Discussion Michelson-Gale-Experiment

Which statement is conform to the Michelson-Gale experiment?

Choice of answers for test 5:

A) The speed of light relative to a resting source on earth surface  differs between the direction to west and direction to east by the rotation speed of earth surface.

B) On earth surface the propagation speed of light in vacuum (dark matter) is constant to all directions.

C) The result of the Michelson-Gale-Experiment is conform to a gravitational dragged ether (dark matter).

D) The anisotropy of light speed on earth surface is determined  by the rotation speed  of earth


Answers according to modern physics (generally accepted): B)

Answers according to neoclassical physics (VTOE): A), B), C)



Discussion Einstein Logic Test 5:

Statement A) is the basis for the outcome of the Michelson-Gale experiment. If this Statement would not be true, it would not be possible to measure the rotation speed of earth by this experiment. It is strange, that despite of the Michelson-Gale experiment, which disproves the basis for Special Relativity, Special Relativity has been generally accepted.


Statement B) is the basis for classical physics and for neoclassical physics (VTOE): Propagation speed in identical media has to be constant. This is valid for speed of light in ordinary matter, speed of sound and speed of all electromagnetic and mechanical waves. There is no reason why this is not accepted  for speed of light in vacuum (ether, dark matter). In classical and neoclassical physics the constancy of propagation speed leads to the conclusion that relative speed to all other reference systems is depending on velocity of these system in reference to the propagation medium.

In Special Relativity propagation speed and all relative speeds are constant. This cannot be explained and is not possible in science. That has been disproved by Michelson-Morley experiments, by Sagnac experiments, by Michelson-Gale experiment, by stellar aberration, by gravitational lense effect. This has been disproved by all experiments, because no experiment can be performed if there is no defined space and time. That is no science. That is anti-science. 


Statement C) is valid, because gravitational dragging means that there is no dragging by rotation of celestial bodies.


Statement D) is not valid, because if the compared light beams do a complete circle like by Michelson-Gale experiment all linear movements of dark matter are eliminated and have no effect. So the limits of MM-experiment (<8 km/s) are still valid, that means a linear movement of dark matter up to 8 km/s is still possible.

The Michelson-Gale experiment is conform to a frame system for speed of light to be the surface of earth without rotation

This means we have a higher velocity and kinetic energy when we are resting on the ground than when we are running to the west!