Errors of current Physics


New Physics/ SURe eliminates all misunderstandings and errors of physics.


Comment: The list below is not complete. 


Separate presentation: Energy Generation by Nuclear Fusion,      see "link"



Following subjects are erroneously explained by theories and  have been explained and described by New/Physics/ SURe:  

  1. Elimination of unexplainable matter-antimatter asymmetry
  2. Elimination of unexplainable confinement of quarks
  3. Elimination of unexplainable charges (1/3, 2/3) of fundamental elements
  4. Elimination of unexplainable bonding force of "strong force"
  5. Elimination of unexplainable transformations of fundamental particles (weak force).
  6. Elimination of unexplainable  gauge bosons
  7. Definition and origin  of masses.
  8. Elimination of magnetic moments of particles 
  9. Explanation of stabilities of all particles
  10. Explanation of decay reactions of elementary particles like proton decay
  11. Prediction of all possible particles
  12. Prediction of properties of particles by structures
  13. Elimination of violation of CP- symmetry and explanation of apparent asymmetry
  14. Elimination of unexplainable tunneling effect
  15. Explanation of baryon asymmetry
  16. Elimination of  spontaneous reactions like radioactivity 
  17. Elimination of neutrino-oscillation
  18. Explanation of low sum of masses of fundamental particles of proton and neutron.
  19. Scientifically Sound description  of atomic structure
  20. Explanation of magic numbers for stability of nuclei
  21. Scientifically Sound descriptions of all optical effects
  22. Scientifically Sound description  of black body Radiation
  23. Scientifically Sound description  of spectral analysis
  24. Elimination of discrete energies
  25. Elimination of wave functions for particles
  26. Elimination of superposition of properties
  27. Elimination of non-locality
  28.  Replacement of all quantum effects by classical effects
  29.  Elimination of big bang Theory
  30.  Elimination of cosmic Inflation
  31.  Elimination of expansion of space
  32. Definition of particle of dark matter
  33. Correct descripotion  of Spernova
  34. Definition of particles of black holes
  35.  Definition of particles of neutron stars
  36. Scientifically sound explanation Quasars
  37. Scientifically sound description of supernovae
  38. Explanation of formation and structure of galaxies
  39. Elimination of cosmic jets
  40. Elimination of cosmic accretion Discs
  41. Scientifically Sound explanation of pulsars
  42. Elimination of Magnetars
  43. Explanation of high energy of cosmic particles
  44. Explanation of Annihilation
  45. First scientific definition and explanation of kinetic energy 
  46.  First scientifically sound explanation of magnetic force
  47. Elimination of Lorentz Force
  48. First scientifically sound explanation of electrostatic force
  49. First scientifically sound explanation of gravity
  50. Elimination of electromagnetic waves
  51. Elimination of gravitational waves
  52. First scientifically valid explanation of energy transfer through vacuum (radiation)
  53. Elimination of unexplainable dark energy
  54. Elimination of unexplainable force field theories
  55.  Elimination of  formula for relativistic Energy
  56. First scientifically correct formula for kinetic energy
  57. Explanation of propagation speed limit for light in vacuum
  58. Elimination of unexplainable kinetic time dilatation
  59. Elimination of unexplainable gravitational time dilatation
  60. First scientifically sound explanation of frequency change of atomic clocks by Velocity
  61. First scientifically sound explanation of frequency change of atomic clocks by gravitational force 
  62. First scientifically sound explanation of red shifts 
  63. First scientifically sound explanation of relativistic Doppler effect
  64. First scientifically sound explanation of half time increase of particles by velocity
  65. Elmination of unexplainable relativistic addition of velocities
  66. Elimination of unexplainable constancy of speed of light to all reference Frames
  67. Elimination of relativity of space and time
  68. Elimination of unexplainable possibility of time travels
  69. First and only explanation of logic of evolution
  70. First scientifically sound explanation of quantum entanglement
  71. Bells Theorem
  72. Stern-Gerlach Experiment
  73. First scientifically sound explanation of stellar Aberration
  74. First scientifically sound explanation of results of Hafele-Keating Experiment
  75. First scientifically sound explanation of results of Ives-Stilwell Experiment
  76. First scientifically sound explanation of results of Pound-Rebka Experiment
  77. First scientifically sound explanation of perihelion movement of celestial bodies (like Mercury)
  78. First scientifically sound explanation of Lense-Thirring effect
  79. First scientifically sound explanation of results of Fizeau Experiment
  80. First scientifically sound explanation of results of resonator Experiments
  81. First scientifically sound explanation of results of Mössbauer-rotor Experiments
  82. First scientifically sound explanation of Shapiro delay of light travel time
  83. Scientifically sound explanation of non-equivalence of inertial and gravitational mass
  84. First scientifically sound explanation of Kasimir effect