Einstein and Newton are based on the assumption that gravitational mass and inertial mass are identical. By scientific principles this assumption is not reality. Thus both theories are no reality.

Explanation by scientific principles of New Physics:

The definition of the so called inertial mass is: The inertial mass m is a property of a body which causes that the acceleration of the body by a force F is reduced by 1/m according to the formula F = ma.

This is also valid for the acceleration in a gravitational field. The only difference is that for gravitation the acceleration occurs by a specific force F, which is applied continuously and increases continuously. But by this the function of the inertial mass is not changed. So a mass in a gravitational field is an inertial mass.


But there is a specific quite different mass. This causes the build up of gravitational force field and therefore is called gravitational mass.

An important difference is that exclusively large masses like celestial bodies can generate gravitational fields so that normal bodies have an inertial mass but no gravitational mass. Small bodies can generate more or less electric and magnetic force fields which leads to nearly same effects as gravitational fields, but do not depend on mass of body, For generating gravitational fields there are additional criteria besides mass like specific reactions in a celestial body.

Thus a celestial body has a different inertial mass than gravitational mass.


Theory of general relativity is based on the postulate that no experiment (in a closed room) can differentiate between general acceleration and acceleration by gravitation.

Falsification by SURe:

It is possible to distinguish between different accelerations. For example by atomic clocks:

If one experiences a force by pressure to one direction and there is change of run time of an atomic clock, then the pressure is not by gravitation, but by acceleration; if there is no change of run time, the force is due to hindered acceleration by gravitation.

If one experiences no pressure to one direction (=weightlessness) and the run time of an atomic clock stays constant, this is due to zero gravitational force; if the run time changes then the weightlessness is due to acceleration which compensates gravitational force (= free fall).


Overall Einstein wanted to prove by his thoughts about gravitation and acceleration, that the cause for gravitation is not known. This is definitely correct, because the claimed attraction of masses is physically impossible. Bodies have no instruments for tearing something. But Einstein’s theory for gravitation adds lots of more statements, which are physical impossible see next chapter.





Modern physics has accepted Einstein´s theory of gravitation to be reality besides Newton´s theory, although Newtons theory has much less statements which are physically impossible. Both are contradictory to each other: Newton stated that there is a gravitational force, Einstein stated that by gravitation spacetime changes and that spacetime curvature is the cause for the acceleration of bodies. Einstein has no explanation for the mechanism how spacetime is changed and how spacetime curvature can cause a force. Values of spacetime curvature cannot be defined.


SURe has already shown in chapters before that spacetime curvature has nothing to do with science (completely inconsistent and is not conform to observations). It is extreme far away from physical reality. Already the basic postulates of theories of have been erroneous interpreted.


Comment concerning acceptance of Einstein’s theory:

It is a typical for mankind that when a scientist claimed something crazy to be reality, he and his crazy theory gets high interest and gets extremely popular. Mankind is fascinated when a scientist says that everything is different than you think and observe. People like to hear something new, which is not conform to daily observations, because it is something special which can be discussed with other people. The reality is just boring.

As Einstein’s theory got so popular, it was immediately regarded as reality in the public. By this the physicists did not dare to deny this ans regarded the SRT also as reality without thinking about checking the reality.


Final acceptance was achieved because Einstein did some modifications for hid theory in order to adjust some calculated data so that these are conform to known observed data.


Einstein used the fact that his theory of gravitation is so illogical that it could easily be modified by additional illogical statements so that it was conform to unexplained observations. So he had an advantage compared to Newton’s theory, which got wrong results for the deflection of star light and the perihelion precession of mercury.








A force is always a result of interactions of particles. The interactions are transformations of energy, mostly vibration energy is transferred to kinetic energy. As kinetic energy is no property of a body, the correct explanation is that vibration energy of an object is transferred to two separate vibration energies after splitting of object. By splitting the split objects have maximum kinetic energy relative to each other.

As gravitational force is observed in space the interaction to generate gravitational force can exclusively occur between bodies and matter in space, which are omnipresent photons. Omnipresent photons do permanently bondings to other bonded photons of the photon chains around atomic nuclei.

Single free photons are the most effective particles to transfer energy to an atomic nucleus. Free moving bonded photons mostly do more than one bonding. This hinder that a split has a strong effect on kinetic energy,

Overall density gradient of single omnipresent photons causes that there is a stronger force to a body in the direction of lower densities of single photons. The concentration (density) gradient, which is the difference of single photons in a small distance is essential, because this causes that the force to one side is different to the force to the other side. Near surface of celestial bodies the concentration of single photons is low whereas the concentration of bonded photons is very high. The concentration of total photons decreases by increase of distance to the surface of the celestial body. The concentration of single free photons decreases slower than the concentration of the bonded free photons. Therefore the concentration gradient of single photons decreases by distance to the surface of celestial body but the force goes always to the direction of the celestial surface. This is conform to observations.

Large bonded chain structures of photons are equivalent to gravitational fields.








When a star is in front of an observed distant star the area around the star works like a lens, so that the observed celestial objects behind the star appear enlarged or as part of rings.

SURe: As the nomination of the physical issue already expresses, the physical mechanism of a gravitational lens is identical to that of a glass lens. Both effects are due to the generation of chain structures of bonded omnipresent photons on surfaces of all bodies. The difference is just the length and the width of the chain structures. The chain structures of photons are causing nearly all deflections in universe, like interference, refraction, reflection, dispersion or deflection by magnetic and electric fields.





Deflection occurs when a beam photon collides to a chain photon in a rigid chain structure of photons. After collision the photons partly penetrate. During and after penetration the different directions of vibrations of surrounded bondings merge to same direction. Mostly directly after bonding of photons and the merge of vibrations, a break of the bonding occurs. By the merge of bondings the emitted photon has a different direction of movement than before collision to the chain structure. This explains why the deflection always goes towards the direction parallel to the chains of bound photons. When the chain is fixed to a surface or is very large it will not take up any energy so that the energy of emitted photon remains constant, like it is observed for most cases.





Apparent Observation:

The light of a star which passes near the sun is observed at a position nearer to the sun as expected.

Explanation by modern physics:

Light particles are deflected by gravitation of sun. General relativity states that gravitation is due to spacetime curvature. The observation of deflection of a star during a solar eclipse was the main reason for acceptance of Einstein’s theory.

New Physics/ SURe:

Einsteins theory of gravitation is physically impossible and creates lots of contradictions. Beam photons cannot be affected by omnipresent photons, because these penetrate each other. Therefore beam photons are not affected by gravitational force but by gravitational fields, which occurs by deflections to the bound photons of chain structures of gravitational fields. Therefore the formula for gravitational force cannot be applied to photons.

The original picture of solar eclipse is too fuzzy to show stars around the sun. There was not any publication of other cases.

So there is not any indication, that the claimed deflection really occurred. As explained a deflection does occur, but the value of deflection is still unknown.







Stellar aberration is the effect, that all stars are observed at position which differ to their real positions.

The first observations of stellar aberration have already been done in the late 1600s. Stellar aberration (together with Fizeau experiment) influenced Einstein to develop his theory of special relativity although both effects are not conform to special relativity. This means that Einstein's special relativity is based on misinterpretations.


The deviation of the observed and the real position of a star changes during seasonal cycle of a year. This results in an apparent annual movement of the star, which is an elliptic or circular movement around its real position. The apparent movement depends on the part of the orbital movement of the earth around the sun which is rectangular to the direction of observation. The angle between observed and real position depends on the ratio of light velocity to rectangular orbital velocity of earth around the sun and is of the order of the ratio of orbital movement to speed of light.

Descriptions of modern physics:

1. It is stated that stellar aberration is due to the difference between travel direction of light to earth and the rectangular movement of the earth to this light travel direction. By this there are two speed components (the speed of light to earth and the rectangular speed of the observer).

2. Einstein's explanation had the same basis as above but uses the formulae of relativistic addition of velocities. The relativistic addition of velocities is derived from Lorentz transformation and the Lorentz transformation is derived from constancy of light velocity to all reference frames.

Falsifications of current descriptions:

1. Everyone knows that light is emitted from stars in all directions and is not emitted as a spot beam to a small area, which is exactly rectangular to earth surface. So description 1 is nonsense ( no physical reality) except that the travel time of light has to be considered, but this is not relevant for this case.

2. Einstein did just a mathematically version of the nonsense of 1. Mathematics again is used because of the advantage that it is more difficult to detect nonsense. The Lorentz transformation, the theorem of relativistic addition of velocities and Einstein's explanation of stellar aberration have a common basis: the constancy of light velocity to all reference frames. All these have no physical reality.

Falsifications of current descriptions:

By current “explanations“ aberration effects would generally occur for all rectangular movements of observers to a light source. This has been refuted by many experiments. For example the effect is not observed at Mössbauer-Rotor experiments. Aberration of light is exclusively existing between celestial bodies and does not exist when the observer and observed object is on same surface of a celestial body like earth.

By current “explanations“ aberration effects should be determined by relative movement between detector and source. This is also falsified: The effect of stellar aberration is not depending on relative movement between stars and earth, it is exclusively depending on movement of earth (observer). This can be proved by observations on double stars.

The observed movements are influenced by aether wind. So stellar aberration disproves Einsteins theorie.

Scientifically sound explanation by SURe:

Again the effect is due to deflection of light beams from stars by collisions to chain-structures of gravitational fields. These do not rotate with earth. So stellar aberration is a usual deflection effect.

Stokes proposed the correct fact, that the aether is dragged by earth without rotation of earth already in 1892.


Thus besides the annual stellar aberration, there are other aberration effects which are caused by aether wind:

  • Diurnal aberration which is the much smaller periodic daily aberration caused by rotation of earth (movement of observer through omnipresent photons on earth surface)

  • Secular aberration which is the aberration caused by movement of observer through omnipresent photons of galactic system. This effect needs a very long time period to be observable due to the galactic „year“ of 230 million years.


7.5.8 SHAPIRO DELAY of Light




Light which travels through space area with high gravity (for example passes near surface of a star) needs longer travel time (has less speed) than traveling same distance through space with lower gravity.


New Physics/ SURe:

Increased gravity correlates to increased concentration of omnipresent photons which causes reduced propagation speeds of light. Differences of speeds of light can be rough calculated by gravitational force because the concentration of omipresent photons correlate partly with gravitational force.

Comment: There is also a speed difference when any run length difference by deflection of photons is taken into account.



7.5.9 Gravitational REDSHIFT



Stars with high gravity show emission spectra of light where the absorption lines of hydrogen or other elements are shifted to lower energies (lower frequencies) compared to stars with lower gravitational force.

Scientifically sound explanation of SURe:

As already explained the energies of emitted photons are reduced by increase concentration of omnipresent photons.

Antiscience by current physics:

Current statement, that the frequencies, i.e. kinetic energies of photons change by gravitational force when photons travel through space, is no reality. This has been proved by Pound-Rebka experiment and others. Otherwise it would not be conform to principle of energy conservation.







Many celestial bodies do perihelion precessions, which refers to a constant shift of the elliptic orbitals around another celestial body from one circle to the next. The perihelion precession is not understood by current physics. By gravitational force there should be no perihelion precession. In our sun system mercury has the strongest perihelion precession. The magnitude of effect has been accurately determined

Exlanation by modern physics:

In modern physics unexplained observations are always described by ssumptions. (Explanations can only be done by laws of nature).

Assumption 1 (about 90% of effect):

Perihelion precession is caused by gravitational forces of other planets.

Physical reality by New Physics:

This can be excluded because the precession is very constant and stable over time. If gravitational force of planets would have a relevant effect, the effect should be significantly different for each orbital movement of mercury. In addition the gravitational fields of planets are in case of the sun system much to short to have a relevant effect on other planets. .

Assumption 2 (about 90 % of the rest):

Nearly 10% of perihelion precession is due to invalid gravitational laws (Newton's law of gravitation). This postulate is from Albert Einstein.

Comment of SURe:

Einstein had worked out general relativity as 1:1 copy of Newton's laws of gravitation. He just did a mathematical conversion of gravitational force to spacetime curvature. This had not any scientific basis but had the advantage that it was much more complex. By this corrections could be done without the risk of detection. As spacetime curvature is not understandable (no physical reality and not conform to observations) also any corrections of spacetime curvature have not to be understandable. But Einstein invented a funny nomination of his invented correction: Mediation of gravitational force by spacetime curvature.

Einstein did the same fake adjustment for the aberration of light by sun. The fakes of Einstein were successful: Both fakes were the main factor for the general acceptance of his theory of general relativity.

Newest calculation by „relativistic Newtonian dynamics“:

It seems that in 2016 Friedmann ans Steiner recognized that the calculations of Einstein were more or less a fake so they decided to do an own calculation for which they eliminated again spacetime curvature. But instead they developed a complete new theory which they called „relativistic Newtonian dynamics“. So overall they got not much better results and also no less postulates than Einstein.

Assumption 3 (90% of the rest of the rest of the observed effect):

This part is caused by rotational deformations of the sun.

Comment of SURe: No scientific basis.

There are many other assumptions which are used

by physicists for profilations)

Scientific explanation by New Physics/ SURe:

SURe provides the first and only scientifically sound explanation for the perihelion precessions:

When the orbit of mercury is near the sun, then its speed is significantly reduced by increased concentration of omnipresent photons. The lower speed is also the explanation for the decreased distance to sun.



Lense Thirring Effect / Gravity Probe B


The Lense Thirring effect is an assumed effect which causes that the axis of self rotation of a body is changed by space time curvature,. Space time curvature is an assumption of ARG of A. Einstein.  As space time curvature has no scientific bsis and has never been observed the Lense Thirring effect is physically impossible.

Changes of axis of self rotation needs a force, which is non-symmetrically affecting the rotation axis of the body. This might be a force from photons, which mainly hit the rotating sample from direction of the sun. Also forces by collisions of electron pairs, which always are non-symmetrical might explain changes of axis, which would be different for different bodies, if one is in the shadow of another body.