Solved Problems in Physics

New Physics/ SURe eliminates all mysteries,  inconsistencies and open questions of Physics.

Unsolved Problems of Cosmology and General Relativity            according to Wikipedia (copied):

Cosmology and general relativity



Estimated distribution of dark matter and dark energy in the universe


  • Dark matter: What is the identity of dark matter?[18] Is it a particle? Is it the lightest superpartner (LSP)? Or, do the phenomena attributed to dark matter point not to some form of matter but actually to an extension of gravity?
  • Dark energy: What is the cause of the observed accelerated expansion (de Sitter phase) of the universe? Why is the energy density of the dark energy component of the same magnitude as the density of matter at present when the two evolve quite differently over time; could it be simply that we are observing at exactly the right time? Is dark energy a pure cosmological constant or are models of quintessence such as phantom energy applicable?
  • Dark flow: Is a non-spherically symmetric gravitational pull from outside the observable universe responsible for some of the observed motion of large objects such as galactic clusters in the universe?
  • Axis of evil: Some large features of the microwave sky at distances of over 13 billion light years appear to be aligned with both the motion and orientation of the solar system. Is this due to systematic errors in processing, contamination of results by local effects, or an unexplained violation of the Copernican principle?
  • Shape of the universe: What is the 3-manifold of comoving space, i.e. of a comoving spatial section of the universe, informally called the "shape" of the universe? Neither the curvature nor the topology is presently known, though the curvature is known to be "close" to zero on observable scales. The cosmic inflation hypothesis suggests that the shape of the universe may be unmeasurable, but, since 2003, Jean-Pierre Luminet, et al., and other groups have suggested that the shape of the universe may be the Poincaré dodecahedral space. Is the shape unmeasurable; the Poincaré space; or another 3-manifold?
  • The largest structures in the universe are larger than expected. Current cosmological models say there should be very little structure on scales larger than a few hundred million light years across, due to the expansion of the universe trumping the effect of gravity.[21] But the Sloan Great Wall is 1.38 billion light-years in length. And the largest structure currently known, the Hercules–Corona Borealis Great Wall, is up to 10 billion light-years in length. Are these actual structures or random density fluctuations? If they are real structures, they contradict the 'End of Greatness' hypothesis which asserts that at a scale of 300 million light-years structures seen in smaller surveys are randomized to the extent that the smooth distribution of the universe is visually apparent.




Problem of time

Complete physics works by absolute time intervals and principle of relativity, which means that time intervals have to be equal for all observers. Theries of Relativity violate principle of relativity and other scientific principles.

Cosmic inflation

There is no reasoning why there should be a cosmic inflation. There is no valid physical mechanism for this. It violates many scientific principles.Generation of universe would not be possible in a small space. 

Horizon problem

The observed homogeinity of the universe can exclusively be explained by generation of equal density of matter all over a constant volume of the universe.  

Origin and future of the universe

Origin is nothing and future is nothing or a homogeneous distribution of neutrinos with equal energy (except limit).

Size of universe

The universe has a constant but unknown size. The limit consists on condensed neutrinos (=matter of black holes). 

Baryon asymmetry

Is a biased observation. There is no antimatter in universe. 

Cosmological constant problem 

There is no cosmological constant and there  is no zero point. Particles are everywhere (including vacuum) and always have enegy which is spin energy plus vibration energy. 

Dark matter

refers to omnipresent neutrinos, which is explained "here"

Dark energy

does not exist, which is explained "here".

Dark flow

does not exist and has never been observed.

Axis of evil

reveals that CMB is equivalent to omnipresent neutrinos.

Shape of the universe

 has to be spheric because of the  homogeinity of universe.

Largest structures

New Physics explains generation of extreme  large structures.