Dark Energy

Hypotheses of current physics:


There are lots of hypotheses which have to be reality in order to conclude the existence of an unknown energy (dark energy): 

  • Radiation intensities of cepheid variables depend mainly on their pulsation frequency.
  • Redshifts of cepheid variables correlate with escape velocities.

  • There is a significant mass increase of many white dwarf stars via accretion

  • White dwarfs do no nuclear fusion reaction.

  • By increase of mass of white dwarf temperature in core of star is increased.

  • Temperature in center of white dwarf increases by increasing mass until at a specific mass the temperature gets so high that self accelerated fusion reaction is ignited (supernova of type SN-Ia).

  • SN-Ia therefore can be used as standard cosmic events with nearly same intensities of light.

  • By progress of intensities of radiation distances of SN-Ia can be determined.

  • Redshifts of absorption lines of SN-Ia are caused by and correlate with escape velocities of corresponding galaxies.

  • Redshifts of observed radiation of celestial bodies  are caused by and correlate with escape velocities of corresponding galaxies.

  • Increasing escape velocities of galaxies correlate with increasing distances of galaxies.

  • Observed correlation shows that there is an accelerated expansion of space.

  • Accelerated expansion of space requires an unknown energy which is called dark Energy.

New Physics:


New Physics/ SURe falsifies all above hypotheses. The detailed refutations have still to be revised and will be presented later.


New Physics/SURe exclusively uses natural laws and observations for all explanations and no hypotheses. All explanations are physically possible whereas currently there are lots of physically impossible explanations for hypotheses which are physically impossible. If there would be expansion of space then there would be no physical rules based on length unit. By this there would be no physics.

It is known by observation and it is generally accepted, that redshift of sun is caused by atomic molecules: Sun light which passes very low concentrations of molecules appears nearly white like in space or on the moon. Sun light, which passes the earth atmosphere on a straight way appears yellow and sun light which passes the atmosphere on a long way appears orange. Physicist have already found out, that everywhere in space there are molecules. So it is expected that light from stars turns to red by distance. So task of physicists is to explain the interaction of molecules with radiated photons, It is known that photons can be absorbed which means bonded by molecules. In most cases the photons are emitted again which always occurs with lower kinetic energy because part of the kinetic energy of collision is transferred to kinetic energy of the molecule. The emission of photons is done in all directions. By this the emitted photons collide to photons which are travel the main direction, which is straight from source to observer. So by collisions the photons with reduced energy are deflected to the straight direction to the observer, Overall the observer observes light with loer energy fron stars depending on distance.

If molecules in space absorb photons of a specific energy specific absorption lines can be observed.

It has to be criticized that there are nearly no raw data of observations are available in physics, It is the most important task of research work to provide raw data to the public. Is this is not done, any statement is not reliable and should not be communicated as physical knowledge.



Verification of constant size of universe

A change of size of universe would change density  of omnipresent photons.

All currently called fundamental constants depend on density of omnipresent photons.

It can be demonstrated that fundamental constants change by location, but there is not a relevant change by time. 

There is no Expansion of Space!

There is no dark Energy!