2. Basics of Scientific Universal Reality (SURe)


2.1 What is SURE?


Physical reality has a clear and simple definition: Everything which can be observed is physical reality and everything which is physical reality can be observed. Observations can be done by biological sensors like eyes, ears, nose and skin or by technical sensors like spectrometers.


New Physics/ SURe proves that every observation in universe has the same origin: Collisions of particles or bodies (= bound particles) by which kinetic energy is transferred from one colliding particle to the other. This definition already excludes many theories to be reality. These are all theories which postulate physical phenomenons which work without particles like electromagnetic waves and all force fields and this excludes theories which postulate particles which never have been observed like quarks and gauge bosons. On the other hand omnipresent neutrinos (currently called dark matter historically called aether) can well be observed: indirectly by gravitational lens effect and directly by transfers of their kinetic energies to a spectrometer, which is currently called cosmic microwave background. Force fields are converted by New Physics/ SURe to reality as these are well defined structures of particles which cause specific interactions with particles/bodies by collisions.

 Scientific Universal Reality (SURe) are general physical rules which are conform to all observations ever made in universe. General physical rules can be derived by logic. Logic means that when several observations can be described by a common rule then there is a high probability (= it is logical) that the rule is also valid for similar observations. New Physics shows that all currently postulated violations of general physical rules (like violations of conservation of energy) refer to biased observations (= misinterpretations of observations by assumptions).


New Physics/ SURe is the only description and explanation of the universe without any inconsistencies and which is conform to all observations; as well natural as also experimental observations. Only by this a theory fulfills the requirements to be called reality. SURe describes and explains all interactions ever have occurred and ever will occur in universe by few classical physical rules, which are called Universal Principles. This means that every observation and every experiment in universe is a verification of New Physics/ SURe.


If you have knowledge about Universal Principles you can derive not only complete physics but also all other natural sciences. SURe also presents a scientifically sound meaning for life and human beings. Complete evolution is a logical consequence of Universal Principles.


SURe is unique, which means that all explanations by theories which differ from SURe are irreality. SURe clearly shows by Universal Principles that nearly all physical actions and states in universe are accurately defined by prior actions and states since the generation of the universe. There are only few interactions which causes one of two possible well defined sequential actions. So there is no complete determinism. But the existing uncertainty is much smaller and different from currently postulated uncertainty. Although there is no complete determinism human and other living beings have no free will. Sure is also that nothing in universe occurs spontaneously.


New Physics/ SURe fulfills all criteria for a preferred theory: (A preferred theory is a scientifically sound theory with highest probability to be reality):

  • Completely falsifiable by simple tests.
  • All statements can be verified by computer simulations.

  • Easy understandable by everyone as based on classical physical rules.

  • Imaginable, conceivable, concrete, definite and descriptive.

  • Does not use complex mathematics (the universe does not work by complex mathematics).


2.2 How we can get Knowledge about Reality: SCIENTIFIC METHOD


One of the two postulates of New Physics is:

 Physics has to be a natural science.

 A natural science has following tasks:

  • Get knowledge about reality of the universe by observations.
  • Define general rules as theories based on observations

  • Eliminate theories by general rules with higher level of generalization.

  • Replace all theories by general rules with highest level of generalization.

 The tasks of a natural science are conform to the methodology of scientific method:

  1. A few important physical observations have to be chosen and the descriptions have to be converted to unbiased descriptions, which means all included interpretations and hidden assumptions have to be eliminated.

  2. For these unbiased descriptions of observations general physical rules have to be worked out, which are conform to the observations.

  3. Additional unbiased descriptions of observations have to be checked if these are also conform to the defined general physical rules.

  4. As soon as there is one unbiased observation which is not conform to the defined rules (theory) this theory has to be eliminated and other general rules (improved theory) have to be worked out, which are conform to all checked observations.

  5. This process of alternating inductive and deductive reasoning has to be continued until the general physical rules are conform to all observations (experiments) ever done in universe.

 New Physics/SURe is the first and only physics which has been completely derived by scientific method. Scientific method automatically results in the knowledge of universal reality. Scientific method is generally accepted by scientists since start of scientific working. The process of scientific method is extremely time consuming. The author of SURe started with this as student in 1980 and worked -out and eliminated over 150 own theories of general physical rules. In 2017 he published a compendium of general rules, which eliminated many theories of physics but still was not the highest level of generalization (Universal Principles). In 2018 he suddenly realized that the Universal Principles can be derived much quicker by defining following postulate:

  • The matter in universe has been generated out of “nothing” by classical physical rules.

 Everyone who has very basic knowledge about the main rules of classical physics can solve this task when he has the correct idea. It is really possible and the solution is unique (only one valid possibility). There is already a physical theory which is very near to the solution, but unfortunately this hasn't been improved to get to a theory which describes reality.



2.3 How we can explain the Universe: SCIENTIFIC PRINCIPLES


The simple definition of “explaining” is to answer as much questions as possible. The scientific definition is to refer to a general rule. Highest level of explanation is referring to general rule with highest level of generalization. Otherwise there still remains the question: Why are these rules valid?


Finally everything can be explained except the rules with the highest level of generalization. These are called postulates or scientific principles. This shows that generalization of physical rules by scientific method is essential to understand the universe. The less number of postulates or scientific principles the better is the understanding of the universe. This has also realized by scientist who express this by the principle of “Occam's razor“, which means that number of hypotheses have to be reduced as much as possible.


Currently in physics there are uncountable specific hypotheses and theories. Mostly these have a very low level of generalization. Often it is stated that these are explanations for observations but mostly these are just descriptions in a different way and in addition irrealistic. By this the number of questions have strongly increased instead of reduced. The result is that today there is extreme little understanding of the universe. Many similar observations and in some cases even same observation are described by different theories which shows that physics is highly illogical. SURe shows that more than 80% of current physics are irrealistic theories. Currently exclusively few scientific principles are scientifically sound general rules like:

  • Scientific principle of conservation of energy

  • Scientific principle of relativity

  • Scientific principles of symmetries. 

The number of general rules with highest level of generalization used as basis for New Physics/ SURe is extreme small and simple so that there is a very high probability that these are reality and that these correctly explain all observations of natural science in universe. New Physics calls the physical rules with highest level of generalization Universal Principles.



2.4 NO DISPUTES anymore about Physics


Validity of assumptions, hypotheses and theories can be discussed, but as physical reality is unique it can not be discussed. Physical reality are unbiased descriptions of observations and defined general rules which are conform to all unbiased observations and consistent to other general rules.

 If there are or will be observations which are not conform to SURe it has to be clarified, whether this is due to a biased observation (which has a high probability) or whether SURe has to be revised (which has a lower probability). This clarification can be done by every scientists and needs not to be supported by authors of New Physics/ SURe. If you find opportunities to improve New Physics / SURe this should be send to office@new-physics.org, so that theses can be included in next update of New Physics/ SURe.


Unfortunately for biology and medical science the observations for many events are not yet sufficient to explain these by SURe. So there has to be done many additional experiments. But this process will be strongly simplified in future by new analytical technologies which will be developed by engineers on basis of New Physics.



2.5 New Physics/SURe is the Result of the WORK OF ALL PHYSICISTS 


The basis for SURe is the experimental research work of all physicists ever. By this nearly every physicist has contributed a more or less significant part to SURe. The authors did not do any experiment, but just put together the results of the great work of other physicists. Without the uncountable experiments and observations of physicists there would be no basis for the application of scientific method. So many thanks from authors to all physicists in the world!


The fact that physical reality resulted in elimination of nearly all physical theories does not mean, that physicists did not do a good job. It is normal and conform to scientific research that about 99% of work-outs of physical theories are no reality and have to be replaced or improved. (This was at least the case for the discovery of SURe). Despite eliminations of theories the theories were not useless. Each theory is a step towards physical reality.



 2.6 The Story of New Physics /SURe


The story of New Physics/SURe did not start with a brilliant idea or by the intention to find out something new. It started already in 1980 when Vogel (discoverer of SURe) studied physico-chemistry. Although Vogel had good knowledge of physics and passed all examinations in physics without problems he did not understand physics because it was too illogical (= not conform to the general physical rules of daily observations). So he decided to look deeper into physics as a hobby just because he thought that it would be nice to understand physics besides knowing physics. But when he looked deeper and deeper into physics he understood less and less because of getting aware of more and more inconsistencies. Finally he concluded that there must be something wrong with physics. He got the firm believe that science which is not understandable and illogical can’t be reality. He was aware that whereas most physical explanations are hypothetical and thus can be unreal, experimental findings have to be real. So he decided to study step by step all experimental findings until he got for each experiment a well understandable explanation by classical scientific rules. He started with the tests which refer to the theories which are clearly evident to be irrealistic: the theories of relativity. It took many years (with pauses) until he found well understandable explanations by basic classical scientific rules. Explanations by irrealistic phenomena like kinematic time dilation, gravitational time dilation, length contraction, undefinable time simultaneity and space-time curvature could be replaced by classical scientific principles.


As next step Vogel checked experiments of particle physics. He could only solve few inconsistencies within several years. Finally Vogel asked his daughter for support. She is teacher for chemistry and has only little knowledge about physics. So her ideas for explanations of physical phenomenons were purely based on logic and not on alleged physical knowledge. For example she had the idea to use the general rules (scientific principles) for chemical reactions for all observed transformations of matter. The general rules for reactions of atoms and molecules are based on thousands of observations whereas current rules for reactions of elementary particles are non-observable assumptions. The scientific principles for chemical reactions indeed proved to be applicable for all interactions of particles in universe. This lead to the definition of the fundamental particles and structures of elementary particles and the replacement of the hypothetical forces like weak interaction and strong interaction by scientific principles. Thus all theories about weak and strong force including corresponding virtual particles could be eliminated.


Later  Vogel got  severe health  problems and could not continue working on physics for several years until  his daughter motivated him to continue his “hobby” at a reduced level . They finally  managed to find out explanations based on scientific principles for most issues of particle physics until end of 2016. In addition they found logical explanations for  many cosmic observations . Key for this success was the identification of neutrinos as particles of omnipresent matter, which is called by modern physics dark matter and formerly aether. They got aware that all forces over distance can be explained by interactions of omnipresent neutrinos (abbreviated ONs). The authors thought that this was the final physical reality and published this as

 Vogel's Theory of Everything (VTOE) in March 2017 (no more available).

 Vogel contacted uncountable international physicists and sent them directly major parts of the published book.

 Few weeks later any follow-up work was stopped by reinforced illness. 

 End of 2017 Vogel was contacted by a group called  PhysiLeaks International which was totally unknown to him and sounded to him very suspect. But the informations he got from the group looked scientically sound and surprisingly contained lots of  “insider information” about physical research in all areas of physical R&D.  PhysiLeaks realized that VTOE was an excellent basis to solve the inconsistencies of Physics,  but Physileaks  also found many inconsistencies of VTOE.

Vogel got not other Information about the group than following:

  • Purpose of the group is
  •            to collect and discuss concealed inconsistencies
  •            to eliminate inconsistencies by so called New Physics
  • All communication within the group is done by private networking.
  • The group already worked out new ideas and theories concerning New Physics.

  • Group members did not want to disclose identifications, because they feared severe negative consequences.

  • The provided information was very specific and detailed. (Can be regarded as insider information).

  • The provided information referred to all kind of areas of physical research.

  • Most of the provided information referred to inconsistencies in physics, which have not been communicated to public.

  • The provided information was written in professional English.

 The group granted full rights to Vogel to use their ideas about New Physics for an update of VTOE. This motivated Vogel to continue his search for physical reality and to do an extensive revision of VTOE. Then in March 2018 Vogel tried to find an explanation for the generation if the universe by basic classical rules and got aware that there is only one possibility, which finally led to the surprising discovery of Universal Principles. Vogel immediately realized the huge significance of this finding but also realized that by this most of VTOE was irrealistic. So most of Vogel’s 38 years of work had to go to the waste-paper basket.

 Universal Principles were communicated to PhysiLeaks Int. with the request to check these by applying these on specific physical issues. Vogel got an overwhelming response by the group. In the following months the Universal Principles were applied to all relevant physical observations. Not any was inconsistent to Universal Principles. Phenomenons which have not yet been explained could be explained by Universal Principles. So these looked so promising to be reality that the authors decided to merge all information to a common publication which was called New Physics/ SURe.

 It  is clear that every physicist in the world had and has the skill to discover Scientific Universal Reality. Physicists have the skill to discover or derive much more complicated issues. So the non-detection of scientific universal reality for such a long time is one of the remaining mysteries in universe which can't be explained by Scientific Universal Principles. There are some explanations mentioned in next chapters, but the root cause must be something different. Vogel has the firm belief by own experience that we all “were equipped with blinders against Scientific Universal Reality by a superior force“.

It would be illogical that now just few people have been “relieved from wearing blinders against physical reality“. The authors are sure that the time has come that everyone has now got the “allowance“ to realize that New Physics is Scientific Universal Reality, because it is important for the persistence of mankind. It can be assumed that mankind will get indications about the reasoning for this in the near future.



2.7 The AUTOCRATIC BUSINESS SYSTEM of Physics suppressed Science


The anonymous information of PhysiLeaks contained obvious critical comments about an unsatisfactory work situation for research. At that time Vogel did not understand what is meant with the comments and why the group of scientists did so much care to prevent their identifications. But meanwhile it is clear: The comments refer to the bad situation that physicist are not free to do scientific research work but have to obey following policy:

  • Everything is allowed which promises financial support for R&D.

  • Nothing is allowed which has a risk to diminish financial support. This includes no allowance of criticisms and no allowance to question or eliminate accepted theories.

 This clearly shows that physics is no science anymore but business. The worst thing is that it is a business which is uncontrollable by external persons. There are many examples that such systems have a predisposition for manipulations.


It is understandable that many physicists are not happy with the situation that they can't tell the truth about the fatal situation of physics. On the other hand it is also well understandable that physicists do everything to save their jobs and that manager of research institutes do everything to get financial support because they want to protect the jobs. Not any physicist or other person is responsible for the unsatisfactory situation of physics. It just happened because of the circumstances, which have turned physics to something which is here called “Autocratic Business System of Physics “.

Physicists are more victims than members of the autocratic regime. An autocracy has unrestricted power to set rules for others (here concerning physical research) without any control of people who are ruled by the system. An autocracy does everything to stabilize its authority and prevalence in order to keep its almighty power over others and thus can dictate their personal opinions about what is correct and what is not correct. An autocracy does not allow any action which might question its superior power.


The autocracy and its rules for scientific research are mainly due to the strong dependency of physical research on financial funds. The restriction starts with the application for funds. For this physicists are restricted to projects which are based on already accepted theories because new ideas have very little chance for success. Therefore nearly all research projects refer to verification of theories. And if you refer to a theory of A. Einstein it is sure that you get the money. For application you have to define what you expect to find out. As it is extremely negative for next application if these expectations are not achieved, you will hardly find any reported findings, which differ from defined expected findings.

As nearly all experimental findings falsify current theories there are just two possibilities: Either do not publish the results or do interpretations contrary to findings. As “no results” are just an alternative for a short time period there finally remains just the second possibility. New Physics/ SURe proves that all claimed “verifications” of theories are no verification but in reality mostly falsification of accepted theories. Examples are: Detection of gravitational waves, Hafele-Keating experiment, Sagnac experiments, Mößbauer-Rotor experiments, all other experiments concerning special and general relativity, nearly all experiments of particle physics, all experiments concerning quantum physics, most observations concerning astrophysics and many observations concerning electrodynamics and thermodynamics.

Another advantage of unrealistic theories which are contrary to observations and inconceivable is that Physics is getting interesting and spectacular. In addition many unsolved and magic problems are created which can be perfectly used to apply for funds for research.

The dependency on financial support will have an end by New Physics/SURe. Physicists don't need to work any more on a fundamental basis, for which they need much money but cannot earn money. Physicists can concentrate their work for the development of new technologies. SURe is the start of a golden era for physicists (see 1.1.9).

This is conform to the opinion and intention of the PhysiLeaks Int..

 Of course the final version of New Physics/ SURe has been reviewed by PhysiLeaks..The group took care that not any communications are traceable and no further contacts are done after publication. All sent material has been eliminated and was written new by Vogel.

 The provided material by PhysiLeaks did not contain concrete examples for unscientific research practices but just the information that there are many examples. Examples and experiences will never be published when the restrictions for physical research will be stopped and New Physics/ SURe is generally accepted. The examples included in New Physics/ SURe have been found by Vogel in physical papers. Only very few examples have been publicized. According to PhysiLeaks the majority of examples have been concealed.



2.8 Unexpected Support: Spectacular INSIDER INFORMATION


Fortunately not all physicists accepted the suppression of scientific work by the Autocratic Business System of Physics. So it was for the members of PhysiLeaks, who realized that physics has lost its scientific basis and urgently needs a revolution back to science in order to be able to solve severe problems for the future of mankind.. As first action they collected all the concealed findings of physicists and tried to find scientific explanations for these before they criticize that physicists use theories for explanations which are contrary to observations. The collaboration with Vogel resulted in a mutual endorsement: PhysiLeaks got the scientific explanations for the concealed reality of physical findings and Vogel got aware of the concealed reality of physical findings. Here are just few examples:


  • The concealed reality of collider experiments is that there has been not any new finding by high energetic accelerators.

  • The concealed reality of double slit experiment is that most particles do not generate interference patterns,

  • The concealed reality of black holes is that observations of orbital velocities near center of galaxies prove that near black holes the gravitational force is zero.

  • The concealed reality of the picture of a black hole is that the “black” center part of a black hole generates just a bit less radio signals than the lighted surrounding part and much more signal intensities than the black outer parts.

  • Because expensive large projects have to be successful, the finding of shock waves was sold as gravitational waves and the referred collisions of black holes were hypothetical.



2.9 The INDOCTRINATION of physical Theories by School System


Like it is generally the case for autocratic regimes the basis for an autocracy is their absolute control over the school systems and media. By this they manage the indoctrination of their personal opinions to all people. Physical theories are taught as if these are reality. Inconsistencies are not mentioned. By this it is nearly impossible for students to do unbiased descriptions of observations, which is required for scientific method. The autocratic system prevents that students learn how to do scientific working. Normally school education should achieve the contrary.


In school you learn lots of specific scientific terms but nearly no logical thinking. The knowledge and use of scientific terms are not useful because the understandings of science is strongly hindered by these. The result can be seen: Scientific books are full of scientific terms, but there are no logical explanations. It is strange that many people are happy to know lots of scientific terms but don't care about whether physics is understandable by scientifically sound explanations.


New physics/ SURe is intentionally written in basic school English and uses as less specific terms as possible. By this every pupil on earth can get the information about the reality of our universe without extended efforts by using dictionaries. All chapters, which were written in professional English, have been “translated” to school English. Everyone should be able to understand the descriptions so that he can detect errors or possibilities for improvements. Authors know that there are still some errors and lots of possibilities for improvements.



2.10 Impossible: Discovery of physical Reality by Physicist


Physicists don't have to think about, why they have not discovered physical reality.

There are many reasons, which explain that it is nearly impossible for physicists to discover physical reality: 

  1. As already mentioned no scientists can work-out theories by scientific method as part of his job, because you need many months or even years of work without any findings which can be presented or published. Over 90 % of the derived theories by scientific method will later show to be a theory which is not conform to all observations and therefore have to be eliminated. So the application of scientific method means that over 90% of your work goes to the waste-paper basket. In a job you have to deliver results and it is not accepted to work for months without any results.

  2. Most scientists think that what they learn at school or college is reality. Most of the theoretical stuff in physics books and physical publications is no reality. Thus the derivation of scientifically sound theories is extreme difficult for physicists, because their thinking is biased by irrealistic knowledge. It is a characteristics of our brain. The more stuff you have stored in your brain, the less chances one has to do unbiased observations.

  1. Most physicists are specialists in specific fields of physics. Scientifically sound theories can exclusively be derived if physicists apply their derived rules (theories) for all fields of physics. For example a theory of quantum physics must be valid for all observations in astrophysics. So it is very difficult to define general rules. The probability for a specific rule or specific theory to be reality is nearly zero even when it is scientifically sound.

  1. Scientists will experience a loss of reputation, when they revise or falsify their own theories. This thinking in the business of science has to be changed to contrary. It has to be realized, that there is only one theory which later will show to be valid theory. It is normal and an indication of scientific work according to scientific method, when a theory is revised. The way to scientific universal reality goes over theories and nearly all these theories are invalid and have to be eliminated again

Ottokar Vogel was not affected by above problems:

  1. He did all the research work for SURe besides his job, so without any pressure to deliver results.

  2. He started with little knowledge of physics.

  3. Vogel is a specialist in “reaction kinetics“ with nearly 30 years of international experience in control of reactions. He could apply his extended knowledge of interactions of particles to all fields of physics, because: All actions in universe are interactions of particles and all PUs (from smallest particle to largest celestial body) have to obey same rules of interactions.

  4. Vogel knew, that falsifications of own theories is a key factor for scientific work and essential to discover physical reality. He did not do scientific work for reputation.


2.11 NATURE OF MANKIND severely hinders scientific Work


The most severe problem of science is that human beings have many characteristics so that scientific work is nearly impossible:


Errors are perceived to be negative:

Nobody likes to admit own personal errors and many people chuckle about errors of colleagues. Particularly scientists are confronted with such behavior. This attitude has urgently to be changed. It has to be realized that doing errors and admitting errors are important characteristics for scientific research. When a scientists does theoretical scientific research by scientific method, over 90% of his work are falsifications of own personal errors. Main author of SURe has worked out totally over thousands of pages of new theories, but had to eliminate 99% of these pages again because he discovered inconsistencies. Observations mostly can be described by several hundred scientific sound theories but only one of these is reality. So it is a very low probability to find the valid theory immediately. Not anyone should look down to others because of errors. If someone claims that he is a good scientists because he had never done errors than it is sure that he did never do successful theoretical scientific research.

 The probability to do errors will dramatically reduce and go to zero when there is a sure scientific basis by valid general rules.


Human beings are interested in anomalies:

This is an important characteristic to assure survival of living beings. Everything which is normal is no threat for mankind. But everything which is abnormal can mean danger. So it is natural that we all are interested in everything which is abnormal and thus might harm us. We don’t buy magazines with headlines like “Everything works fine”, but we buy magazines when there are headlines like “abnormal phenomenon discovered”. For science this means if a new physical finding is explained by a general scientific rule, nobody takes notice of this, but if a new physical finding is explained by a violation of a general scientific rule, then it will be of great interest.


Human beings want to get acknowledgment

 If a scientist explains a new finding by a general scientific rule he has no chance to get acknowledgment. If the same finding is explained by a specific physical theory contrary to observation he has a high chance to get acknowledgment because it is something special.


Human beings think that the use of complex mathematics is an indication for an excellent physicist:

Mathematics is exclusively useful to describe physical correlations, which have to be described before by valid mechanisms. Reality can be described by very basic mathematics. Complex mathematics is a clear indication for irreality. All antiscientific theories and most fallacies of physics are due to mathematics. Mathematics is a tool to hide inconsistencies and fallacies.


Many human beings like to be in a group of like-minded people with a strong leadership and as strong company

This often leads to autocratic systems and the mentioned negative effects of such systems.



2.12 ROOT CAUSE for the late discovery of reality (published later)



2.13 GREAT PHYSICISTS will remain great Physicists


By New Physics/ SURe all the great physical theories are “history”. This should not be considered negatively. Historic physics has to be regarded as extreme exciting and immutable epoch in history of mankind. For physicists this epoch required much higher intellectual skills than by New Physics. Historic physics was extreme complex and difficult stuff, so every physicists had to have outstanding intellectual skills to get a physicists. “Historic” physicists will be forever admired for their work. All great accomplishments of physical research will remain great accomplishments and all acknowledgments will remain to be regarded as exceptional and well deserved for ever.


Nevertheless New Physics/ SURe uses expressions like antiscience for historic physics. But this does not really refer to historic physics. This shall just make clear that when historic physics is continued as usual physics will turn to antiscience and only in this case all the great historic scientific work of physicists will be regarded as antiscience. Great physicist have the intellectual skills to realize, that up to now they have to work on basis of New Physics. If they are not willing to realize the reality of New Physics they will loose all their reputations and disqualify themselves as scientists.



2.14 Its SURe: The Begin of a GOLDEN ERA for Physicists


In the last years there have been many important new developments of technologies. Fortunately engineers can do outstanding developments by observation of physical effects without knowing the scientific explanations of the effects. Observed physical effects are always physical reality and thus can lead to new technologies. But the potential for developments of new technologies is extremely larger by knowledge of the physical mechanisms. Knowing the general rules of the universe (=physical reality) will lead to an incredible explosion of new technologies which are very important for mankind. For example: Effective and clean energy generation without any use of fossil matter, without CO2- generation and without generation of radioactive matter.


By New Physics/ SURe physicists can concentrate their skills to make their ideas of new technical applications reality. Instead of lots of papers about theories they can work on problem solving for the health of mankind.


Work of physicists does not depend any more on financial support by public institutions. They really earn money by what they do because their work can be sold. Many new companies will be founded, which need physicists for development. Physicists will earn much more money than now, because their skills will be urgently needed. The authors of SURe can present long lists of examples for new and useful technologies based on SURe.


Another benefit of SURe is that physicist and other scientists will have the fundamental knowledge of doing R&D in all areas of natural science. Particularly R&D for biology and medical science urgently needs this fundamental knowledge of physicists.

 Everything in universe is based on Universal Principles. All mechanisms in nature work by CBD mechanism. This will reveal possibilities for development of effective therapies against all kind of diseases like cancer and dementia. There will be a revolution of new machines for diagnosing deceases or identifications of molecules and atoms. There will be new application which at the moment are inconceivable.

 Therefore mankind needs thousands of new scientists who do R&D based on New Physics/ SURe.

 In addition there is still a lot of theoretical work needed to improve and extent New Physics/ SURe. New Physics has just covered a small part of complete physics. There are many specific observations which have to be explained by Universal Principles. Partly this is very challenging. The authors of SURe know this by experience. So also theoretical scientists have not to fear that they are not needed any more.


We don’t have to fear that the era of “old physics” will get a negative touch in history. Like the Greek mythology obsolete physics will be regarded as an interesting epoch in history without any negative emotions. It will still be an epoch, which is very interesting for people and people want to get knowledge about. All achievements of obsolete physics will remain achievements and will be acknowledged as achievements in future. All theories will remain much more impressive for future generations than the boring simple physical reality.



2.15 Numerous Patent Applications


The authors are well aware that the knowledge of New Physics/SURe provides an uncountable number of extreme promising patent applications. The authors have many ideas for patents, for which they are sure that these would get all stories of success and prosperity. But they decided not to do any patent application, because they are sure that the disclosure of Physical Reality has not been done for the benefit of a few persons but for all persons on earth. The authors will do a separate publication in near future, which describes all ideas of useful applications so that nobody can make money out of these by patents.


2.16 FINAL CALL to come on Board


If a scientist reads the findings of New Physics/ SURe, he will realize within short time that SURe is reality. Physicists will realize that they can't falsify SURe (although SURe would be easily falsifiable); so the only thing they can do is to accept it or to ignore it. Some physicists might ignore physical reality with the hope that they can continue their work on theories. They might think that ignoring is the only way to save their jobs. But the contrary will be true. SURe will provide a huge potential for further R&D work for which a high number of additional physicists are needed. Each physicist is needed more than ever and will continue working on much more satisfying tasks. Mankind needs new technologies to assure and protect an adequate standard for living against severe problems of the future. Mankind needs physicists who work on reality instead of wasting their expertise by working on new irrealistic theories just in order to save old irrealistic theories.

Physicists will extremely strengthen their reputation by quickly changing their work basis to New Physics /SURe.

Nobody will slander the errors of “obsolete physics” and no physicist will be blamed for past errors, as there are many reasons for these. Every physicist did his best of scientific working which was possible under the Autocratic Business System of Physics. But if physicist continue working on theories although knowing the reality, this will be unjustifiable. Physicists should not look back and mourn for their genius ideas and all their devoted work-outs of theories, which now seems to be needless. This is not the case! SURe is the result of the sophisticated work of all physicists. Any physical work supported a bit the discovery of reality and therefore was useful.