Solved Problems in Physics

New Physics/ SURe eliminates all mysteries,  inconsistencies and open questions of Physics.

Problems of Quantum Physics


Copied from Wikipedia "List of unsolved Problems in Physics":Link




Interpretation of quantum mechanics by New Physics/ SURe


All interpretations of quantum mechanics are biased interpretations. New Physics replaces all theories of quantum mechanics by scientific principles of classical physics. (Link New Physics)

All questions concerning issues of quantum mechanics are eliminated because quantum theories  are no reality. Examples:


Young-Mills theory/ compact gauge Group

no reality

Color confinement

no reality

Wave function collapse

no reality

Quantum field theory

no reality

Physical information

All interactions of particles have to meet principle of energy conservation and thus properties after interactions are fully defined by properties before interactions. There are no physical phenomena, which violate this principle. There are no interactions where physical information gets lost.

Dimensionless physical constants (concerning quantum theories) 

do not describe anything which is physical (=reality) and thus are not needed and can be eliminated.