Prologue by main author 




When I started with physics as a hobby during my study of chemistry in 1980 I had no idea and could not imagine in my most spectacular dreams to which final result this will lead. I started with physics without any new ideas and without any intention to find something new. I just thought that it would be nice that I understand a little bit more about physics. I also had no intention to use a specific method to get knowledge about physics. It was many years later when I got knowledge about scientific method and I was rather surprised that the way I did physics was exactly the process which is known as scientific method. It was also a surprise that for every physical phenomenon which had an (for me) illogical or incomprehensible explanation I found a simple explanation by classical physics. And these were quite a few.


Since 2015 I got  support of my daughter. My daughter derived many new conclusions just by logical thinking. She had the genius idea to use the scientific principles for chemical reactions also for physics. This led to the largest breakthrough on the way to physical reality: the characterization of the omnipresent matter (aether by classical physics and dark matter by modern physics). By the omnipresent matter forces could be unified and in March 2017 this was published as “Vogel's Theory of Everything, VTOE“. Shortly after that I stopped all further activities for Physics because of severe Health Problems. After a surprising contact to PhysiLeaks end of 2017 my daughter persuaded me to start again. PhysiLeaks found some inconsistencies of VTOE which we tried to eliminate. By this we got aware of the Universal Principles. I instantaneously had the feeling that this was greatest thing ever in history of physics. I communicated the findings to PhysiLeaks for review and we checked for several months whether all physical phenomenons are conform and thus explainable by the defined Universal Principles.


As we could not find anything in universe which does not work by Universal Principles, we are now sure that physics described by Universal Principles is the so called Scientific Universal Reality.


The finding with by far highest personal importance and impact for me is that the universe is not completely ruled by physics but by a superior force.


Another main conclusion of New Physics/ SURe is that you can’t trust “knowledge”, which has not been derived by scientific method. Currently physical knowledge is mainly based on assumptions and biased observations.


September 2019