Dark Energy

Hypotheses of current physics:


There are lots of hypotheses which have to be reality in order to conclude the existence of an unknown energy (dark energy): 

  • Radiation intensities of cepheid variables depend mainly on their pulsation frequency.
  • Redshifts of cepheid variables correlate with escape velocities.

  • There is a significant mass increase of many white dwarf stars via accretion

  • White dwarfs do no nuclear fusion reaction.

  • By increase of mass of white dwarf temperature in core of star is increased.

  • Temperature in center of white dwarf increases by increasing mass until at a specific mass the temperature gets so high that self accelerated fusion reaction is ignited (supernova of type SN-Ia).

  • SN-Ia therefore can be used as standard cosmic events with nearly same intensities of light.

  • By progress of intensities of radiation distances of SN-Ia can be determined.

  • Redshifts of absorption lines of SN-Ia are caused by and correlate with escape velocities of corresponding galaxies.

  • Redshifts of observed radiation of celestial bodies  are caused by and correlate with escape velocities of corresponding galaxies.

  • Increasing escape velocities of galaxies correlate with increasing distances of galaxies.

  • Observed correlation shows that there is an accelerated expansion of space.

  • Accelerated expansion of space requires an unknown energy which is called dark Energy.

New Physics:


New Physics/ SURe falsifies all above hypotheses in Vol.6. Here we will just describe the misinterpretation of progress of intensities (hypothesis 8) and misinterpretations of redshifts (hypothesis 9):

Reality of 8: By progress of intensities of radiation the power of SN-Ia can be determined. 

Reality of 9: Redshifts of absorption lines correlate with escape velocities of emitted absorbing matter and thus correlate to power of SN-Ia. (Explained by Universal Principles in Vol. 7)

Reality of observations lead to following conclusions instead of above wrong conclusions: 

11. Power of SN-Ia correlates with power of SN-Ia, which means the postulated conclusion is a fallacy by circular reasoning.

12. Observations give not any information about velocities and distances of galaxies and of expansion of space.


There is another observation which verifies New Physics/ SURe: Redshifts and progress curves of SN-Ia correlate to duration of SN-Ia. Duration of SN-Ia is another property which correlates to power of SN-Ia.

New Physics / SURe presents in Vol 4 numerous other falsifications of expansion of space.


Generated power of SN-Ia depends on mass of reactive matter of white dwarf, which can be different.

As New Physics has falsified any changes of size of universe, it has also falsified big-bang theory and possibility to determine age of universe by expansion.

As New Physics/ SURe has falsified that that there is a correlation of redshifts of absorption lines to age or distance to stars, all corresponding published data of ages in cosmos are obsolete.


Verification of constant size of universe

A change of size of universe would change density  of omnipresent neutrinos.

All currently called fundamental constants depend on density of omnipresent neutrinos.

It can be demonstrated that fundamental constants change by location, but there is not a relevant change by time. 

There is no Expansion of Space!

There is no dark Energy!