SURe VOL. A: SURe of Astrophysics 




UPDATE  24.05.2024



SURe of Astrophysics


A0 The scientific Reality of „Big Bang“ 

A0.1 The Generation of the Universe has to start with ZERO 

A0.2 A Computer can tell how the Universe was generated 

A0.2 Big Bang Theory: The Test of the Omnipotence of Physics 

A0.3 Big Bang Theory: the long List of physical Impossibilities 

A0.4 Impossibilities of earliest periods of the Universe 

A0.5 The Reality of Cosmic Microwave Background 


A1 Physical Basis of Astrophysics 

A1.1 Also the Cosmos is ruled by “Weltformel” 9

A1.1.1 Short Overview of „Weltformel“ 9

A1.1.2 How were the fundamental Laws of Nature derived 10

A1.1.4 A Computer can tell how the Cosmos developed 11

A1.1.5 The embarrassing Errors of Mathematics 11

A1.1.6 Physical Engineers mostly know the Reality 12

A1.1.6 Engineers know what to do for Energy Generation 13

A1.2 The important Role of Photons 13

A1.2.1 Photons are the most stable Particles in Universe 14

A1.2.2 Photons are the most reactive Particles 14

A1.2.3 Photons decay to two Electron-Pairs 14

A1.2.4 The early Search of omnipresent Photons called formerly Ether 15

A1.2.5 The detection of Ether as Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) 15

A1.2.6 Explanation of Brownian Movements of omnipresent Photons 15

A1.2.7 Omnipresent Photons generate all Forces over Space 16

A1.3 Wrong Understanding of Absorption and Emission 16

A1.4 Wrong definition for Heat, Thermal Energy and Temperature 17

A1.5 SURe of Heat, thermal Energy and Temperature 17

A1.5.1 The first scientific Definition of Heat 18

A1.5.2 Unit for Temperature 18

A1.5.3 SURe about Absolute Zero 18

A1.5.4 The first Definition of Generation of Energy and Heat 18

A1.5.5 The Explanation of Heat Reduction on Earth 19

A1.6 The wrong Understanding and formula of Kinetic Energy 19

A1.6.1 Kinetic Energy is no Property of Bodies 19

A1.6.2 The wrong Definition of kinetic Energy 20

A1.6.3 The Violation of Principle of Relativity 20

A1.6.4 The physically impossible Formula for Kinetic Energy 21

A1.6.5 ½ mv² is also wrong for Energy of Acceleration to v 21

A1.6.6 Units for Energy and Force have to be corrected 21

A1.6.7 The nonsense of Formula and Unit for physical Work 22

A1.7 Basics of Forces 22

A1.7.1 Theories claim 4 basic forces, but none is Reality 22

A1.7.2 The scientific Definition of Force 23

A1.7.3 First scientific Explanation of gravitational Force 24

A1.7.4 Newton’s wrong Formula of Gravitation 24

A1.7.5 Wrong Correlation to 1/r² (r= distance) 25

A1.7.6 Only celestial Bodies exert Gravitation 25

A1.7.7 Dabble Star Systems are physically impossible 25

A1.8 The Error of Orbits of celestial bodies 26

A1.8.1 Elliptical orbits are physically impossible 26

A1.8.2 Why are many orbits not cyclic? 26

A1.9 The blatant Error of Nuclear Fusion 26

A1.9.1 Heat is much higher on earth than in sun 26

A1.9.2 Correct statement of nuclear Fusion in Core of Sun 27

A1.9.3 Energy by Decay Reactions in Atmosphere of Sun 27

A1.9.4 Energy Generation by decay of Water 27

A1.9.5 Next project: Apply for Patents 28

A2 General Research of Astrophysics 28

A2.1 Astrophysical Research is limited to Spectroscopy 28

A2.2 Electromagnetic Waves are physically impossible 28

A2.3 Wrong Theory for Absorption and Emission of Photons 29

A2.4 Origins of continuous spectral Data 30

A2.5 Origins of specific spectral Data 31

A2.6 The Dependency of Spectra on Temperature 31

A2.7 Verification of SURe by Emission Spectrum of Hydrogen 31

A2.8 Calculated Spectra of Hydrogen is a Fraud against Science 32

A2.9 Spectral Measurements of celestial Bodies 33

A2.9.1 SURe of Emission Spectra of Stars 33

A2.9.2 The Error of different Colors of Stars 33

A2.9.3 Scientific Explanation of different Colors of Stars 34

A2.9.4 Wrong Understanding of Emission of Photons of Sun 34

A2.9.5 Valuable Research concerning Energies of Sun 35

A2.9.6 The desastrous Error of Absorption of Photons from Sun 36

A2.9.7 Determination of Distances by Color of Stars 38

A2.9.8 Inconsistencies of stellar Classifications 38

A2.9.9 Informations by Absorption Lines of Sun 39

A3 The Errors of Redshifts, Cosmic Expansion and Dark Energy 40

A3.1 Spectral Shift by Doppler Effect 40

A3.2 Doppler Effect falsified Einsteins Theory of Relativity 40

A3.3 Depedency of Light Speed to Medium of Propagation 41

A3.4 Own scientific Research was misused to verify antiscientific science fiction 42

A3.5 Impressive Prove of SURe: the relativistic Doppler Effect 42

A3.6 The Error of gravitational Shifts of Spectral Lines 43

A3.7 Gravitational and “relativistic” red-shifts of stars 43

A3.8 Explanation of wrong run times of atomic Clocks 43

A3.9 Redshift by „tired light“ is sure Reality 44

A3.10 Wrong Formula for Redshifts 44

A3.11 The Errors of Expansion of Cosmos and Dark Energy 44

A3.11.1 The questionable Diagram of Edwin Hubble 44

A3.11.2 Wrong Formula for Luminosity 45

A3.11.3 Overview of Errors and wrong Understandings 45

A3.11.4 The Nonsense of Dark Energy resulting from SN1 Redshifts 46

A3.11.5 Postulated Age of Universe has no scientific bases 47

A3.11.6 The Universe has a constant Size 47

A3.11.7 Spectra of Galaxies require Scientific Research 48

A3.12 Influence of Gravitation on emitted Photons 48

A3.13 Wrong Understanding of Radio Radiation 49

A4 Generation and Energy of Stars and Planets 49

A4.1 First Generation of Hydrogen in Universe 50

A4.2 Observations concerning Generation of Stars 50

A4.3 Explanation of Generation of Stars 50

A4.4 Stars are not generated by Gravitational Collapse 51

A4.5 The real Proton-Proton Reactions in Core of Stars 52

A4.5.1 The first Proton-Proton Bonding 52

A4.5.2 The 2nd and 3rd Proton-Proton Bondings in Core of Sun 53

A4.6 The accompanied Decay Reactions of Proton- Bonding Reactions 53

A4.6.1 Decay of IR-Photons by Freezing Reaction 53

A4.7 The Generation of magnetic Fields 54

A4.8 Ejections of magnetic Fields and their Ignition. 54

A4.9 The different solar Eruptions 54

A4.9.1 The correct Findings of solar Eruptions 54

A4.9.2 The Explanation of the Grain Structure 55

A4.9.3 Flares and Prominences 55

A4.9.4 Coronal Mass Ejections (CME) 55

A4.9.5 Sun Spots 56

A4.9.6 The scientific Explanation of the Dark Color of Sunspots 56

A4.9.7 Explanation of well separated two dark Colors 56

A4.9.8 Sunspots falsify Energy by nuclear Fusion 56

A4.10 Solar Wind falsifies current Physics 57

A4.11 Scientific Explanation of Periods of increased Sun Activity. 59

A4.11.1 General Observations 59

A4.11.2 The Antiscience of differential self Rotation 59

A4.11.3 Scientific Explanation of periodic Activity of Sun 60

A4.11.4 Explanation of movement of new Spots to Equator 60

A4.12 Correlation of sun Activity to Climate 61

A4.12.1 No long Term Change of emitted Heat from Sun 61

A4.12.2 No influence of Sun Activity to Heat (Climate) 61

A4.12.3 Explanation of Maunder Minimum 61

A4.13 The Errors of Heat Transfers 62

A4.13.1 Why is the Sun not heated up? 62

A4.13.2 First scientific Explanation of Heat 62

A4.13.3 Heat Generation by Decay Reactions 62

A4.13.4 Heat Generation by high energetic IR-Photons 63

A4.13.5 No Heat Generation in sun 63

A4.13.6 No Heat Generation in surroundings of sun 63

A4.14 The Errors of Cooling 64

A4.14.1 The missing Understanding of Cooling by Radiation 64

A4.14.2 The not understood technical Cooling 64

A4.14.3 The General Cooling Process 65

A4.14.4 The Error of Temperatures of Atmosphere of Earth 66

A4.14.5 The desasterous Error of Heating of earth surface 66

A4.14.6 The desastrous Error of Cooling of earth surface 66

A4.15 TEMPERATURE CONTROL of Celestial Bodies 67

A4.16 Le Chatelier‘s principle 68

A4.17 Same Origin as for Stars: HEAT OF PLANETS 69

A5 SURe of Supernovae 69

A5.1 Observations of a Supernova 69

A5.2 Supernova is no Gravitational Collapse but Explosion 70

A5.3 The Fuel for Supernova Explosion 70

A5.4 The Requirement for Ignition of Supernova 71

A5.5 Example of spectral Data 72


A5.7 Explanation of Progress of Supernova 73

A5.8 Current physically impossible Explanations of Supernovae 73

A5.9 Nonsense of current different theories for Supernova 74

A5.10 Explanation of Generation of a Neutron Star as Remnant 74

A5.11 Revision concerning Neutron Star from April 2024 75

A5.12 No Increase of Rotation Velocity by Supernova 75

A5.13 Explanation Generation of all Atoms by Supernova 75

A5.14 Generation of Molecules by Supernova 76

A5.15 Petroleum and Natural Gas are no fossil Fuels 76

A5.16 Requirements for Generation of Star System 76

A5.17 First scientific Explanation of Generation of Planets 77

A6 Classifications and Descriptions of Stars 77

A6.1 General Definition of a Star 77

A6.2 Classification of stars 78

A6.3 The scientific Explanation of pulsating Stars 78

A6.4 Variable Stars 79

A6.5 Classification by visible Spectral does not make Sense 79

A6.6 Temperatures of Stars can‘t be measured 80

A7 Specific Stars 80

A7.1 Scientific Description of a White Dwarf 80

A7.2 Scientific Description of Giant Stars 81

A7.3 Scientific Description of Cepheid Variables 81

A7.4 Description of Pulsar 82

A7.5 First scientific Description of Magnetars 83

A7.6 The largest and most important Celestial Body 83

A8 First scientific Description of a Black Hole 84

A8.1 A Black Hole is no Hole but also no Star 84

A8.2 Black holes devour lots of stuff for rapid growths 84

A8.3 Black Holes stabilize Temperature of Space 85

A8.4 Stellar Black Holes do not exist 85

A8.5 Black Holes are relative inactive 86

A8.6 First Explanation of Gravitational Force 86

A8.7 First Explanation of gravitational Force by a Black Hole 87

A8.8 First Explanation of the galactic Bulge 87

A8.9 The measurements of the slow orbital Velocities 88

A8.10 Science Fiction has more Value than Observation 88

A8.11 The falsification of Gravitation in outer Orbits 88

A8.12 The manipulated Picture of a Black Hole 89

A8.13 Many physically impossible Theories for Black Holes 89

A8.14 Real Activities of Black Holes 90

A8.15 First scientific Explanation of “Fermi Bubbles” 90

A8.16 The blatant Fake of Sagitarius A* being our SMBH 91

A9 Physically impossible Theories of orbital Movements 92

A9.1 The Reasons for non-understanding of Orbits 92

A9.2 The Errors of Theory of elliptical Orbits 93

A9.2.1 According to Mathematics all Orbits should be circular 93

A9.2.2 Wrong Mathematics instead admitting missing Explanations 93

A9.2.3 The antiscientific Use of Mathematics 94

A9.2.4 Mathematics falsifies elliptical Orbits 95

A9.3 The only Explanation of non-circular Orbits 95

A9.4 The Error of mutual Orbits 96

A9.4.1 The mathematical Impossibility of mutual Orbits 96

A9.4.2 Explanation of the Impossibility of mutual Orbits 96

A9.4.3 The physical Impossibility of a Barycenter 96

A9.4.4 The Falsification of mutual Orbits 97

A9.4.5 The Reality about existing Orbits 97

A9.4.6 No mutual Impacts of Moons, Planets, Suns or SMBH! 98

A9.4.7 Regions of Exertion of gravitation are limitted 98

A9.4.8 Tidally locked Orbits 98

A9.5 The blamable severe Error of Ekin = ½ mv² 99

A9.6 The Falsification of Theory of Gravitation 99

A9.6.1 Overview of Gravitation 99

A9.6.2 Orbits in Galaxies falsify Gravitation 100

A9.6.3 The absurd Theory of Gravitation by Einstein 100

A9.6.4 The Error of low Orbit Velocities near Black Hole 101

A9.6.5 Dark Matter: A wrong Theory shall save wrong Gravitation 102

A9.6.6 MOND: Another impossible Theory 102

A9.6.7 The real Explanation of gravitational Force 102

A9.6.8 Wrong Formula for Gravitation by wrong Mathematics 103

A9.6.9 The Explanation of the Linearity by increasing Distances 103

A9.6.10 Current orbital Data for Planets are not reliable 104

A10 Irregular Gravitation proves SURe – New Physics 104

A10.1 Explanation of irregular Forces by orbiting 104

A10.2 Explanation of irregular gravitational Force 105

A10.3 Explanation of irregular Change of Velocity 105

A10.4 First Explanation of Orbit of Earth 106

A10.5 First scientific Explanation of Prehelion Precession of Mercury 106

A10.6 Current Explanations of Tides are a Farce against Science 107

A10.7 First and only Explanations of Tides 107

A10.8 Gravitation of moon has no Impact on Earth 108

A10.9 The real Bridge to the Moon 108

A10.10 And the Bondings of Bridge to Earth? 108

A10.11 Oumuamua verifies SURe 108

A11 First scientific Description of Galaxies 109

A11.1 Scientific Description of Quasars 109

A11.3 First Explanation of the spiral Form of most Galaxies 110

A11.4 First Explanation of the Generation of spiral Arms 110

A12 Other Observations with wrong Interpretations 111

A12.1 Active Galactic Nucleus (AGN) 111

A12.2 Quasars with extreme high Energies 111

A12.3 Blazer 111

A12.4 Astrophysical Jets 111

A12.5 „Fermi bubbles“ 112

A12.6 Accretion Discs 112

A13 Scientific Explanations by SURe 113

A13.1 Explanation of emitted Energies of SMBH (= AGN) 114

A13.2 Explanation of different energies in different areas of of plumes (bubbles) 114

A13.3 Explanation of observation of polarized Photons 114

A13.4 Explanation of Synchrotron Radiation in cosmos 115

A13.5 First Explanation of Ether Wind 115

A13.5.1 Ether Wind proves the limited Area of Gravitation 115

A13.5.2 Historic Determination of Ether wind by Interferometers 116

A13.5.4 Only real Waves show Interference 116

A13.5.3 The Detection of Ether Wind by Michelson- Interferometer 117

A13.5.4 Miller also proved an additional An-isotropy Effect 117

A13.5.5 The Reality of Measurements by Interferometer 118

A13.5.6 The Verification of Reality by Ernest Esclangon 118

A13.6 Other Effects by Wind of Ether 119

A13.6.1 Change of Solar Wind 119

A13.6.2 Aberration of Star Light 119

A13.6.3 Ether Wind causes wrong Run Times of atomic Clocks 120

A13.6.4 All Energies of emitted Electron-Pairs depend on Ether Wind 120


Copy from SURe – New Physics Vol. GRAVITY 121

G5 GRAVITATIONAL WAVES are physically impossible 121

G5.1 Matter-less Waves do not exist 121

G5.2 The Error of Generation of gravitational Waves 121

G5.3 The Error of Propagation Speed 122

G5.4 The Error of Observability 122

G5.5 The obvious Fake of detected Gravitational Waves 123

G5.6 The Force of doing Anti-Science 124

G5.7 The scientific Explanation of Signals 125

G5.8 Publication with Science and Anti-Science 125

G5.9 Urgent Need for new Publication System 126






A0 The scientific Reality of „Big Bang“




A0.1 The Generation of the Universe has to start with ZERO


Scientists have to start with zero energy and matter to get knowledge about the generation of the universe. By knowing the reality of the generation of the matter and energy in universe, it is very simple to get knowledge about the two Fundamental Laws of Nature which rules all interactions in universe and thus also the development of cosmos to current appearance.

No observation is needed for this because everything is determined by Laws of Nature.



A0.2 A Computer can tell how the Universe was generated


You have just to feed a computer with basic mathematical and physical rules for energies and give it the task to find out a way for generation of matter and energy out of nothing based on the classical rules. This is possible because there is just one possibility.

Thus the defined generation of the universe by SURe- New Physics is irrefutable reality. It is presented with illustration in on under “From Nothing to Universe”

( )




A0.3 Big Bang Theory: The Test of the Omnipotence of Physics


Current physics does not explain the generation of energy at all and the interactions after generation of energy are described by science-fiction with is extreme far away from any physical law and extreme far away from physically possibility and thus extreme far away from reality. Of course physicists know that the Big Bang theory has not at all something to do with science, so it should not even be called fictive science (science-fiction), it is an affront against science and against science fiction.

It seems that the autocracy of physics just want to test its omnipotence by telling the most absurd non-sense to people and check the response of this by people. The result was clearly that they can make up the craziest statements without any criticism of people. People believe physicists with unquestioning loyalty. So by Big Bang theory physicists got the knowledge that they can further make-up physically impossible science-fiction without paying attention to whether their science fiction is contrary to physical rules and observations.

The result is that more than 80% of explanations of physics is done by physically impossible science fiction, mostly contrary to observations.



A0.4 Big Bang Theory: the long List of physical Impossibilities


In following list are just a few impossibilities and corresponding non-understandings:

* Changes of total energy. No understanding of energy and laws of energy.

* Generation of mass out of energy. No understanding of mass and laws of mass.

* Infinitely small particle. (In physics nothing can be infinite, because this is not describable.)

* Infinitely high energy.

* Alternative statement: An extremely high energy in an extemely high volume.

Comment: This is an unscientific statement. The reality is: An electron is the smallest particle with the highest energy. But the values are completely unknown. The definition of the unit is done by mankind. In physics there has just to be a constantly use of the defined unit, so that changes are determined. But absolute values do not exis and are not of interest. When an electron is extremels small the universe is extremely small. But physical laws are not affected by this.

* Reduction of energy: Matter with extreme high energy can only reduce energy by transferring energy to low energetic matter, which was not available by Big Bang theory.

* Cooling of matter: Matter can only cool down by transfer of heat to cool matter, which was not available.

* Singularity (By a scientifically sounding term, anti-science cannot be converted to science.

* Expansion of space. (Violates conservation of total energy and cannot be explained)

* Selective expansion of space: the space between galaxies expand, but not the space between stars is not explainable.

* Expansion of space is falsified by observed homogeneity of universe.



A0.5 Impossibilities of earliest periods of the Universe


Theory according to Wikipedia (under CMB) and Reality

Wikipedia: “In the Big Bang cosmological models, during the earliest periods, the universe was filled with an opaque fog of dense, hot plasma of sub-atomic particles.”

SURe: Sub-atomic particles and also plasma can’t create a fog. This shows current wrong understanding of fog and plasma. Subatomic particles are not the characteristic particles of a plasma . A plasma is the state of aggregation with lowest density of atomic particles.

At the beginning of universe bondings occur, which requires that the universe has to be cold. Correct statement: The universe was filled with sub-atomic particles. Currently there is a wrong understanding of sub-atomic particles. In the description of the “earliest period” the most imported information is missing: The successive generation of the different sub-atomic particles.

Wikipedia: “As the universe expanded, this plasma cooled to the point where protons and electrons combined to form neutral atoms of mostly hydrogen.”

SURe: Expansion of space is based on numerous fictive physical impossibilities. Cooling down is not possible by expansion of space. The scientific requirement is, that cooling occurs by heat transfer to cooler particles. Nearly all particles bind to other particles, but there is neither a binding nor another combination of protons to electrons. The term “neutral” does not make sense as charges do not exist. Most important information is missing: The reaction equation to hydrogen.

Wikipedia: “Unlike the plasma, these atoms could not scatter thermal radiation by Thomson scattering, and so the universe became transparent.[4]”

SURe: Unlike plasma, atoms can emit and scatter visible photons. Photons can lose energy by scattering so these finally are added to the the permanently existing omnipresent photons.

Wikipedia: “ Known as the recombination epoch, this decoupling event released photons to travel freely through space – sometimes referred to as relic radiation. However, the photons have grown less energetic due to the cosmological redshift associated with the expansion of the universe.”

SURe: There is no recombination or decoupling epoch. All matter does continuously bindings and breaks of bondings as an equilibrium. First significant release of photons occurred after generation of stars. Radiation is completely misunderstood in physics. Electromagnetic waves are physically impossible. Redshift is completely misunderstood. Correct is redshift by scattering by molecular clouds in space (=tired light).

Wikipedia: “The surface of last scattering refers to a shell at the right distance in space so photons are now received that were originally emitted at the time of decoupling.[5]”

SURe: Above statement shall verify the physical impossible big bang theory by the physical impossible explanation of Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB).



A0.6 The Reality of Cosmic Microwave Background


The reality is that CMB refer to indirect measurements of the kinetic energies of omnipresent photons. Direct measurements refer to the decay products of omnipresent photons which are electron pairs (=radio-radiation). Only a very little portion of omnipresent photons are emitted photons by stars, which have lost their energies. 99% of CMB refers to omnipresent photons, which are probably generated within half a day after generation of matter (electrons). Thus there are no significant changes in CMB over all times of the universe. CMB verifies SURe – New Physics and falsifies current physics. Most important finding of CMB measurements is the verification of the ”ether wind” and by this the anisotropy of light = common average-movement of omnipresent photons.



A1 Physical Basis of Astrophysics


A1.1 Also the Cosmos is ruled by “Weltformel”


A1.1.1 Short Overview of „Weltformel“


The Weltformel is a mathematical description of all physical interactions and physical states in universe and by this describes the reality of the universe. All statements which are not conform to the Weltformel are no physical reality. Over 90% of current theoretical physics is no reality.

The Weltformel consists of one axiom and two fundamental laws of nature:


* Everything in universe was generated out of nothing (which means no energy and no matter).

The axiom results to the only possible conclusion:

* Everything in universe consists of spin-energies which are equivalent to electrons.

Comment: An electrons is identical to a positron. These just have opposite spin orientation.

First Fundamental Law of Nature:

* When electrons collide, these are forced to accelerate to the direction of lowest spin energies by overlapping of opposite spin energies.

Comment: This is the only active force in universe.

Second Fundamental Law of Nature:

* All interactions are done in a way that the total energy permanently stays constant.

Comment: This is the only passive force in universe.


A1.1.2 How were the fundamental Laws of Nature derived


Fundamental laws of nature have been derived exclusively by reliable objective observations and the definition of the general laws which are conform to these observations.

The first task of physical research is describe and explain observations. This is always done with science fiction, which means interpretations, hypotheses, theories and so on.

So the main task of physical research is to revise descriptions and explanations so that these contain no science fiction any more.

SURe – New Physics needed extensive work for many years. The elimination of science fiction showed to be a process which had to be done by many revisions of theories. Thus over 90% of my work were revisions and deletion of my own science fiction until finally there was no science fiction any more.



A1.1.4 A Computer can tell how the Cosmos developed


As soon as you have defined the only two fundamental laws of nature you don‘t need to do observations any more. You just have to feed a powerfull computer with the mathematics of the two fundamental laws of nature and the computer will tell you how the cosmos was developed up to current appearance. (see SURe – New-Physics “From Nothing to the Universe”)

But there is one exception: Although all biological interactions are also determined by the Weltformel, no computer will manage to create living matter. This is not achieved because it is physically impossible, but because it is an extreme small probability to create living matter. The time span of existence of universe would no be enough calculation time even for a super-computer.

Thus living matter is clearly something which is created from “outside” of our universe.


A1.1.5 The embarrassing Errors of Mathematics


Most physicists do not accept SURe – New Physics because of the missing complicated formulas of mathematics and therefore declare SURe – New Physics as unscientific trashy stuff, which is worthless to read.

First answer is that SURe – New physics is completely based on mathematics. That all interactions in universe are determined just by two mathematical formulas is no problem of reality but a problem of physical research and physics. Only formulas which are conform to the fundamental formulas describe reality. Nearly all currently used formulas describe physical impossible science fiction. The use of complicated mathematics is a clear indication that the universe and has not been understood. Every mathematician knows that by mathematics nothing can be explained. Thus the most important physical task cannot be done by mathematics.

But it is even much worse: Physicists seem to know that mathematics is a perfect tool to verify physically impossible science fiction. This explains why mathematics is nearly always included in physical publication. Thus mathematics strongly facilitated my main research work to eliminate science fiction. After first extensive scientific checks I realized that mathematics was used in each checked publication to fake reality, so that I decided to declare all publications with mathematics to be science fiction. The process of faked reality is mostly the same: First a theory (science fiction) is expressed as mathematical formula. Then the mathematical formula is changed by mathematically transformations. But every mathematician knows that by valid mathematically transformations you get no valid statements when there were no valid statements at the beginning of transformations. Sometimes the theory is incorporated in between the calculations.

Such procedures are normally known as severe errors by circular fallacies. A typical example of a circular fallacy is the fake verification by mathematical derivation of kinetic energy = ½ mv². This also shows that physicists don’t realize such a blatant error because they are blinded by habit.

A severe logical error occurred for the absurd formula of work = force x distance.

A useful applications for mathematics is to define a general description of observed proportionalities. For example by experiments it can be clearly seen that the impact of a moving object is proportional to the mass of the object and the velocity of the object. So by this the real kinetic energy of an object has been defined which is Ekin = mass x velocity (mv). It is extreme unscientific that the wrong formula has not been deleted.

Normally the universe works with very simple relations. A bit less simple are derivations. According to my knowledge a change of a property which is inverse proportional to a quadratic term results to the invers proportionality of the linear term. Examples are the tat gravitation and luminosity are proportional to 1/r and not to 1/r² (r= distance).

Thus there are no correct formula for the most important properties in universe. Of course these basic errors caused numerous other errors.

Finally in current physics there are even physically impossible theories which explain that most formula give wrong results. The theories are uncertainty, non-locality, variable distance and variable time. Of course these theories are no physical reality and falsified by all objective observations.


A1.1.6 Physical Engineers mostly know the Reality


Physical engineers did an excellent job, because they developed and constructed many valuable technologies despite wrong explanations and understandings. But of course the physically impossible theories strongly hindered technical progress. Engineers would have constructed already before the 1960s years extreme effective power plants for “clean” and cheap energy analog to sun. On the other hand this can be regarded as an extreme improbable wonder, because by the increase of more than 50% CO2 in atmosphere by the ineffective burning of fossil fuels, there could be achieved an increase of crop yield of nearly 50%. It would not be possible to increase crop yield alone by fertilizer. Without the increase of CO2 there would have been and would still be incredible hunger catastrophes with millions of deaths.

A well known effect is the cooling effect by plants due to absorption of heat by evaporation. In addition there is an important natural mitigation of climate changes by CO2 which works by release or solving of CO2 in sea water. Instead of the complete absurd greenhouse effect by absorption there is a parasol effect of absorption: Heat from sun is absorbed and released again to space. Each additional molecule in atmosphere has an additional cooling effect on climate. The real main reason of all climate changes is clearly explained by SURe New Physics: It is a cosmic effect by absorption of heat by varying densities of molecular clouds in space. Which can be accurately be measured.

Engeneers know well that CO2 has a cooling effect , otherwise they would fill insulating glass with CO2 according to the greenhouse motto: heat comes in and does not go out. But the real effect of CO2 is: heat is prevented to come in by absorption, but can easyly go out.

Engineers know that holding the heat in a room is best by using Argon to fill window glass: Argon is a one-atomic molecule!


There are about 20 other severe physical errors which led to the absurd greenhouse theory by CO2. Instead to do actions against the real causes of climate change people do actions to make a man-made catastrophe out of the natural effect which helps mankind.


A1.1.6 Engineers know what to do for Energy Generation


The most important rule for energy generation is: Generation of usable energy (=kinetic energy) can exclusively be done by decay reaction, whereas by binding reactions kinetic energy is consumed.

This rule has been verified over many decades nearly daily by expensive experiments in nuclear fusion test facilities: The result is: Nuclear fusion consumes usable energy. But as engineers know the reality they modified the tests so that there are also decay reaction. Thus they can present also some generation of energy by the decay products which are the same as in nuclear fission plants: neutrons, which are mostly emitted by the added lithium molecules. It is well known that even by decay of the used deuterons neutrons are emitted, so that energy is generated. But deuterons need an extreme high activation energy, which has already been determined in 1937:

Nuclear fusion reactions are exclusively possible by extreme low temperatures belowe 15K, which are available in core of stars. Nuclear fusion is equivalent to freezing.

The statement that the sun ist extremely hot is a typical wrong interpretation of the observation that the sun emits IR.photons (=heat). That this interpretation is wrong is more obvious than the wrong interpretation that the sun orbits around the earth.

In kinetics the rules for reactions are well known. Also that a high activation energy for energy generation is no problem, as the activation energy is always released again.


A1.2 The important Role of Photons


A1.2.1 Photons are the most stable Particles in Universe

Because of the high stability of photons, these fill the complete space inclusive the “empty” space in atomic matter. Therefore these are called omnipresent photons. Photons have been generated within few days after generation of the fundamental particles of the universe, which are electrons (identical to positrons as their antiparticles). The stability of a photon is explained by the compact symmetric structure of 4 bound electrons, by which the structure is highly resistant against decays by collisions from all sites. Vibrations of the 3 bondings are stable in a wide range of energies. This is the explanation for the fact that photons have an extreme wide range of kinetic energies, so that photons are differentiated by their energies from IR-photons over visible photons, UV-photons, X-ray photons to Gamma-photons.

The extreme stability of photons explains the fact that more than 99 % of all particles in universe are photons.


A1.2.2 Photons are the most reactive Particles


Photons bind to all other particles.

Photons can also do polymerization with other photons to more or less huge structures. These structures are generally called magnetic fields. These shows that force fields like everything consits of structured matter. Bondings are strongly preferred by low temperature. Thus in space huge magnetic fields can be observed which mostly are parallel to spiral arms of galaxies. Also other huge structures are observed as tubes, bubble and lobes, which can get larger than a galaxy.

Relative small chains of photons are built on atomic nuclei, by which the bondings between atoms to molecules are generated. The usual “small” photon chain between atoms consists of several hundred thousands photons. This show the great potential for atomic matter to emit photons. In addition the emitted photons are mostly directly replaced by new bindings to omnipresent photons.



A1.2.3 Photons decay to two Electron-Pairs


Of course photons can also decay. Decay-products are two electron-pairs. Thus photons are always in equilibrium with low concentrations of electron-pairs. The terms muon-neutrino for photon and electron-neutrino for electron-pair are not used any more by SURe-New Physics.

The term electron-pair, which also exists in current physics, shall make clear that charges don’t exist. Contrary to current theory electrons bind to electrons but never to positrons. This has been verified by decay of an electron-pair to electrons and measurements of deflections in magnetic fields. Current fault was that it was not taken into account that the two electrons have opposite emission direction which cause opposite deflections in magnetic fields. But it is more probable that physicists have realized this, but don’t dare to publish the reality.

Observations show that particles bind independently from charges. Whether binding or reflection occurs is determined by orientations of spin-rotation.


A1.2.4 The early Search of omnipresent Photons called formerly Ether


Before Albert Einstein, nearly all physicist were convinced by logical thinking that there has to be matter in space (formerly called ether) which is able to do all the observed interactions in space. Newton has been criticized to do occultism because of his physically impossible explanation of gravitation. Unfortunately Einstein terminated the research concerning ether by many physically impossible ideas and by this he terminated physics to be a logical science of nature.

The Ether later could clearly be detected by its additional linear movement (= ether wind, see chater A13).



A1.2.5 The detection of Ether as Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB)

Meanwhile an omnipresent matter could be clearly verified and it could be identified as omnipresent photons. The nearly direct measurement of omnipresent photons have been done by measurements with a horn antenna. The detected particles were called cosmic microwave Background (CMB), but sometimes also the correct term is used “3-Kelvin-photons”. The full reality is that a horn antenna just measure the accompanied electron pairs of omnipresent photons.


A1.2.6 Explanation of Brownian Movements of omnipresent Photons


Contrary to emitted photons in space, omnipresent photons do do random movements with sudden change of moving directions which are called Brownian motion. There are two explanations.

* When two photons collide which are both particles or antiparticles these bind to di-photons and a short time later the di-photon decays to two photons which are emitted in opposite directions.

* When a photon collides to an anti-photon are directly reflected to opposite directions.


* Most bulks of particles have on average random spin orientations. This means there are 50% particles and 50% antiparticles. This is mostly also valid for emitted photons. This is the explanation why emitted photons in a spectrometer are deflected in a magnetic field to opposite direction, which causes a split of spectral lines (=Zeeman-effect).

* Emitted photons from atomic bondings have higher kinetic energies so that these penetrate through the low energetic omnipresent photons and do exclusively change directions by collisions to larger particles.


A1.2.7 Omnipresent Photons generate all Forces over Space


There are not any forces between bodies when there is no contact between bodies. Thus all apparent forces of attraction and repulsion between bodies which have no contact are caused by omnipresent photons. Examples are magnetic, electromagnetic and gravitational forces. As there is only one single force in universe all forces can be simply explained:

Bodies are forced to move to the position where these can do maximal reduction of spin energy by overlapping opposite rotating spin energies. This is equivalent to maximal number of bondings.

Therefore there has to be a concentration gradient of omnipresent photons because by laws of kinets a higher concentration of reacting particles cause increasing reactions ( here bondings).

In case of gravitation the concentration gradient is generated by emission of low energetic IR-photons which are converted more or less quickly by collisions to randomly moving omnipresent photons. (Details in SURe-New Physics Vol. GRAVITY)

In case of magnetic force which is equivalent to electromagnetic force there are direct bondings or reflexions to huge structures of bound photons mostly in form of chains. Matter bodies bind to tha matter side of a chain by which the chain between bodies get shorter (attraction). When a matter body collides to the antimatter side of a chain these are reflected (repulsion).

(Details in SURe New Physics Vol. MAGNETISM)



A1.3 Wrong Understanding of Absorption and Emission


SURe is following definition:

Absorption is equivalent to binding of a particle to another particles. Mostly the absorbed particle is a photon. Large atomic nuclei can absorb (bind) probably more than 100 thousand photons which are in a specific continuous energetic range of IR energies.

Emission is equivalent to reaction by which one or more bondings break so that a particle is released and emitted apart of the bonding. Mostly the emitted particle is a photon. Each atomic particle can emit a photon in a specific range of continuous kinetic energies.


A1.4 Wrong definition for Heat, Thermal Energy and Temperature


It is extremely unscientific to make up theories about heat generation, when there are no valid definitions for heat, heat generation, energy and energy generation.

Heat, thermal energy and temperature are physical terms, which currently are strongly misunderstood. According to Wikipedia heat is explained as a process, which does not make sense as it should be a property of matter. By SURe – New Physics thermal energy gets the same definition as heat. Current definition of thermal energy according to Wikipedia is:

Thermal energy is the kinetic energy of vibrating and colliding atoms in a substance.“

The requirement for a scientific definition is, that it has to be clear, unambiguous and generally valid. This is by far not the case by above definition. There are more questions than answers. In addition the definition is clearly wrong: which is shown by following example: Same amounts of gas molecules in pressure bottles with different pressures, have different kinetic energies depending on pressure, but the heat and thermal energy of the gases are the same.


Temperature is the unit for heat and thermal energy so that heat and thermal energy can be measured by temperature. The change of heat has to be separately regarded by using the heat capacities of substances.

Thus the major fault of current physics is that temperatures are based on kinetic energies. By this most temperatures are wrong. For example all stated temperatures of upper atmosphere are wrong. Reality is that the temperatures of the atmosphere does continuously decrease by increasing height. This can be measured by valid measurement methods, which are measurements by direct contact. NIR measurements in atmosphere gives wrong results.


Known reality is that there is no correlation of thermal energy to kinetic energy at all:

* A room full of visible photons is cold and a room full of infrared photons is warm, although visible photons have significant higher kinetic energies than IR-photons.

* Transfers of heat can only be done by IR-Photons. Currently the measured energetic range for heat measurement from sun is too large, so that we have wrong data of received heat from sun. Received heat from sun can exclusively been measured by increased temperature by time, sample volume and sample area.

* Not any assembly of atomic atoms has a higher thermal heat when the assembly has higher kinetic energies, example: wind.



A1.5 SURe of Heat, thermal Energy and Temperature



A1.5.1 The first scientific Definition of Heat


Heat (= thermal energy) is equivalent to the average kinetic energies of omnipresent photons. The value of heat is expressed and measured by Temperature.


A1.5.2 Unit for Temperature


The unit for temperature is established by mankind and should be unique. Kelvin is the best choice.



A1.5.3 SURe about Absolute Zero

Absolute zero should be defined as temperature below which measurements are no reliable. According to the definition above, zero heat is at about 3 Kelvin, as below this temperature omnipresent photons freeze to the matter of black holes. Thus these do no relative movements anymore which is equivalent to zero kinetic energy. But of course lower temperatures are possible to initiate freezing. There might be also particles with lower freezing points like electron pairs. But it would be difficult to generate temperatures below freezing point of omnipresent photons.

No relative movement does not mean that frozen photons do no vibrations of bondings. Bondings always vibrate, which is determined by the two Fundamental Laws of Nature (Weltformel).

There is a minimum vibration energy of bondings which is constant and has the same value of the reduced spin energy by bonding. It should be possible to calculate this.



A1.5.4 The first Definition of Generation of Energy and Heat


Generation of energy always means generation of kinetic energy, because kinetic energy can be used to do interactions by collisions.

Generation of energy is equivalent to reactions by which particles decay and are emitted. By this the vibration energy of bonding plus the reduced spin energy by bonding are transferred to the kinetic energy of emitted particles.

Generation of heat is equivalent to reactions by which an infra-red photons decays from another particle and is emitted.

An explosion where heat and light is generated is always self accelerated decay of photon chains which are bound to all atomic nuclei. Atomic nuclei are not surrounded by free moving electrons.

Mechanism to transfer energy of radiated IR- photons to omnipresent photons (heat):

Radiated photon is absorbed by atomic particle. By this the collision energy is transferred to increased vibration energy. By increased vibration energy bondings to other photons, which exceed their maximal vibration amplitude break and are emitted. Generally these are many photons with lower IR-energy than absorbed photon, but still higher energies than surrounded omnipresent photons. By collisions of emitted photons with omnipresent photons the energies are averaged to higher temperatures.

Mechanism to transfer collision energies (=kinetic energies) of other particles to omnipresent photons:

Also the kinetic energy of other particles like electrons can be transferred by above mechanism to omnipresent photons (= electrical heating).



A1.5.5 The Explanation of Heat Reduction on Earth


While most heating on earth surface results by emitted high-energetic photons from sun, all reductions of heat on earth surface results by the flow of low-energetic omnipresent photons from space (about 3 K) to the surface of earth. The flow process of heat occurs by following mechanism:

1. There are collisions of two photons, which have different kinetic energies.

2. The two photons bind each other by a double bonding to a di-photon.

3. The different vibration energies of the two photons, which differ by heat, are adjusted to an average vibration energy.

4. The diphoton decays again by collisions to an anti- photons

Comment: All photons have different spin orientations. Thus there are 50% photons and 50% anti-photons. Most matter consists of 50% matter-particles and 50% antimatter-particles and thus average photons vibratio their energies are averaged followed by a decay to equal energies of photons. This is the explanation for the fact that heat always flows to colder areas, which means from facilities which generate energy to space.




A1.6 The wrong Understanding and formula of Kinetic Energy


A1.6.1 Kinetic Energy is no Property of Bodies


One of the most severe errors of current physics is, that kinetic energy is assigned to an object. The kinetic energy of an object is not determined and cannot be determined like it is the case for the velocity of an object. Both properties are relative and vectorial properties. So it has always to be mentioned to which object the kinetic energy or the velocity is valid. Only when this is very clear it has not to be mentioned.



A1.6.2 The wrong Definition of kinetic Energy


Currently there are two definitions of kinetic energy, which are both wrong:

1. Kinetic energy is the energy of movement of an object.

2. Kinetic energy is the amount of energy which is needed to accelerate an object from state of rest to velocity v.

Both definitions do not make sense:

1. An object has no energy of movement.

2. The second statement is not generally valid. It is not taken into account that it is the required minimum energy, so that much more energy is for example needed in particle accelerators.

The correct definition of kinetic energy:

Kinetic energy is the energy which an object has relative to another object and which can be transferred to another object.

Later it will be proved that the formula for kinetic energy is wrong



A1.6.3 The Violation of Principle of Relativity


The most important rule of science is, that rules of science and thus the observations and the descriptions of observations have to be for all observers the same.

Albert Einstein has violated this important rule for velocity of light. The velocity of light is indeed independent from velocity of source of light, Which means not relative to source, but light velocity is relative to observer and relative to propagation medium which is the average movement of omnipresent photons.

By the violation of the essential law of relativity all statements of Einstein’s theories of relativity are wrong. Particularly there are no relativistic effects which includes also time dilatation. All formulas derived by Einstein have no scientific basis and have to be eliminated (see SURe – New Physics Vol. RELATIVITY).

Principle of relativity also means that transformations to different inertial frames must be without any effect. If this is not the case the transformation is not allowed like Lorentz-transformation and the description of observation is no physical reality.

By this it is required that all relative properties like velocities or kinetic energies including of photons have to be described by a reference in order that everyone has the same understanding of the observation.



A1.6.4 The physically impossible Formula for Kinetic Energy


It is unbelievable that physicists still use the wrong formula for kinetic energy Ekin = ½ mv² and only partly converted to the correct formula Ekin = mv or scientificly correct Ekin = m*delta(v).

It should have been realized by logical thinking that it is physically impossible that a relative property is expressed by a quadratic function.

Scientists should have also realized that the derivation of the wrong formula is based on the most severe error of science, which is the circular fallacy. Nearly all physical formulas are based or even “verified” by circular fallacies. This means the theory which is derived or verified is used at the same time in the verification steps.

Finally all observations by measurements show that impacts by the kinetic energy of an object are proportional to the velocity and not to squared velocity.

The severe error of wrong kinetic energy has also caused that velocities of celestial bodies have been wrongly determined. Also the rule for celestic collisions is wrong. When the determination of velocity is critical, physicists use the correct formula which is Ekin = mv.



A1.6.5 ½ mv² is also wrong for Energy of Acceleration to v


It is known by collision experiments that a kinetic energy of Ekin =mv is needed to transfer the kinetic energy to another body with same mass so that it is accelerated to v.


A1.6.6 Units for Energy and Force have to be corrected


A unit for a property has to be explainable. The unit Joule = kg * m² / s² as well as the corresponding formula are not explainable and make no sense.

Kinetic energy of 1 Joule is correctly defined as energy which a body of mass m and velocity v relative to a body can transfer by collision to this body. But the kinetic energy has to be expressed by Ekin = mv and not ½ mv². When the accelerated body has also mass m it is also accelerated to the same velocity v.

By this the unit for Ekin is kg * (m/s). The explanation is: A body with the mass m in kg and the velocity v in (m/s) can transfer the energy 1 Joule in kg (m/s) to another body by a collision. The unit for velocity must be clearly identified as unit for velocity and therefore have to be bracketed, because often there is another meaning for seconds.

A unit always depends on the definition of the property.

The property force is a defined as pressure by gravitational force of a body with mass m. Pressure is a force witch has the potential to accelerate a body of mass m to the velocity v. Thus it has a comparable definition as kinetic energy and should have the same unit. The unit kg *m/s² does not make sense and can’t be explained. It would refer to a kinetic energy or force per second. But the force of gravitation does not depend on time. It is constant by time. So current unit for force is non-sense and has to be corrected. It represents the average kietic energy exerted by omnipresent photons to a body with the mass m.

The same definition is valid fot the pressure by gas-molecules. Of course the force of pressure can also be related to an area instead of a body with mass.

If there is a constant acceleration a the force can be expressed as F = m*a, which is conform to current physics, but is really restricted to constantly exerted force which is mostly not the case for gravitation and pressure.



A1.6.7 The nonsense of Formula and Unit for physical Work


The kinetic energy to accelerate a body is stated to be equal to work (Wikipedia under kinetic energy). Most people know the formula for work: Work equals the product of a constant force per second and the traveled distance per meter. A constantly exerted force to an object results to a constant acceleration per time unit but not to a constant acceleration per meter. Acceleration means that the traveled distance in meter per time unit is steadily increasing. This shows that a multiplication by a variable is done which does not result to a defined value Thus the calculation results tob a value without a physical meaning.

Again nobody recognizes or dares to mention that this formula is physical and mathematical nonsense.

How could this obvious nonsense survive? The term work has no valid definition and is totally unnecessary. It has to be immediately deleted from physics.


A1.7 Basics of Forces


A1.7.1 Theories claim 4 basic forces, but none is Reality


Current physics defined four basic forces: Electromagnetic force, gravitational force, strong and weak force. Strong and weak force are also called Interactions. This already shows that physicists are not sure that these are forces. There are just statements and descriptions without any explanations of the forces. For example there is no scientific information about the origin and how the forces are generated. The theories are extremely unreliable There would be hundreds of theories which would be more probable.



A1.7.2 The scientific Definition of Force


The usual classical definition and explanation according to the formula for force(F) F = m * a, with m = mass and a = constant acceleration (includes deceleration) is:

Force is the transferred kinetic energy to a body with mass m which causes an acceleration of the body with the mass m by a. An additional scientific requirement is:

The transfer of kinetic energy can only be done by collisions of objects. In some cases the colliding objects are small particles like omnipresent photons, which are not visible by eyes.

Force has a similar definition as kinetic energy. Kinetic energy of an object is the potential to transfer this energy to an other object. The difference is that force is mostly used for a bulk of randomly moving particles, which exerts for example pressure by molecules or gravitational force by omnipresent photons. This is done more or less constantly over time. Kinetic energy mostly is used for a single collision of an object to another object so that time plays no roll.

Important is that both properties are relative vectors of bodies which can range from subatomic particles like electrons or photons to celestial bodies.

As force should also be called the only existing active force in universe which is the force of colliding electrons to be accelerated to the direction of position of minimal spin energy.

As kinetic energy can be called the only passive force, which is the force of resistance against acceleration.

Overall both forces lead to bonding and vibration of this bonding. By further bondings the vibration energy gets so strong that the bonding breaks and the vibration energy is converted to kinetic energy of decaying particles.

Force and kinetic energy are vectorial and relative properties of an object relative to another object.

These rules a particular important to explain interactions in cosmos like gravitation and movements of celestial bodies.



A1.7.3 First scientific Explanation of gravitational Force


Concerning gravitational force it should be logically that the only possibility is that the kinetic energy which is required for gravitational acceleration of a body is transferred to this body by omnipresent photons. Only omnipresent photons fulfill the requirement of exert a force all the way during free-fall. Mass attraction is physically impossible science fiction.

The force to reduce spin energy by bonding results to the fact that objects are forced to the direction of strongest gradient of increasing density of omnipresent photons. By increased density of omnipresent photons increased bondings to omnipresent photons can be done, which leads to lowest possible spin energies.

As most celestial bodies generate omnipresent photons which are emitted out of surfaces the concentration of omnipresent photons increase by decreasing distance to surface.

There is a correlation of generated omnipresent photons to mass, there is also a mostly o correlation to the concentration gradient of omnipresent matter to mass of celestial body. But this is not linear and vary (see SURe – New Physics Vol. GRAVITY). By SURe gravitational force is converted from a magic force to a physical force.


A1.7.4 Newton’s wrong Formula of Gravitation


Of course at time of Newton there were very limited data for gravitation. Therefore his formula is just a first trial to describe proportionalities of gravitation. As best guess he defined following formula for forces of attraction F between two objects with two different masses m1 and m2 and F1 and F2 as the gravitational force of the two bodies as:

F = F1 = F2 = G * ( m1 * m2) / r²

G = constant of gravitation and r = distance between two objects

Newton looked for a formula which is generally valid. This is only possible when you have a scientific explanation for the property. As this is by far not the case there have to be measurements of the property by changing as many conditions as possible. With the data you can get a correlation under specific conditions, which are used for the formula. A formula without an explanation which is based on measurements on specific conditions, is mostly only valid for the specific conditions. This can be seen by the found different constants G by different conditions although G is defined as universal constant.

You have to use clear definitions of properties in formula. For example it is no clear, what F1 and F2 means. These can’t be the exerted forces of gravitation, as these would differ by different masses. As comment: there are two different gravitational forces: exerted gravitational force and experienced gravitational force. Correct is the multiplication of the two masses. The multiplication of two masses mostly does not make sense, and can only be explained that in this case one mass refers to the exerted gravitation and the other mass refers to the experienced gravitation.



A1.7.5 Wrong Correlation to 1/r² (r= distance)


Newton explained the proportionality to 1/r² by the assumption that the gravitation reduces by distance the same way as the area of a spherical surface reduces. The assumption is conform to the reality that the gravitation is caused by concentration gradient of emitted omnipresent photons from a celestial body. But there is a severe mathematically error: while the surface is a quadratic term of distance the change of a quadratic term results to a linear term, which is 1/r. Thus gravitation should be proportional to 1/r. This can be verified by measurements of the increasing velocity of usual objects by freefall- experiments or by the velocities of orbits of planets around sun. There is a high probability that by this error the distances to planets are also wrong.



A1.7.6 Only celestial Bodies exert Gravitation


A formula for gravitation can only be valid when one or both objects exert gravitation, which means emits omnipresent photons, which is done by nucleation reaction in cores of celestial bodies. Therefore gravitation can’t be exerted by heavy usual atomic bodies. This is verified by rocks or big buildings.

The Cavendish experiments work by attraction between a small and big ball of lead. When an experiment is done there have to be lots of variations, in order to get meaningful conclusions and to exclude errors by wrong interpretations. Variations are for example different weights, different materials and different force sensors. As far as I know, this has not been done. Very probable is that force of attraction is observed by Cavendish experiment is an electrostatic force. An electrostatic force works by generated photon chains (=magnetic fields) on the surface of matter. So between lead balls photon chains are generated which get shorter by collisions of omnipresent photons. This is a tapical magnetic interaction (see SURe – New Physics Vol. MAGNETISM)



A1.7.7 Dabble Star Systems are physically impossible


It is known by rockets that there must be a very strong force of kinetic energy get out of the gravitational force, which means to balance the gravitational force by kinetic energy. As according to Newton‘s law of gravitation the gravitational force is the product of masses it is impossible to achieve corresponding energies, when the masses of both celestial bodies are comparable. Thus rotations of celestial bodies of comparable masses is not possible. The assumed orbiting around a virtual common center is physically impossible because:

* A common mass center does physically not existed.

* There is no stable gravimetric bondage.

Rule: Sometimes observations have to be interpreted but that should be mentioned and interpretations by phenomena which are physically impossible is pseudoscience.



A1.8 The Error of Orbits of celestial bodies



A1.8.1 Elliptical orbits are physically impossible


The statement of physicists is that orbits of celestial bodies are elliptical and they wonder why this is not the case. This is very embarrassing for physicists. Every scientist, who knows the requirements for an elliptical orbit, also knows that these requirements can never be fulfilled by orbiting celestial bodies.

But there is a well known mathematically requirement which results to the fact that when celestial bodies approach each other the smaller celestial body is automatically captured to a stable orbit as soon as its inertial force of kinetic energy has the same value as the force of gravitation of the bigger celestial body. Kinetic force has gets in this case automatically perpendicular to the force of gravitation. The orbit by this is cyclic and not elliptical.


A1.8.2 Why are many orbits not cyclic?


This is the correct question instead of the research of physicists why there are deviations from ellipses, which is always the case. As the kinetic energy is constant, the force of gravitation is not constant during orbiting. As the mass of the orbited celestial body is constant, non-cyclic orbits prove that gravitation has nothing to do with attraction of mass and at the same time this is another verification of SURe- New Physics, which is explained later chapter. This also shows that the gravitational constant is no constant.




A1.9 The blatant Error of Nuclear Fusion


A1.9.1 Heat is much higher on earth than in sun


Physicists have proved that

* Stars are generated out of clouds of hydrogen.

* Hydrogen freezes below 14 K.

* Space has an average temperature of 2,7 K.

Thus it should be not very difficult to conclude that all stars consist of frozen hydrogen.

Gases or plasma do never have a shape of a ball.



A1.9.2 Correct statement of nuclear Fusion in Core of Sun

Most people know that freezing means that additional bondings are generated. The additional bondings are generally bondings between atomic nuclei. For H2 there are no other binding possibilities than proton-proton bindings.

This verifies following rule of reaction kinetics:

Nuclear bindings(=freezing) requires low temperatures. No energy is generated by binding.

The rule is verified since many years in nuclear fusion test facilities. All generated energies in tests have been generated by decay reactions.



A1.9.3 Energy by Decay Reactions in Atmosphere of Sun


The most effective energy generation can be done by decay reactions of photon chains like in sun atmosphere. In atmosphere of sun specific photon chains are used, which originally decayed from hydrogen. But of course any other molecule can be taken for heat generation as all atomic matter consists of photon chains.



A1.9.4 Energy Generation by decay of Water


It is a completely wrong thinking that in nuclear plants the heat is generated by radioactive decays. All heat and by this also energy of a nuclear fission plants is generated by decay of water molecules. This is no joke. Everybody who studies the process without interpreting it will realize this reality.

Also solid rock can be used for energy generation. This is impressively demonstrated in nature: Asteroids which enter the earth atmosphere decay to lots of heat and light photons and of decay particles which generate pressure. This is not a 1:1 transfer of kinetic energy, this is real generation of energy.




A1.9.5 Next project: Apply for Patents


As next project I will work out a procedure which can be used in power plants for safe, cheap and clean energy generation by water which works continuously in power plants.



A2 General Research of Astrophysics


A2.1 Astrophysical Research is limited to Spectroscopy


Nearly all knowledge of astrophysics has to be derived by spectroscopic data. Spectroscopic data refer to the detection and measurement of particles (mostly photons) which are emitted from matter (mostly stars) in space. By emission spectroscopic the kinetic energies and the intensities of emitted photons of stars are measured; by absorption spectroscopy missing energies of emitted photons are measured. Absorption refers to photons which partly are bonded again after decay and emission of photons.

Besides energetic interactions in space, by time dependent measurements the movements of celestial bodies and progress of interactions can be observed.



A2.2 Electromagnetic Waves are physically impossible


Physical science has to describe and explain the physical interactions in universe. Physical interactions can exclusively be done by physical objects. Everything, which is in universe consists of physical objects. Characteristics of physical objects are:

* have a concrete and describable physical structure of 3 dimensions.

* have a concrete mass, which means resistance to acceleration.

* have a kinetic energy (always relative and vectorial). Only by kinetic energy collisions to other physical objects can be done. Collisions are required to do physical interactions.

* have a well defined relative position in universe

* are observable by interactions

Non-physical phenomenons

* are products of science fiction of mankind like magics or occultism.

* do not fulfill characteristics of physical objects

* are not observable

Electromagnetic waves clearly do not fulfill characteristics of physical objects.

Each interaction of photons is a prove that photons are no electromagnetic waves but particles.

Electromagnetcic waves and corresponding wavelength and frequencies are not physical reality. These should be completely eliminated in physics books, so that physics converts from science fiction to a natural science.

SURe – New physics has described and logically explained all interactions, which in current “physics” are described and explained by electromagnetic waves by photons and other particles.

All descriptions and explanations of SURe - New Physics are consistent and irrefutable physical reality.

Of course there are also real wavelike phenomenons like water or sonic waves. These have also frequencies and wavelength.

By real waves physicists know that frequency of waves do not represent energies. Energies of real waves correlate to amplitudes of waves.

Real waves also need well defined forces and energies to generate wavelike movements. These forces are not described for electromagnetic waves.



A2.3 Wrong Theory for Absorption and Emission of Photons


Physical research is strongly impaired by totally wrong understanding of absorption and emission of photons, although there is a correct understanding for using these terms for other particles. Absorption and emission of a photon is equivalent to bonding and decay of a photon to or from another particle. So both phenomenons are usual chemical reactions.

Current theory is that the kinetic energies of emitted and absorbed photons result from transfers between two discrete energetic states of atoms. In addition it is stated that the preferred energetic state is the state with minimal energy. This statement is similar to the First Fundamental Law of Nature of SURe – New Physics. The statement about transfers between discrete energetic states shows that currently there is not any scientific understanding about energies and energetic states. Short overview: A particles consists of a specific number of bound electrons. The energy of a particle is the sum of spin energies of electrons and the sum of vibration energies of bondings of electrons. Vibration energy depends on amplitudes of vibrations and thus particles can have values of vibration energies until the vibration amplitude is so large that the bonding is broken. By this the vibration energy is transferred to kinetic energy of the decay particles. This causes the emissions of particles like photons. All reactions require a collision to activate the reaction. Thus also for absorption an activation energy is required, which is provided by the kinetic energy of the colliding particle.

By absorption the kinetic energy of a photon is transferred to vibration energy of all bondings. Thus absorption of a particle mostly results to emission of a particle.

As the kinetic energy of absorbed photons refer to activation energies and the energies of emitted photons are determined by maximal vibration amplitude, the kinetic energies of absorbed and emitted photons are generally complete different. According to current theory absorbed and emitted energies should normally have same discrete energies.

Spectral measurements falsify current theories.

Mostly spectral data show continuous energies in broad ranges of all natural energetic values. There are also specific absorption an emission peaks, but these are generally different.

Reflected photons mostly have same energies. But this is a different process.

Although physicists have falsified their theories of discrete energetic states, and the wrongly interpreted absorption energies and emission energies they did not declare their theories as wrong and irreal.

Per definition this is antiscience.



A2.4 Origins of continuous spectral Data


Most emitted photons decayed from chains of bound photons which are bonded to atomic nuclei. As each chain consists of several hundred thousand photons with very small energetic differences, the emitted spectra generally do not show lines but broad bands, even if there is just one element like hydrogen. The broad ranges of emissions of photons from photon chains are called “black body radiation” although this radiation of emitted photons is independent from color. As all atoms have photon chains all atoms can generate a black body spectrum. As this radiation is not specific, it is not of interest and is normally eliminated in spectra by running spectral analysis against a reference sample. Unfortunately this is not practicable for spectra of celestial bodies.



A2.5 Origins of specific spectral Data



Exclusively photons which are emitted by decay of a single direct bonding to an atomic nucleus or bond to an atomic nucleus have specific energies and cause sharp spectral lines. These sharp lines can be used for identifications and quantization of atoms by spectroscopic measurements. Mostly the peaks are broadened by temperature effects because also collision energies often influence spectral lines.

Each specific absorption peak refers to the minimum activation energy of a specific photolysis reaction. Photolysis means bonding of a photon, parallel to the break of a bonding. For example an O2 molecule can break by bonding of an UV-photon to one O- radical and one O- atom.




A2.6 The Dependency of Spectra on Temperature


It has been early discovered by Max Planck that the range of “black body radiation” which is the range of continuous energies of emitted photons from photon chains depend on temperature. The range is extended to higher energies of photons by higher temperature.

At the same time, when photons are emitted from atomic photon chains, omnipresent photons are bound to photon chains. This is the explanation of the fact that emission of photons are not limitted by time because there are no photons any more to emit. Thus emissions of light by a lamp for example occur permanently.

Beyond this continuous emission range there are specific spectral lines of high energetic photons like X-ray or gamma-photons.

Scientific Explanation of dependency of spectra on Temperature:

The increased collision energy by increased temperature is not fully needed for activation of reaction, and increases the vibration energy, so that by a direct breaking of a bonding, the excess kinetic energy of vibration is transferred to the kinetic energy of emitted particles.

The dependency on temperature is another explanation why atoms have no discrete energetic states. Emitted energies have all kind of natural values. So these are specific but not discrete.



A2.7 Verification of SURe by Emission Spectrum of Hydrogen


Current statement is, that the emission spectrum of hydrogen can be calculated by the possible energetic transitions of the apparent electron from a higher energetic state to a lower energetic state. It has already been mentioned that this is physically impossible science fiction. There are no energetic states and there are no electrons which occupy these energetic states. Physicist have already falsified the theory of atomic electrons and therefore had made up atomic models without electrons. (SURe-New-Physics Vol. Q = Quantum Physics).

Structure of hydrogen by SURe-New Physics:

Up to present time New Physics has derived all interesting structures of atoms and molecules. Structures of all particles are exactly determined by the two Fundamental Laws of Natures. Well known is that hydrogen molecule consists of two protons. Not known is that a proton can do three double bondings to photons or other protons. Proton-Proton-bondings require temperatures below 20K to be stable. Therefore at normal temperature there are only bondings to photons. There are two single photons directly bound to each proton. Because of the energetic preference of linear bondings the third bonding option is used for binding to a photon chain which results to a hydrogen atom. By binding of the two photon chains to a combined chain a hydrogen molecule is generated.

Emission spectrum of hydrogen by SURe – New Physics:

Decays of photons from the photon chain results to a continuous broad emission band.

Decay reactions of the four photons which are directly bound to proton results to maximal four specific emission peaks in spectrum.

The calculation of the energies of emitted protons is difficult and has not been done till now. predicted.

Experimental research:

By collisions of electrons to hydrogen molecules in glass tubes, decay reactions of hydrogen can be activated. The intensities of decayed and emitted photons were analysed after dispersion to different values of kinetic energies.


* The broad band of emitted photons with continuous energies was clearly verified.

* Two specific emission peaks could be clearly identified.

* A third specific emission peak (H alpha) could only be generated by a specific “Balmer” tube, in which hydrogen was mixed with some water. A scientific explanation was not presented.



A2.8 Calculated Spectra of Hydrogen is a Fraud against Science


Balmer did something extremely unscientific. He measured the energies of emitted photons of hydrogen and by try and error he searched a calculation formula that was conform to the measured energies. Of course the formula has no scientific background and is just a product of playing games with numbers. He also could only adjust formula to two energies. Unexplained is why pure hydrogen does not show the H-alpha emission, whereas hydrogen with water does.

It is a fraud against science that scientists try to verify physically impossible theories like the atomic model with free moving electrons by an imagined formula without a scientific basis.

Another unscientfic action, which can be often seen, is to mark manually “suitable” spectral lines out of numerous equally strong lines.



A2.9 Spectral Measurements of celestial Bodies


A2.9.1 SURe of Emission Spectra of Stars


Nearly all stars have such a high temperature that these emit a continuous energy spectrum in the visible range, which results to a clear nearly white spectrum. So all stars including our sun emits nearly white light. There is another reason for the continuous emission spectra which is explained in detail later: In core of stars complete atomic hydrogen does nuclear bondings, by which the bondings to photon chain breaks. The photon chains propagate to the surface and are ignited, which means one photon chain can decay to several hundred thousands photons with various energies. There are normally no atoms in atmosphere of stars which decay to photons with specific energies.

* It is not possible to determine any atoms in a star by visible spectrum of emissions.



A2.9.2 The Error of different Colors of Stars



The clear observation is that the received light from stars has different colors which range from bluish- white – yellow – red.

As the observed color is not the emitted color which is nearly white, there has to be a change during propagation of light. This change is well known by sun. This is for example the case for the spectra of sun between different times of a day. The spectra in blue range strongly decreases from noon to evening or morning, which causes a significant red shift. This can be seen not only visual, but also by spectra of sun. Spectra from satellites or from moon even show much stronger intensities in blue regions than on earth surface, which result to a white color.

This means that current theory that the temperature of a star can be determined by its color is wrong.




A2.9.3 Scientific Explanation of different Colors of Stars


The shift from the white color to first yellow and then nearly red is caused by scattering of particular visible photons by molecules and “dust”.

It is well known that molecules and dust are not only in earth atmosphere but also in extremely low concentration in inner- and intergalactical clouds. Thus in addition to absorption effects there are scattering effects on visible spectra of stars by propagation through areas where there are molecules. This results to shifts of all visible photons to reduced kinetic energies by scattering.

The mechanism of scattering effects:

Scattering occurs by collisions of photons to molecules. Scattering means that photons are reflected by which their kinetic energy is partly transferred to the molecule so that the photon gets lower kinetic energy. Scattered photons first are reflected to various sides but by this other radiating photons witch propagate in normal direction collide to these so that their propagation direction is adjusted again to the normal direction. Overall all energies of visible photons are reduced which is equivalent of a redshift of a whole range of kinetic energies of photons.

Thus the blue color is significantly reduced by increasing distance to earth and red colors are stable because the increase by conversion of blue photons is nearly equalized by decrease by conversion to IR- photons.




A2.9.4 Wrong Understanding of Emission of Photons of Sun


Physicists made up a theory to explain emissions of photons from stars which is obviously no reality and physically impossible. It seems that the only intention of the theory is to save another physically impossible theory: the energy generation by nuclear fusion in core of stars.

impossible.of In last chapter it is stated that scattering is restricted to visible photons. Scattering with reduction of energies by collisions requires in addition that collisions to single particles are done so that these can take over energy by moving by scattering which is a reflection. It is well known that reflections on high masses like a mirror do not cause any loss of kinetic energy of the photon. Thus following theory is wrong because of two reasons:


1) In core of stars gamma-ray photons are generated as side product of nuclear fusions of protons.

2) Gamma-photons propagate through the matter of sun to the surface, by which they lose energy as a result of collisions.

3) By each collision the gamma-photons change their direction of propagation so that it takes about 200,000 years until these are emitted out of the surface of sun.

4) Because of different high numbers of collisions the energies gamma-photons reduce to the various observed energies of finally emitted photons.

Reality (see chapters in A2):

1) No gamma-rays are generated in core of stars.

2) When there would be collisions, there would be reflections on solid matter, by which no kinetic energies are reduced (Verification: reflections on mirror).

3) If there would be gamma-rays these would penetrate through matter of sun by straight movement within seconds.

4) If there would be reductions of energies by the assumed extreme high number of collision, there would be a very narrow range of reduced energies, which is clearly depending on size of star.


* Physicists already did measurement which proved that gamma photons penetrate the earth with light speed and without losses of energy although penetration through matter of earth needs probably higher energies than penetration through matter of sun.

* There are billion times more emitted photons from stars per millisecond than fusion reactions.

* It is well known that the sun does not consist of glassy matter. So it is not possible that visible photons come out of the surface of the sun.

* Temperature measurements show that an extreme high number of IR-photons (heat) are generated in sun atmosphere.

* There would be no detectable corona of sun (including high energetic photons) if photons are emitted out of the surface.

* Several decades of fusion tests have proved that no energy is generated by nuclear fusion. The only observed energies resulted from nuclear decay reactions, like emission of neutrons by decay of added Lithium.



All observations show that energies of stars are generated in the atmosphere of stars. All observations show that exclusively decay reactions to photons generate nearly complete energy of stars mainly in form of heat and light.


There is not any energy generation by nuclear fusion. It is antiscience to ignore observations and declare physically impossible theories to reality.



A2.9.5 Valuable Research concerning Energies of Sun


Of course there are also many real findings by excellent research performance:

* The extreme high energies in atmosphere of sun.

* The fact that photons are regarded as particles with different energies.

* The correct theory that by collisions of photons their energy can be reduced (when masses are not too different).

* The finding that for all interactions, by which particles are emitted or bound, there has to be a reaction equation (with same elementary particles at both sides).

* The finding that a proton can react with another proton to deuteron by emission of an electron and an electron-neutrino! This was achieved before observation of the electron-neutrino was achieved, just by applying the physical law of energy conservation!

By this finding Sure – New Physics could derived the corresponding reaction equation based on electrons (e):

Proton 13e + proton 13e = deuteron 23e + muon 3e = deuteron 23e + electron-pair 2e + electron e (Electron-neutrinio is called by New Physics electron-pair, muon-neutrino is equivalent to photon)

At the low temperatures in stars the reaction of protons is simply:

Proton + proton = Diproton = alpha-particle = He-nucleus


For comparison here the “decay reaction” of a neutron:

Neutron 10e + photon 4e = proton 13e + electron e




A2.9.6 The desastrous Error of Absorption of Photons from Sun


Theories concerning absorption of IR-photons:

1) IR-photons mainly bond to three atomic molecules like CO2.

2) By re-emissions of photons from these molecules the heat of earth is hold back in atmosphere.

3) The CO2-increase of the last decades has caused the observed global warming.

Reality of absorption of IR-photons:

1) There is not any scientific reason why IR-photons should prefer binding to 3-atomic molecules compared to 2-atomic molecules or atoms. Even if there would be a dependency of absorption potential to number of vibration modes, there would be no dependency. By logical thinking everyone gets the knowledge that for every molecule only one single vibration mode is physically possible: It is the symmetric stretching mode. Other modes are forbidden by physical laws. This can be easily proved by atomic models, where atoms are connected by springs.

Current IR spectra exclusively measure specific absorption bands, thus the main absorption by continuous absorption is not measured. The only knowledge by IR spectra is that H2O is by far the molecule with highest potential for absorption. All other gas-molecules do not differ between molecules so that the absorption is proportional to concentration in atmosphere.

2) The re-emission theory is absurd although re-emission is reality. Most absorbed energy is emitted again. The crucial difference is that the absorbed IR-photons are emitted from sun and travel to earth surface. So these are bonded and thus blocked to heat up the earth. The emitted photons are emitted from molecule to all various directions. These are many more photons but all with much less energy than the absorbed one. Temperature of emitted IR-photons represent the temperature of the atmosphere. This means nearly all emitted photons are much colder than the earth ground, mostly far below zero degrees Celsius. Thus every absorption reaction results to a significant loss of heat on earth.

Now the scientific reality of the heat emission of the earth:

Mainly the stored heat from sun is emitted from earth surface. As the emission from earth to space correlates directly to the received heat from sun it is no additional factor which has influence to climate. Climate of earth is exclusively determined by received heat from sun.

From earth to space is a complete different mechanism than the heat transfer from sun to earth:

The emitted IR-photons from earth have so low energies that these are absorbed by omnipresent photons. By bonding of photons – Averaging of energies of photons and decay of photons which have same energy there is a general balancing of heat between warmest area (=earth surface) and coldes area (space). This means there is a permanent flow of heat from surface of earth to space. Movements of single photons to one direction (=radiation) are not possible. So instead of heat radiation there is a heat flow. The gradient of temperature from surface to the 2,7 K of space is nearly linear. Only convection disturbs locally the linearity but this occurs mostly near surface and mostly cancels out. As currently there is a complete wrong definition of heat, nearly all determined temperatures in atmosphere are much to high. Only in lower heights the temperature measurements are based on science, the other are based on science fiction and are absurd.

Because of the heat capacity of clouds these slow down the heat loss to the space.

Overall absorption by molecules in atmosphere has a significant cooling effect.


Falsification of warming effect by absorption:

Current theory is daily falsified because by increased path-length of IR-photons through atmosphere there is an increased cooling effect. By temperature measurements rectangular to sun the angle effect can be eliminated. The absorption effect is much stronger. The increased absorption explains the cool temperatures on poles, in winter and in evening and morning. On poles of moon there are nearly the same temperatures than on equator of moon, because there is no cooling by atmosphere.

Each additional molecule between earth and sun decreases the temperature on earth. Of course this includes CO2.

During my school education this was taught in basic schools.


The earth has a significant mitigation effect which strongly helps against temperature changes. When it is getting warmer high amounts of CO2 and H2O get into the atmosphere which slows down global warming. Mankind strongly works on damaging our nature and control of temperatures.

Main cause of all climate changes are the various densities of molecular clouds through which the sun system orbits. According to measurements of NASA currently the sun systems drifts to clouds with an extremely low density. Cloud densities can be relatively accurate measured (of course by absorption potential) Densities of clouds can even be measured in the past and in the future, because movement of sun system is well known and movements of clouds can be well estimated.

It is high time for the reality of physics and to do research with nature and for mankind instead of non-scientific activities against nature and against mankind.



A2.9.7 Determination of Distances by Color of Stars


Like the energies of all visible photons of sun are reduced by increased scattering effects of molecules of earth atmosphere by increased path-length through atmosphere also the energies of visible photons from light of stars and galaxies are reduced by increasing path length through inner- and intergalactic molecular clouds, which should be statistically equally distributed.

Therefore instead of temperature the distance of a star can be approximately determined by observed colors of stars, which is an information of higher importance than the temperature.

As molecular clouds also cause absorptions besides reflections, the number of absorption lines also increases by increasing distance of galaxies.



A2.9.8 Inconsistencies of stellar Classifications


Current Inconsistency:

According to current hypotheses of stellar energy generation by nuclear fusion in core of stars high energetic gamma photons are generated. The energies of these photons are reduced to the lower observed energies by collisions during their propagation to the surface of sun. By this the energies of photons should decrease to lower energies by increasing path length of propagation, which means stars should emit lower energies when these are larger size and mass. By this hypothesis stars with high mass and size should appear red and stars with low masses should appear blue. But it is the other way round.

Of course this inconsistency is not communicated.


Inconsistent theoretical data of classifications of stars (Source: Wikipedia)

( partly averaged)


Class---Temp.---size rel.--- color

K to sun


O-------40,000----- 60---------blue


A--------8,000-------3.2---- ---white

F --------6,500------ 1.7--------yellow-white





From top to bottom there is also an increase in absorption lines and an increase in % of observed stars. Size data seem to be distorted by wrongly interpreted correlation or calculation formula.

Overall all data can be explained by different distances.

There is a very high probability that classes just refer to increased distances of stars from top to bottom.



A2.9.9 Informations by Absorption Lines of Sun


1814 the wavelength of absorption lines of sun light were systematically mapped by Joseph von Fraunhofer. Later measurements identified about 1000 different lines. It can clearly be seen by spectral curves, that only few lines are caused by absorption. Most apparent ear absorption lines are in reality usual variations of intensities of continuous emission lines.

Real absorption peaks in sun spectrum have following causes:

* Absorption by protons (H-nuclei) and diprotons (=alpha-particles = He-nuclei), which have a high concentration in sun atmosphere and react by absorption of photons to hydrogen and helium.

* Absorption lines by O2, N2, H2 and H2O, which do photolysis reactions (dissociation) by absorption of photons in earth atmosphere

* Absorption lines by decay reactions of atoms like Na in measuring equipment like glass lenses and prism.

Physically impossible and thus not real are following statements:

* Absorption lines are caused by gases in atmosphere of sun. (Reason: There are no gases in atmosphere of sun).

* Absorption lines are caused by other atomic nuclei in sun. (Reason: There are no relevant emissions of heavier atomic nuclei)

The same is valid for all stars and galaxies.



A3 The Errors of Redshifts, Cosmic Expansion and Dark Energy


A3.1 Spectral Shift by Doppler Effect


The reality is that Doppler Effect of photons is no Doppler Effect but just the effect of kinetic energy of photons. It is well known by physicists that kinetic energy of all objects incl. particles is a relative property and never an absolute property of an object. This means that an absolute velocity cannot be determined but just the relative velocity to another object.

The special about speed of light is that it is constant relative to a medium (omnipresent photons, formerly ether) through which light and other emitted photons propagate. This is explained in detail in next chapters.

But the constant light speed of photons has no influence on kinetic energies of photons. It is well known that kinetic energies are extremely different. The explanation for this is, that these are extremely stable.

Of course the principle of relativity is met by photons like it is the case for all particles:

Kinetic energies can exclusively be defined relative to other objects. By this the kinetic energy to another object depends on relative velocity to this object. Thus the relative velocity to another photon can range from zero to two times maximum speed. This is not only reality but also very logical.


A3.2 Doppler Effect falsified Einsteins Theory of Relativity


The extremely absurd theory of Albert Einstein, that also the relative speeds of photons are limitted to maximal speed of light is falsified by physicists. Not only physicists have detected that photons can do

* parallel movements to other photons, so that the relative speed to neighbored photons is zero.

* movements to opposite directions of other photons, so that the relative speed of these photons is 2 times maximal speed of light.

While nearly every person accept this observation as reality, physicists don’t accept this as reality, although they have no explanation of the theory of Einstein. Physicists seem to be the only people who believe in antiscience. Antiscience is defined as physical statements which are not conform to observations.

Of course also the real optical Doppler effect, which means the relativity of speeds of photons, falsifies theory of relativity by Einstein.

In other words: The constancy of light speed implies that the relative light speed is not constant. It varies in the same order as the relative frequency of light. Frequency is an inadequate synonym for kinetic energy of photons.

So the Doppler effect but also logical thinking falsifies the theory of relativity. Not only the constancy of relative light speed is falsified but by this also most other statements of Einstein’s theories (see SURe – New-Physics Vol. Relativity).



A3.3 Depedency of Light Speed to Medium of Propagation


That there should be a detectable dependency of light speed to an omnipresent medium in space was also the logic thinking of Michelson and Morley, when they tried to verify the ether wind by an interferometer.

Comment: A so called Interferometer does not work by adjustments of interfering wavelengths, but works by adjustment of a mirror to get an overlay of different angles of reflections of photons. Adjustment of the extreme small shifts of wavelength would not be practical.

Unfortunately Michelson and Morley thought that the velocity of ether wind is very strong. SURe is that the ether (= omnipresent photons) is generated by most celestial bodies so that it moves with the earth on surface but without following the motion of self rotation. Thus the ether wind on earth equals just the relatively small velocity of earth rotation. The few measurements by Michelson and Morley were not sufficient for a significant verification of the low value of ether speed.

But some years later Dayton Miller did over 200.000 measurements by interferometer which significantly proved that the ether velocity is not zero.

Einstein realized that the measurements falsifies his theory. Therefore he discredited the measurements of Miller. But in later years these were verified. Impressive verification is the influence of ether wind on run times of atomic clocks and by direct measurements of the ether (omnipresent photons). Instead of ether the misleading term “cosmic microwave background “(CMB) was used. Just in rare cases the nearly correct term “ 3-Kelvin – photons” was used.

CMB measurements even verified that on earth surface the speed of ether wind equals earth rotation and measurement by satellite showed the strong wind of the movement through milky way.

Thus physicists achieved the detection with the highest significance and relevance for further detection in history of physics. The detection of omnipresent photons would lead to scientific classical explanations of nearly all unexplained phenomenons like gravitation or time dilation. (see SURe- New Physics Vol. Relativity).


A3.4 Own scientific Research was misused to verify antiscientific science fiction


It is highly blamable that physicists did everything to hide this detection from public. For example they manipulated the measured data by calculating the an-isotropy effect out for constructing a picture. Thus the most important finding was maximal downgraded as “Doppler effect of CMB in a short side note.

Instead the “detection of the century” was misused as verification of the physical impossible science fiction of big bang theory. Own highly valuable research work of physicists was converted to anti-research, the verification of impossibilities.

This clearly shows the typical dogma of current physical research: Do no publication which might disclose the physical reality of the universe!

Nearly all research findings since many centuries are affected by this dogma. Scientific research has been banned.

In the case of CMB and time dilation this refers to the detection that there is an omnipresent matter which consists of low energetic photons, which clearly shows different movements by which speed of light is directly changed.


A3.5 Impressive Prove of SURe: the relativistic Doppler Effect


As Einstein’s theory of relativity is not based on science but on physical impossible science fiction, there are no relativistic effects. The term “relativistic” has to be eliminated. It is just used, when there is no scietific explanation of an observation.

The scientific explanation of a change of “frequencies” (=kinetic energies) by transversal movement like circular movements of a source of emitted photons or a detector of emitted photons in addition to changes of kinetic energy (=relative movements) was one of the most demanding research tasks of SURe – New Physics. There were many theories until the scientific reality has been detected.

Scientific classical explanation by SURe:

Energies of emitted photons depend on velocities relative to omnipresent photons. By increasing velocity against omnipresent photons the collisions of photons to moving atomic matter is increased. By this more photons are bonded to the atom. This results to increased vibration amplitudes of atomic nuclei. By this less activation energy is required to decay for an atomic photon. By less activation energy also the emitted photon has less kinetic energy is transferred to the emitted photon. After emission there is no change of kinetic energy any more.

This explaines the observation that emitted energies depend on velocities of atomic bodies.


A3.6 The Error of gravitational Shifts of Spectral Lines


The error is that emitted photons change their kinetic energy (wrong term: frequency) by propagation through different areas of gravitational force. This is physically impossible because of the conservation of total energy.

First scientific explanation of gravitational shifts of emitted photons:

It is in principle the same explanation as in previous chapter: by increased gravitation there is an increased concentration of omnipresent photons which collide to the atomic matter and so on.

Thus the change of kinetic energy is caused exclusively by emission of photons and not by propagation through different areas of gravitation.


A3.7 Gravitational and “relativistic” red-shifts of stars


Stars from center of a galaxy have significant red shifts of emission lines relative to stars in outer region of galaxy by both effects.

Energies of emitted photons do not correlate to gravitational force, because gravitational force is determined by concentration gradient and not by concentration.


A3.8 Explanation of wrong run times of atomic Clocks


Time measurements od atomin clocks are stabilized by adjustments of run times to emitted energies of atoms. By this run times of atomic clocks vary by velocity relative to omnipresent photons and also vary by gravitation.

Time dilatation is absurd science fiction. (see SURe – New Physics Vol. Relativity)


A3.9 Redshift by „tired light“ is sure Reality


Tired light“ is a typical derogatory term of current physics in order to make a scientific explanation of decreasing energies ridiculous. It seems that physicist try to prevent that people realize that the explanation of redshifts by “tired light” is much more scientific than the physically impossible cosmic expansion. Contrary to the thinking of current physics the redshift by reduced energies of photons depending on travel distance is explainable and logical reality. As already explained the loss of kinetic energies of visible photons is caused by scattering of these photons by molecules. Molecules exist in low concentrations nearly everywhere in space. Molecules have the suitable size and mass that these reflect visible photons. Photons with significant higher energies penetrate molecules and photons with significant lower energies are mostly absorbed by collisions

As it can be assumed that molecules have over long distance an average density I space, by the observed redshift the relative distances of emitting stars can be determined.

Physicist themselves used the tired light theory for the reduction of energies of gamma ray photons by collisions, when these are traveling through matter of sun. Because gamma photons penetrate molecules without energy reduction this theory is physically impossible.



A3.10 Wrong Formula for Redshifts


As most redshifts have not been understood there are wrong formula for this. This can easily be verified by calculations.


A3.11 The Errors of Expansion of Cosmos and Dark Energy


A3.11.1 The questionable Diagram of Edwin Hubble


1929 Edwin Hubble published a paper about his studies of luminosity measurements of galaxies. By these measurements he estimated relative distances of galaxies. Then he correlated these estimated data to velocity data for which the origin is not quite clear. According to the published diagram galaxies show linear increasing escape velocities versus distances to observer.

Positive about Hubble was that when he got aware that his colleagues did physically impossible conclusion of accelerated expansion of space, he warned them, that there might be other explanations.

Indeed the diagram is based on errors and non-understandings. Main errors are:

* The relation between observed luminosity to luminosity of the observed object is linear to distance and not quadratic. (see next chapter).

* Escape velocity is just one scientific explanation for redshifts besides several others which are physically possible. Redshift by expansion of cosmos is not physically possible.

* Redshifts are currently not understood.

* Spectra don’t show clear correlations.

It should be no problem to present spectra which clearly show correlations. This has not be done up to now. Without presenting the basic observations a publication does not have any scientific value. Because of this, not any conclusion is allowed by the published diagram of Hubble.



A3.11.2 Wrong Formula for Luminosity


It is stated that quasars (far distant galaxies) have an extreme high luminosity. The luminosity is unusual high even when it is taken into account that the energetic flux is emitted by several 100 billions stars.

But by having a short look to the formula of luminosity, according to my limited knowledge of mathematics the formula for luminosity it wrong. The formula just converts the measured luminosity of the small sensor area to the area of the galaxy which emits the energy. A change of a quadratic function is a linear function. Thus the luminosity of the measured star should increase by distance not by squared distance. The derivation of the formula in Wikipedia is mathematically and physically impossible.

At least when physicist calculated extreme unusual high energies, physicists should have controlled the formula and corrected this.



A3.11.3 Overview of Errors and wrong Understandings


Thus the main fault is done by physical scientists who did physical impossible interpretations of non-reliable data:

* wrong calculation of luminosity data

* thus not reliable distances

* wrong calculations of velocities

* physically impossible interpretation of red shifts: expansion of space

* expansion of space was stated although physicists were aware, that there is no energy, which would be required for this.

* statement that a physically impossible energy does exists.

Most interpretations can be called physical impossible science fiction or antiscience because such phenomena are contrary to observations and fundamental Natural laws of Nature.


A3.11.4 The Nonsense of Dark Energy resulting from SN1 Redshifts


Wikipedia: “The first observational evidence for dark energy's existence came from measurements of supernovae. Type 1A supernovae have constant luminosity, which means they can be used as accurate distance measures.”

These statements are incredible outrages lies and can be regarded as catastrophic supernova of physics.


Instead of observational evidence dark energy is based on following issues of physically impossible science fiction and errors:


* The wrong formula of luminosity.

* The wrong formula for velosity.

* The physically impossible theories of redshift.

* The physical impossible theorie of expansion of space

* The physically impossible theory of accelerated expansion of space

* The physically impossible theory that redshifts of SN-Ia show escape velocities of stars

* The unreliable statement that all measurements show SN 1a supernovae

* The physically impossible theory that SN1 need a specific mass for a supernova

* the physically impossible theory that heat increases by increasing mass.

* the physically impossible theory that nuclear fusion is activated by increased temperature

* the physically impossible theory that SN-Ia is ignited by specific temperature

* the physically impossible theory that nuclear fusions can do an accelerated reaction

* The non-reliable theory that curves of intensities of photons emitted during SN-Ia show distances of stars.

* The non-reliable theory that SN-Ia supernovae have always same amount of luminescence

* the physically impossible theory that Stars of supernovae SN-Ia (white dwarfs) accrete matter

It can be assumed that most physicists know that the existence of dark energy is impossible, because it is extremely obvious.

It seems that physicists have no problem to violate well known fundamental theories like energy conservation, but have an extreme fear to criticize physically impossible theories.

A3.11.5 Postulated Age of Universe has no scientific bases


The postulated age of the universe (13.8 billion years) has no scientific basis, resp. a wrong basis because it is based on non- existing expansion of space (universe). As ages of stars currently are also determined by red shifts, most published ages in cosmos are not correct.


The only possibility to estimate ages in cosmos is to try to calculate development durations from generated star to supernova and from supernova to new star system.


Overall age of universe or ages of stars are not of interest of mankind. Most physical data are not of interest. Main task of physics is to understand the universe.



A3.11.6 The Universe has a constant Size


As already mentioned there would be a decreasing concentration of omnipresent photons, if there would be an infinite size or an expansion of space. This would change a lot of physical properties which are influenced by concentration of omnipresent matter by time, like gravity, the speed of light, the run times of atomic clocks and so on. This has not been observed.


What does finite size of universe mean?

There is something beyond our universe, which we can't observe and can't understand. New Physics/ SURe can just say that our universe has frontiers where it ends. But mankind will never get any information about that what is beyond our universe.

So there still remains something magic despite scientific universal reality.

It seems that the only sense of the huge size of the universe and other design elements like ONs is to make it difficult for human beings to detect that they are quasi “imprisoned“.



A3.11.7 Spectra of Galaxies require Scientific Research


Meanwhile lots of very accurate spectra of galaxies are available, which is an excellent research performance. Some spectra show clear absorption lines, some clear emission lines and some both. Many peaks are weak and less reliable. Most spectral lines cannot be explained till now.

A bad research performance is that physically impossible metallic atoms are assigned as cause for the absorption and emission lines of spectra of usual stars. For observed supernovae spectral lines by metallic atoms have a high probability. It also can be clearly seen that spectra are not very suitable to determine shifts of energies, which means to calculate shifts of kinetic energies of photons.

Before drawing any conclusions, extensive research has to be done so that any absorption or emission peak is scientifically explained:

* An emission peak can exclusively be explained by a specific decay reaction of a photon which is bonded to a nucleus.

* An absorption peak can exclusively be explained by a specific bonding reaction of a photon to a nucleus or another particle.

A shift of energies of spectral lines have to be shown by all lines which are caused by galaxy and not by subjectively chosen lines.

The spectra are much more complicated than it is presented in physics books by manually constructed spectra with clear appearance of absorption lines. Such a wrong illusion should not be presented in a scientific paper, because it is not realistic. It would take many months of extensive work to find logical explanations for each observed peak and the conclusions by the findings.



A3.12 Influence of Gravitation on emitted Photons


Here it is just on overview of all effects of gravitation in cosmos. Detailed explanations are presented in SURe – New Physics Vol. Gravitation (G).

Overview of effects on radiated photons by gravitation (= high concentration of omnipresent photons):

* Deflection to areas with higher gravitation by penetration of omnipresent photons:

- Gravitational lens effect.

- Deflections of light from a source behind a star or galaxy.

- Aberration of star light by movement of observer on earth.

- Deflections of photons by magnetic fields (high concentation by bound photons)

* Shift of activation energy for decay of photons.

* Reduction of velocity of radiated photons by penetration:

- Shapiro Delay of light from a star passing near an other star.

- Larger light velocities in space than on earth surface in vaccuum (can easily be proved).



A3.13 Wrong Understanding of Radio Radiation


Another error of current physics is the statement that radio radiation refers to photons. SURe is that radio radiation refers to emissions of electron-pairs. This explains the advantage of doing measurements by electron-pairs: As these are smaller than photons these penetrate most molecules in space and in atmosphere. Therefore these can be measured in cases where photons cannot be seen because of absorption by galactic atomic clouds.

Photons are always accompanied by electron-pairs, as there is always a very low concentration of photons which decay to electron-pairs. Another advantage of electron-pairs is that these can be detected in very low concentrations. Collisions to iron sensors (antenna) directly causes decay to two electrons.

This is the explanation why temperature can be contactlessly measured by electric sensors and why omnipresent photons can be measured by CMB (Cosmic Microwave Background).



A4 Generation and Energy of Stars and Planets


A4.1 First Generation of Hydrogen in Universe


New Physics/ SURe has knowledge about all reaction equilibria and structures since generation of electrons in universe:

  • Electron (e) + electron → electron-pair (2e)

  • Electron-pair (2e) + electron-pair → photon (4e)

  • Photon (4e) + electron → pion (5e)

  • Pion (5e) + photon (4e) → kaon (9e)

  • Kaon (9e) + electron → neutron (10e)

  • Neutron (10e) + photon (4e) → proton(13e) + electron

  • Proton + X photons → hydrogen atom

  • Hydrogen atom + hydrogen atom → hydrogen molecule



A4.2 Observations concerning Generation of Stars


Following observations Physicists have done concerning generation of stars:

  1. Stars are generated within a surrounding of interstellar molecular clouds, which contain mainly hydrogen molecules.

  2. Temperature of molecular clouds is between 10 and 20 K.

  3. Clouds which have a dark shape hinder that light from stars penetrate the cloud, which is a strong indication that the cloud consists of water drops or ice particles.

  4. The shape of clouds of gas molecules and clouds of liquid drops or ice particles are relative stable.

  5. The local stability of a cloud shows that there has to be force which prevents that molecules don’t drive apart into space. This can be explained by an increased concentration of omnipresent photons, which stabilize the shape of the cloud by fluctuating bonding and decay reactions and connections of different hydrogen particles by chain structures.

  6. There are also no indications that stars grow by collisions of small celestial bodies. Around generated stars there are clouds, by which it is impossible to observe generation.

  7. The clouds disappear by time and the generated stars can be seen, which have already been ignited. The clouds probably disappear by heating from generated star.




A4.3 Explanation of Generation of Stars


Stars are generated by freezing of hydrogen clouds. It is well known hydrogen gas molecules condense to liquid water (drops) at about 21K and freeze at 14 K. Space has a temperature of about 2.7 K.

The freezing or crystallization to a solid occurs by statistical collisions of hydrogen particles, by which mostly bondings are built. Thus the growing of a solid hydrogen crystal is mostly done by collision and bondings. The process of freezing should be easy testable by low temperatures, low kinetic energies and if possible no gravitational force. It is well known that crystallization is preferably done on the largest body which is already frozen. Thus a very large object can be generated by statistical collisions. Of course the concentration of the hydrogen cloud should not get lower. This is maintained by permanent bonding- and decay-interactions of hydrogen with omnipresent photons. This leads to an increased concentration of omnipresent photons and at the same time the maintaining of concentration of H2 molecules. Thus there is no need of support of growing to a star by collisions of frozen large crystals.


New Physics/ SURe explains that freezing of hydrogen results to a very stable structure with proton-proton bondings. The generated hexagon structure is very stable and causes many specific characteristics of frozen hydrogen.


The generation of stars can well be tested by copy the freezing process of hydrogen by an adequate equipment, which can hold vacuum and cools down the temperature to 10K in vacuum and if possible creates weightlessness.



A4.4 Stars are not generated by Gravitational Collapse


Current reliable observations are that stars are generated in and by clouds of molecules. The clouds consists mainly out of hydrogen molecules and hydrogen atoms. There are also some helium and CO, an traces of heavier nuclei. Latest observations are that there are filament structures in which thicker parts are integrated in the molecule clouds.

For the condensation process of molecules there is no scientific explanation. In principle it is stated, that the molecules condense by mutual gravitation, which is first very slow and then increases when agglomerates of hydrogen get bigger. The quicker phase is called gravitational collapse.

SURe -New Physics: It is very strange that currently it is not mentioned that the dark clouds of hydrogen are caused by liquid droplets of hydrogen, which was the former explanation of condensation of molecular clouds. This is an analogy to clouds of water droplets. Even the thicker areas in the filaments are stated to be created by gravitational bondings. Gravitational bondings do not exist. All existing bondings are usual bondings. Also the usual process of crystallization process, which has been former learned in school seems to be unknown in current physics. It seems to be completely unknown that each collisions of molecules cause binding to larger molecules until there are fluid droplets of hydrogen. It was also known that crystallization is strongly preferred at existing crystals because there the heat of crystallization does not lead to the back-reaction to single particles.

Overall the freezing of hydrogen to stars is a quite normal crystallization process which is “daily” observed on earth. Because of less disturbances the crystallization leads to very large objects.



Only by collisions energy can be transferred to an object by forces. Thus all current made-up fictive forces are magics but no science. The only force in universe may also sound magics, but it can be logically explained and this force is conform to all interactions in universe. (SURe-New Physics Vol. W, Weltformel).

Most forces, which are not seen by eyes, are done by collisions of omnipresent photons. In order that an object exerts gravitational forces it has to generate permanently high and consistent intensities of omnipresent photons. (SURe-New Physics Vol. G , Gravitation) This is only the case for celestial bodies like black holes, stars and planets and moons. This is not the case for smaller objects. Thus particles in a cloud do not exert a gravitational force. But omnipresent photons hold the particles of a cloud together.


A4.5 The real Proton-Proton Reactions in Core of Stars

A4.5.1 The first Proton-Proton Bonding


Correct is that in center of stars stars like our sun binding of protons occur. The well known structure of each protons even possesses three options for double bondings which are used for mutual bindings of protons. This nucleation reactions should not be called nuclear fusion because fusion gives the impression that there is heat. By logical laws of physics bondings generally require cold temperatures. Otherwise the bondings would not be stable because of the strong amplitudes of vibrations. It is known by physicists that all particles do bondings below a specific temperature. The specific temperature is called freezing temperature. Freezing temperature of hydrogen is below 14 degrees. Thus hydrogen clearly freezes in space because space temperature is 2.7 K. Frozen structure of hydrogen is nearly the same as the frozen structure of H2O which is explained in P10.5.6. Freezing results to a net of hexagons and each hexagon consists of 6 triangles. Each side of triangles and hexagons is a linear proton - photon-chain -proton structure. Each edge of hexagons and triangles is a hexagon of direct proton bondings. This structure is very stable otherwise there would be additional proton-proton bondings.

The requirement for additional proton-proton bondings (= polymerization of protons or nucleation) is that there has to be a temperature which is low enough so that nucleation occurs and which is high enough that particles do movements with collisions which provide the activation energy for further nucleation. Nucleation is also supported by the high pressure.

The nucleation still has a very low reaction rate. This explains the known fact, that stars produce constant energy for a very long time.


A4.5.2 The 2nd and 3rd Proton-Proton Bondings in Core of Sun


After generation of the stable nucleation structure by freezing by first nucleation of protons further nucleation reaction or protons occur. For further nucleation an even colder temperature is needed, as the additional proton-proton bondings are less stable. But there are no differences in stability of additional bondings. This means these are independent from the number of already occurred bondings. This results to the fact that current theory of successive generation of nucleated products is impossible. There is no complete nucleation to helium before the next nucleation reaction starts and so on. That would be extremely unusual for a polymerization reaction.

In stars are always different grades of atomic nuclei at the same time, these are statistically distributed.

As high pressure favors nucleation so that in center of stars the nucleation has an increased rate.

The highly nucleated matter is called by SURe protonium. The other matter of stars can be called protonium - hydrogen mixture.


A4.6 The accompanied Decay Reactions of Proton- Bonding Reactions

A4.6.1 Decay of IR-Photons by Freezing Reaction


A bonding reaction of an atomic nuclei is always accompanied by a decay reaction, as the bonding options are at least used by photons. Thus the first bonding reaction of atomic nuclei (=freezing) is accompanied by decay of a IR-photon, which explains that freezing is generally accompanied by heat generation, well known as heat of freezing. Heat of freezing is the explanation for the observation that temperature stays stable by freezing although there is a constant cooling.

The exchange of bondings is done simultaneously by penetration. There has not be be first a decay reaction and after that a bonding reaction.

But each proton has 3 positions where proton-proton bondings are possible. Further nucleation is done by increased pressure. By nucleation of the next two bonding positions the chain of bound photons between two protons is broken out and emitted. As the chain of photons stays stable there are no decays to single IR-photons from chain. This means there is no heat generation. Heat is exclusively generated by single IR-photons.

The generated photon chains move towards the surface to lower pressure.



A4.7 The Generation of magnetic Fields


When free atomic photon chains collide to other photon chains they bind to large photon structures, which are mostly long chains or tubes. These structures are equivalent to magnetic field lines or other magnetic field structures like magnetic “flux tubes”. When surface is reached there are more or less large magnetic fields of bound photons, depending on travel path and time, which means size of star.

Directly below the surface of the star the magnetic structures are hindered to leave the surface by the dense net structure of frozen hydrogen which covers the surface of a star like a membrane. Very large magnetic structures are completely stopped below the surface membrane.

The surface membrane is comparable to the surface membrane of water. Both structures have been defined by SURe – New Physics as tight net of attached hexagons, where each hexagon consists of 6 triangles. Each side of hexagon or triangle is a hydrogen molecule or a water molecule. (Water molecules are clearly linear, see SURe-New Physics Vol. PARTICLE MECHANICS).


A4.8 Ejections of magnetic Fields and their Ignition.


In the next chapter the different ejections of magnetic fields are described. Generally the magnetic structures accumulate below the surface membrane together with evaporated hydrogen and build up pressure until the pressure is strong enough to break up the surface membrane. By this the magnetic structures burst out of the surface.


By high energetic collisions of magnetic structures with protons of hydrogen the bound photons of magnetic fields decay to high energetic photons which causes other decays to photons ans so on. This process is called ignition of an explosion, which is an exponential accelerated reaction, by which a huge number of different photons are emited, including IR-photons (=heat) and visible photons (=light).


A4.9 The different solar Eruptions


A4.9.1 The correct Findings of solar Eruptions


Positive is that physicist designated magnetic fields as matter of eruptions. Also protons and electrons were correctly identified as particles. The decay products were only partly designated as photons, but also wrongly as electromagnetic waves. The existence of electromagnetic waves can be called antiscience as all non-interpreted observations clearly prove that all interactions of photons clearly prove that these are particles and no matter-less waves.


A4.9.2 The Explanation of the Grain Structure


Relative small chains of bound photons generate by passing the surface membrane a bubbling effect, which explains the general appearance of the suns structure to be a grain structure. As the bound photons are not very stable the decay of these is already initiated by collisions of protons directly after emission. The emitted photons are mainly in a lower energetic range up to visible light.


A4.9.3 Flares and Prominences


Larger magnetic structures build up stronger pressure and more matter until eruptions. By this the eruptions are clearly be seen in the corona of sun. The erupted magnetic field bind to huge stable tube structures which can be linear as filaments or huge cycles from eruption area to another eruption area, where filaments are generated with opposite orientations of spin (in all bound magnetic structures the spins of electrons have the same orientation, which is the requirement of binding. Cyclic binding is possible as by this all photons in the cycle have same orientations. On the outer sides of magnetic structures decay to single photons occur, which makes the magnetic structures visible by eyes. Without emitted visible photons magnetic structures are not visible.

Magnetic structures are just the fuel for burning (light emission) thus flares can be compared to flames of fire.


A4.9.4 Coronal Mass Ejections (CME)

CME are even stronger than flares or prominences. These mostly occur in time periods of high solar activity, which occur about every 11 years. While during solar maximum there are about 3 CME per day, at solar minimum there just about one CME every 5 days.


A4.9.5 Sun Spots

Sun spots eject even much more matter than CME. These occur nearly exclusively in the time period of high solar activity. Contrary to CME these last longer: from several days to several months. The long duration of activity indicates that they are no eruptions by sudden pressure release, but eruptions by a similar phenomenon like volcanism on earth. Instead of released magma by cracks in earth’s crust there is a release of a fluid mixture of molten hydrogen and magnetic structures. By increasing temperatures and decreasing pressure on surface of sun the fluid reacts to a gas mixture of hydrogen and magnetic fields.

Probably also long lasting CME are generated in this way.


A4.9.6 The scientific Explanation of the Dark Color of Sunspots


Mixtures of huge magnetic fields and hydrogen are very stable even when these are in gas phase. As most protons are bonded to magnetic fields there are no relevant high energetic collisions by protons which generate photons. As the volume without light generation is very large, these areas appear dark.


A4.9.7 Explanation of well separated two dark Colors


Sunspots show an umbra color in core surrounded by a lighter penumbra color. The umbra can be explained by few collisions which lead to decay and emission of protons. In the preumbra area by collisions which generate free photons.

In the outer areas of sunspot the usual exponentially increasing collisions to photons occur and thus the normal light generation.


A4.9.8 Sunspots falsify Energy by nuclear Fusion



The sunspots falsify that the emitted photons from sun are generated in core of sun and verify that nuclear fusion like all other bonding reactions consume kinetic energy instead of generating

Other verification of SURe – New Physics are:

* Exclusively decay reactions can exponentially increase and thus can generate high amounts of energy.

* Energy generation is very different from heat generation, as heat generation is equivalent to decay of matter exclusively to IR-photons. Decays to other particles generate kinetic energy but no heat.

* Magnetic fields consists of chain- or tube- structures of bonded photons and decay to free moving photons with all natural values of kinetic energy relative to location of decay.

* Like all reactions decays have to be activated by collisions. Like flames of fire, the activation (=ignition) occurs later than the emission of fuel (here magnetic fields).


Comment: At LHC (large hydron collider) at CERN the same process occurs: collisions of protons against magnetic fields, by which photons are generated. Proton-proton collision do not occur, because the collision energy is so high that protons penetrate each other. All observed particles at CERN are photons and decay products of photons (muons, electron-pairs and electrons). The existence of most particles (quarks, gluons, bosons incl. Higgs-particle is physically impossible science-fiction (see SURe VOL PARTICLE PHYSICS, chapter P7)




A4.10 Solar Wind falsifies current Physics


Solar wind is called the movement of particles (99% electrons and protons) away from sun to all directions.

Solar wind shows the absurdity of current physics: Electrons, which have a smaller size and mass than photons and protons which have a larger size and mass than photons are regarded correctly as particles, but photons are still regarded as electromagnetic waves, although electromagnetic waves are pure science fiction: Not physical, not observable, not explainable, inconsistent and falsified by each observation. The reality of solar wind is that it consists of nearly 100% of photons, which have all characteristics of a wind like pressure by movement.

Concerning the current understanding of solar wind the following observation can’t be explained by current physics but by SURe – New Physics: Comment: Describing observations is just the very first task of physics. The main task of physics is to explain observations by referring to fundamental laws.

* Explanation of movements of particles (wind):

Particles are leaving the surface of sun by eruptions by pressure release. So these have a high velocity to all directions away from sun. Velocities of particles must be decelerated by a force,

* Explanation of about 86% of solar wind particles are protons:

Emitted particles are magnetic field structures and hydrogen gas. These collide in atmosphere of sun by which magnetic fields and hydrogen decay to lots of photons with continuous energies and protons.

*Explanation, why concentration of electrons is much lower than protons:

The scientific reality for the theory of ionization of hydrogen is that hydrogen decays to proton and photon chain. Ionization and thus release of electrons is impossible because atomic electrons do not exist.

*Explanation, why solar wind consists of some electrons.:

All matter consists of bound electrons. Therefore nearly always also electrons are generated as side products by decay reactions.

Comment: Typical of current physics is that the much too low concentration of electrons is not mentioned.

* Explanation, why solar wind consists of 13 % helium nuclei:

Helium nuclei are equivalent to alpha-particles which are di-protons. Di-proton have been generated by a collision of two protons, followed by a bonding. This can be simply be verified by the decay of an alpha- particle to two protons.

* Explanation, why protons are deflected by magnetic fields to the poles parallel to magnetic field lines and not perpendicular to field lines. This is the falsification of Lorentz force.

Lorentz force is one of the absurdest theories of current physics: The deflection of charged particles perpendicular to magnetic field lines (Lorentz force) see SURe- New Physics Vol. MAGNETISM.

* Explanation, why velocity of solar wind increases by distance to sun.

This is an observation, which needs a force for explanation. Explanation by thermal energy is nonsense, because thermal energy is no energy which can cause acceleration and in addition the thermal energy = heat is nearly zero in and around sun. Correct statement for acceleration is ehe magnetic force of magnetic fields. But this is no more than a description of an observation and no explanation. Explanations are presented in SURe- New Physics VOL. MAGNETISM.

* Explanation of different initial velocities:

Different initial velocities are caused by different strengths and thus velocities of erupted matter into the atmosphere of sun.

* Explanation of sudden drop and change of direction of wind velocity in an outer region of sun (called bow shock), which has been observed by voyager 1.

A logical and scientific explanation is, that the observation refers to the limit of the gravitational influence of sun, which means the limit of the omnipresent matter which is dragged with the movement of sun. Beyond this limit the black hole exerts gravitation. Such a limit has every celestial body like the limit of the gravitational influence of earth going over to the gravitational limit of the sun. This is also the explanation for the fact that gravitational force is a limited force, so that for example suns, planets or moons do not influence each other by gravitation.

The change of direction of solar wind is a result of the changing wind of omnipresent photons at this limit, which changes from near zero to about 220 km per sec (orbit velocity around blackhole).

* Explanation of the fluctuation of intensities of observed radio waves by solar wind (called interplanetary scintillation)



A4.11 Scientific Explanation of Periods of increased Sun Activity.


A4.11.1 General Observations


The piriod can be clearly observed by number of significant sunspots, which is done since the 1750. The period changes between 10 and 13 years. The period is also observed by increasing energy of photons which arrive at earth. But the total energy variation is relative weak. The variation is stronger for high energetic photons .


A4.11.2 The Antiscience of differential self Rotation


Current physically impossible theory according Wikipedia: Solar rotation varies with latitude. The Sun is not a solid body, but is composed of a gaseous plasma. Different latitudes rotate at different periods. The source of this differential rotation is an area of current research in solar astronomy This is the most blamable theory of physics, because this shows there is very little physical understanding. Positive is that it is mentioned indirectly that the source of differential rotation is not understood till now. Scientifically would be, to get first a clear understanding of an observation and then describe the observation by a statement.

The most severe error of physics are: A celestial body cannot be composed of plasma. Physicist should know that plasma is the highest state of aggregation, where there are no bondings anymore between particles. All other states of aggregation have increasing number of bondings between particles form gas, fluid to solid. When there are no bondings between particles there can’t be a common moving through space and no self rotation at all. A stable self rotation requires bondings between all particles so that all particles do a common self-rotation. If there are fluid parts in or on a celestial body the bondings mostly are strong enough to rotate with the celestial body, like sea water or magma of earth. By less bound fluids these would not follow the rotation of the solid center and by this causes differentiated rotation and thus friction. When there is significant friction, the rotation loses energy and sooner or later will stop. Friction by gas molecules in atmospheres is mostly negligible. Most observations of differentiated rotation refers to the atmosphere like for Jupiter or Sun, so these are not valid to claim a differential observation. It is well known that sunspots have also amotion independent from rotation motion. Also the measurement of the magnetic lines of Jupiter or Doppler shifts are too variable to define a rotation velocity.

Overall SURe is:

* Celestial bodies including stars do no relevant differential rotation.

* Celestial bodies are not composed of plasma including stars.


A4.11.3 Scientific Explanation of periodic Activity of Sun


A scientific explanation is that this phenomenon is caused by the naturally different rotation velocities caused by spheric body of sun, which means not by different duration of one rotation.

The bondings of the surface membrane to the magnetic matter is not very strong. Thus the mass at the rotating area around the equator is much higher then the rotating masses nearer to poles. Therfore the bondings on equator have to resist stronger forces than on regions neare to poles in order to follow the rotation of the core of sun. By this tesnsion forces are generated which lead to cracks of the surface membrane, which are causing the observed eruptions. As soon as the eruptions are calming down a new membrane is build which eliminates the tension forces. It takes about 11 years until the tension forces are strong enough to generate the next time span with high activity.

This explanation also shows, that if there would be differential rotation of a celestial body, the equator should have less rotation durations than the pol regions.


A4.11.4 Explanation of movement of new Spots to Equator


Observations are that when a new cycle of high solar energy starts the first sun spots appear in the middle region between poles and equator of sun. The next generated spots generally appear nearer to the equator of sun so that the last spots of the cycle are generated at the equator.

Also this can be well explained by SURe – New Physics . The first sun spots mostly occur at positions where there are strongest forces of tension , which are the areas between pole and equator. In this region there are the stongest differences of rotation velocity by latitude. When in this area the renewal process of the membrane by which the tension forces are relieved has been finished the spots occur at positions where there are less forces by tension which are nearer to equator.




A4.12 Correlation of sun Activity to Climate


A4.12.1 No long Term Change of emitted Heat from Sun


As there is a well working control function of sun, which is based on heat, the emitted heat remains on long term stable even when emitted energies would change. This can be regarded as a phenomenon which is very exceptional.


A4.12.2 No influence of Sun Activity to Heat (Climate)


In a time period of increased activity, there are mostly strong eruptions by which the intensities of high energetic photons are increased. So there is only little influence on emissions of IR-photons which are mostly generated by usual emission of photons by bubbling effect.

Unfortunately an accurate statement is not possible as current “heat” measurement received from sun, does not strictly differentiate between heat and energy. So for climate control it is very important that the measuring method for receive heat from sun is changed. It might be that even an conversion to an ice age is not clearly observed by current data.



A4.12.3 Explanation of Maunder Minimum


The Maunder Minimum, also known as the "prolonged sunspot minimum", was a period around 1645 to 1715 during which sunspots became exceedingly rare. During a 28-year period (1672–1699) within the minimum, observations revealed fewer than 50 sunspots. This contrasts with the typical 40,000–50,000 sunspots seen in modern times over a similar timespan." ...“The Maunder Minimum occurred within the Little Ice Age, (Source: Wikipedia).

Only by knowing the process of generation of sunspots, you know the informative value of the number of sun spots. It is extremely unlikely that there are no time periods of increased sun activity anymore. Therefore the missing sun spots must have a specific explanation which has nothing to do with reduced emitted heat.

On the other site there is a significant correlation to climate. So there must be an effect, which explains all changes.

The only scientific explanation is that sun system drifted in this time period through a cloud of intergalactic molecules which was a bit denser. Heat absorption by intergalactic clouds of molecules is the only scientific explanation of the main reason for the occurrence of colder climate temperatures in last 500,000 years or even longer.

Molecule clouds are also a reason for causing initiation of erupted matter, so that no sunspots are created. It can even be that by collisions to molecules, which penetrate the surface membrane cause the decay of huge magnetic structure to smaller magnetic structures or prevents the generation of a stable surface structure.

All other stated reasons for the Little Ice Age are much less probable.

A4.13 The Errors of Heat Transfers


A4.13.1 Why is the Sun not heated up?


Following observations have not yet been explained in current physics:

* Although extreme high intensities of heat are generated in the atmosphere of sun, the body of sun remains solid, which means that there are continuously temperatures below about 15 K, which is needed so that hydrogen is solid, which means frozen.

* Although the earth and other planets are far away from sun, their surfaces are heated up by the emitted IR-photons of sun, whereas the surface of sun is not heated up.


A4.13.2 First scientific Explanation of Heat


The physical reality of heat is the average energy of omnipresent photons. The main characteristics of omnipresent photons is that all photons in a macroscopic volume do completely random movements by collisions. Collisions require that photons have similar kinetic energies, otherwise these penetrate each other.

Random movements are restricted to IR-photons as higher energetic photons can’t be generated in such high concentrations like omnipresent IR- photons. All photons with low energies are IR-photons. There are no photons with lower kinetic energies (explained separately).

There are following possibilities to generate increased average kinetic energies of omnipresent photons, which is equivalent to heat generation.


A4.13.3 Heat Generation by Decay Reactions


Particles exclusively can be generated by bonding reactions or decay reactions. Photons are mostly generated by decay reactions of atomic particles. Most decay reactions occur parallel to a bonding reaction. As the activation energy which is needed for a decay reaction and the vibration energy of bonding is partly transferred to the emitted photon the kinetic energy of the emitted photon is nearly always somewhat higher than the surrounding omnipresent photons. Thus there is heat generation.


A4.13.4 Heat Generation by high energetic IR-Photons



The problem is that many generated IR-photons have too high kinetic energies to do collisions with omnipresent photons.

Therefore following mechanism is the only mechanism for heat generation by high energetic IR photons:

* The generated high energetic photons are absorbed by an atomic particle.

* The vibration energies of all bondings of the atomic particle are increased.

* Photons with a bit higher energy than omnipresent photons decay from atomic matter.

* Emitted photons are absorbed by omnipresent photons and by this omnipresent photons average their kinetic energies by collisions to a higher level.



A4.13.5 No Heat Generation in sun


Heat is just generated by decay of photons by the freezing process. The generated heat just stabilizes the core of sun at the melting point of hydrogen which is about 14 kelvin.

Further nucleation does not generate photons, but photon chains.

Overall there is no heat generation in core of sun, so that the sun is a solid body at a temperature below 14 K.


A4.13.6 No Heat Generation in surroundings of sun


In space there are too less molecules which are needed to transfer the generated high energetic IR-photons in atmosphere of sun to omnipresent photons. So in atmosphere of sun there is a temperature of 2.7 K . As the flow of omnipresent photons is not stopped by surface of sun the complete core of sun is permanently cooled.

As the core of sun particular the surface consists of atomic molecules, it can convert the generated high energetic IR-photons in the atmosphere of sun to heat. But there is only a low portion of IR-photons, which are emitted in direction of the core of sun. The emission direction is a result of the movement direction of the magnetic fields and the hydrogen or protons, which by the eruption have a quick movement away from the core of sun. This phenomenon is well known by a fire-eater.

As there are also magnetic fields which are deflected back to the direction of surface of sun, there is indeed a small heating of the core of sun. This is even necessary to control the heat generation in the atmosphere of sun to a constant average level (described separately).


A4.14 The Errors of Cooling


A4.14.1 The missing Understanding of Cooling by Radiation


It already has been found out in 17th century that emitted and focused photons of snow caused a cooling effect. In current physics it seems that this is not accepted to be reality although this is very logical, because heat is currently defined as a relative property. The definition of heat by SURe-New Physics is absolute, but the process of heating is a relative process. It is very simple to define the requirements for cooling by radiation:

* Infrared photons are emitted which have a significant lower or higher kinetic energy than the surrounding omnipresent photons, so that these are penetrated.

* The emitted IR-photons are absorbed by an atomic particle with higher heat than the thermal energy of the absorbed (bound) photon.

* The bonding energies of the bound particle are averaged to a lower level of kinetic energy.

* The bound particle emits photons which are a bit lower than the omnipresent photons.

* The average kinetic energies of the omnipresent photons get a lower level.

Overall cooling by radiation has to be regarded as same physical normality as heating by radiation.


A4.14.2 The not understood technical Cooling


As it is the case for nearly all technical applications of physics, also refrigerating is not understood and not scientifically explained. A refrigerator and heat pump works by chemical reactions where photons are bound so that their kinetic energies are not “usable” anymore. The bonding of photons are typical photolysis- reactions by which atomic bondings are broken by the activation energy of photons which are bonded instead of a molecule. Exclusively photons with the highest kinetic energies manage these bondings which explain, why average energy of omnipresent photons decreases.

The decay of bound molecules is a result of reducing pressure of a gas. This is an effect of statistics. By the less density of molecules there are less collisions between molecules and thus less probability to do bondings between molecules. The reverse reaction which occurs by high pressure: The number of collisions between gas molecules increases, by which these are bonded parallel to decay of photons, which is equivalent to heat generation assuming that emitted photons have higher kinetic energies than omnipresent photons, which is nearly always the case.


A4.14.3 The General Cooling Process


Generally cooling is done by a process which is called flow of heat. There is a valid law of physics which is:

Heat always flows to the coldest area.

This rule, however, is just an observation without an explanation. SURe- New-Physics presents the first scientific explanation for this rule:

* It is assumed that there are two neighbored areas with different heat which means different kinetic energies of omnipresent photons.

* Omnipresent photons do random movements by collisions.

* Collisions are done after an average path length of estimated several millimeters.

* If photons have same spin orientation at collision, these bind to a di-photon.

* By a collision the vibration-energies of all bondings of the di-photon are adjusted to the same average value and average vibration direction.

* When the di-photon collides again to to a photon there is a high probability that it decays again to two single photons.

* The two single photons take over each 50% of the vibration energy which is converted to same kinetic energies of both photons.

* Overall after some time all photons are adjusted by collisions to same kinetic energies.

This is equivalent to the statement that heat always flows to areas with lower temperature.

As the lowest temperature is the temperature of space. this explains that everything cools down because heat always flows from a source of heat generation to space.


A4.14.4 The Error of Temperatures of Atmosphere of Earth


The atmosphere has decreasing temperatures by distance to earth ground. The temperature gradient is relative constant.

Near earth surface there are deviations by convection.

Current statements of high temperatures are no reality and show the physically impossible understandings of thermodynamics of current physics which are mostly a result of wrong measurement methods for temperature. Measurements show exclusively real results, when temperatures are measured by contact to the position, at which temperature shall be measured. By the real definition of heat, heat can be measured at any location. Only by clear calibration it can be measured indirectly without contacts.



A4.14.5 The desasterous Error of Heating of earth surface


Heat generation (heating) on surface of earth is mainly done by IR-photons from sun. When the sun is not shining the heat on earth surface is mainly generated by emitted IR-photons in core of earth.

The temperature of Antartica at polar winter shows the effect of generated heat in core of earth: The generated heat of earth , which has no scientific explanation till now, has no influence of climate on earth.

Generated IR-photons by mankind have just a very small portion for heating of earth surface.

As the sun emits heat on average constantly, climate changes can only be explained by more or less losses of arriving heat from sun. The main climate effect is a result of absorption. Absorption has a strong cooling effect on climate. The correct term of this effect is parasol effect, the term “greenhouse effect” by absorption is absurd and paradox.



A4.14.6 The desastrous Error of Cooling of earth surface


A severe error of current physics is the theory of cooling of earth surface: It is stated that the earth radiates IR-photons (heat) to the space. This is physically impossible. This error is desastrous because the scientific reality of cooling falsifies the absurd theory of the greenhouse of earth atmosphere and thus climate change by “greenhouse gases”.

The first scientific explanation of cooling of earth surface:

Cooling is exclusively done by “opposite heat flow” of omnipresent photons from space to earth. This flow occurs constantly all the time. Radiation of IR-photons to the atmosphere is not possible, because any emitted IR-photon from earth-ground is absorbed by omnipresent photons after a very short path-length in mm range. Penetration through omnipresent photons, which is required for radiation, is not possible, because the kinetic energies of emitted photons are in the range of omnipresent photons.

The scientific explanation of the fact that heat always flows to space is presented in chapters above.

The only additional parameter which has a strong mitigation effect on climate changes but also of daily temperatures is the heat storage on surface of earth by bondings which is expressed as heat capacities and as latent heat. This is mainly down by sea water, plants particular rain forest, and water clouds in atmosphere.

By sun shine the matter on earth is heated up. But from surface until space there is no relevant heat source. This explains the observe fact that there is a nearly constant negative temperature gradient from earth surface to space.



A4.15 TEMPERATURE CONTROL of Celestial Bodies


It is essential for living beings that the sun and earth has nearly stable average temperature which means emit on average nearly same heat.

Current hypotheses:

  1. Heat is generated by nuclear fusion reactions in core of stars.

  2. Heat accelerates nuclear fusion reactions.

Falsification of current hypotheses:

* when heat accelerates nuclear fusions and thus heat generation the emission of heat from sun would increase. This is not observed.

* If the hypotheses of physicists would be reality, there would be no stars, because these consists of frozen hydrogen.

* It is physically impossible that nuclear bindings generate heat. All binding reactions store kinetic energy as vibration energy of bonding and thus consume kinetic energy.



All people are aware of phase transition reactions which are freezing/melting and condensation/evaporation. It is strange that no scientist seems to be interested in the explanation of an extremely unusual phenomenon, which is observed by phase transitions. This phenomenon is the control of temperature at a specific value. This is strange because nearly all other reactions are either exothermic or endothermic.

SURe - New Physics:

Heat generation is equivalent to emission of IR-photons. Usual freezing means complete bindings between molecules. Mostly it is a binding directly between atomic nuclei of molecules, by which an IR-photon decays from nucleus and no photon chain which binds more stable to the nucleus. Thus by freezing heat is generated. The same occurs for all phase transition. Thus matter is stabilized at the phase transition temperature: By decreasing temperature additional matter freezes, which increase the temperature. By increasing temperature matter melts. This means bondings between nuclei break and IR-photons are bound to a nuclei. Binding of IR-photons is equivalent to consume or reduce heat. In earth this works by molten and frozen matter in core of star.

For stars the temperature control is particular tricky: Heat is generated in atmosphere of sun by decay of the emitted photon chains which were generated in core of star. Some generated heat of atmosphere increases also the temperature in core of star. When in core of star the temperature is increased the decay of photon chains is reduced so that less “fuel” goes into the atmosphere. Thus the temperature of the whole system is reduced.

Overall this is the explanation why there is well controlled emission of heat by sun.



A4.16 Le Chatelier‘s principle


Le Chatelier’s principle was defined in 1880s and is also called law of equilibrium. It is not a generally valid rule but it is mostly valid:

Reactions which generate heat are suppressed by heat. Reactions which consume heat (= absorb IR- photons) are accelerated by heat.

This law is also mostly valid for pressure.

The law has just been derived by observations without explanations. New Physics/ SURe has the first and only scientifically sound explanation for Le Chatelier’s principle:

It can be simply explained by the rule of reaction equilibria:

When a reaction runs, products are generated. When the concentration of products increases there is an increasing chance that these collide, which result to an increase of the corresponding back reaction.



A4.17 Same Origin as for Stars: HEAT OF PLANETS



Earth and probably all other planets witch consist of heavy nuclei (= “metallic“) generate heat in core of planets.

Current hypotheses:

Heat of earth is generated by radioactive decay reactions.

Falsification of hypothesis:

Radioactive decays are decay reactions by which internal bondings break. By this electrons, electron-pairs, high energetic photons, alpha-particle, neutrons and protons can be generated as decay products. But for heat generation IR-photons have to be generated. This normally does not occur with one exception, which is used for energy generation of nuclear plants: The radioactive material has a high concentration and decays to particles like neutrons which generate further radioactive decays and in addition causes decay reactions of photon chains of usual atoms like water. Thus radioactive decays generate no heat, which is used for power generation in nuclear power plants.

SURe - New Physics:

SURe is that the same reactions, which occur in core of stars occur also in planets: Bindings of atomic nuclei by which photon chains are emitted. The difference is that in core of planets which consists of atoms with larger nuclei collisions of photon-chains occur, by which photon-chains already decay in core of planets to single IR-photons instead of decaying in the atmosphere.

In stars and planets with high hydrogen concentrations nearly all photon-chains are emitted out of the surface. This explains for example that the surface of Jupiter looks similar to surface of sun concerning eruptions. In relative small planets the “short” emitted magnetic fields have not the chance to combine to the huge structures which are emitted on sun. By collisions to protons the decays of magnetic fields are activated in the atmosphere, so that heat is generated in the atmosphere. Relative to earth atmosphere this is low energetic, which means significantly below energy of visible photons.

Conclusion: The core of earth has a very high temperature while the core of sun has a very cold teperature.





A5 SURe of Supernovae


A5.1 Observations of a Supernova


The observed knowledge concerning supernovae is, that these are with high probability the reactions in universe with the highest energy generation per time. Supernovae lasts mostly about 2-3 weeks and after a rapid increase of energy generation there is first a short exponential and then mostly a longer linear decrease of energy. Measured spectral lines of elements are not reliable and need further research. Clearly observable is a huge nebula as remnant. A celestial body as remnant has not beem observed. It is possible but not very likely. It can occur when the supernova reaction stops.

The observed light proves that there are partly same decay reactions of pressurized mixtures of magnetic fields and fluid hydrogen. Exclusively these decay reactions are equivalent to emissions of photons like light and heat.

Following theories for supernova are not based on observations and are physically impossible: Collapse of matter, thermal runaway reaction, energy generation by nuclear fusion, two different mechanisms for supernovae, rotation increase of remaining star, remaining star being a black hole, accretion of matter.


A5.2 Supernova is no Gravitational Collapse but Explosion


As in current physics energy generation is not understood, physicists worked out two theories, which generate no energy, as energy exclusively is generated by decay reactions. The stated theories in addition are both physically impossible:

* Gravitational Collapse by reduced pressure in core of star

* Thermal nuclear binding reaction.


Correct is current knowledge which is gained by observations that energy generation is mostly accompanied by pressure increase. Despite of this knowledge the most important law of nature was not found: Energy is exclusively generated by a decay reactions of matter. Another rule of kinetics is that sudden generation of huge amounts of energy exclusively occur by self accelerated chain reactions. Self accelerated chain reactions with emissions of light and heat are always done by decay of bound photon structures to photons. This reaction is called explosion.



A5.3 The Fuel for Supernova Explosion


In principle current explanation concerning the timing of a supernova is correct: A supernova occurs when a high portion of hydrogen in a star has reacted by nuclear fusion. Thus the product of nucleation has to be the fuel of a supernova. In addition there are other criteria for ignition.

Exclusively SURe – New Physics has defined the only chemically possible product of high nucleation: Like it is described in chapter A5.4 it is a nucleus which consists nearly complete out of bound protons, called protonium.

By SURe – New Physics. During lifetime of a star the concentration of this product increases steadily Explosive is exclusively less concentrated protonium which is mixed with hydrogen,

The nucleation reaction in a star is a usual polymerization reaction, as protons have three bonding options to other protons. The first Proton-proton-bonding is equivalent to freezing of hydrogen and occurs somewhat below 20K, which is well known by physicists. Chemist know that polymerization is only then a successive reaction when there are strong differences in stability. is the case for frozen hydrogen, which is the first nucleation product of hydrogen. The next polymerization steps have no energetic differences, so that successive polymerization to helium nucleus, beryllium nucleus and so on is not possible. The nucleation product always is a mixture of different adducts. Because of less stability further nucleation needs even somewhat lower temperatures and is preferred by high pressure. Thus in the center of star there is always a higher percentage of protonium than to the outer areas.


A5.4 The Requirement for Ignition of Supernova


The specific structure of frozen hydrogen is not only required for ignition of energy generation of sun but also for ignition of a supernova. SURe – New Physics detected the structure of frozen hydrogen recently after many wrong theories. The very special of the structure is that frozen hydrogen builds an extreme stable net by bindings to attached hexagons which each is stabilized by 6 triangles. So it is the same structure as frozen water. Uncountable layers of this net structure cover the surface of the sun. As this stable net structure hinders the mixture of magnetic field structures , which were generated by nucleation, and hydrogen to be emitted out of the surface, there is a significant pressure building under the net. As by pressure the net will expand by bindings to additional frozen hydrogen units, the “polymer membrane” expands to significantly larger volumes. Finally the membrane breaks by increased pressure and there is a sudden pressure drop. When under the membrane is mostly frozen hydrogen this leads just to an outburst of magnetic fields and protons, which do collisions and decay to photons, observed by immense light outburst.

But when under the surface membrane there is already a high percentage of protonium then there is in addition to light an outburst of protonium which decays in the lower pressure to all kind of nucleons. This is called supernova. There is no supernova process which is fundamentally different. Differentiation is only the concentration of protonium and thus the degree of polymerization.

Protonium is only stable at a high pressure, which is still ensured by the layers of membranes around the surface. Exclusively small magnetic structures can diffuse through the membrane. By high energetic collisions of the protonium/frozen hydrogen mixture is ignited and explodes, when this membrane breaks and there is a sudden pressure release. This causes the decay of protonium to lots of broken parts of protonium, which are atomic nuclei. These are emitted with very high energy and destroy the complete membrane. Further decay reactions to smaller atoms occur somewhat later in the atmosphere of star.




A5.5 Example of spectral Data


For some supernova it is stated that in spectra by time absorption by H decrease and absorption of He increases. This would be conform to the finding that the reaction of supernova starts at surface area where there is matter which decays mainly to protons by which all matter is emitted into the space. The supernova then continuous by decay of uncovered surface regions nearer to center, where there is protonium which mostly decay to di-protons which react to helium.

But there are also some inconsistencies in spectra. For example the H-alpha-line cannot be seen by a fluorescent lamp with pure hydrogen, but it is clearly observed by special Balmer tubes in which some water is added to hydrogen.





Reactions of supernovae are in principle the reverse reaction of generation of protonium and partly the same as the usual energy generation of sun :

1. Decay of hydrogen to of proton and chain of photons followed by decay of photon chain top photons.

2. Decay of magnetic fields (=huge structures of bound photons ) to photons.

3. Decay of high nucleated protonium to low- nucleated protonium.

4. Decay of low-nucleated protonium to atomic nuclei.

Later, when atomic nuclei lost some kinetic energy by collisions:

5. Omnipresent photons bind to nuclei in form of a chain, by which atoms are generated.

6, The photon chains of atoms bind with chains from other atoms and react to molecules.


The reaction equilibrium of protonium decay strongly depend on pressure. Therefore supernova is initiated by a sudden pressure release caused by cracks of surface membrane of an “old” star. The decay products of supernova activate further decays reaction of protonium enhances the pressure reduction which accelerates the decay reaction. Main energy of supernova is generated by chain reaction of neutron and proton decays.

Overall the reactions explain

- a relative quick burst of a huge amount of energy

- a burst of a huge cloud of ordinary matter (see separate chapters)


A5.7 Explanation of Progress of Supernova


The progress of supernovae reaction of a highly nucleated star is exceptionally striking, so that it is exclusively explainable by SURe- New Physics.

The reaction starts under the broken membrane because of the sudden loss of pressure. The initiated accelerated decay reaction builds up pressure again, by which the complete membrane gets broken and the decay reaction is all over the surface mainly by the decay of magnetic fields plus the decay of protonium. This quickly results to maximum of energy generation. Then there is a quick release because heat generation of magnetic fields stops, when all magnetic fields under the membrane has reacted. After that there will just be the energy generation by decay of protonium. As all protonium is emitted into space the reaction continuous on surface by which the surface gets smaller. Because the change of a quadratic function is a linear function the emitted energy decreases linear until the end. Linear reactions are extremely rare. In current physics this is simply ignored and no one tries to explain this.



A5.8 Current physically impossible Explanations of Supernovae


Of course a supernova can only be explained when basic physical phenomenons are defined.

Missing or wrong basic definitions which would be needed to explain supernova are: energy, energy generation, energy consumption, gravitation, mass, degenerate matter, heat, absorption, pressure.

Physically impossible statements are: Gravitational collapse, ignition of carbon fusion, transfer of significant amounts of matter by accretion disks, critical mass, existence of double star systems, expansion of stars to much bigger stars, sudden implosion of a star, runaway fusion, standard candles, temperature increase and ignition by increase of mass, onion like layers of matter.



A5.9 Nonsense of current different theories for Supernova


Although when there are some differences, a supernova is a very specific reaction which should not be explained by basically different mechanisms. The probability for this is near zero.

Described basic mechanism by SURe – New Physics above is valid for all supernovae. Differences are mainly caused by mass of star:

Increased mass of star leads to

* stronger surface layers and thus mostly higher energies.

* polymerization of atomic photon chains to larger magnetic fields by the longer way to surface and thus higher concentration and higher pressure in area below surface membrane.

* higher concentration of protonium in center of star and therefore increased tendency for a neutron star as remnant.

* lower concentrations of protonium under the surface membrane and therefore less reactive.



A5.10 Explanation of Generation of a Neutron Star as Remnant


It has already been mentioned that high concentrated protonium of nearly 100% is more stable than less concentrated protonium, because of the nearly perfect overlapping of all protons to minimum spin energy. Therefore the supernova reaction will end when it reaches such matter in the center of the star. The remaining star (remnant) has an extreme high density of mass which equals a nucleus. The remnant is currently called neutron star. But there is no mechanism to convert a star to a celestial body which consists of neutrons. It is known, that neutrons are not stable. On the other hand protonium is stable so that the term neutron star has to be changed to protonium star. Protonium is not generated by supernova, but already before in the star. It is just so stable that it doesn’t decay by supernova. Although neutron star is a confusing term, here it will still be called neutron star.

A neutron star can be generated as remnant, when supernova explosion occurs on a star with a high mass. Only by this the frozen hydrogen in center of a star has sufficient time to nucleate to nearly 100% protonium.

Without a high mass the star decays completely by supernova.


A5.11 Revision concerning Neutron Star from April 2024


A5.10 is the first explanation of generation of a neutron star. First thinking of SURe – New Physics was that protonium is so stable that a neutron star is a relevant celestial body in universe. But such celestial bodies have never been observed till now. Observation of neutron stars is very difficult as these do not emit relevant number of photons, thus these generate no light or heat. As gravitation is also exerted by emission of photons (low energetic omnipresent photons) neutron stars don’t exert gravitation. Therefore neutron stars are exclusively observable by their impacts of collisions, which should be extremely strong because of the high mass. But this was also never observed.

Another problem is that the universe would change because there is no nearly complete “recycling” of matter anymore by supernova.

Overall it is much more probable that neutron stars also decay to stable atoms by reactions with omnipresent photons. This is much slower than supernova but so fast that there is not a relevant number of neutron stars in universe.


A5.12 No Increase of Rotation Velocity by Supernova


A supernova is an explosion, by which matter of star is emitted to space. There is no matter which is emitted to the center of the exploding star. If the center of the star does not decay it remains with the same mass as before. There is no matter with a high rotation velocity which falls to the center and increases by this the rotation velocities of the “surviving” center. A pirouette effect by which the rotation velocity is increased, is physically impossible.



A5.13 Explanation Generation of all Atoms by Supernova


The supernova is a decay reaction of protonium to all different atoms from hydrogen and helium up to atoms with highest mass. Before a supernova had occurred exclusively hydrogen has been generated in universe.

But also many molecules with low number of different atoms are generated by supernova and emitted like all atomic matter in space as huge clouds. Later the cloud or several clouds will generate a new sun system. As it can be estimated that a sun system consists of more than 95% hydrogen, the atomic cloud also contains this percentage of hydrogen.



A5.14 Generation of Molecules by Supernova



There are specific molecules in molecular clouds and all over the universe. These molecules are mainly: CO, H2O, CH,CH2,CH4, NH3, SiO2. But also small amounts of more complex molecules like amino acids, formaldehyde, pyrimidine, PAHs.

Theory of current physics:

Molecules are generated by chemical reactions.

SURe - New Physics:

Observed molecules are not typical products of chemical reactions. Chemical reactions in space are nearly impossible as the chances for collisions are very low. For example the high amounts of CO cannot be explained. There would not even be significant traces of CO. A collision of a C atom with an O atom has an extreme low probability, because C and O will collide before with H atoms, which are present with much higher concentrations.

The same is true for more complex molecules.

All observed molecules are typical for being generated shortly after decay of protonium to single atoms by supernova.



A5.15 Petroleum and Natural Gas are no fossil Fuels


It can be excluded that petroleum and natural gas were generated by plants or other “living“ matter. Natural gas consists of so perfectly “clean“ chemical molecules that it is impossible that natural gas has been generated by biological, biochemical and natural processes out of plants. It is even very difficult by technical processes to get bio-gas to equal quality as natural gas. The same is valid for petroleum. Current theories of generation are not reliable and inconsistent.

New Physics/ SURe of generation of petroleum and natural gas

It is obvious that all matter of earth comes from supernovae. This means basic matter of earth has been generated by supernova The various molecules like all kind of CH molecules, like CH, CH2, CH4, C2, C2H2, C2H4, C2H6 and so on are predestined to react to natural gas and petroleum. Basic matter of all solid celestial bodies has same origin and is therefore nearly identical. So all solid celestial bodies can contain these molecules or their reaction products like natural gas or petroleum. Of course all small molecules can get lost by emission into space. The principle of equal basic matter for generation of celestial bodies are also valid for other molecules like water and amino-acids, which are basic molecules for generation of life.



A5.16 Requirements for Generation of Star System


The atomic particles of a supernova do not drift apart. As there are fluctuating bondings of omnipresent matter to the atomic matter and as there are lots of bonding and decay reactions of omnipresent photons, a huge loosely bound structure of high concentrated omnipresent matter is generated and holds also the atomic matter in this structure. As all bondings und decays are done in a plane the structure of omnipresent photons is a flat plane structure. By movement of this system through space a resistance on one side can occur by another cloud. This would cause a rotation of the cloud. When the atomic matter collides these mostly do bondings so that these can grow up to celestial bodies again. This is a slow process and should not be called gravitational collapse. It is a typical freezing or crystallization process under weightlessness, which can easily be studied. Much later collisions of small celestial bodies also contribute to growth of celestial bodies, but not necessarily.


A5.17 First scientific Explanation of Generation of Planets


After the generation of the center star by freezing, the exerted gravitation of the star and the rotation of the cloud causes that the atomic matter is separated by mass of particles. The planets are also mainly generated by collisions and bondings of little particles, which can also be called freezing or crystallization. The first bigger particles will cause that other particles will preferably crystallize to this particle, which results to a limited number of planets around the center star.

As already mentioned the center star generates lots of photons, mainly in the atmosphere. By this there is heat emission and light emission. But there are also emissions of very low energetic photons. These are causing gravitation, which is explained in detail in volume G “Gravitation”.


A6 Classifications and Descriptions of Stars


A6.1 General Definition of a Star


A star is a celestial body, which consists mainly of frozen hydrogen and generates photons in his atmosphere, which are emitted into space partly as light and heat.

Freezing of hydrogen is a usual crystallization process by proton-proton bindings, which occur by the low temperature in space.

All stars have same mechanism in order to generate light:

* Further nucleation (proton-proton-bindings) of frozen hydrogen to protonium.

* By this photon chains decay from protons and diffuse to surface of star.

* On the way to surface the photon chains bind with other photon chains to magnetic field lines (=long photon chains).

* On surface these are stopped by surface membrane of frozen hydrogen, mix with frozen hydrogen to a gas and build pressure.

* The pressure increases until the surface membrane breaks, which causes eruptions of the mixture.

* By collisions (mostly to protons) the bound photon structures decay to photons, (ignition).

* The high energetic photons activate additional decay reactions of bound photons, which are equivalent to exponential increasing decay reactions to photons, called explosions.


A6.2 Classification of stars


There is only one property which makes sense for classification of stars:

* Progress of proton nucleation, which correlates to age of star

Thus stars can be classified as

high nucleation star or old star and

- normal star


* Pulsed emissions of photons depends mainly on age and size and thus is no basic additional characteristic of stars and thus classification.

* Other observed differences refer to energy losses of emitted photons depending on distance to observer.

* Size, mass and distance are no basic, but just individual differences.


A6.3 The scientific Explanation of pulsating Stars


The processes of ejections and ignitions in stars normally occur on average permanently but very strong eruptions occur individual. When by far distant stars only the strongest ejections are observable and these ejections are rare, then these stars appear as pulsating stars. This is confirmed by the observation that pulsating stars are mostly old stars with a high degree of nucleation. These produce lower amounts of magnetic fields and thus less number of strong coronal mass ejections.

This is also conform to the observation that mostly pulsating is observed by high energetic photons like X-ray or high energetic electron-pairs (= radio radiation). Eruptions often occur by nearly constant periods as it takes nearly the same time for pressure increase until a specific pressure is reached. This is well known by geysers.

There is also a high probability for pulsating by self rotation: This occurs, when a single limitted area of generated Coronal mass ejections (CME) or sunspot is active for several months. As the CME sometimes moves the pulsating can get a small nearly constant change of pulsation frequency.

High frequencies of pulsation by rotation (higher than about 1/10 min) should not be possible because the gravitation and bondings of stars would not resist the centripetal force or rotation.

But very high frequencies can occur by generally occurring small ejections, which result to a bubbling effect, so each emission of a bubble can result to a signal. The number of signals can be reduced by measuring a concrete kinetic energy. A constant pulsation with a constant kinetic energy is with high probability a measurement effect. For example it might be that the sensor works with a fixed frequency.


A6.4 Variable Stars


All stars change their observed luminosity either by orbit movement or by self rotation. In Wikipedia (English version) is a long list of other causes which are nearly all physically impossible science fiction. Examples which can‘ t be meant seriously are the changes or size of a star by swelling and shrinking, by ionization reaction and back reaction or by eclipses of another star.

Eclipses by orbiting are so rare, that these can’t explain light variations. Quick variations are called flickering. Flickering can be explained by scattering and deflection effects on multiple inner-galactic molecular clouds, which have to be traversed by photons.

Also self rotation causes permanently a different number of high energetic releases of photons. Other possible changes of light intensities are shown in previous chapter.



A6.5 Classification by visible Spectral does not make Sense


All stars emit photons by same matter (magnetic fields) and by same process. Differences mainly occur by energy of collisions. Energy of collisions can be observed by the ratio of emitted gamma- to X-ray photons. This ratio should also change by age of star.

Emissions of low energetic photons is inaccurate, because of possible absorption.

The emission of visible photons should not have relevant differences. Energies of emitted visible photons are always continuous.

Observed absorption lines of stars refer to inter- and innergalactic molecular clouds through which the emitted photons propagate. As these change by time absorption lines cannot be used for classifications. The assignment of absorption lines to matter of stars is not possible.

Absorption is mainly done by gases in earth atmosphere or atomic matter in spectrometer like glass of lenses prisms.


A6.6 Temperatures of Stars can‘t be measured


Currently temperatures are determined by the theory that these correlate to emissions of visible photons. This is far away from reality. Temperatures are generated exclusively by emissions of IR-photons. But even IR-photons are no heat but generate increased kinetic energies of omnipresent photons, which is the correct definition of heat.

Of course the surface temperatures of all stars are below 14 K. Otherwise stars would not exist.

In addition the emitted visible photons from stars do not have relevant differences. The differences of measured visible spectra are a result of scattering effects of molecular clouds. It is well known that visible photons from sun get an increased redshift by increased scattering effects on molecules and particle matter by traversed path-length of atmosphere.

This effect is also the explanation for the correlation of visible spectra to distance and to the number of absorption lines.

Comment: Like for stars also for galaxies redshifts are mainly caused by scattering and thus by distance. Theories of expansion of universe and dark energy are physically impossible.

Overall temperature and visible spectrum can not be used for classifications of stars.


A7 Specific Stars

A7.1 Scientific Description of a White Dwarf


A white dwarf is a very old star, so that a high percentage of hydrogen is nucleated to protonium. By the condensing reaction of nucleation a white dwarf is a compact star with high density of mass. Nucleation is also the cause that a white dwarf is a small star.

As the possibilities for further nucleation reactions are reduces by age, white dwarfs emit less photons.

Because of age and high degree of nucleation, white dwarfs have a high potential for the initiation of a supernova reaction. A mass increase is not needed for initiation of supernova, but the same sudden pressure release as described earlier.

White dwarfs can only be seen, when these have a relative near distance, therefore these appear white.

Currently a lot of science fiction has been made up to describe white dwarfs and “degenerate matter”.



A7.2 Scientific Description of Giant Stars


A star with a high mass can convert by nucleation to a giant star although generally there is a contraction of volume by nucleation. This is caused by the long duration which emitted photon-chains need to diffuse to the surface. By this these can bind to many other photon-chains to huge magnetic field lines. Contrary to smaller magnetic fields like in stars with lower mass the larger magnetic fields do not have the capability to move through the surface membrane of the star. Therefore these magnetic structures are completely stopped by the membrane. The membrane is extended by additional frozen hydrogen so that the star slowly gets bigger. The giant star grows until the pressure is so high that the membrane breaks. By the pressure release the partly nucleated matter of star is initiated to an explosion ( = uncontrollable accelerated breaking of bondings).

The increase of diameter of a star is much smaller than currently stated.

Different colors do not refer to the star. But different luminescence values might show different grades of density of membrane and by this different diffusion rates of magnetic fields.

Of course also normal stats can be very large and it can’t be differentiated to a giant star by internal pressure increase.



A7.3 Scientific Description of Cepheid Variables



Cepheid Variables are giant stars which emit mostly variable light intensities. The time period and amplitude of variations are very stable and range between different stars from 1 to 130 days. The range of frequencies indicates that these are caused by self rotation. Current postulated mechanism for pulsation is called kappa-mechanism. The postulated kappa-mechanism is inconsistent and not conform to scientific principles.


A pulsed emission of light can generally do all stars which are of old age. Other examples are white dwarfs. Main difference to young stars is that the eruptions are stronger and mostly lasts longer, because beside the ejected mixture of magnetic fields with hydrogen, there is also an eruption of decaying protonium. So this is a smooth form of a supernova. It is comparable to volcanic activity in a specific area of the surface. The specific area explains the frequency by self rotation.


Another indication for this explanation is that the pulsation is mostly seen by high energetic photons (X-ray) and high energetic electron pairs (radio-signals). By increasing age the surface membrane gets stronger and it takes longer until the pressure for break of membrane is achieved. By this the energy of ejection is stronger.


In cases where rotations play no role but the time for pressure build-up, the brightness of ejections correlates to frequency of ejections.



A7.4 Description of Pulsar


The term pulsar is derived from “pulsating source of radio emission”. It is just another term for Cepheid variable. All other current descriptions are science fiction (theories):

Theory: A pulsar is a neutron star.

SURe: A real neutron star would not be capable to emit radiation. A pulsar mostly is a compact star like white dwarf or a cepheid variable.

Theory: Pulsars can do fast rotations in range of few milliseconds. Rotation is highly increased by supernova.

SURe: Supernova is an explosion reaction, which does not transfer any rotation energy to remnant by the so called pirouette effect. There are no fast rotations of celestial bodies because the required energy cannot be transferred to a star and thus fast rotations are physically impossible. The estimated highest rotation frequency of a star is 1/3 hours.

Theory: There is highly focused synchrotron radiation.

SURe: Highly focused radiation cannot be generated by nature. Synchrotron radiation is completely misunderstood in physics. Acceleration does not cause emission of photons.

Theory: Pulses occur by self rotation of pulsars and permanent emission of photons near rotation axis focused by magnetic field lines which exit near axis.

SURe: It is physically impossible that emissions of photons by a celestial body have such an influence by rotation axis. In addition the apparent area of focused emission is so near to rotation axis that a pulsing would not be observable by rotation. In addition photons are not emitted out of stars but just photon-chains, which have to be ignited. By decay of the photon chains these are emitted in all directions into space.

Scientific explanation of high frequent pulsing:

In small celestial bodies the photon chains reach the surface without binding to very large magnetic field lines. So there is just a small resistance by the surface membrane. By this occurs a high frequent bubbling effect of ejected photon chains and emitted photons. The steady bubbling can be detected by radio-detectors as pulsing. So its just a measurement effect. Currently radio-signals and their measurements have not been understood.

Overall the pulsed light generation by rotation of a celestial body with an extremely focused beam which hits the earth is one of the most anti-scientific theories of physics.


A7.5 First scientific Description of Magnetars


It is correct that magnetic fields around celestial bodies are created by rotation of a celestial body (SURe Vol M = Magnetism). The magnetic strength correlates to rotation velocity.

But as stars and particularly magnetars do not have extreme high rotation velocities there are no celestial bodies with extraordinaire high magnetic forces.

If there would be high rotation velocities the magnetic strength would not be so strong, that it focuses a beam of photons. Physicist know that magnetic fields have very little influence to photons.

Currently physicists have no understanding of magnetism. Again magnetism is explained as magic force which can do interactions which are physically impossible.

Magnetars and their magnetic fields have never been observed or measured.

In 1979 high energetic generation of gamma- ray burst have been observed which were stated to be caused by magnetars. The statement that gamma ray bursts are generated by magnetars are based on physically impossible science fiction.



A7.6 The largest and most important Celestial Body


The largest and most important celestial body is the limiting wall of the universe.

As the universe has to have a fixed stable volume to explain all physical observations like stable physical rules there has to a wall which limits the universe. It is nearly sure that the wall of the universe consist of frozen photons like black holes. Frozen photons fulfill all requirements for a limit :

* It does not reflect or emit any high energetic photons and thus cannot be detected.

* It absorbs all photons which collide to the wall.

* It emits constantly and all over its area low energetic photons which get to omnipresent photons and thus cannot be detected.

* The emission of high amounts of single photons prevents that other centers for freezing to black holes are generated in the surrounding of the limit and by this the limit is far away from orbit systems and thus from celestial bodies.


Absolutely unknown is what is behind the limit. So there is unlimited scope for theories outside the universe, but not any theory is allowed to be called reality in our universe.


There must be an additional outer layer of the container wall of the universe, which does not belong to our universe because the generation of electrons and thus photons in universe was done in a specific volume.

The container wall of our universe was generated very soon after generation of matter like it is the case for black holes. Estimation is within one year.




A8 First scientific Description of a Black Hole


A8.1 A Black Hole is no Hole but also no Star


It is very unusual to call a circular celestial body with the highest density of mass as hole. To describe it as black is correct, because it is not seen by light detectors. This means it does not emit or reflect visible photons. SURe New-Physics has gained the knowledge that it emits no high energetic photons at all.

Because a black hole does not emit any visible radiation, it is no star. But current theory that a black holes have such a high gravitation that not any photon escapes the black hole is a totally wrong and physically impossible theory. The reality is the other way round: As a black hole emits an incredibly high number of low energetic IR-photons it generates an extremely huge area of gravitation. As already mentioned the emission of low-energetic photons is requirement that a celestial body generates gravitation. A black hole controls by constant emissions of low energetic photons the gravitation of the complete galaxy.


A8.2 Black holes devour lots of stuff for rapid growths

It took probably less than one year since generation of the universe that black holes grew to the first and largest celestial bodies, so that these are called supermassive black holes. The reason for this is quite simple. Black holes were generated by freezing of omnipresent photons. And the universe was filled with omnipresent photons shortly after generation of matter, which were electrons as only elementary particle, equivalent to spin energies.

Transfer of matter by accretion disks is physically impossible for black holes. Accretion disks generally don’t exist and have never been observed.

Before a galaxy is generated there has to be a black hole. Supermassive black holes are the most important but also simplest celestial bodies..


A8.3 Black Holes stabilize Temperature of Space


First scientific definitions by SURe – New-Physics:

* Heat is the average value of kinetic energies of omnipresent photons.

* Temperature is a man-made unit to measure heat. (Currently different units for temperature are used) .

Black holes are the reason, why the universe is stabilized at the feezing temperature of omnipresent photons, which is 2.73 K:

* If temperature in space gets colder, more photons get frozen to a black holes by which all colder photons do not participate anymore to the average heat.

* If the temperature gets warmer cold photons of 2,73 K are evaporated from surfaces of black holes and reduce temperature of space.

Also all phase transitions of atomic matter stabilize the temperature. On earth temperatures are significantly balanced by phase transitions between ice, water and water vapor. Thus the huge amounts of water on earth surface is very important as main factor for the balanced earth climate and thus for a living beings on earth.


A8.4 Stellar Black Holes do not exist


Black holes can have different sizes. Smaller black holes do also orbits around bigger black holes. In a spiral galaxy there is mostly just one supermassive black hole. In a cluster galaxy there are several black holes with different sizes.

The theory that there are stellar black holes which are generated as remnant by supernovae is physical impossible. A remnants of supernova are neutron stars or a white dwarfs. These consist of high concentrated protonium, which is different than the frozen photons of black holes. Protonium is not stable and decays after some time, but does not react to frozen photons. Most black holes are relatively stable.




Around a supermassive black hole there is the so called galactic bulge which consists of many billions stars and other celestial bodies in relative small space of a hollow sphere. There are no gases and there is no accretion disk around the black hole. Between black hole and galactic bulge is no celestial body at all. An accretion disk is physically impossible and has never been observed. The disc of the spiral arms might give the impression of an accretion disk.



A8.5 Black Holes are relative inactive


Contrary to theory a black hole is extremely inactive. Any severe energetic activity would be a desaster because this would change gravity of the complete galaxy. In next chapter it will be shown that there is even a protection against collisions of other stars in order to ensure stable gravitation in galaxy. Thus bonding and decay of photons are the only relevant actions.


A8.6 First Explanation of Gravitational Force


The most important observation is, that all celestial bodies except many black holes don’t move straight but are deflected so that these do orbit movements around other celestial bodies. Physicist know that all deflections need a force otherwise there would be exclusively straight movements in universe. The only physically possible explanation for forces is that collisions by other objects occur, so that celestial bodies are deflected. All other explanations like a magic force which does attraction is magic, which means physically impossible science fiction.

Before 1900 nearly all physicists were aware that there must be an omnipresent matter (ether) in space to explain many interactions in universe. Newton was rightly criticized to do occultism by his theory of a magic force. Albert Einsteins theory for gravitation was even much stronger antiscience. But the acknowledgement of Einstein to be genius because of absurd illogical theories was the break through that physics turned from physical science to science fiction and made up theories which worked by magics instead of physics. By this the omnipresent matter was abandoned.

In SURe- New Physics around 2014 the omnipresent matter (meanwhile called dark matter) could be defined to be omnipresent photons. Photons are the only particles which fulfill the requirements for an omnipresent matter. Photons have by far the highest stability of all particles in universe. In the volume of one atom there are several hundred thousands omnipresent photons. This number is not only in vacuum of space but also in atomic matter. This explains that the force by collisions can deflect celestial bodies.

The problem of SURe- New Physics was, that first the theory was derived, that collisions lead to repulsion. The reality is that this only the case for collision with subsequent reflections of collided particles. By collisions of photons to atomic matter bonding occurs which cause attraction. Thus atomic matter is attracted to positions of highest overlapping with photons which is to the direction of highest concentration of photons. This is conform to first Fundamental Law of Nature.

This implies that photons must have a concentration gradient to exert gravitation. This results to the fact, that a celestial body which exerts gravitation must continuously generate photons to maintain a continuous gradient of photon density. This has already been explained for stars. But nearly the same mechanism is done by planets and moons. In following chapter photon generation is explained for a black hole.


A8.7 First Explanation of gravitational Force by a Black Hole


A Black hole has following mechanism: A black hole absorbs all received radiation. Mostly it is emitted from stars of galactic bulge. The sum of radiation of several hundred billions of stars is nearly constant, also when one supernova occurs. By absorbing high energetic photons surrounding photons increase their vibration energy and some will decay by too strong vibrations. These are emitted out of the black hole. The free bonding options will be replaced by surrounded cold omnipresent photons from space. Overall there is a photon exchange without a net energy effect. The black hole emits photons with higher energy than surrounded photons. These will be aligned to average energy of omnipresent photons after some time. Before the higher energetic photons penetrate omnipresent photons. Thus the black hole generates “anti-gravitation in the near surrounding. This is important to prevent collisions by stars, which would have an impact to generation of photons.


A8.8 First Explanation of the galactic Bulge


Increased concentration of omnipresent photons and by this relevant gravitation starts at the hollow sphere of the galactic bulge. This is the first and only explanation that there is a hollow sphere of very dense celestial bodies, which is called galactic bulge. In order to do stable orbit movements celestial bodies need a gravitational force. All celestial bodies which do a very slow movement can do orbit movements in this region. As the gravitational force rapidly increases there are also lots of stars which do higher orbit movements. Overall the galactic bulge represents a relative small region, where stars with a wide range of different velocities can do orbit movements because of a wide range of gravitation.


A8.9 The measurements of the slow orbital Velocities


The slow orbital velocities of stars near center of spiral galaxies have been measured before the knowledge that a black hole exists in the each center of a galaxy. Physical scientists explained this by the high some of masses of galactic stars outside the center. Physicists should know that by rules of addition of forces an orbit movement can only be explained by a force rectangular to the movement, which is a force to the center of a galaxy. Thus the orbital movements prove that there has to be a huge celestial body in the center of a galaxy which exerts low gravitational force near center and stronger gravitational force by increasing distance.


A8.10 Science Fiction has more Value than Observation


The well observed decreasing velocities by decreasing distance to black hole have been documented in published diagrams which are still presented in all physics books. Despite of this physicists ignore the results of physical research by measurements and prefer to tell physical impossible science fiction stories to people. They made up a theory that there is an extreme high gravitation in the surrounding of black holes and stubbornly stick to this theory and by this make the valuable research work of physicists worthless.

This antiscientific behavior can be explained by the typical characters of all people:

1. They don’t like to admit that they do have a wrong understanding or did an error.

2. Particular foe scientists: They don’t want to admit that they have no scientific explanation for the reality.

By both items they fear to lose reputation and respect. It is a severe fault of others to think negative about errors of scientific research, because errors are the normality in scientific research. No error is a clear indication that there is no scientific research.

3. People and in particular media want to describe a new discovery as exciting and crazy as possible. Nobody is interesting in descriptions of a black hole as very simple star without any crazy activities. But describing it by extreme high gravitation, “so that even radiation cannot escape” and “extreme cannibalistic by swallow lots of celestial matter”. This sounds much more interesting and is nearly continuously presented in “scientific” reports about astrophysics on TV.


A8.11 The falsification of Gravitation in outer Orbits


According to current theory of gravitation an increasing distance of stars should cause reduction of velocities, but the reality is that velocities nearly stay constant. Instead of elimination of theory of gravitation another physically impossible theory was made up: the missing mass is provided by dark matter. But small bodies or particles do not generate gravitation, because this is only possible by celestial bodies, which generate omnipresent photons. This theory is in addition not conform to bulk galaxies or to sister galaxies. By a halo of dark matter also the nearly stable velocities cant be explained.

The Scientific Universal Reality is, that concentration of omnipresent photons is not reduce not by square distance like in sun system but by distance, because omnipresent photons are highly concentrated in the galactic plane.


A8.12 The manipulated Picture of a Black Hole


The described manipulation below is well possible but meanwhile the latest picture of the black hole of our milky way ( Sagitarius A*) revealed a much more elegant manipulation, which is much more probable. This is described in A8.16.

The picture is constructed by radio-signals of the center of a galaxy M87. Radio-signals consist of electron-pairs which are always generated when there are photons by decay of photons. The advantage of electron-pairs is that these can penetrate most celestial bodies and clouds of molecules and magnetic fields, which is also the case for X-ray – or gamma-photons.

As the black hole is surrounded by a spherical hollow of a galactic bulge there a high area of luminescence in a circle around the black hole. There is a somewhat higher luminescence in the area where the radiation comes from the sides of the hollow sphere of galactic bulge than from the front.

The radio-signals can be assigned to colors by range of intensities. So when the color black is assigned to bit lower intensity range and the color yellow for an intensity range which is somewhat higher you will get the presented picture.

There is another picture of a black hole, which has been done some years earlier without the specific black-yellow differentiation. This are shows the complete area of the galactic bulge as are of high intensities. Thus the black center is just a manipulated illusion. But by the new picture it has been verified that the galactic bulge is a hollow sphere. A very important finding is that around the black hole no accretion disc has been observed.



A8.13 Many physically impossible Theories for Black Holes


Following additional phenomenons have no scientific basis but have been made up by scientifically impossible science fiction:

* Singularity

* Event horizon

* Hawking radiation

* Schwartzschild radius

* Relativistic jets

* Accretion disc

* Wormhole



A8.14 Real Activities of Black Holes


Nearly the only activities of black holes are

* to absorb all radiated photons in their structure of frozen photons

* by this vibrations are increased which cause emission of low energetic photons which get after some time to omnipresent photons.

Both reactions result to a very important equilibrium by which a constant amount of omnipresent photons are generated.

The constancy is very important to assure constant gravitational force all over the galaxy. It is extreme essential that the black hole does no other interactions, as the black hole controls every movement of all celestial bodies. The theory of the existence of active galactic nuclei (AGN) physical impossible science fictions. Black holes are no “cannibals” which swallow every matter in near surroundings to grow.

Black body swallow really all matter, but these are just photons which are incorporated. The same number of photons are “sweated out”.

Overall nearly all black holes are not growing anymore. For incorporation of matter no accretion is needed. The theory of accretion disks are physically impossible science fiction.



A8.15 First scientific Explanation of “Fermi Bubbles”


Emitted photons are not only directed to the galactic plane but also in the other directions. The emitted photons are not disturbed by moving celestial bodies these generate a net of bound photons by which the high concentrated photons are withhold. The net of bound photons can react by collisions of cosmic photons to x-ray- and gamma-photons. Thus the net can be seen by x-ray and gamma – spectrometer.


A8.16 The blatant Fake of Sagitarius A* being our SMBH


Sagitarius A* is again an example which shows that physical scientist seem to be forced to do hard research just to fake the public by verification of physically impossible science fiction instead of doing valuable research.

Physicists know that the supermassive black hole (=SMBH) of our milky way is situated within a dense hollow spherical area of about 1 billion stars, which is called galactic bulge. This is physical reality for all spiral galaxies. Concerning other galaxies galactic bulges often are visible by eyes. Observation from plane of galaxy is not possible by eyes because too many light scattering clouds of hydrogen. Clouds of hydrogen are penetrated by high energetic particles. Thus galactic bulges can be observed by gamma – and X-ray photons and high energetic electron-pairs (= high energetic radio radiation). Scientific Research would be to localize the galactic bulge and make a picture of this. Instead of this physicists have localized something which is not surrounded by a galactic bulge and they misused computers for creating a picture out of uncountable data, which nobody has seen. For a computer program it is very easy to select out by overlay of “uncountable” data exactly the data which result to the picture which scientists “told” the computer to generate. It would be no problem that the computer construct the shape of Einstein showing his tongue instead of the picture of the black hole by the same raw data. And scientists can swear that the picture of Einstein is the result of sophisticated measurements.

Of course there are also unadulterated pictures of black hole regions which clearly show the area of the galactic bulge as a uniform area with high energetic radio signals. Such a picture is for example the galactic bulge of galaxy M87. Later it got a faked black center and a faked surrounded yellow area like an accretion disc. This was “sold” to public as the first picture of a black hole.

The faked shown black holes are extreme cases of anti-science, which is caused by strict demands of the autocratic system of physical research, which have to be fulfilled by physicists without any criticisms.

There are numerous other facts which prove that it is physically impossible that Sagitarius A* is the super-massive black hole (SMBH) of of the milky way.

First the observations which support the statements of a SMBH:

* The measured radio radiation

* The measured huge Fermi -bubbles of X-ray radiation originated in this region.


Facts, which clearly prove or indicate that Sagitarius A* is not the SMBH of the milky way:

* The faked picture has been shown without showing the unadulterated picture of the galactic bulge.

* The existence of a black hole requires that the surrounding stars in the galactic bulge have a very low velocity. Physicists have found out that there are stars like Sagitarius 2 with very high rotation speeds which would be conform to the physically impossible theories of gravitation but not conform to SURe.

* It is very obvious that the programming for the first picture of the black hole (M87) has not been changed, although the black hole of the milky way is observed from the side and M87 from a different angle. So the surrounding “accretion disk” should have been constructed differently. Typical for current physics is that everything, which cannot be explained, gets a fake explanation theory of relativity. By relativity every nonsense can be explained so that it appears to be scientifically.

* The orbits near the real SMBH should be circles, because only these are explainable. This is falsified by observations.

* The first assumption of the position of the SMBH was already done before 1930 without any observation. Thus the position is not based on observations. Some years later radio signals have been detected when measuring in direction of assumed position and it was stated that the signal comes from Sagitarius A*, being the searched SMBH. The reality is that radio signals can be found at all locations, where there are stars. So it is extreme unlikely that the position refers to a galactic bulge.

The concentration of research to the first assumed position of the SMBH, resulted to the fact that there was no careful research to detect the real position. More likely is that the real position has already been detected but not published because of forbidden criticism.


A9 Physically impossible Theories of orbital Movements


A9.1 The Reasons for non-understanding of Orbits


The most errors besides the non-detection of the origin of matter and the Fundamental Laws of Nature (=Weltformel) in physics occurred refer to the believe in theories (=science fiction) which are physically and mathematically impossible.

As SURe – New Physics don’t use any science fiction except in few cases where this is mentioned nearly 90% of theories could be falsified.

Most important examples of falsified theories are:

- Usual orbits are elliptical.

- The existence of mutual orbits.

- Orbits around barycenters exist.

- Kinetic energy is 1/2mv² (Reality is mv).

- Gravitational force works by mass attraction.

- All objects exert gravitation.




A9.2 The Errors of Theory of elliptical Orbits


A9.2.1 According to Mathematics all Orbits should be circular


Nearly all celestial bodies do stable periodic orbital movements. All movements of celestial bodies end up either by a collision or by a stable orbit. Thus it is automatically the case that nearly all observed celestial bodies do stable orbital movements. The orbital movement can only be changed by a significant change of mass and gravitation by a reaction like supernova or by a collision with another celestial body. Collisions with celestial bodies bigger than asteroids or comets are nearly impossible as nearly all do stable rotations without impacting other orbits.

Many orbits are nearly circular. According to accepted rules of mathematics all orbits should be circular.

The requirements for a stable circular orbit are:

* The exerted gravitational force to the orbiting celestial body has to be stable.

* The kinetic energy of the orbiting celestial body relative to the orbited celestial body has to be stable.

* The orbiting body must have same values of kinetic force and experienced gravitational force and both forces have to be perpendicular .

Comment: Kinetic force is equivalent to kinetic energy.

Above requirements are based on the well known mathematical law of of addition of forces, which are vectors.

So physicists should have done research to find out which of these requirements are not fulfilled and why these are not fulfilled.



A9.2.2 Wrong Mathematics instead admitting missing Explanations


Unfortunately physical scientists did not admit to the public, that they can’t explain the non- circular orbits. This would have been a real scientific approach because by this scientists are encouraged to do further research to find the explanations.

Instead they made occult out of physical science. They stated that the orbits are generally elliptical because the orbited celestial body is a focal point of the ellipsis and there is another imagined hidden object which is the second focal point required for generation of an elliptic orbit. This is even worse than occultism, it is anti-science:

* The orbited celestial body can’t act as a focal point of an ellipse, as it can’t do anything which has to be fulfilled by a focal point of an ellipsis.

* The orbited celestial body can’t act as a focal point of an ellipse, because it has to know the position of imagined focal point which does not exist as an object.

* The mathematical rules for an ellipse cannot be known and not be fulfilled by any natural object; particularly it can’t be fulfilled by gravitation.

*The orbiting celestial body does not get any information how to move to form an ellipsis, this means there are no forces to deflect movement to an elliptical movement.

* Scientist did not even try to define a force to do an elliptical movements.

* Forces which generate elliptical movements would need a tight bondage from orbited celestial body over a bondage with flexible length to the orbiting celestial body which goes further to a tight bondage to a not existing object.

Physicists should know the requirements for an ellipsis and they should know that these requirements can’ be met.



A9.2.3 The antiscientific Use of Mathematics


Orbits of celestial bodies is an example which shows the anti-scientific use of mathematics. It has not been understood till now that by mathematics nothing in universe can be proved or explained. Mathematics is exclusively useful to describe proportionality of properties, but these are so simple that it better can be explained by words as there are mostly restrictions. Currently mostly mathematics is used in physics for following:

* to hide physically impossible statements by scientifically sounding complicated mathematics.

* to do fake- verification of physical impossible theories by cyclical fallacies: theories are transferred to mathematics and by correctly done transformations of mathematical equations you will get the physically impossible results of the theory. Then it is stated: as the mathematical transformations are correct, then the theory is correct.

As the universe is ruled by two simple mathematical formulas (=Weltformel), complicated formulas in scientific papers are a clear indication of a physical impossible theory.


A9.2.4 Mathematics falsifies elliptical Orbits


For an ellipse there are well defined mathematical requirements. By observations the knowledge should have been gained that nearly no orbit fulfills these requirements and thus is not elliptical.

The error might have been caused because spherical orbits nearly appear to be elliptical when the orbit is not observed rectangular to orbital movement which is mostly the case. But this is well known and can be taken into account before claiming a theory.



A9.3 The only Explanation of non-circular Orbits


For a stable non-circular orbit following is required:

* The kinetic force of the orbiting celestial body has to vary during an orbit or/and

* The experienced gravitational force of the orbiting celestial body has to vary during an orbit.

* After an orbit the kinetic force and experienced gravitational force has to be the same as before.

All requirements are extremely unusual and can’t be explained by current physics.

Therefore it took a long time until the scientific explanation has been found by SURe/ New Physics. But finally the existence of non-circular orbits is an impressive verification of the statements of SURe – New Physics based on Weltformel, because there are no other explanation besides Weltformel.

By Weltformel there are variations of exerted gravitational force by orbiting, by so called “irregular gravitational force”, described in chapter A10,

and there are variations in kinetic energy which are called “irregular changes of kinetic energy”, described in chapter A11.


Comment: In some cases there is a “quasi-stable orbit”, because the position of the orbiting celestial body changes after one orbit. This phenomenon is called apsidal precession. For example it is known at the orbit of Mercury. This is scientifically explained in A11.





A9.4 The Error of mutual Orbits


A9.4.1 The mathematical Impossibility of mutual Orbits


When there are two bodies, which exert gravitational force to each other, it is mathematically impossible that these do an orbital movement. When two bodies exert gravitational force to each other there are exclusively following two possibilities:

* The two celestial bodies are deflected to each other and collide.

* The two celestial bodies are deflected to each other and pass by.

The already mentioned mathematical requirements for an orbit are not fulfilled:

* The kinetic energy of the orbiting celestial body has to be stable relative to the kinetic energy (energy = force) of the orbited celestial body.

* The kinetic force of the orbiting celestial body has to be perpendicular to the experienced gravitational force and has to have the same value as the experienced gravitational force of orbited celestial body.

As soon as the kinetic force of a bypassing celestial body fulfills the requirements the bypassing celestial body is captured into a stable orbit.


A9.4.2 Explanation of the Impossibility of mutual Orbits


When two celestial bodies which exert mutual gravitational forces fly past each other, this will never lead to a situation to be captured to a stable orbital movement according to above mentioned requirements.

Mostly mutual orbits are presented in physics, where the relative kinetic energies for both celestial bodies are zero. Thus there is no movement and no kinetic force anymore which compensates the gravitational force between the celestial bodies, which clearly results to a collision.

It is really very strange that physicists ignore basic mathematical rules for their theories and present these basic impossibilities in physics books.



A9.4.3 The physical Impossibility of a Barycenter


Besides basic mathematical rules physicists violate also basic physical rules for the theory of mutual orbiting. It is stated that celestial bodies do mutual rotations around a barycenter.

A barycenter is a term which just exist in mathematics. This means a barycenter does not exist physically. There is not any physical object in the barycenter, which can impact another physical object. It is a typical example of physics to explain physical impossible science fiction by physical impossible science fiction. In this case the theory of mutual orbiting is even clearly mathematically impossible by violating rules of vector calculations.

There is another impossibility which physicist refuse to accept as reality:

It is impossible to do physical research without errors.

Errors have to regarded as normality also in physical research, which should not be criticized at all. But not admitting and not correcting errors is a scientific catastrophe and the end of physics as science.


A9.4.4 The Falsification of mutual Orbits


Of course not any mutual orbits is observed. All observations which look like mutual orbits are wrong interpretations and illusions.

It is also stated that the system earth- moon does a mutual rotation around the barycenter which is positioned within the earth near to surface. This would cause a significant movement of the earth around this barycenter.

It can easily be falsified that the earth does such a movement.

All movements of earth can be observed by aberration of light from stars, like the movement of self rotation the movement of earth around the sun and movement of earth in galaxy. (explained in separate chapter)

So there should also be an aberration for the movement around barycenter; but this is not observed.


A9.4.5 The Reality about existing Orbits


Exclusively orbits of celestal bodies are allowed, when there are no mutual forces of gravitations.

This explains the observed structure of the universe:

* Stars and small black holes orbit around super-massive black holes.

* Planets orbit around sun.

* Moons orbit around planets.

Generally: All celestial bodies can orbit around other celestial bodies when these generate a much higher gravitational force than the orbiting celestial body.



A9.4.6 No mutual Impacts of Moons, Planets, Suns or SMBH!


Not understood movements of celestial bodies are often corrected by mutual gravitational forces of other celestial bodies in same orbital system, like planets in sun system. As all orbital movements are meanwhile stable for long times, it is sure that there are no impacts between different orbits. Thus no planet exert gravitational force to another planet. The same is true for moons, suns, and black holes.

Another physically impossible theory which is often used to explain deviations from theories is the stated impact of flattening of celestial bodies on equator by rotation. Of course flattening has no effect on other celestial bodies.


A9.4.7 Regions of Exertion of gravitation are limitted


Every celestial body which exerts gravitational force has a limited region, beyond which the gravitation goes over to the exerted gravitational force of the superior celestial body.

The limit can be detected by the change of “wind of omnipresent photons. This causes also a change of solar wind. Both changes refer to strength and direction of wind. This phenomenon is called bow shock of solar wind, but better term is “limit of gravitational force”.


A9.4.8 Tidally locked Orbits


Tidally locked orbits mostly occur between near small celestial bodies like between earth and moon of earth. Tidally locked means that the self rotation of a celestial body is adjusted to the rotational movement of the orbit. Tidally locked can be either the orbiting celestial body or even both.

Tidally locking is no phenomenon of gravitational force. Like there is a plane of flexible bound photons in a galaxy and in the sun system, there is also such a bound photon structure in the plane of the orbit of the moon. There are not only photon -photon bondings but also bondings to earth and to the moon. By this bindings the self rotations are a little bit decelerated and sometimes these are even stopped. (see A10).



A9.5 The blamable severe Error of Ekin = ½ mv²


The most important formula in universe is the formula of kinetic energy of an object relative to another object. Kinetic energy is so extremely important because it is the only energy in universe, which impacts other objects and thus activates all interactions in universe.

All movements in universe are described by kinetic energy. As a movement is relative also kinetic energy is relative, which means that it is not a property of a body and can‘t be determined. Determined can exclusively a velocity of a body relative to another body. The correct formula is particularly important to describe movements in space. The correct formula is also used, when it is obvious that the wrong formula is impossible. The correct formula is Ekin = mv.

The error has been explained in chapter A1 and is just mentioned here as basic overview.

The error occurred by the most severe scientific fault, which is generally known by scientists: It is the deriving a formula by a circular fallacy. In addition every physicists knows that kinetic energy is a relative energy, for which a quadratic term is mathematically impossible. Finally all observations verify that kinetic energy is proportional to mass and to velocity. Alone by this fault There are lots of other faults in physics.



A9.6 The Falsification of Theory of Gravitation


A9.6.1 Overview of Gravitation


Nearly all interactions in universe are affected by the force of gravitation. Particular in cosmos gravitation is very important force, because gravitation determines all movements of celestial bodies. Therefore the cosmos can’t be understood and explained when gravitation is not understood and not explained by physics.


Currently gravitation is explained by physically impossible magics. Gravitation is a force which accelerates or deflects other bodies nearly everywhere. All physically explained forces accelerate other bodies by collisions. In order to avoid magic science fiction for explanation of gravitation it should be explained by something which is logical and physical. So the only scientific explanation of gravitational force is that it is exerted by collisions of omnipresent particles. Attraction by mass is physically impossible science fiction. Comment: Also magnetism is physical impossible science fiction, which is also caused by omnipresent photons.


Despite the wrong explanation of gravitation by mass attraction, the misleading terms gravitation and gravitational force are still used in SURe – New Physics



A9.6.2 Orbits in Galaxies falsify Gravitation


Physicists found out by observations that the orbital movements in spiral galaxies are not conform to current laws of gravitation. The scientific conclusion would be to declare the physically impossible current theory as falsified and do physical research to find out a physically possible theory. Positive is that the first action for this has been done: Show in a diagram the deviations between reality and theory and publish this.

Following considerations support detecting the reality:

All existing orbits are stable orbits, because otherwise there would be no orbit. The relation between orbit velocity and gravitational force of an orbited celestial body is exactly determined by mathematics:

For a stable orbital movement it is required that the force of kinetic energy of orbiting celestial body equals the force of gravitation of the orbited celestial body.

This means a celestial body is automatically captured in an orbit, when the gravitational force equals the kinetic energy of the passing celestial body.

If the velocity of an orbiting star around a black hole can be measured, the distance of the star to the black hole and the gravitational force can be calculated.

By the calculated gravitational forces the theory of gravitation can be controlled.

The velocity data of stars in a spiral galaxy clearly falsify the theory of gravitation:

The falsification refers to all distances:


1. By decreasing distance to the supermassive-black hole the gravitation and the orbital velocities should exponentially increase.

2. By increasung distance the gravitation and the orbit velocitie should exponentially decrease.

Reality by observations:

1. By decreasing distance to the SM-black hole the orbital velocities increase.

2. After a maximum the orbital velocities are nearly are stable with a slow linear decrease.



A9.6.3 The absurd Theory of Gravitation by Einstein


Einstein probably realized that a force by mass which is exerted over space is physically impossible. Therefore he made up a theory which works without a force of gravitation. Instead he postulated that by a mass the dimensions of space and the time is changed, which causes that celestial bodies orbit around celestial bodies with higher masses. This completely absurd theory is accepted by physicists and even is demonstrated by the well known fake experiment which works by pressure of a body which causes a the expansion of a tissue. By this an “orbit” of a small ball around a heavy ball can be demonstrated. But in reality it demonstrates the physical and mathematical rule for an orbiting body which are mentioned in above chapter:

An object does a stable orbit movement when its velocity is identical to a force directed to the body in center of orbit (called centripetal force).

This physical rule is generally valid for all rotational movements, Examples are chain carousel or the hammer throw technique.

Comment: A centrifugal force does not exist in physics! This is just an illusion of the deflected kinetic force.

Overall there is no indication at all that the theory of the variability of of space-time is reality. Each observation in universe falsifies this theory. It is extremely blamable that this physically impossible science- fiction is part of physics. This again shows that in current physics nobody cares about reality, so that nearly complete theoretical physics is physically impossible science-fiction.

Concerning theory of variable space-time nobody uses this for calculations. On the other side the theory can be perfectly be used for verification of physically impossible theories. Every absurd theory can be “verified” by this theory, because all real physical rules are abandoned by this. Physics as natural science is abandoned by Einstein’s theories.

Einstein’s real finding of photons being particles is not accepted in physics.


Comment: Some physicists like Albert Einstein got famous by formulas which have no scientific basis at all. Einstein “corrected” the formula for calculation of precession movement of Mercury to the “known value”.


A9.6.4 The Error of low Orbit Velocities near Black Hole


The small orbit velocities are based on reliable observations and thus should be reality. In this case there is an erroneous explanation of the low velocities. At time of measurements the theory of black holes being situated in center of galaxies was not yet accepted as reality. Therefore the increasing velocities und by this the decreasing gravity by decreasing distance to center have been explained by the gravitational force of the bulk of outer stars. Even if the theory of gravitation would be reality, this would be a severe physical and mathematical error: Only vectors which have exactly the same origin add to increased vectors.

There is another rule which result from observations and mathematics (explained in A9.7):

There is never a gravitational force from orbiting celestial body to an orbited celestial body.

By this rule the existence of a black hole is required reality by mathematics and physics.

Overall it is scientifically explainable that the gravitation goes to zero when approaching the black hole. This is the only explanation for the observed existence of the galactic bulge. There is even a extreme high probability that near black hole there is anti-gravitation.

See SURe-New Physics Vol. GRAVITY.



A9.6.5 Dark Matter: A wrong Theory shall save wrong Gravitation


Dark matter has been postulated to stick to the falsified theory of gravitation. By dark matter the missing mass for the observed too fast velocities in outer orbits shall be explained. Dark matter is an unknown and unobserved matter which is assumed to be located in a huge halo around the galaxy. This is a typical action of current physics: Additional physical impossible science fiction is used in order to stick to physical impossible science fiction:

* Scientist should know that by a halo of additional matter the nearly stable gravitation by inceasing distance cannot be explained.

* A halo of additional mass would not be conform to orbits in sister galaxies and dwarf galaxies.

* It has never been observed that a bulk of single particles can exert gravitational force.

* Even if particles would exert gravitational force the vectors of forces have different origins and are mathematically not alloed to be added.


In chapter 9.6.7 it is explained, why omnipresent particles are required to exert gravitaional forces, but dark matter particles are not needed to explain gravitational force.


A9.6.6 MOND: Another impossible Theory


MOND means Modified Newtonian Dynamics and adds another theory without scientific basis to the theories of gravitation and of dark matter which all have no scientific basis. This is completely the wrong way. In order to detect physical reality, science fiction (theories, hypotheses) have to be eliminated and not made up. Particular to modify a law like Newtons F = ma, which is observed reality, is physical anti-research.


A9.6.7 The real Explanation of gravitational Force


A force can exclusively be exerted by collisions of objects, so that energy can be transferred from one object to the other. As the gravitational force is exerted everywhere including space, the exerting particles must be omnipresent, not observable, very stable and extremely numerous.

These criteria are exclusively fulfilled by photons. The photons must be low-energetic, so that these do mutual collisions and random movements, which is required to stay within a specific volume for some time and in addition to do collisions to the atomic bodies and no penetration.

Atomic bodies can only be moved by collisions, when there is concentration gradient of omnipresent photons. By First Fundamental Law of Nature, bodies are accelerated to the direction of highest concentration of omnipresent photons, because there the strongest reduction of spin energy is achieved by bondings to omnipresent photons after collisions.

For maintaining a constant concentration gradient over time, there has to be constant generation of photons by an atomic body, which are emitted to space. This is fulfilled by black holes, suns, planets and moons. Therefore exclusively these objects can generate gravitational force.

The amounts of generated photons depend on mass of celestial bodies. This explains the wrong and physically impossible illusion, that mass exerts gravitational force.


A9.6.8 Wrong Formula for Gravitation by wrong Mathematics


Although the reality of gravitational force is completely different from theory there should be the same dependency on distance for theory and reality. The emitted photons of stars have all kind of energies and thus also low energetic photons which build omnipresent photons. It can be assumed that the concentration of emitted omnipresent photons will reduce by the increase of surface area after emission. Also Newton used for the theory of mass attraction the same assumption that the gravitation is reduced by surface area. The surface area is proportional to the squared distance (r). Thus Newton proposed the formula for gravitation F Grav. = constant/ r². But this is a severe error. Not the surface area but the increase of surface area determines the decrease of gravitational force. So the mathematical derivation has to be used for calculation of gravitation by distance. Thus the gravitation reduces not by 1/r², but by 1/r. So again a severe error by wrong basic mathematics.

Thus a scientifically explained formula for gravitational force is Fg = Gi / r, where Gi is a constant which is specific for the celestial body i, which exerts gravitational force.


A9.6.9 The Explanation of the Linearity by increasing Distances


The phenomenon of the decreasing gravitational forces by decreasing distance to black hole has been scientifically explained A9.6.4. This is a very important phenomenon to protect black holes against collisions and for maintaining the function of black holes to assure a stable universe.

In this chapter it is scientifically explained why the gravitation in outer orbits of spiral galaxies are nearly independent from distance to black holes.

In reality the emitted photons often do not spread out randomly in space. Often these extend along a plane because bindings to other photons can only be done in a plane. By this the concentration of omnipresent photons reduces like the increase of a circumference. The change of a circumference by distance to a smaller circumference is a constant value. This explains why the velocities and thus the gravitational force in outer regions of a spiral galaxy is nearly independent from the distance to celestial body which exerts gravitational force: Fg = Gi

Of course there are additional expansions of omnipresent matter so that there is still a drift to lower gravitational forces.

Overall conclusions: Mathematics helps to describe the universe as long as it is correct and it is based on the two Fundamental Laws of Physics, but physics mostly has explainable variations, so that there is often no generally valid formula.


A9.6.10 Current orbital Data for Planets are not reliable


By using wrong formula for gravitation and kinetic energy current orbital data of planets (distance and velocity) of planets are not reliable. Distances to planets should be checked by transfer times of data to planets on next space missions.

It would be interesting to determine the difference of velocities between photons and electon-pairs. Normally electron-pairs (fomer called electron-neutrinos are faster than photons.. This has already been verified by OPERA team at CERN. But the OPERA team was forced to declare their careful and well checked measurements as equipment problem, which is a farce. . This shows how strong physicists fight for their physically impossible science fiction.

Probably there are already numerous verifications of the speeds above light speed , but nobody dares to publish these.



A10 Irregular Gravitation proves SURe – New Physics


A10.1 Explanation of irregular Forces by orbiting


Gravitational forces are called irregular, when these are not caused by emissions of photons by celestial bodies.

Changes of kinetic energies are called irregular, when these are not caused by collisions but by penetration of other objects.

Mostly these irregular forces occur parallel. Irregular forces are the cause why orbits often are not circular.

Both irregular forces depend on concentration gradient of omnipresent photons. In order to explain non-circular orbits there must be different concentrations of photons at specific locations during orbital movement.



A10.2 Explanation of irregular gravitational Force


Gravitational force is not only exerted by free moving omnipresent photons but also by bound photons. Main effect of bound photons is that in the area of bound photons there is also a stable increased concentration of free moving photons as photons permanently bind and decay, which is called fluctuating bondings. Like all particles photons can only bind to planar structures. Particular by increased temperatures linear bondings are preferred. Linear bondings are more stable because the vibrations of bondings can have higher energies before these break. In the cold temperature of space planar structures are stable and can get extreme huge.


This results to following:

In the direct surroundings of a celestial body the concentration is so high that there are multiple planar structures, which are randomly distributed. The concentration of omnipresent photons can be regarded as spherically constant, but decreasing by distance to emission.


By less concentration of omnipresent photons by increased distance to the celestial body two dimensional structures are built because of the higher stability. Thus a flat plane of increased concentration is generated. Such a plane is the plane of a spiral galaxy and the plane of the sun system.

By Fundamental Laws of Nature (Weltformel) celestial bodies prefer to orbit in this plane. This is the explanation celestial bodies are often moving in a plane. This is already an effect of irregular gravitation. By time all celestial bodies will be slowly deflected to an orbit in a plane. Mostly the T

the final deflection to the exact plane is extreme slow so that most orbits still cross the high concentration zone of the plane. This causes that there is an additional irregular gravitational force when approaching this plane and an additional antigravitational force when leaving this zone. So there is an acceleration and deceleration for 2 crossings, after which there is the original gravitation again. So this is exactly the effect of non-cyclic orbit which is observed.



A10.3 Explanation of irregular Change of Velocity


When an celestial body crosses the plane of increased concentration of omnipresent photons there is also a direct effect, which means on kinetic energy. The kinetic effect does not depend on the gradient of concentration of omnipresent photons, but on the concentration of omnipresent photons. This is due to the fact that the interactions with omnipresent photons need time. By this the velocity of an celestial body reduces by increased concentration of omnipresent matter and thus by traversing the plane of sun system. The same occurs when the orbit is strongly is excentric and the celestial body passes nearer to sun. Until now it is not quite sure if the kinetic energy changes by concentration. Clear is that the crossing of the plane does not cause to a change of movement after a completed orbit.





A10.4 First Explanation of Orbit of Earth


The orbit of earth is nearly circular. The angle between the orbit of earth and the plane of the sun system is very small (angle of ecliptic) but has still a significant effect: Around January 4 the earth has a position of nearest approach to sun which is called perihelion. This is at the position with highest orbit velocity.

Around July 4 is the earth has smallest velocity with the position of largest distance to the sun, which is called aphelion.

Both points are at the same time the points with most deviation from average velocity. This shows that the deviations from circular orbit is a result of varying velocities and exerted gravitation.

In January the earth is at a position of strongest deviation from the high concentrated plane . By this it gets a higher velocity and a nearer orbit is a bit off the plane of the plane of sun system exerts a small additional gravitation by the high concentrated omnipresent photons. By the higher gravitation the orbit velocity is a bit increased. In July it is the other way round: gravitation is a bit lower by a reduction of the normal gravitation and thus the velocity is increased.

The irregular gravitation seams to be negligible.


A10.5 First scientific Explanation of Prehelion Precession of Mercury


Mercury has the most eccentric orbit of all the planets in the Solar System; its eccentricity is 0.21. Mercury has the highest angle of orbit to the plane of sun system, so that Mercury traverses the complete plane of the sun system with the high concentration of omnipresent photons. Therefore mercury is affected by the strongest effects of irregular gravitation: When mercury orbits to the perihelion near the sun, there is an increased velociity compared to usual, when mercury approaches aphelion the speed is reduced compared to calculated velocity. Because of the strong different distances to the sun. This reduction of speed causes that the required time for an orbit takes longer than normally, which leads to the observed time delay of a new orbit (rotation of precession).

Overall the orbit of Mercury inclusive the rotation of precession is fully described and explained by SURe-New Physics by irregular gravitation and irregular changes of velocities.

Currently there are many theories for corrections to the observed orbit like

* Disturbances from other planets

* Disturbances by flattening of the ball structure of sun.

* Relativistic effects

* Disturbances by the belt of asteroids.

All current explanation of deviations from theory are physical impossible science fiction.


A10.6 Current Explanations of Tides are a Farce against Science


Physicists should well know that current explanations of tides by gravitation are physically impossible and thus they should admit that there are no scientific explanations. Scientific acting is to recognize this and admit that by current physics this can‘t be explained. Anti-scientific acting is to tell to people physically impossible explanations.

Tides cannot be explained by the gravitation of the moon because following:

* The moon does not exert gravitation to the earth and thus a flood (see next chapter).

* Also the side of earth which do not face the moon experiences a flood.

* The gravitation of sun is much stronger and there is not any flood generation by sun.

* Although there is no flood effect by sun alone, there is a stronger flood when in addition to moon also the sun faces the flood.

All observations which falsify current physics, prove the scientific universal reality of SURe – New Physics (see next chapter).


A10.7 First and only Explanations of Tides


Tides are caused by irregular gravitation. Also the rotation of moon around the earth generates a plane of increased concentration of omnipresent photons by a bound plane structure around the earth up to the circling moon. Thus there is an irregular gravitation in direction to this plane. The irregular gravitation causes that the sea -water flows to the direction of the plane from both sides beyond this plane.

The plane of sun system is so broad that the earth completely do self rotation in this area and there is no effect of irregular gravitation by by self rotation of earth. But when position of moon is line with sun the additional thin plane between earth – moon will generate a stronger concentration gradient and thus a stronger irregular gravitation (here stronger tide).


A10.8 Gravitation of moon has no Impact on Earth


Currently there is a theory that moon and earth orbit around a common focus and that this causes a wobbling movement of the earth, which participates in generation of tides on earth. But it is impossible that the moon has an impact on earth. Forces are always added to a final force and this well known physical rule is valid for the value and the direction of force.




A10.9 The real Bridge to the Moon


The bridge of bound photons from earth to the moon is physical reality and causes a well known effect which everyone can see by observing the moon: The bondings of the bridge of photons to the moon stopped the self rotation of the moon relative to earth. This is the explanation for the fact, that we see always the same side of the moon.


A10.10 And the Bondings of Bridge to Earth?


The bondings of the photon bridge to moon is relative week, therefore it has taken many years until the moon rotation was stopped. Of course bondings are also generated to the earth. But the earth rotation has such a high energy that these get broken again.

Nevertheless these have also a measurable effect to earth rotation. This effect explains that the rotation of earth slows down so that a day gets longer. In order to correct the time, after time spans of few years the time measurement is officially corrected by a leap second.


A10.11 Oumuamua verifies SURe


Oumuamua is an asteroid which came from an other star system and passed through plane of Sun System near Sun. By gravitational force of sun it turned to the opposite direction, so that it propagated again the plane of the sun and then the trajectory of Oumuamua had an increasing distance to the plane of Sun System until it left the Sun System.

Outside the plane of the Sun System the concentration of omnipresent photons is significant lower than in the plane, which is the reference for calculations of velocities of objects in Sun System.

Thus a significant irregular acceleration has been observed as result of lower concentration of omnipresent photons. Other proposed explanations would not cause the observed difference to expected velocity.

Overall Oumuamua is again an impressive verification of the Weltformel.

It shows that even in star systems the 3-dimensional reduction of the concentration of omnipresent photon go over to a 2-dimensional reduction like in spiral galaxies. By this the decrease of gravitation should be much smaller than by current formula of gravitation for planets.




A11 First scientific Description of Galaxies


A11.1 Scientific Description of Quasars


The term quasars is derived by “quasi stellar radio source”. In reality these are normal galaxies which appear as a single light source because of the distance.

Currently a quasar is described as is an extremely luminous active galactic nucleus. Correct description is that the “nucleus” of a galaxy is always an ultra-massive black hole.

Quasar, active galactic nucleus and galaxy are redundant terms and it makes sense to use just the usual term, which is galaxy. It is normality that some galaxies are larger than others, but in principle these have no relevant differences.

Typical for radiation of far distant galaxies are radio radiation and high energetic photon radiation like x-ray- and gamma-photons. The reason for this is that these particles have the highest capability for penetration.





A11.3 First Explanation of the spiral Form of most Galaxies


The emitted omnipresent photons by black hole prefer to bind in near surrounding to 3-dimensional structures, in more far distance to 2-dimensional plane structures which include also even more stable linear structures. The increased bondings stabilize the increased concentations of omnipresent photons near emission source. As celestial bodies prefer locations with high concentrated photons because of energy minimizing, the celestial bodies mostly orbit in plane of higher concentrated omnipresent photons. Formation of galactic bulge is explained before.




A11.4 First Explanation of the Generation of spiral Arms


The basic explanation is the preference of photons to bind to linear structures. But structures of photons are not visible by eyes.


The explanation of visible spiral arms is that celestial bodies prefer higher concentrations of spiral arms because of the increased reduction of spin energies. But celestial bodies have to do orbit movements, so that these can’t stay in this area.


Physical scientists have already found out that in the spiral arms of spiral galaxies the velocities of orbiting stars become slower during traversal of a spiral arm. By this the density of stars is increased in this region. But an explanation has to be complete. It has to be explained why the velocities reduce and later are accelerated again.


By SURe – New Physics there are two phenomenons which explain different velocities during orbiting:

1. There is an acceleration to the area of higher photon density in the area of a spiral arm which is equivalent to an additional gravitation effect which is not directed to the black hole. This effect is called irregular gravitation. So when stars enter the spiral arms of higher concentrated photons these are accelerated into this area. Stars are decelerated again when these leave the area of high photon concentration. Thus the area of a visible spiral arm by higher density of decelerated stars is not the same as the area of high density of omnipresent photons, but there is a shift.

2. The second very important phenomenon in physics is the speed reduction by traversing regions with increased concentration of omnipresent photons. This is a general effect by penetration. This phenomenon is called irregular change of velocities by changed concentrations of omnipresent photons.



A12 Other Observations with wrong Interpretations


A12.1 Active Galactic Nucleus (AGN)


AGN means Active Galactic Nuclei which usually refers to the super massive black hole (SMBH) of a galaxy. A SMBH controls movements and gravity of all orbiting celestial bodies around the SMBH.

In reality all SMBH have nearly no activity except there es a stable equilibrium between absorption of high energetic photons and emission of low energetic photons. If there would be any disturbance of this equilibrium the exerted gravitation would change and by this also all movements would be changed.

Thus the observed activities are just physically impossible interpretations of the usual stable emissions of low energetic photons.

Scientific Explanations are presented in chapter A13.1



A12.2 Quasars with extreme high Energies


Quasars are galaxies, which appear as single star without zooming. The wrong statement of extreme high luminosity and thus by extreme high emission of energy is the result of the wrong formula for luminosity.


A12.3 Blazer


A blazer is defined as an AGN or quasar with a relativistic jet, which means an ejection of straight propagated matter, which often has an observable size longer than the emitting galaxy. Already the term “relativistic” can be regarded is a synonym for physical impossible science fiction. Reality is that not any astrophysical jet is physical possible. (see next chapter and explanations in A12.1 and A13.1.


A12.4 Astrophysical Jets


An astrophysical jet is described as focused outburst of matter out of the center of galaxy, which is much longer than a galaxy. It is stated that some propagate by light velocity.

There is not any physical possible explanation of a galactic jet. Why is a galactic jet visible from the side? It is physically impossible that emitted particles can be detected by any angle which is different from direction of velocity. Only in rare cases there is a slight deflection.


Besides the explanation by wrong interpretation of emissions of SMBH (see A13.1 there is a wrong interpretation of jets which are visible by light.

An objective look at the real photos of galaxies with stated jets clearly shows that these ”jets” are just stars or even galaxies which are positioned in a straight row. Examples are galaxies M87 and 3C273, not quite clear is jet HH24. Straight lines of stars are not unusual, because omnipresent photons can bind to long straight “magnetic flux tubes”, which can be used by clouds of hydrogen as crystallization nuclei, and thus for generation of stars. It might also be that emitted matter of a comet is used as crystallization nuclei. This is also a scientific explanation for the long visibility of a comet tail. Of course because of the usually low density of atomic molecules these grew only to a bit larger particles.



A12.5 „Fermi bubbles“


Fermi bubbles are called huge areas which look like bubbles or lobes. These are mostly located symmetrically over the poles of the SMBH. These are detected by emissions of X-ray and gamma-photons and of high energetic electron-pairs (= electron-neutrinos = radio radiation). Although these are mostly much larger as the corresponding galaxy these consists of matter emitted by SMBH, the matter and energy is so small that the SMBH does not get smaller or loses energy by the generation, which means the black hole has not to be cannibalistic and swallow other celestial bodies. Nearly all statements of black holes are physically impossible science fiction.

It seems that physics is done by media which have to arouse interests of general public by spectacular and threatening events instead of physics beeing a product of scientific research. Lots of examples concerning cosmos are presented on TV. The most statements of „physics“, including all statements in Wikipedia, are physical impossible science fiction.

The scientific explanations of strange cosmic observations are presented in A13.


A12.6 Accretion Discs


According to the theory of accretion discs matter from celestial bodies can be transferred to a neighbored celestial body. It is stated that this id possible by diffuse matter which orbits around a celestial body until it exerts gravitational force by another celestial body and takes an orbit of around the other celestial body and then suddenly „falls“ to the surface of this body. Contrary to the other phenomenons of this chapter there are no observations or indications of the existence of accretion disks.

Thus accretion discs are made-up by pure science fiction with the aim to explain the erroneous theory that black holes have to get high amounts of matter to grow to their large mass and to explain the erroneous theory that these emit high amounts of masses.

The theory of accretion discs shall also explain following physical impossible theories concerning white dwarfs:

* By accretion disks the mass of a white dwarf is increased.

* Increase of mass causes increase of heat in core of stars

* Increase of heat cause an activation of a nuclear bonding reaction.

* A nuclear bonding reaction is a sudden self accelerated reaction

* By this a supernova explosion occurs (or implosion?)

Concerning accretion discs of black holes there are following physical impossible theories:

* There is a celestial body orbiting very near to black hole.

* Matter of the orbiting object (which can be no star) decays to lots of “diffuse” small objects.

* The nearby celestial body has such a high self rotation that the small objects on the surface get into an orbit of the celestial body.

* The black holes exert more gravitation to the orbiting small objects than to the orbiting celestial body.

* The orbiting objects build a row and by this drift over to the black hole.

* they get into an orbit to the black hole

* after lots of orbital movements these suddenly fall to the surface of the black hole.

* The black hole incorporates the small objects and transfers these to own matter (frozen photons).

The impossibilities of all items is very obvious. Physicists would need many more additional physical impossible theories to explain the 8 physical impossible theories above. Some of above theories can easily be falsified by calculations.

On the other side it is also reality that uncountable hours of extensive research over many years is needed until the final scientific reality is found. On the way to SURe – New Physics uncountable” own theories were identified to be physically impossible and had to be deleted. Identifying own theories to be physical impossible science fiction and correction of these lasted far over 90% of my research work. Thus theories, which are physically impossible science fiction are the normal first steps of physical research.




A13 Scientific Explanations by SURe



A13.1 Explanation of emitted Energies of SMBH (= AGN)



Scientific approach to identify sources of detected signals from space :

Important rule for detected matter in space:

All detected matter in space are sources of emissions of particles.


* Detectable particles have to be stable, which means there are either emissions of photons, electron -pairs or electrons. Detected Protons and di-protons (=alpha-particles) are emitted from nearby stars.

* As most particles come from other galaxies, the detected particles must have a high potential for penetration of molecules in space, otherwise they would not reach the earth. Highest probability to detect have: X-ray- and gamma-ray- photons. But also high-energetic electron-pairs = electron-neutrinos (= all radio signals) and electrons. Electrons are detected by same sensors as electron-pairs.

* When the source is no star, including multiple stars like galaxies, the sorce of emissions are particles in space.

* When the intensities of emitted particles is high, which is mostly required for detection, it can be excluded that signals come from interactions (decay, bonding) of atomic matter like molecular clouds.


Overall conclusions by above requirements:

The sources of detected particles which have been emitted in space are caused by decay reactions of huge structures of bound photons. Small linear structures are called magnetic field lines.

But in space photons are mostly bound to spheric structures in all kind of shapes. Typical are huge thin tubes (=jets), bubbles (Fermi-bubble), lobes and plumes. These are always generated by photon emissions of low emergetic photons by a black hole on both sides of the poles. When a galaxy generates such structures it is called radio galaxy. (see pictures of Radio galaxy - Wikipedia )

But in reality these structures are more or less always and very early generated by a black hole. But of course these are exclusively detected when there are decay reactions of the bound photons, by which the observed high energetic photons and electron-pairs are generated. The activation of decay reactions are done by collisions of strong solar winds, or generally by high concentration of free moving cosmic particles. The variability of solar winds and the decay and generation reactions explain why the observed photon structures can change their shape in relative short times.




A13.2 Explanation of different energies in different areas of of plumes (bubbles)


Different emitted energies of plumes (bubbles) can be explained by following: Cosmic particle lose energy by activation. Thus the first collisions have higher energies than later collisions. Thus the first emitted photons have higher energies than the later ones, which means the area of the observed bubble is bigger by gamma -spectra than by X-ray spectra.



A13.3 Explanation of observation of polarized Photons


Scientific definition of polarization:

Emitted photons or other particles are polarized, when their flat structures are oriented in the same plane.

Binding of particles occur always in the same orientation. Thus when a particle decays, the emitted particles are polarized. Particles in a group of particles have normally various orientations of structures, When these decay the emitted particles are not polarized. But when all emitted particles come from the same bound particle these are polarized. This is exclusively the case for the decay of huge structure of bound photons, which are magnetic structures like the magnetic bubbles (plumes, lobes) generated over the poles of a SMBH. In atmosphere of stars decay also large magnetic structures. But there is a high number of these, so that stars do not emit polarized photons.


A13.4 Explanation of Synchrotron Radiation in cosmos


Synchroton Radiation is called the emission of photons, which are generated by decays of magnetic fields and are polarized.

When in cosmos polarized photons are observed, these are always generated by decays of huge magnetic structures like Fermi bubbles. The observations of polarized photons can also be regarded as verification that the observed emitted matter of SMBH are photons which bind to varius huge structures. It can be shown by the structure of a photon (= compact bound 4 electrons) that large stable bound structures have always the form of tubes with various and often changing diameter.

Polarized photons are required for effective structure analysis by collisions. Therefore Synchrotron radiation is technical generated by decays of magnetic fields in particle accelerator facilities.


A13.5 First Explanation of Ether Wind


A13.5.1 Ether Wind proves the limited Area of Gravitation


Ether wind is the common movement of omnipresent photons. Which occurs besides the random movement of single omnipresent photons: It is caused by the fact that every large celestial body constantly emits omnipresent photons, so that omnipresent photons follow the movement of the celestial body. But movement of omnipresent photons are not followed by self rotation. Thus on earth the wind of ether represents the rotation speed of earth.

When increasing the distance to earth there will be a position where the ether wind of earth rotation will go over to the motion of the sun and in outer region of sun system goes over to the movement of the galaxy. The movement of omnipresent photons can be well observed because this movement has an important influence on other interactions.


A13.5.2 Historic Determination of Ether wind by Interferometers


All observations of accelerations which are currently scientifically explainable are exerted by collisions of objects. By this before 1900 nearly every physicist draw the logical conclusion that also acceleration like gravitation and magnetism, which are not scientifically explainable have to be accelerated by collisions of particles of am omnipresent matter, which they called ether.

Most physicists thought, that the omnipresent matter has zero movement relative to an unknown center.

This implies that on earth there should be a relative strong ether wind, which should have an influence on movement of light.

In order to verify this, 1887 Michelson and Morley did measurements by comparison of light speeds to different (perpendicular) directions. By overlay of the two different beams there should be a measurable effect by interference. The speed effect was determined by adjustments of the path-length of two beams so that these result to an interference of maximal light.

The result was that the adjustments showed a random value by variations of directions, which means that there is no an-isotropy. It was concluded that the expected strong wind of ether was not detected and does not exist.

Thus the observation of a single maximum of light by a much stronger movement of the mirror clearly falsifies that an interferometer works by interference.

Today we know that every experiment with light or other photons falsify, that photons are electromagnetic waves. This is physically impossible science fiction.

Strongest argument, which shows the nonsense of interference is, that physicists ignore their sure knowledge that the Michelson-Morley can’t be explained by interference and don’ mention the nonsense of interference, because these want to conceal that they can’t explain the experiment.


A13.5.4 Only real Waves show Interference


If a wave is real or not it can be controlled by interference. Sonic waves for example can be eliminated by interference. Photons cannot be eliminated by interference.

All real waves consist of particles which can do wavelike movements and thus have wavelength and frequencies of waves. Electromagnetic waves are physical impossible science fiction, the same is true for wavelengths and frequencies of “electromagnetic waves”. Electromagnetic waves have never been observed.

Technically generated radio-waves are real waves which show interference, whereas natural radio-radiation does not show interference. Natural radio-signals can just be added to higher intensities but not to higher energies.

Technically radio-waves are generated by collisions of electrons to photons and the collision energy of electrons is changed by time. By this pions are generated which decay to electron-pairs. The emitted electron pairs change their energy by time exactly the same way as the collision energy of electrons.

This is the explanation that data transfer by electrons through conducting wires can be transferred to data transfer of emitted electron-pairs through space. The form of data “waves” can be but must not be wavelike.

Data transfer is a typical technical application which is not explained in the least. This shows the great performance of engineers who don’t care about physics, but do what is reality.



A13.5.3 The Detection of Ether Wind by Michelson- Interferometer


The Michelson interferometer is well suited to detect the ether wind. The measurements of Michelson and Morley were just much to few to detect the small effect of ether wind by earth rotation. A few years later Dayton Miller has done over several years 5,200,000 careful measurements by Michelson Interferometer. These measurement clearly showed an-isotropy by light velocity.

Einstein was aware that Miller’s measurement falsifies his theory of special relativity. Thus he criticized Miller that his measurement were affected by faulty measurements. But Miller could show that all measurements were scientifically controlled without any errors.

After the death of Miller, Einstein probably asked a colleague of him (Shankland) to write a paper to bring the measurements of Miller into discredit because of measurement faults. Miller could not answer any more to the unscientific paper and the proved an-isotropy by Miller got out of attention.

This is the way Einstein and Co. fights against the reality of the universe.



A13.5.4 Miller also proved an additional An-isotropy Effect


That Miller did scientific measurements are demonstrated by his finding of a periodic maximum of an-isotropy which occurred once per sidereal day. The period of once per sidereal day is a clear indication that this can’t be a measurement error but a cosmic effect. The effect can be well explained by an increase of ether wind by adjustments to average concentration when the surface of earth is directed to the movement of earth around sun.


A13.5.5 The Reality of Measurements by Interferometer


By the wind of ether the visible photons are defected to the direction of ether wind. This is a deflection by penetration as the visible photons penetrate the omnipresent low energetic omnipresent photons.

Thus the angles of reflections which occur by the interferometer are an-isotropic, which means differ by direction of ether wind.

The adjustment of the mirror just causes that the angels of reflection are adjusted to an overlay of the two beams.

This is the explanation for the fact, that there is clear path-length of adjustment and that other magnitudes of adjustment do not cause any overlay of intensities of the two beams which is the case for interferation.



A13.5.6 The Verification of Reality by Ernest Esclangon


Ernest Esclangon presented 1927 the extreme important finding of 40,000 measurements, which proved that the reflection angle of emitted photons are influenced by the anisotropy of ether wind. Typical for physics is, that Esclangon’s finding is not mentioned in Wikipedia. But a presentation of the Findings of Esclangon can still be found by Google:

OPTICS.: – On the asymmetry of the optical space and the laws of reflection”.

Esclangon even verified the finding of Dayton Miller, that there is a maximun of of anisotropie by once per sidereal day!

Thus there is not a clear verification of an-isotropy of light speed



A13.6 Other Effects by Wind of Ether


A13.6.1 Change of Solar Wind


As already mentioned in chapter of solar wind, the solar wind changes direction and value by change of wind of ether and region of gravitation.



A13.6.2 Aberration of Star Light


Aberration of star light is defined as a difference between the observed position of a star and the real position of the star. It has been found out that the difference is changed by movement of observer on earth surface, so that there is an apparent movement of star around its real position.

Travel time of light is not regarded by aberration.

Currently there are two explanations of aberration: a classical and a relativistic. Both are physically impossible. The classical explanation can be regarded as ridiculous, the relativistic explanation violates as all relativistic effects and the theories of relativity the most important law of physics: the principle of relativity, which means that all laws and statements have to be identical for each observer. Independent from inertzial system. Thus transformations to different inertial systems are only allowed, when there is not any change of a formula or statement. Lorentz-transformation is antiscience. The missing scientific explanation of aberration was a major cause for the anti-scientific theories of relativity by Albert Einstein.

There are following stellar aberrations, copied from Wikipedia:




Falsification of current explanations: 


          Annual aberration: "The component of stellar aberration resulting from the motion of the Earth about              the Sun."


  • Diurnal aberration: "The component of stellar aberration resulting from the observer's diurnal motion about the center of the Earth due to the Earth's rotation."


  • Secular aberration: "The component of stellar aberration resulting from the essentially uniform and almost rectilinear motion of the entire solar system in space. Secular aberration is usually disregarded."

Scientific explanation by SURe-New Physics:

When a star is not observed on its real position. It is always caused by deflection of light beams. The deflections are done by the movements of the Ether (Ether wind). Thus the deflections refer to the different movements of omnipresent photons: Self rotation of earth, orbit movement of earth and orbit movement of sun.  



Falsification of current explanations:

By current explanations aberration has to be observed by every light beam emitted by moving object on earth, but this is not the case. Aberration is a phenomenon which is specific for beams emitted by celestial bodies. This should have been realized by physicists.


Overall aberration is a verification of SURe – New Physics.




A13.6.3 Ether Wind causes wrong Run Times of atomic Clocks


Of course time Dilatation is physical impossible science fiction. Atomic clocks are wrongly constructed as these do an automatic adjustment of run times to the energy of emitted electron pairs by decay of atoms like cesium. The energy of the emitted electron pairs depend on number of bondings to omnipresent photons. The number is changed by change of bondings of omnipresent photons. According to rules of kinetics the number of bonded omnipresent photons is increased by collisions, which means by increased velocity (“kinematic time dilatation”) and increased concentration of omnipresent photons (“gravimetric time dilatation”). See SURe- New Physics Vol.” The End of RELATIVITY”.


A13.6.4 All Energies of emitted Electron-Pairs depend on Ether Wind


The emissions of all electron-pairs by decay of atoms depend on velocity and concentration of omnipresent photons. This is the real explanation of physical impossible relativistic theories like relativistic Doppler effect and change of frequencies by propagation through different areas of gravitation (see SURe-New Physics Vol. The End of RELATIVITY).

Comment: Electron-pairs have been formerly called electron-neutrinos and are erroneously assumed to be high energetic photons.





Copy from SURe – New Physics Vol. GRAVITY


G5 GRAVITATIONAL WAVES are physically impossible


G5.1 Matter-less Waves do not exist


Current hypotheses (science fiction):

Gravitational waves are like electromagnetic waves matter-less transversal waves.

Scientific Universal Reality:

There is not any matter-less physical phenomenon in universe. The requirements for generating waves in universe are that moving particles experience periodic forces in two opposite directions which are perpendicular to movement direction.

Required forces do not exist. Physicists had not even made up a theory to explain the required forces for gravitational waves.



G5.2 The Error of Generation of gravitational Waves


Current hypotheses (science fiction):

Gravitational waves are generated by the accelerated masses of binary stars and other motions of gravitating masses”(from Wikipedia).


General comment:

It is highly unscientific to do statements about gravity although physicists have no definition and no explanation. At least the statements have to be declared as highly hypothetical.

Scientific Universal Reality:

Binary stars are physically impossible (see SURe – New Physics Vol. “ASTREPHYSICS”).

Proved reality is that gravitation is generated by emissions of low energetic photons which generates the required concentration gradient of omnipresent photons. According to First Fundamental Law all bodies are accelerated to positions of highest concentrated gradient of omnipresent photons,. The corresponding force for this is to reduce spin energies by bindings. Areas with concentration gradients of omnipresent photons are called gravitational fields. The generation of omnipresent photons of celestial bodies explains that gravitational fields follow the movements of celestial bodies. By this it is physically impossible that movements of celestial bodies generate gravitational waves.



G5.3 The Error of Propagation Speed


Current hypotheses (science fiction):

Propagation speed of gravitational waves are identical to speed of light


Scientific Universal Reality:

There is no independent movement of gravitational fields. As gravitational fields follow celestial bodies, the speed of movements are equivalent to speed of celestial bodies and relative to celestial bodies the speed is zero.




G5.4 The Error of Observability


Current hypothesis (science fiction):

Gravitational waves propagate over long distances like electromagnetic waves.

Scientific Universal Reality:

As there are no gravitational waves and as gravitation does not move there are several falsifications of the statements that gravitational waves are observable in far distance to generating sources. These are even not observable by adjustments of concentration of omnipresent photons- These adjustments occur for example by generation of a new star or by supernova explosion of an old star. Relative quick is the loss of complete gravitational field of a star by supernova. All planets will depart their orbits and get an unknown movement. But all neighbored sun systems will not have any impact by the supernova. Gravitational systems are completely independent from other gravitational systems of same hierarchy. That means a sun system is independent from other sun system and planets are never influenced by other planets. There is just a single movement of increased concentration of omnipresent photons around a star to the average concentration of the black hole at the distance of the exploded star. The loss of a complete gravitational sun system would have no impact to the surrounded sun systems.




G5.5 The obvious Fake of detected Gravitational Waves



Physicists are well aware that the easiest way to get huge amounts of public funding for physical research is when they claim that a theory from Einstein shall be verified although every physicist knows that Einstein‘s theories are based on science fiction without any indication that these are reality. Two research sites in the U.S. got money to built very expensive huge interferometers for this task. But in current physics it is not known, how an interferometer works, because there are no wavelengths, no frequencies and no waves. Instead of applying for a research program to get knowledge how an equipment works which is called interferometer but is extrem far away form an interferometer, there is a research program to verify physical impossible science-fiction by a completely wrong understood equipment. The should be very obvious for scientists.

Of course the research project could not produce anything which makes sense. After many years scientists had to fear that their research project is abandoned.

Finally the two research facilities publicized in 2016 signals which were extreme far away from that what Einstein prognosticated. Despite of this the very usual signals were publicized as verification of Einstein’s physically impossible science fiction. A valuable scientific publication would be to publish the true important finding, that no gravitational wave has been found.

Thus one of the greatest fake publication became one of the most important discoveries in history of science.


The interferometer showed signals within a time frame of milliseconds. There were few very irregular signals without a fixed period. The magnitude of observed gravitational amplitude is below size of a proton.

The signals are probably originated in space, because the signals have been detected in both facilities, which are situated in different US states nearly the same time.

Current explanation:

Observed signals are due to gravitational waves, which have been generated by high rotation frequency of a binary system of black holes shortly before these collide.

Many impossibilities of explanations:

It can be assumed that every scientist who reviews the basic data will come to the conclusion that it is impossible that the observed signals refer to the postulated gravitational waves originated by rotations of black holes:

1. The time periods of milliseconds are much too small that these represent a rotation of a binary system of black holes.

2. A binary systems of celestial bodies are two celestial bodies which rotate around a common mass center. Of course a common mass center is just abstract mathematics but no reality. There is no mass which can be orbited by two celestial bodies.

3. Every physicists should know the rules for vector calculations and overlay of forces. This will result to the knowledge that stable systems of celestial bodies can exclusively be generated when a very small celestial body orbits around a very large celestial body. (see SURe-New Physics Vol. Astrophysics)

4. Black holes do never collide because these exert no gravitation but anti-gravitation in near surroundings. Collisions would destroy the complete gravitational system of a galaxy. (see SURe-New Physics Vol. Astrophysics).

5. Black holes and neutron stars are not visible. Also when collisions would be possible these would be not detectable.

6. Exerted forces which causes movements in the size range of a proton cannot seriously be assigned to gravitation.

7. Measured curve does not show wavelike signals.

8. The appearance of measured signals can’t be worse to match to current theory of gravitational waves.



G5.6 The Force of doing Anti-Science


It is really bad but understandable, that physicists dare to tell such absurd stories to the public. They have no other choice. They are forced to do this in order to save their jobs. It would have been very critical to receive further funding without a publication of success. The current autocratic business system of physics is not aware of the fact that the publication of the reality is a much more valuable performance: A publication or the reality with high scientific value would have been:

Both research facilities for gravitational waves detected signals of extreme low magnitude. Despite the low magnitude these seem to be significant, as the detection was done by both facilities at nearly the same time. The evaluation of the signals resulted to the fact, that these are not originated analog to the theory of gravitational waves by Albert Einstein. Research to find out the real source of signals is going on.

Regarding the long time of research without signals which are conform to theory, we now gained the knowledge that the theory of Albert Einstein is false and that gravitational waves do not exist.

We will now work out other possibilities for scientific research can be done by the facilities.”


Such a publication should lead to strengthening the respect and reputation to the scientists. The opposite is not appropriate at all. Very bad scientific work is to ignore the reality and continue with doing antiscience. But this has first to be realized by the managers of research facilities and the persons who are responsible for funding decisions.


This is the experience of SURe-New Physics:

Several hundred theories have been worked out by New Physics. All except one had to be eliminated again because of non-conformity to observations, although all theories were much nearer to reality than current theories. The final one is no theory any more, it is verified Scientific Universal Reality. .



G5.7 The scientific Explanation of Signals


There is just one scientific explanation for the observed signals, which were stated to be gravitational waves.

The measured signals show the shock front of emitted high energetic photons by a supernova. Collisions of the high energetic particles of the front to heavy atoms of the interferometer can surely create a movement of the magnitude of one proton.



G5.8 Publication with Science and Anti-Science


Extremely positive was, that the measured raw signal was presented in publication. By this every physical scientist got the knowledge that the experimental results were far away from what scientists would have expected, far away from theory and opposite to that what is physically possible by gravitation.

Extremely negative is the title of the publication, which can be called a severe fraud of public and of or by media:

Observation of Gravitational Waves from a Binary Black Hole Merger”

This shows that we have urgently learn at school, that the description of an observation does not mean to interpret an observation by physically impossible science fiction.

This is typical for current physics. Since 17th century scientists know that the key for finding the reality are observations, which have to be permanently checked whether these are absolutely reliable and whether these are conform to all other observations. Finally the task was to define physical laws which are conform to all observation. They called this method “Scientific Method” and this method was taken by me to detect scientific universal reality. When I recently checked the description of this method in Wikipedia I was shocked, because the description of Scientific Method has been completely changed and is now a method which describes how to verify a theory by a cyclical fallacy. So it is no wonder, why most errors of physics are done by cyclical fallacies.



G5.9 Urgent Need for new Publication System


* Observations should clearly be marked and described in a separate chapter.

* The same has to be done for all interpretations, hypotheses and theories.

* All statements have to be checked, if these can be described and explained by the few Universal Interaction. If this is not the case, it has to be marked, that the statements have not been verified.