Guarantee that Weltformel and SURe - New Physics is Reality


W13.7 Falsifications of SURe- New Physics are appreciated


In order fulfill the requirement, that SURe – New Physics is physically reality, it has to be continuously checked by additional observations, whether there is a falsification of a statement. It is not reliable, that there are no further falsifications. These have to be eliminated as soon as possible and the corresponding statements have to be marked, until the cause of falsified statement has been clarified. So people with scientific understanding are strongly asked to inform me by e-mail to about detected non-conformities of a reliable observation to a statement of SURe- New Physics . For this a clear unbiased description of the observation and the chapter of SURe- New Physics has to be notified.


It is guaranteed that by a valid falsifications SURe-New Physics  and/or Weltformel are corrected as soon as falsification is proved to be valid. 



W13.8 Donations of 60,000 EURO for Falsification of SURe- New Physics



As it is very important that SURe- New Physics is what it ought to be, I will donate up to 60,000 Euro for a well-known charitable fundraising organization. For the first falsification of a single statement I will donate at least 50 Euro, maximal 2,000 Euro per year over the next 5 years.

For first falsification of Weltformel 50,000 Euro (25,000 Euro per falsified Fundamental Law of Nature will be donated divided up in yearly parts over five years. Payments will be guaranteed (probably by a deposit at a public institution) . Payments for falsifications of single statements will be documented by copies of donation receipts on homepage. A falsification is valid as soon as it has been clarified that it is a falsification.




W13.9 Example for a Falsification



Falsification of following earlier statements of SURe- New Physics :

1) By high energetic collider experiments particle-particle collisions occur.

2) At high energetic proton-proton collisions at LHC decay products of protons are generated.


Falsifications by observations:

1a) By running a “blind” test by just one accelerated particle beam, there is the same result of decay products in analyzer except that there are less decay particles. Decay products can be identified to be mainly photons.

1b) Research physicists at LHC have observed that in each pipe of a beam accelerated particles lots of photons are generated by interactions with magnetic fields independent from accelerated particle.

Clear observations:

2) By observations of generated first decay products by collisions of protons to molecules in atmosphere (around 1935) kaons and pions could be identified. These have not been found in analyzer of LHC.


By these falsifications and other observations verified a new finding of SURe- New Physics could be verified: by high energetic collisions of particles these penetrate each other without decay reactions..