Solved Problems in Physics

New Physics/ SURe eliminates all mysteries,  inconsistencies and open questions of Physics.

Problems of General Physics


Below first the problem is listed (copied from Wikipedia)

followed by the solution of New Physics/ SURe.  


Theory of Everything


  • Theory of everything: Is there a theory which explains the values of all fundamental physical constants, i.e., of all coupling constants, all elementary particle masses and all mixing angles of elementary particles?[4] Is there a theory which explains why the gauge groups of the standard model are as they are, and why observed spacetime has 3 spatial dimensions and 1 temporal dimension? Are "fundamental physical constants" really fundamental or do they vary over time? Are any of the fundamental particles in the standard model of particle physics actually composite particles too tightly bound to observe as such at current experimental energies? Are there elementary particles that have not yet been observed, and, if so, which ones are they and what are their properties? Are there unobserved fundamental forces?


New Physics:


New Physics/ SURe is no theory of everything, but the reality of the physical universe. 

The detected "Weltformel" is based exclusively on reliable observations. Nearly all observations were biasd by interpretations and theories. All these assumptions were eliminated and then the universal natural laws were determined which are conform to all unbiased natural and experimental observations. This resulted in just two lfundamental natural laws. These describe and explain all states and interactions in universe. Explaining means to answer all why-questions.


Fundamental physical constants:

The "fundamental physical constants" are either not natural (like Planck constant) or not constant (like speed of light). Most current physical constants are normalization factors or have not any physical meaning. 

New Physics has defined following properties as only natural constants:

* size and energy of an electron, which is the only elementary particle in the universe

* size and energy of our universe. The total energy of the universe is the only natural constant, for which the value is exactly known: it is zero.since the first moment of generation of the universe and will always remain zero, This is one of the two fundamental laws of the universe.

Gauge Groups and Standard Model

are irrealistic theories (physically impossible). Current groups of particles contain particles which have nearly nothing in common, and therefore don't make sense. Most particles of Standard Model are physically impossible and have never been observed.

In New Physics there is only one elementary particle, which is the electron. the other particles and all matter of universe consist of bound electrons. In universe nothing else exists besides bound particles of electrons. More than 99% of all particles in the universe are photons and their adducts, because these are the particles of omnipresent matter. 

The structures of all real particles are given by the two universal principles and have been determined  All characteristics of particles are given by structures. Beside different atoms the only relevant particles are electron, electron pair, photon (=neutrino). proton and neutron. 


There are exactly 3 spatial demensions and one dimension for time. The merge to spacetime does not make sense. All movements in the universe are well described by change of a relative distance per time interval. Intervals  of location and time have to be absolutely defined and are not changed by "relativistic" effects. Othervise it would not be possible to define natural laws. 

Unobserved particles

Scientific physical rules: All existing particles can be observed and particles which can't be observed  do not exist. There are no relevant particles, which have not been observed yet.

Unobservable forces

The only existing forces are the force to achieve minimum spin energy and the force to keep energy of movement constant. This is conform to the two universal principles (=Weltformel):

1. All interactions in universe are interactions of particles in order to achieve minimum spin energy.

2. All interactions in universe are interactions of particles where their total energy remains continuously constant.


 All current explanations of forces have to be replaced by universal principles, The basic four forces or interactions do not exist. of current physics are not observable.



Arrow of time


  • Arrow of time (e.g. entropy's arrow of time): Why does time have a direction? Why did the universe have such low entropy in the past, and time correlates with the universal (but not local) increase in entropy, from the past and to the future, according to the second law of thermodynamics?[4] Why are CP violations observed in certain weak force decays, but not elsewhere? Are CP violations somehow a product of the second law of thermodynamics, or are they a separate arrow of time? Are there exceptions to the principle of causality? Is there a single possible past? Is the present moment physically distinct from the past and future, or is it merely an emergent property of consciousness? What links the quantum arrow of time to the thermodynamic arrow?


New Physics:


Arrow of time

Arrow of time is due to the strict order of cause and effect by universal principleles and universal interactions (UI).

 It is physically impossible that the universe moves to a specific direction, because after some time there would be no interactions anymore. There is an equilibrium of build up and break of bondings in the universe, which assures steady interactions in universe. 

Exception of causality

is not possible (no reality)

Entropy  cannot be used as property to describe "arrow of time", as there is no arrow of time. 

- Entropy does not have a clear definition and should be eliminated as property.-

- increase of entropy does not determine progression of the universe 

CP violations

Violation of scientific rules of CP-symmetries are not possible. All CP violations are biased observations or biased interpretations.



Fine tuned universe



New Physics:

The universe is not tuned by current physical contants. All currently defined constants are irrelevant for interactions in universe because the constants do not describe reality.. Real physical constants are the energy and size of the fundamental particle and the energy and size of the universe.  Only the constant  energy of the universe is known, which is Zero. The others can have all kind of values without any change of the interactions in universe. But after generation of the universe there is no change anymore. This is physically impossible.