Discussion of Gravitational Red Shift

Question of Einstein test item 9:

What can be concluded by result of Pound-Repka experiment?


Choice of answers:

A) The frequency of gamma rays have shifted due to gravitational time dilatation

B)  The frequency of gamma rays have shifted due to moving through a gravitational field

C) The frequency of gamma rays have not shifted due to moving through a gravitational field

Answers according to modern physics (generally accepted): ____ A) and B)

Answers due to classical and neoclassical physics (VTOE):  _____C)

Discussion of answers:

Modern physics doesn't take care of principle of energy conservation, so there is no explanation how light changes its energy (frequency).

For classical physics the principle of energy conservation is generally valid. As there are no indications that energy is transfered from or to light on its way through gravitational field, the frequency stays constant. This is also conform to the experimental results of the Pound Rebka experiment, because the measured change of frequency is just the change which can be explained by the change of emitted and absorbed light frequency. Change of emission and absorbtion frequency by gravitational force is due to a change of atomic energy by gravitational field. This is a classical energetic effect by interaction with dark matter, which is explained in VTOE (see links below). The effect is conform to the results of Hafele-Keating experiment concerning the impact of gravity to frequency of atomic clocks. The energetic change of emitted frequencies is also the main effect for the observed changes of spectra of stars and galaxies. Therefore redshifts do not give any informations about movement of galaxies.