Scientific Universal Reality (SURe) - New Physics


Volume W (Weltformel by SURe)


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Scientific Universal Reality (SURe) 

Weltformel by SURe Volume W 


W0 Definitions 


W1 The severe Problems of current Physics 


W1.1 No Awareness of the Task of a natural Science 

W1.2 No Itention to follow Scientific Method 

W1.3 Physics converted to a spiritual Science and worse 

W1.4 The Downfall of Physics is caused by public Funding 

W1.5 The Taboo of Corrections 

W1.6 Physical Scientists had no Chance to do scientific Research 

W1.7 Problems of Research resulted to Quantum Physics 

W1.8 No Accusation of Physicists and/or physical Institutions  

W1.9 Physical Scientists are the Victims of Antiscience of Physics       

W1.10 Continuing with Antiscience is a scientific and human Disaster 


W2 The results of prohibited physical Research 


W2.1 Physics is still Magics because of matter-less Phenomenons 

W2.2 No Attention of Requirements for physical Interactions 

W2.3 Severe Misunderstanding of basic Properties 

W2.4 Many Values of Properties are wrong 

W2.5 Misuse of Mathematics to verify impossible Theories 

W2.6 Many mathematical Errors 

W2.7 Severe mathematical Errors in Astrophysics 

W2.8 Many Units of Properties do not make Sense

W2.9 Physical Constants show Lack of physical Understanding 

W2.8 Violation of basic physical Principles 


W3 The Basis for Weltformel and SURe- New Physics 


W3.1 Axiom: The Universe is Physical Reality 

W3.2 The Requirements for Weltformel and SURe- New Physics 

W3.3 Weltformel is derived exclusively by Observations 

W3.4 Weltformel is the Result of all experimental physical Research 

W3.5 SURe- New Physics is based on the excellent Job of Engineers 


W4 Presentation of the Weltformel (guaranteed Reality) 


W4.1 The fundamental Axiom of the Weltformel 

W4.2 The First Fundamental Law of Nature (Weltformel, Part 1) 

W4.3 The Second Fundamental Law of Nature (Weltformel, Part 2) 

W4.4 The Universal Interactions of the Universe 


W5 Main Features of Weltformel and SURe- New Physics 


W5.1 The Weltformel and SURe are falsifiable

W5.2 Determinism of all Interactions and States 

W5.3 Extreme Simplicity 

W5.4 Nearly complete Physics refers to chemical Reactions 

W5.5 Chemical Reactions instead of magical Conversions 

W5.6 Weltformel reveals Reality of atomic Structure 

W5.7 SURe reveals other Errors concerning Atoms 

W5.8 Weltformel determines Characteristics of Particles 

W5.9 Faults can easily be detected (Example Angle of H2O) 

W5.10 The Weltformel eliminates magic Forces 

W5.11 The Weltformel clearly defines omnipresent Particles 

W5.12 Weltformel “reveals” all Findings of Reality of current Physics 

W5.13 The Weltformel will cause a Revolution in all natural Sciences 

W5.14 The huge new Research Potential for Chemistry 

W5.15 The huge new Research Potential for Biology 

W5.16 Weltformel can save mankind from Life threatening Danger 

W5.17 Clear basic physical Definitions 

W5.18 The Universal Force replaces all other Forces 

W5.19 No Disputes anymore about Physics 


W6 Explanations of desastrous State of current Physics


W6.1 Termination of Research before Finding any Result 

W6.2 Theories are accepted to be Physics 

W6.4 Non-scientific Verification of Theories 

W6.5 Physicists work on useless Research Tasks 

W6.6 Ignoring Falsification 

W6.7 Physical Reality is ignored (Example Interference) 

W6.8 Contra-productive Acknowledgment Policy 

W6.9 Indoctrination of physically impossible Sciene-fiction 

W6.10 No awareness of missing Explanations and Non-Understandings 

W6.11 Findings of Reality are quasi impossible to publish 

W6.12 Nature of Mankind severely hinders scientific Work 

W6.13 Is there a Root Cause for the late Discovery of Reality? 


W7. Examples of Conversion of Physics to Antiscience 


W7.1 Acceptance of the physically impossible Theories of Relativity 

W7.2 From Reality to highest Level of Absurdity of Relativity 

W7.3 Atomic Clocks are misused to verify Time Dilation 

W7.4 Reality of Run Times of Atomic Clock

W7.5 Since Einstein got genius Antiscience got genius   

W7.6 The Antiscience of Lorentz-Transformation and Spacetime 

W7.7 (=P4.1) The most significant Particle Research in the 1930s 

W7.8 (=P4.2) The findings of Proton Decays 

W7.9 (=P4.3) Electron has been verified as only elementary Particle 

W7.10 (=P7.1) Anti-physics instead of Verification of Reality 

W7.11 (=P4.4) Decay - Reactions of Protons 

W7.12 No publications of real findings 


W8. Examples of Activities against Findings of Reality 


W8.1 Einstein was “prohibited” to correct his own Theory 

W8.2 Defamation of clear Finding of AnIsitropy of Speed of Light 

W8.3 Punishment for proving Neutrinos being faster than Light 

W8.4 Faked Falsification of the Falsification of spontaneous Reactions 


W9 Physicists are forced to do Anti-Research 


W9.1 Definition of Anti-Research 

W9.2 The unscientific Tasks of Collider Experiments 

W9.3 The Basis for Knowledge of SURe-New Physics 

W9.4 The gained knowledge by over 50 Years of Collider Research 

W9.5 High energetic Particle Collisions are physically impossible 

W9.6 Missing basic Research for Collision-Tests. 

W9.7 Falsification of Particle Collisions in LHC - Collider 

W9.8 Real Observations by Colliders verify Weltformel 

W9.9 The Reality of Synchrotron Radiation 

W9.10 Why are Synchrotron Photons polarized? 

W9.11 Why don’t bound Photons have Mass? (Definition of Mass

W9.12 Einstein’s E = mc² is falsified by scientific Definition of Mass 

W9.13 The Reality of Collisions to magnetic fields (bound Photons) 

W9.14 The Reality of Colliders was experienced by Accident 

W9.15 Over 60 Years the same Research Results 

W9.16 Over 60 Years of useless Research 

W9.17 Analyzers of LHC needs to be improved 

W9.18 Real Particles according to current Theory 

W9.19 List of other severe Errors at CERN 

W9.20 Verification of Electron being Fundamental Particle 

W9.21 The fictional Detection of W-, Z- and Higgs - Bosons 

W9.22 The exorbitant Value of Collider Research 


W10 Most fatal Misinterpretations 


   W10.1 Descriptions must be without Interpretations 

W10.2 The Misinterpretation of a hot Sun 

W10.3 The reality of Energy Generation of Sun 

W10.4 The fatal Misinterptretation of binding Energy 

W10.5 Wrong Interpretation of the quick Growth of Black Holes 


W11 The Theory of a Supernatural Power (God) 


W11.1 Theory and Observation: God is not almighty 

W11.2 Theory of Control by incomplete Determinism 

W11.3 Free Will requires incomplete Determinism 

W11.4 The Theory of a friendly God 

W11.5 The extreme low Probability of Creation of the Universe 

W11.6 The extremely unlikely Conversion of Physics to Antiscience 


W12 An earlier Detection of the Weltformel would be a Catastrophe 


W12.1 The Chaos by Explosion of new Technologies 

W12.2 The right Time for Revelation of Weltformel has come 

W12.3 Now the Conversion to Reality is urgently required 

W12.4 Another crucial Reason for the delay of Physical Reality 


W13 The long and winding Road to Physical Reality 


W13.1 The Story of Detection of the “Theory of Everything” 

W13.2 The Discovery that Physics can be explained by Kinetics 

W13.3 Valuable Research Support by my Daughters 

W13.4 Ability to avoid Bias- Problem of “good Ideas” 

W13.5 Findings causing high workload for Corrections 

W13.6 Issues of further Research 

W13.7 Falsifications of SURe- New Physics are appreciated 

W13.8 Donations of 60,000 EURO for Falsification of SURe- New Physics 

W13.9 Example for a Falsification 

W13.10 Other Falsifications of SURe- New Physics by Penetration 

13.11. For detection of Weltformel just Luck is needed 

W13.12 The great Advantage of independent Research 

W13.13 The urgently overdue Liberation of physical Research 

W13.14 The urgently overdue Conversion of Physics to a natural Science.


W14. Other Considerations for Conversion to physical Reality 


W14.1 Announcement of Weltformel and SURe - New Physics 

   W14.2 Premises and first Tasks for Conversion 

   W14.3 Further Extension of SURe- New Physics 

   W14.4 The new Research Tasks for physical Scientists 

W14.5 Great Physicists will remain great Physicists 

14.6 Its SURe: The Begin of a golden era for Physicists 

W14.7 Patent Applications 

   W14.8 The high Risk for Disasters for Mankind and Science 

W14.9 The urgent Request and “final Call” to come on Board 






Scientific Universal Reality (SURe)

Weltformel by SURe Volume W


W0 Definitions



consists of one axiom and two fundamental laws of nature, which describe and explain all interactions and states in universe by physical reality.

The English term “Theory of Everything” doesn’t suit. Weltformel is the opposite. It is the “Physical reality of Everything”.



A statement which is taken to be reality although it is not observed. A valid axiom is conform to all observations. The axiom of Weltformel is: The matter in universe is generated out of “Nothing” (=no matter, no energy).


SURe = Scientific universal reality

SURe- New Physics

is the scientific description and explanation of all interactions and states in universe by Weltformel without any inconsistencies.

SURe- New Physics is not complete, but covers all major interactions. SURe- New Physics is continuously checked for errors (inconsistencies) and revised.



is the natural Science of non-living Matter



According to Wikipedia the definition is: “Reality is the sum or aggregate of all that is real or existent within the universe, as opposed to that which is only imaginary nonexistent or nonactual.


Physical Reality:

In SURe- New Physics some additional requirements are defined compared to definition of reality above:

Physical reality is everything in universe, which can be unequivocally observed by physical interaction of physical objects and/or is conform to physical knowledge which is based on unequivocal observations.


Physical Reality (SURe) is valid for all natural sciences.



3-dimensional  space with fixed limits which is exclusively filled with matter. That means nothing exists, which is no matter. 


Matter (see also definition below)

Matter are physical objects like particles or bodies. All objects are observable by their interactions and everything which can be observed (by technical and natural sensors)is reality. An important characteristic of matter is 3-dimensional locality.


Objects like particles or bodies

All objects consists of partlially superposed spin-energies, which are equivalent to bound electrons or single electrons. There are no other elementary (=fundamental) particles than electrons. 


Objects are differentiated by

  • Six relevant non-atomic particles: (Electron (e), electron-pair (2e), muon (3e) photon (4e), neutron (10e), proton, 13e)

  • Irrelevant (all other) non-atomic particles.

  • Atomic particles: nuclei, atoms, molecules.

  • Large units of bound particles (celestial bodies)

  • Large structures of bound photons (electric fields, magnetic fields, gravitational fields, black holes)


All interactions of our universe

Everything, which has happened, happens and will happen in our universe.


The two Fundamental Laws of Nature

Scientific rules which has highest level of generalization. All other rules can be explained by the Two Fundamental Laws of Nature, whereas the Fundamental Laws are not explainable.


Scientific principle

Scientific principles are conclusions of Fundamental Laws of Nature. 



 Description of an event (= limited number of interdependent interactions in universe). Interdependent interactions occur naturally or are generated by experiments)

 Observations have to be unbiased (= described without using interpretations).


Systematic description

 Defines groups of related observations which can be described by common mechanisms.


Theory, model, hypothesis. interpretation

 Fictive descriptions and explanations of observations (=science fiction)


Scientifically sound theory

 is consistent and conform to scientific principles and thus might be physical reality.



= axiom, see above


Scientific Method (Original)

Describes how fictive explanations of theories have to be converted to physical reality:

Fictive theories have to be eliminated step by step by additional observations and definition of more general rules until the rules are completely based on irrevocable observations without any imaginary statement like theory, hypothesis, model or interpretation.



Descriptions and explanations of observations which have been checked and will be further checked, if there are non- conformities ( inconsistencies) to observation or physical rules, which are based on observations.



Statements of science which are fictive and not based on observations.



Statements of science which clearly are falsified by observations.



Statements of physics which are based on matterless phenomemons (= physically impossible).



Claiming that something is reality although it cannot be observed and it violates physical laws (examples: quarks, non-locality, superposition of properties, atomic orbital model, wave-particle duality, vacuum fluctuation, singularity, big bang, expansion of space) 




Observation:  Observable are just interactions of matter, which are always transfers of kinetic energy from one physical object to another by collisions..

Particle: Stable state of a specific number of bound fundamental particles at a minimum of average spin-energy.

Action/ Interaction: Transfers of kinetic energies between physical objects. Comment: exclusively occur by direct contact of particles (=collision); there are no actions/ interactions (no forces) over a distance; there are no other interactions than defined here.


Types of energy: All types of energy are energies of movements of particles and thus vectors. spin-energy is the only intrinsic type of energy Vibration energy is the only additional intrinsic type of energy of bound and can be regarded as sub-type of spin-energy (oscillation of spin-energy). Kinetic energy is relative and thus cannot be determined as property of an object. Total energy of a physical system is sum of spin and vibration energy, which is constant.


Superposing of spin-energies

Is the vectorial addition of spin-energies which refer to the same volume


Fundamental particles: Equivalent to spin-energies. Basic physical units which are the building brick of all matter of our universe and can't be divided to smaller particles. The only fundamental particle is an unbound electron, which is identical to an unbound positron.




W1 The severe Problems of current Physics




W1.1 No Awareness of the Task of a natural Science


The general task of a natural science is

to do research in order to get knowledge of the physical rules, by which all interactions and states in universe can be described and explained. The rules which highest generality are the fundamental laws of nature, which also can be called Weltformel.



W1.2 No Itention to follow Scientific Method


The detailed process of consecutive tasks in order to gain knowledge of physical reality have already been defined by philosophers in 17th century like Rene Descartes and called Scientific Method.


Basic requirement is that exclusively clear observations are allowed to define the physical reality. Thus for detection of Weltformel following process has been used:


1. Do experimental and natural observations.

2. Do detailed descriptions of observations.

3. Check descriptions if these are done by interpretations and eliminate all interpretations from descriptions.

4. Propose explanation of observation by a general rule. For explanation as few as possible imaginary statements (theories, models, hypotheses) should be used..

5. Define rules with highest generality by being conform to a high number of observations and explanations

6. Search for non- conformities to other observations (= falsification of defined rules).

7. Eliminate found non- conformities by defining new general laws.

8. Repeat 6. and 7. step-wise until the defined general laws are conform to all available observations and are not based on any imaginary statement.

9) Check, if the defined laws can be combined to to a physical laws with higher generality.

10) The rules with highest universality by being clearly conform to all available observations are fundamental laws of nature (=Weltformel) and by this scientific universal reality.


Continuous task:


11) describe and explain all further observations by the Weltformel and document the result by adding new observation and explanation in SURe- New Physics .


The disadvantage of this process is that it took over 30 years extensive studies until the Weltformel has been derived.


SURe- New Physics has meanwhile explained over 600 relevant physical observations of all areas of Physics by Weltformel and have not found any observation, which could not be explained by Weltformel.



W1.3 Physics converted to a spiritual Science and worse


As long as physics and physical research had the intention to detect the physical reality of the universe, physics has been a natural science. But since many decades physics terminates physical research already at the state of theories and hypotheses, which is fictive science, also called science fiction. There is no intention

anymore to detect the physical reality.



As current physics has even declared theories to be physics , which is clearly expressed by the term theoretical physics, physics has become pseudoscience.



Later theories are not eliminated from physics despite being falsified by irrevocable observations. By this physics converted to antiscience according to the generally accepted definition of antiscience.



W1.4 The Downfall of Physics is caused by public Funding


There is a simple explanation of the desastrous state of physics.


Fundamental physics is generally not supported by business companies. So research institutions have to apply for public funding.


There is a strong competition for public money among research institutions. Research institutions with most published papers are preferred for funding.

Therefore in order to survive research facilities are forced to publish as many research studies as possible and cannot wait for finding scientific explanations of physical observations, which are physical reality.

I needed more than 30 years of extensive physical work until I had achieved the task of physics: the irrevocable definition of the two only Fundamental Laws of Nature, which describes and explains the universal physical reality.


This shows, that there was and is no other chance to maintain a research facility than by publication of theories.




W1.5 The Taboo of Corrections


A very important element of scientific research is the search for errors and do corrections and revisions. The opinion of physics and physicists that corrections of statements is a sign for poor quality of research is the strongest factor which caused the desastrous situation of physics and has to be eliminated . When there are nearly no corrections of theories because of errors or by new findings, this is a clear sign that a research group does no scientific research at all. It is extremely unlikely that a theory is physical reality. There are dozens of different theories which can explain a physical interaction, but only one is reality. My experience is that also the new or modified theory with eliminated inconsistencies often still contained other inconsistencies or errors are detected by new findings, so that theories have normally to be revised multiple times.

Overall more than 80 % of my research work in over 30 years were required to detect and correct own errors. Each correction was a step to the Weltformel.


Of course for research institutions and professional physicists it is quasi impossible to report every month a new theory although it is an improved theory. Research institutions have to fear that corrections are regarded as negative concerning reputation and thus also for funding.


Therefore corrections and revisions of as real accepted theories were almost banned from publication. Typical is also that research tasks of physicists are nearly always verification of theories but no falsification of theories.




W1.6 Physical Scientists had no Chance to do scientific Research


Any finding of physical reality would have revealed many severe errors of physics. Physical institutions have a great fear that by falsifications of accepted theories there will be significant loss of reputation and thus loss of public funding. Therefore publications of real findings of scientific research are clearly rejected with the justification, that these do not correspond to the current state of physics.


As physicists were aware of this, they did not try to find the reality by their research work, but just did apparent verification of accepted theories. Mostly the verification of theories are done by theories, which means by fallacies. But no fallacy was detected. SURe- New Physics show many examples of fallacies, mostly circular fallacies.


To avoid problems no scientific tests of theories have been done. Probably the fear of falsification was too high. Thus there has not been any control, whether the imaginary explanations of the published theories are conform to observations, which means conform to reality.


As the theories of physicists could not be scientifically explained, there are no scientifically sound explanations of the theories.


Currently the main research tasks of physics seem to be to do everything to prevent that the physical reality is detected. Physics should be flawless without any falsified theory.


If there occurred an „accidental“ publication of a real finding, there are strong activities against findings and finder (examples later).


W1.7 Problems of Research resulted to Quantum Physics


By the restricted research physicists were not able to find explanations which were physically possible. Therefore they seem to get so frustrated that they found no other solution than the open statement that there is no physical reality. This is in principle the same idea like that of Albert Einstein, who was highly appreciated by this new approach of science. The new area of physics which demonstrative works with physically impossible theories was called quantum physics. Quantum physics is the confession of physicists that physics is no naturally science anymore. It was the only possibility that physicists had something which was accepted to be published. By calling something quantum mechanics even the most obvious and most absurd anti-scientific science-fiction was allowed and was accepted as physics without any questioning. Examples are:

Particles notice before passing through a slit that they have to convert to a matter-less wave function within the slit. Then the wave functions have to find other wave-functions in order to interfere with these although it is stated that wave functions have no locality. After superposition of unknown amplitudes of waves have done (definition of interference) the superimposed wave functions get aware that these have to do a collapse by which they are converted back to particles. Falsification by experimental observations of quantum physics was not possible by the very intelligent statement: When a statement of quantum physics is observed it converts to reality. This statement allowed physicist to do any science-fiction they want.

Another example is the classical reality of that two decayed particles have entangled properties (= values of property of one particle is determined by the value of the entangled particle) was explained by the statements:

* When an entangled property is measured the entangled particle gets information of the value.

* Then the entangled particle communicates the measured value to the other entangled particle although this might by miles away at another location.

*When the entangled partner particle achieves the information, it gets knowledge of the value which it has to show when it is measured.

* Before this knowledge the partner particle has all kind of values, but by getting informed by the other particle calculates which value it should show by measurement.

The the value of the property converts to the value, which is determined by reality of laws of nature.

* The communication, calculation and conversion to the correct value are done momentarily, thus the maximal speed (speed of light) is not valid for these actions.


Overall by quantum physics physics is not determined by laws of nature but by conscience and communication of particles.

(see SURe – New Physics Vol. The end of QUANTUM PHYSICS)




W1.8 No Accusation of Physicists and/or physical Institutions


It has to be clearly emphasized that the disastrous state of physics happened by unfortunate circumstances, so that all research work of physical scientists has still to be highly valued and there should be not any criticism and blame.




W1.9 Physical Scientists are the Victims of Antiscience of Physics


The victims of current antiscience of physics are physical scientists because these have had no chances to use there high level of intelligence to define a scientifically sound basis for engineers so that they can use this basis to develop new technologies. Mankind had lost at least 60 years of technical developments with the result that engineers had to develop new techniques by try and error without understanding the technique. This is the case foe nearly all techniques like electronic devices including motors, data transfer, magnetic devices, all equipment for spectroscopy, laser, interferometer, photo diodes, heat pump, power plants, planes and so on. spectroscopic

Engineers would not constructed ineffective power plants by burning of fossils or nuclear decay reactions, but would have constructed power plants which work analog to Sun.




W1.10 Continuing with Antiscience is a scientific and human Disaster


As already mentioned the current disastrous state of physics has to regarded as an unfortunate accident, for which nobody is responsible.


But after getting aware of the physical reality of the universe by SURe – New-Physics and Weltformel, continuing doing antiscience would not only reveal a person to be no scientist but also would be a global scientific and human disaster.


Particular in current times we need physical reality to manage current threatening events so that mankind can survive in future.

By SURe – New Physics generation of clean and very inexpensive energy analog to Sun and implement optimal actions against climate change can be achieved in short time.




W2 The results of prohibited physical Research


W2.1 Physics is still Magics because of matter-less Phenomenons


A perfect example of reality and a fictive theory of magics is the particle-wave dualism of photons. Although already Einstein has clearly found out that the reality of electromagnetic waves are particles (photons), he dared not to state that by this electromagnetic waves are clearly falsified and no reality.


All observed waves consists of particles like water or sonic waves and thus are reality. Electromagnetic waves do not consist of particles. These have no mass, no concrete structure and no concrete location and thus do not exist. Matter-less phenomenons are called magics, occultism or ghost apparitions. These have nothing to do with physics.


Other examples of imaginary and non-existing phenomenons are gravitational waves, most elementary particles, all current forces, charges, magnetic moments and force fields.


Photons are well observable as particles, for example by eyes. Eyes measure the concrete location on the retina where a photon collides to an optic nerve. At the same time the kinetic energy of the photon is measured. Both data are conducted as specific energies of electrons to the brain for evaluation. As photons have kinetic energy these also have a concrete mass, which is about 200 times larger than the mass of an electron.





W2.2 No Attention of Requirements for physical Interactions


Physicists should have studied real waves like water waves to get knowledge of the physical requirements to generate a wave. Easiest wave generation is the drop of a stone onto the surface of a quiet pond:

* Water molecules are accelerated by kinetic energy to deeper water level.

* In order to adjust pressure to same level adjacent water molecules are accelerated to the surface. Until the water molecules are stopped by gravitational force they have a level higher than the normal surface.

* Gravitational force causes that water molecules are accelerated to a level below the normal surface.

Overall at least two forces are needed so that two opposite movements are done by particles! An additional force has to be exerted for the longitudinal movement of a wave:

* Water molecules do fluctuating bondings to their neighbors to all sides. By this the up and down movements are transferred with delay to the neighbored molecules at outer side. . At the side of the originated wave the forces of movements have opposite direction, which causes that the wave movements at this side are terminated.

* This explains that the up-and down -movement is expands to all sides and terminates in center area, which appears as a moving wave in a cycle to outer areas of water level.

* As the available energy for up- and down movements is distributed to increasing number of molecules, this results to decreasing amplitudes of waves.


Energy of waves:

* The energy of a wave is always represented by height of wave amplitude, but not by frequency!






W2.3 Severe Misunderstanding of basic Properties


Even basic properties are not described by matter like energy, force and heat and many others. The current definitions of these properties are that these are “released” from and “transferred” to bodies. It is not defined how the release and transfer is physically done. Released and transferred can only be physical objects but no property. The emitted particle can have an impact to another body by a collision. A property can do no collision. This shows a serious non-understanding of current physics.

Not only yecause of the fact above there is no basic property which has a clearly unequivocally definition. Many properties even have a clearly wrong definition.


Clear unambiguous definitions of all basic properties are listed in chapter W6.18.

All definitions are conform to Weltformel and all observations. Most current properties, which are not listed and are not the result of real unbiased measurements have to be eliminated like many thermodynamic properties.



W2.4 Many Values of Properties are wrong


Many values of properties are wrong, because these do not result from valid unbiased measurements, but from measurements biased by physical impossible theories or by calculation formulas which were derived by physical impossible science fiction without any measurement. Many calculation formulas are not generally valid and thus the restrictions have to be specified.

A clear sign for wrong data is, when the stated values have a high accuracy- Examples are all masses of particles.


W2.5 Misuse of Mathematics to verify impossible Theories


Most physicists do not accept SURe – New Physics because of the missing complicated formulas of mathematics and therefore declare SURe – New Physics as unscientific trashy stuff, which is worthless to read.

First answer is that SURe – New physics is completely based on mathematics. Next answer is that all interactions in universe are determined by just two mathematical formulas. That the universe works by very simple mathematics is no problem of Sure-New Physics but the problem is that the complicated mathematics, which is used in current physics, is mostly used to describe physically impossible theories (science fiction). Only formulas which are conform to the fundamental formulas of the Weltformel describe reality.


The use of complicated mathematics is a clear indication that the universe and mathematics has not been understood. Every mathematician knows that by mathematics nothing can be explained. Thus the most important physical task cannot be done by mathematics.

But it is even much worse: Physicists seem to know that mathematics is a perfect tool to do a fake- verification of physically impossible science fiction. This explains why mathematics is nearly always included in physical publication.

After first extensive scientific checks I realized that mathematics was used in each checked publication to fake reality, so that I decided to declare all publications with mathematics to be science fiction. The process of faked reality is mostly the same: First a theory (science fiction) is expressed as mathematical formula. Then the mathematical formula is changed by mathematically transformations. But every mathematician knows that by valid mathematically transformations you get no valid statements when there were no valid statements at the beginning of transformations. Sometimes the theory is incorporated in between the calculations.

Such procedures are normally known as severe errors by fallacies, often circular fallacies.



W2.6 Many mathematical Errors


A typical example of a circular fallacy is the fake verification by mathematical derivation of kinetic energy = ½ mv². This also shows that physicists don’t realize such a blatant error because they are blinded by habit.

But also without the detection of the fallacy the nonsense of ½ mv² is clearly obvious by the general knowledge that kinetic energy and velocity are relative values. And mathematicians know that squared velocities are mathematically and physically impossible to express relative properties.


A useful applications for mathematics is to define a general description of observed proportionalities. For example by experiments it can be clearly seen that the impact of a moving object is proportional to the mass of the object and the velocity of the object. So by this the real kinetic energy of an object is Ekin = mass x velocity (mv). It is extreme unscientific that the wrong formula has not been eliminated in all these years.


A severe logical error occurred for the absurd formula of work = force x distance. Details see SURe- New Physics Vol. PARTICLE MECHANICS.


Normally the universe works with very simple relations. A bit less simple are derivations of functions. Physicists should know that a change of a property which is inverse proportional to a quadratic term results to the inverse proportionality of the linear term. Examples for these mathematical errors are that gravitation and luminosity are proportional to 1/r and not to 1/r² (r= distance).

Thus there are no correct formula for the most important properties in universe. Of course these basic errors caused numerous other errors.




W2.7 Severe mathematical Errors in Astrophysics


The most severe mathematical errors concern movements of celestial bodies (see SURe- New Physics VOL. ASTROPHYSICS)

There are just two forces, which determine all movements of celestial bodies:

1. The force that bodies are accelerated to position with lowest sum of spin-energies (also called gravitational force).

2. The force that bodies maintain their kinetic energy.


Comment: A centrifugal force does not exist in universe.


Thus basic movements are mathematically determined by vector addition of the two forces.

Stable orbits require that both forces have the same value and are perpendicular


* The error of elliptical orbits


Normally vector addition of stable orbits results to circular orbits.

Observations show that nearly all orbits differ from a circle. This shows that the two forces are affected by modifications, so that the forces are not stable over time but cause a stable periodic orbit movement.

By SURe it could be identified that the forces are modified by penetration through different concentrations of omnipresent photons.

But not any orbit has got elliptical by the changed forces.





* The error of mutual orbiting (= error of binary systems of celestial bodies).

No binary orbital systems are allowed. It is mathematically not possible that in a stable orbit there are mutual gravitational forces. If there are mutual gravitational forces the corresponding celestial bodies are deflected to each other and either fly by or collide. This is the result of mathematical vector addition.

Mathematical vector addition falsifies the existence of binary orbits, because the gravitational force is not compensated by a kinetic force. (Kinetic force is always relative). There is no kinetic force in a stated stable binary orbit system.

The results are:

Stars do not affect other stars, planets do not effect other planets or stars, moons do not affect other moons, planets or stars.


* By wrong formulas of kinetic energy and gravitation there are false data of orbits.




W2.8 Many Units of Properties do not make Sense


A unit for a property has to be explainable. The unit Joule = kg * m² / s² as well as the corresponding formula are not explainable and make no sense.

Kinetic energy is correctly defined as energy which a body of mass m and velocity v relative to a body has and can transfer maximal by collision to another body.

As already explained the correct formula for kinetic energy is

Ekin = m * delta(v) and by this the unit is kg * (m/s).


The unit for velocity must be clearly identified as unit for velocity and therefore has to be bracketed, because often there are different meanings for time spans.

A unit always depends on the definition of the property.

The property force has the same definitions as kinetic energy. Thus the unit force has to be identical to the unit of kinetic energy. The same is valid for all other energies and forces.

A force can have another definition than the force of a body. For example in the formula F = m * a, where a is the change of velocity per time unit F cannot be a force of a body , because an acceleration is done by exertion of a force of a body and after that the body has reduced its force. In addition this causes a single step to velocity increase but not to a velocity increase by time unit. This shows that a formula has first to be explained before the formula give meaningful results, which are understood.

The explanation for F in this formula is:

F (specific) = the sum of forces per time unit which is exerted ( transferred) by a high number of particles to a body of mass m so that this results to a constant acceleration per time unit of a.

Important is that you have to define a specific force in a way so that the basic force has the same general unit. On the other hand by checking the units of a formula, you get knowledge about the real property which is calculated by the formula or/and if the formula is correct.

Nearly same definition as above has the exerted force = transferred kinetic energy by pressure by gas molecules and gravitation by omnipresent particles.




W2.9 Physical Constants show Lack of physical Understanding


None of in current physics defines physical constants are reality or make sense. None is a natural constant. All are man-made.

Maximal speed of light light in vaccuum

Light speed is extreme various. It depends on gravitational force (already stated by Albert Einstein, but also on wind of Ether (omnipresent photons). Already known is that light speed depends on travel medium, and thus, as vacuum consists of different concentrations of omnipresent photons there is nearly no medium where the light speed is constant. The light speed in space is significant faster than the measured value in vacuum of earth surface.

Actual measurements in vacuum have already falsified that light speed is constant and maximal.

Boltzmann constant

There is not any correlation between temperature, which is a measurement unit for Heat to energy. Energy is often correlates inversely to temperature.

Planck constant

it is a man-made normation factor of units between Joule and frequency. But both units are no correct units for kinetic energy.

Elementary Charge

Charge is nothing, which can be physically described and thus has no physical reality. By this the same is valid for elementary charge. If it is a property there is no definition and explanation of this property. There are many unexplained questions : Why are there many other charges which are completely different, What has an electron, which is negative and why has a proton the same but positive. Negative has no physical description. What are the explanation of different numbers.

The unit Coulomb makes no sense and has no explanation.

An electron is the only elementary particle and interacts like all particles. An electron is an object with kinetic energy and has an impact by kinetic energy.


Gravitational constant

This is just a normalization constant to same unit of force. But this is not generally valid for gravitation. By this it has limited use for calculations. Another problem is that Physicists can‘t explain gravitation and can‘t explain the values of gravitation. In addition there is a wrong dependency of gravitation to distance.

Most other constants have not any scientific basis and cannot be explained. A clear indication for an unscientific constant is its calculation by a formula with other constants, which is just a fake – formula, which is not explainable and just a try- and- error -play with apparent constants without any sense. .

Also the physically impossible accuracies of the claimed values are extremely unscientific, which makes physics to a farce and shows that there is no understanding of science.


Examples for constants, which make partly senses are :

Bohr radius

can be measured although this is very difficult. Thus there is a high propability that measurement has not scientifically be done. Bohr radius would be of interest when compared to other radii of particles . The calculation formula makes it unscientific and not reliable.


Is a man-made definition of a unit, which expresses a high number of particles, which is useful to calculate masses of educts and products for reactions.


A real natural, very important and extreme accurate contant is:

Total energy of the universe = 0 (zero)





W2.8 Violation of basic physical Principles


This is just a short overview. Details are explained in other volumes. Some have been already mentioned-


* Principle of Relativity was violated by

- Theories of relativity

- Lorentz-tranformations


* Principle of conservation of energy has been violated by

- Spontaneous reactions

- Tunneling effective-


W3 The Basis for Weltformel and SURe- New Physics


W3.1 Axiom: The Universe is Physical Reality


The fundamental axiom for the universe is:



Physical reality means:

Everything in universe is clearly describable by objects of matter which have structure, mass, concrete relative position ,3-dimensional structure, kinetic energy

In addition physical reality must be unambiguous, logical, conform to all observations and irrefutable.



W3.2 The Requirements for Weltformel and SURe- New Physics


Requirements for the Weltformel and for SURe- New Physic are:

The Weltformel consists of most general laws which explain all physical interactions and physical states in universe.

SURe- New Physics describe in detail each specific interaction and state in universe by physical reality and how these are explained by Weltformel.

All descriptions and explanations are physical reality.



W3.3 Weltformel is derived exclusively by Observations


Weltformel is derived exclusively by reliable observations without interpretations.

Basis for SURe- New Physics is exclusively the Weltformel. Not any theory, hypothesis or assumption has been used.


W3.4 Weltformel is the Result of all experimental physical Research



All performed experiments in Physics are physical reality. It has to be emphasized that the Weltformel and SURe- New Physics was exclusively derived from the great experimental research work of all physicists. Nearly all available experimental studies from all areas of physicists were necessary and were used for the detection of the Scientific Universal Reality (SURe). Thus SURe - New Physics is the basic achievement of all physicists since beginning of physical research.

We now have to acknowledge this great work of physics and accept the real results of physical research by converting from physics of fictive theories to physics of observed reality, which is equivalent to SURe – New Physics.



W3.5 SURe- New Physics is based on the excellent Job of Engineers


Every technique is physical reality. Thus the most knowledge used for deriving SURe- New Physics was provided by excellent work physical engineers.

Physical engineers did a demanding job, because they developed and constructed many valuable technologies despite wrong explanations and understandings. In other volumes of SURe- New Physics examples are shown which clearly show the wrong understandings of constructed techniques like: Laser, interferometer, spectrometer, magnet, data transfer, heat pump, accelerator, atomic clock and many more.


A very important information revealed by work of engineers is the falsification of greenhouse effect. Otherwise insulating glass would not be filled with CO2 according to the greenhouse motto: heat comes in and does not go out.

But the real effect of CO2 is: heat is prevented to come in by absorption of radiated IR-photons , but can easily go out by heat flow of omnipresent IR-photons.

Engineers know that holding the heat in a room is best by using argon to fill window insulation glass: Argon is a one-atomic molecule!


SURe falsifies the greenhouse-warming effect of CO2 by at least 20 clear observations and errors of current physics. One falsification or basic error would be sufficient.


Of course the physically impossible theories strongly hindered technical progress. Engineers would have surely constructed already before the 1960s years extreme effective power plants for “clean” and cheap energy by getting knowledge of energy generation by Sun.






W4 Presentation of the Weltformel (guaranteed Reality)


W4.1 The fundamental Axiom of the Weltformel


The only and fundamental axiom for the universe is:

Matter and energy in universe were generated out of “Nothing”.


The fundamental axiom results to the definition and understanding of matter:


The only possibility for generation of matter is that pairs of matter- and antimatter- particles were generated. This is conform to a corresponding  theory of current physics. But in current physics the physical property was not defined, which has to be opposite so that it results to nothing. The property can’t be charge, because charge is not physically describable and thus is no reality. In addition also plus and minus of a charge is not a describable physical difference of particles which results to nothing. (Later it is shown, that charges also can’t be used for the physical explanation of bondings).

Well known physical properties which can be canceled out, are force and kinetic energy by opposite directions.

Finally only one conclusion leads to the physical reality of matter and antimatter-particles:

Antimatter and matter particles are opposite directions of spin rotations, so that by complete superposing the energies are compensated to “nothing”. The only scientific explanation of generation of matter and energy in the universe is the separation of cyclically symmetrical opposite rotating spin-energies along their common spin axis. Thus the reality of matter is spin-energies. Only by this knowledge not only the generation of the universe can be explained but every interaction and state in the universe can be explained. Separated spin-energies must have identical size and energy. (Picture is shown under page “From nothing to universe”). For generation of matter in universe this occurred spontaneously at all empty spaces of the volume of the universe. This was the only possible spontaneous interaction in the universe as the acceleration for separation did not require energy. The generated opposite rotating spin-energies are called electrons and positrons.


The first generated electrons and positrons had no mass, because otherwise their acceleration to do movements to separate themselves would have needed energy. It is well known that currently the electrons and positrons have a mass. So the masses of particles were generated later. By this knowledge the origin of mass can logically be defined, which is presented in SURe – New Physics, Vol. PARTICLE PHYSICS .




W4.2 The First Fundamental Law of Nature (Weltformel, Part 1)


Comment: the two fundamental laws of nature are called by SURe- New Physics First and Second Fundamental Law of Nature or just First and Second Fundamental Law.


The First Fundamental Law describes the origin of all interactions in universe:


1. All interactions in universe are driven by one single force, which causes that collided electrons are accelerated to the direction of highest gradient of decreasing spin-energy by superposing of opposite rotating spin volumes.


The position of minimal spin-energy can be calculated and is a bit beyond the two spin axes. The spin axes are always aligned parallel by superposing. By the alignment of spin axes the spin-energies turn to same rotating directions. The result is that nearly all spin-energies turn to electrons. Anyway the differentiation between particles and antiparticles does not make sense as these are always identical particles. These just have to turn upside down.

Thus the superposed spin-energies are equivalent to bound electrons. Overall the first fundamental natural law leads to the following knowledge:


* Everything in universe consists of bound electrons.


* All bondings in universe are done by superposing of electrons to position of minimal spin-energies.


The First Fundamental Law can also be expressed by:


The matter in universe intends to achieve its ground state witch is “nothing”.



W4.3 The Second Fundamental Law of Nature (Weltformel, Part 2)



The Second Fundamental Law describes the fundamental requirement for an interaction:


2. All interactions occur in a way that total energy of interacting objects stays permanently constant.


This requirement reduces strongly the possibilities for interactions, so that the end states of interacting particles are always determined by the states before interaction.

Determination means that:

The end states of interacting particles can be mathematically calculated by the start states.


Therefore the two Fundamental Laws are also called “Weltformel” = formula of the universe. The English expression “Theory of everything” should not be used because the Weltformel it is no theory but the reality of everything.

By Weltformel the properties of objects are fully determined at any time. So there is no uncertainty or non-locality in universe.


The Second Fundamental Law results to the only fundamental constant of nature with a known value:

The total energy of matter in universe is zero at all times.




W4.4 The Universal Interactions of the Universe


By axiom of physics everything in universe is matter, which consists of electrons. The interactions of electrons are ruled by two Fundamental Laws by which only following interactions of electrons are allowed:



which is required for any interaction in universe to provide the necessary activation energy for the interaction.

Further interactions are determined by

- value of kinetic energy of collision

- angle of kinetic energy (vector)

- positions of colliding electrons and their bondings within an object

Following properties have no influence on the interaction of two particles:

- heat (refers just to kinetic energy of omnipresent photons)

- pressure (is covered by kinetic energy)

- gravity (is covered by kinetic energy)

- density of particles

- properties of surrounded particles


All other interactions are listed by kinetic energy of collision (= collision energy):


1 High collision energy: COMPLETE PENETRATION

of all electrons of a bound particle

with possible deflection deflection or/and acceleration of value of kinetic energy of the bound particle.


2) Medium and low kinetic energy: BINDING

of electrons by stable vibrating penetration of parts of electrons.

By binding a particle is converted to a new particle.

Binding occurs only, when spin-energies are reduced by the overlay of opposite rotating spin-energies.

Binding results to the ADJUSTING of the vibrations of all bondings of a particle to a common symmetric stretching vibration mode, which is determined by lowest possible sum of spin-energies. Thus in this sense it is an averaging process.


Binding is equivalent to absorption. By binding kinetic energy (= collision energy) is consumed.


3) Medium collision energy: When by a binding the vibration energy of the new or another bonding exceeds its maximum, a BREAK OF BONDING between two electrons occurs, mostly followed by DECAY, by which the vibration energy of broken bonding is transferred equally to kinetic energies of decayed particles, which are by this emitted to opposite directions. The resulting EMISSION of a particle is equivalent to generation of kinetic energy.


Simultaneous binding and emission:

Often a simultaneous binding of the colliding particle and emission of a bound part of particle occurs parallel. This is possible when the bound part of particle is penetrated but the rest of the collided particle not.


Issues for further research:

It is not known how long the process of adjustments of vibrations take.

All transfers of energy require time. Also during penetration energies are transferred, for which the needed time per unit of transferred energy should be determined.


An Emission always includes the averaging process of vibrations by prior collisions and binding, which means by decays ACCELERATIONS and/or DEFLECTIONS of the prior bonded particles occur).


3) Medium and low kinetic energy: REFLECTION is the most difficult interaction as there are multiple mechanism:

3a) Reflection of colliding particles occur, when there is a total increase of spin-energy since start of penetration. This is for example always done when an antiparticle collides to a particle.

3b) Reflections are done by BONDING and direct RE-EMISSION of the same particle. On very regular crystallized matter there are photon chains on the surface of a body which are perpendicular to surface. These reflect particularly visible photons by bonding and re-emission.

3c) Some fluids like water, glass and liquid hydrogen bind to a tight net of molecules by forming structures of attached hexagons, which cover particular also surfaces. By this refection is done analog to a trampoline effect.

3d) Reflections by scattering on irregular surfaces, which causes multiple angles of re-emission.

3e) Reflections by scattering of photons by collisions to small particles, so that photons can transfer some kinetic energy from or to the particle.


Additional combinations of interactions:

* Reflections with transfer of kinetic energy which leads to decay and emission without previous binding interaction.

* Deformation, which occurs mostly by bodies and is a result of various reflections, decays and bondings.

* Other combinations



W5 Main Features of Weltformel and SURe- New Physics


W5.1 The Weltformel and SURe are falsifiable


A falsifiable statement is a statements for which test procedures can be described by which it would be possible to falsify the statement. Statements of physics must be falsifiable, otherwise these would be no physics but science fiction. For example a statement of the existence of a matter-less phenomenon like an electromagnetic wave or charge can’t be falsified by any test equipment and thus it is no reality but physically impossible science fiction.

As the statements of Weltformel and SURe- New Physics refer to interactions and states of bodies, consisting of particles these are falsifiable. This means can be falsified if this would be possible.

It is expected that there are still false statements concerning SURe- New Physics . Therefore falsifications are appreciated so that SURe- New Physics can be corrected. I myself falsified 3 years ago about one statement per week. Currently I falsify about 1 statement per 3 months. Because of elimination of falsified statements and inclusion of new observations SURe- New Physics will be continuously revised.




W5.2 Determinism of all Interactions and States


By Weltformel all actual states of a group of interacting particles are determined by prior states of same group of interacting particles. Thus the current appearance of the universe is determined by the states of electrons directly after generation.


There is no freedom any more to do any creative fictive work in physics.

If the Weltformel would be programmed in a powerful computer, the computer can calculate everything which is going on in universe. Thus you get for example knowledge about the cosmos without observations. The complete development from generation of matter until current appearance of the universe can be calculated.


One of the easier tasks are the calculations of the structure of all existing particles in universe. The detailed structures of all relevant subatomic particles and many atoms have already been defined by me without computer. There are still extensive studies required.

By the structures all properties of atoms can be predicted like: Relative stability, all possible reactions, masses, aggregation states.




W5.3 Extreme Simplicity


The universe is described and explained by


* one fundamental particle (electron = spin-energy)

* seven relevant subatomic particles (electron / 1e , electron-pair / 2e , muon / 3e , photon / 4e , neutron / 10e , proton / 13e)

* one active and one passive force (described by the two Fundamental Laws.

* two simple axioms

* all energies are energies of movement:

- two absolute energies (spin-energy and vibration-energy)

- one relative energy of movement (kinetic energy)

* five basic interactions of bodies/particles: (collision, bonding, break of bonding & decay, complete penetration, reflection)

* simple mathematics


W5.4 Nearly complete Physics refers to chemical Reactions


All interactions in universe are activated by collisions of objects followed by few various possibilities of penetration (superposition of spin-energies = electrons). Besides complete penetration by high energetic collisions, there might occur reflections and chemical reactions by building and breaking of bondings. A bonding is a vibrating partial superposition of electrons. Thus physics is mainly determined by rules of chemical reactions (= kinetics).


Physics can be grouped by different reaction products:


Thermodynamics = Interactions of omnipresent photons

Optics = Interactions of emitted visible photons

Electricity = Interactions of electrons

Magnetism = Interaction of bound photons

Gravity = Interactions of omnipresent photons generated by celestial bodies

Astrophysics = Interactions of celestial bodies

Cosmology = Reactions of first generated electrons to celestial bodies

Plasma physics = Interactions of particles which were generated by high energetic decay reactions, mainly atoms with missing photon-chains

Relativity = completely physically impossible science fiction

Quantum physics = completely physically impossible science fiction



W5.5 Chemical Reactions instead of magical Conversions


By Weltformel particles are not converted to other particles by magics with the help of imaginary non-existing particles like bosons, but exclusively by chemical reactions determined by scientific rules of kinetics:


* Particles are converted to other particles by bindings of electrons or/and by break of bondings of electrons.

* Conversions are described by a reaction equation of educts and products.

* Number of fundamental particles (electrons) don’t change by conversions

* Reactions go to both sides of the equation, at the equilibrium the speeds of reactions to both side are the same

* All reactions have to be activated by collisions.

* Speed of reactions are determined by product of concentrations of reacting particles.


Rules of chemical kinetics reveal following basic Errors of Physics:


* There are no spontaneous reactions like radioactive decays. Instead radioactive decays are mostly activated by collisions of high energetic photons.


* Instead of the decay of a neutron, there is following reaction:

neutron (10e) + photon (4e) = proton (13 e) + electron (1e)


* Instead of magic conversions of neutrinos there is following reaction:

photon (4e) + (collision) = 2 electron-pairs (2x2e)

( muon-neutrino) (2 electron-neutrinos)

The term neutrino is not used anymore by SURe-New-Physics


* Instead of proton-proton- bindings (nuclear fusions) occur by high collision- energies, these occur by nearly zero collision-energy at 14K (=freezing of hydrogen)

Proton (13 e) + Proton (13e) = Di-proton (26 e)

Di-proton is identical to alpha-particle

There are not any neutrons or electrons in atoms. Neutrons and electrons are just decay products of atoms.


High-energetic collisions are physically impossible because of penetration.

By high energies of particle collision experiments there occur not any particle-particle collision, but penetration.

= guaranteed reality, can simply be tested by shut down of one acceleration tube of the two particle tubes.


* The reaction which describes the data- transfer through air/space:

1) Data-sequences by kinetic energies of electrons are generated.

2) The sequence of electrons collide in transmitting- antennas to omnipresent photons and bind to pions, which decay to muons and electron pairs.

3) The electron-pairs are emitted with the same sequence of energies and in addition muons out of the antenna.

4) In receiving antennas the emitted electron-pairs decay to electrons again.

5) The muons bind to magnetic fields.

A) electron (e) + photon (4e) = pion (5e) = muon (3e) + electron-pair (2e)

B) electron-pair (2e) = electron + electron

Comment: Same reaction describes generation of magnetic- fields by electric-magnets, because muons also bind to photon-structures.!



W5.6 Weltformel reveals Reality of atomic Structure


Currently there at multiple theories (models) for atomic structure. None of these is reality. The structures of atoms is important as exclusively these explain all characteristics of atoms.


An atom consists of a nuclei with a specific number of bound protons and a specific number of chains of bound photons, which are bound to atomic nuclei. (There are no neutrons and no free electrons!)




Examples of atoms

Picture of structures will be shown in


Atom      No.     No. photon-

          Protons    chains

H            1            1

He          2            0

Be          3            2

Li           3            1

B            4           2

N            4           3

C            6           4

O            6           2

F            6            1

Ne          6            0

Na          7            1

Mg          8           2



Reactions to molecules:


Atoms can react to molecules by bindings of the photon chains of one atom to a photon chain of another atom. Photon chains are differentiated by their stabilities. Photon chains with high stability build bondings between atoms at standard conditions.

Only by bonding with photon chains bondings and vibration of bondings can be physically explained.

Without the bondings by photon chains atoms would have nearly no matter and other matter would go through atomic matter without resistance. Atomic matter would have a very low stability.




W5.7 SURe reveals other Errors concerning Atoms


1. Atomic weights are no reality.

Masses correlate to number of stable bondings and have to be determined by observations of reactions and not by science fiction.


2. Reality of generation of nuclear isomers by beta-minus decay:


An atomic nucleus can react at several positions of the bound protons with colliding high-energetic photons by decay to an electron, which are emitted.

This reaction has been completely misunderstood because of the reacting photons as educts have not been taken into account. The reality of this 2-step- reaction:

1. The high energetic photon binds to nucleus and replaces a photon chain, which is emitted from nucleus.

2. The strong collision energy causes increase of vibration energies, so that an Electron decays from the bound high-energetic photon.


Error a: The emitted electron does not decay from the atom but from bound photon. So the conclusion that the atom consists of free electrons is wrong.

Error b: The emitted electrons have continuous kinetic energies because the collision energies of photons are continues in a specific range. Thus there is no requirement to meet energy conservation by the hypothesis that another particle (neutrino) is emitted. No neutrino is emitted.

Error c: The decay of a photon chain causes that a bonding possibility is missing in the generated nucleus. There is no missing proton in the new atom. Atoms, which result from reactions of the bound protons are called atomic isomers.


3. Error of Ionization:

When a collision to a nucleus just causes the decay of a photon chain, the reactive position on nucleus is still available for bondings of photons to a new chain. This reaction is called ionization of an atom. An Ion is an atom with a missing (emitted) photon chain.


4. Reality of generation of nuclear isomers by beta-plus decay:


There are following reaction steps for beta-plus decays:


4a) Atom collides to particles which do no bondings to atomic nucleus (mostly anti-particles):

4b) Increased vibration energies by collision cause break of bondings at positions on nucleus, which don’t have bonding possibilities.

4c) Break of bondings causes that a muon is emitted.

4d) The muon quickly decays to an electron and an electron-pair, formerly called electron-neutrino.

Error of generated positron: The electron has an opposite direction of emission compared to that from beta minus decay, so that it has in a magnetic field an opposite deflection direction and appears to be a positron.

Error of generated proton: . There is no conversion of a neutron to a proton. Reality is nearly the contrary: By the decay of a proton unit an additional bonding position for photons is generated, which means omnipresent photons build an additional photon chain, which can bind to other atoms.

Error of emitted photon: The Beta minus decay or decay of muons (3e) to electron-pairs (2e) = neutrinos and not to photons. These neutrinos have been used at CERN (OPERA-TEAM) to falsify maximal speed of light. Electron- pairs (electron-neutrinos) are faster because these are smaller than photons, which causes that penetration needs less time.


Comment as example for the rigorous fight of current physics against detection of reality:

The team leader of OPERA team would have clearly earned a Nobel Price by this important detection and one other price for his courage to publish this. Instead he was forced to declare the published detection as faulty and as far as I know he was urged to quit his job.





W5.8 Weltformel determines Characteristics of Particles


By Weltformel all structures of particles are determined.

By structures all characteristics of particles are determined.

As all bondings of a particle are planar in same plane, there are no tetrahedral structures of molecules.


Examples of Explanations by structures:


* Why an alpha-particle (Di-proton) has low intention to react to He

* Why He4 and He3 are super-fluid.

* Why O=O is relative unstable and decays to photons (heat, light)

* Why CO2 is very stable and does not decay to photons

* Why CO2 does not build a fluid by cooling down but directly a solid.

* Why C can do planar triple- bondings

* Why N=N do just double bondings

* Why only particles with specific structures are deflected by slits

* Why photons can build huge bound structures with size of a galaxy.

* All the special properties of H2O, which is a linear molecule.



W5.9 Faults can easily be detected (Example Angle of H2O)


By Weltformel all errors and faults can easily be detected without need of experimental falsifications, because everything which does not comply to Weltformel is no physical reality. Of course experimental falsification can be done additionally, if physicist do not believe in the two Fundamental Laws.


Also clear lies can be clearly detected. This is for example the case for the statement that H2O is an angled molecule. By Weltformel most particles have an unambiguous structure as the structure has to meet the requirement of lowest sum of spin-energies and sufficient stability of bondings. For H2O this clearly requires that H2O is a linear molecule with O bonded in opposite direction over a photon chain to proton. The proton has three bonding options, which are in a plane with distances of angles of 120 degrees. This structure ensures that plane hexagonal structures are build by proton -proton- bondings. Bondings are always done by reduction of temperature. The nuclear bonding process is called freezing. Other bondings except proton- proton-bondings are not possible by H2O. The plane hexagonal structures with angles of 120 and 60 degrees can be observed by snow-flakes. Of course the Weltformel can also explain why the snow-flakes are often perfectly symmetrical: this is required by stability.

As physicists are aware that they should also have an explanation for structure of snow-flakes they have no scruple to tell a lie to general public, that by the angled molecule the hexagonal structure of snow-flakes can be explained. This is an affront against science. There are pictures of physicists, how structures by current theory of H2O-H2O- bondings look like. These structures are far away from any similarity to snow flakes. Telling lies to general public has become normality in physics in order to stick to physically impossible science fiction.


Of course all other characteristics of water can exclusively be explained by linear structure and the bondings to hexagonic structures which already occur in fluid H2O:

* high surface tension

* reflections by surface

* High heat capacity

* High heat of freezing and condensation

* Expansion by freezing




W5.10 The Weltformel eliminates magic Forces



None of currently defined forces have a physical definition, which means that these are not physically described.

All interactions like changes of movements need forces by kinetic energy, which can exclusively be done by collisions of objects like particles.

Thus the definition of the physical force is: Force is the potential of a physical system of particles (object) to transfer kinetic energy to another physical system by collision.

The physical force is equivalent to the kinetic energy of an object.

The universal force according to First Fundamental Law has the meaning of force to do something without transfer of kinetic energy from another particles. By this it is an unexplainable force. The universal force causes that touching particles are forced to be accelerated to the strongest negative gradient of spin-energies.


In any case all forces require collisions of particles. So physicists have the tasks to define the colliding particles for forces. It is known that many particles which exert forces by collisions can’t be seen by eyes. For example a windmill works by collisions and thus by kinetic energy of gas molecules. If the colliding particles are not seen by eyes it is no science to invent magic forces like magnetic force and gravitational force. Physicists have the task to do research to find out the particles which cause these forces, which only can be omnipresent particles




W5.11 The Weltformel clearly defines omnipresent Particles



Nearly all physicists before 1900 were aware that for several interactions omnipresent matter is required and called this ether. Just one single scientists (Albert Einstein) managed that the logical postulate of ether was abandoned.

Later physicists have detected the omnipresent ether to be omnipresent photons. But physicist did not clearly report the detection of omnipresent matter. In very rare cases they used the term “3-Kelvin-photons”, but mostly they called the omnipresent matter “cosmic microwave background, CMB” , because they interpreted the finding wrongly as remnant radiation. By this they misused the finding to be the final radiation from the first generated radiation after “Big Bang”. For this statement there are lots of falsifications. One falsification was done some time later by physicists. Physicists have detected that CMB are no photons but neutrinos. But instead of admitting the error of photons they pretended that there are two different observations. This is extremely unscientific and makes research ridiculous. It is already an affront against science that physicists are still using the physically impossible magic electromagnetic waves and don’t use the term omnipresent. When particles are observed in all directions it should be logical that these do random movements to all directions, which is difficult to explain by electromagnetic waves. Positive is that the phenomenon is now called “cosmic neutrino background” and not microwave background. As they don’ differentiate any more between electron-neutrino and muon- neutrino, it seems that physicists got the knowledge that muon-neutrinos are photons, but this has also “been forgotten” to report.

The reality by SURe-New Physics:

Omnipresent neutrinos (=electron-pairs) and omnipresent photons (4e) have been generated by bonding of electrons within few hours after generation of matter. Thus omnipresent photons and /electron-pairs are in universe quasi since generation of matter. Expanding of universe is physically impossible and falsified by constant concentration of omnipresent particles.

As photons are the most stable particles, the equilibrium concentration of electron-pairs is very low (probably less than 0,001% ). Because of the majority of photons SURe- New Physics uses the term omnipresent photons. Whereas measurement of low energetic photons are very difficult, the measurement of electron-pairs is very simple as these directly decay to two electrons (electric current) by collision to metallic detectors (=radio-detector). All particles by radio-detectors are electron-pairs and all measurements of “cosmic background” have been done by radio-detectors. Thus there are no measurements of photons.

Still lots of measurements have to be done to get more information.



W5.12 Weltformel “reveals” all Findings of Reality of current Physics



Detection of an-isotropy of light by CMB measurements as example:

Concerning CMB till now very few measurements have been done. The most significant observation is that omnipresent photons show besides random movements a linear movement, which is equal to earth rotation on earth and to velocity of Sun orbit in space.

The linear movement of an omnipresent matter, which causes an-isotropy of light, was subject of research since 19th century (Michelson-Morley experiment). Despite the immense significance of the findings by CMB measurements: “ether-wind” and by this the anisotropy of light, were tried to keep secret from general public by reporting a meaningless Doppler effect and eliminating the an-isotropy from data pictures. The reason is clear: The detected finding falsifies all “0-results of an-isotropy measurements of light speed.

That the found “0-results” of modern measurements have been clearly faked has already been reported by SURe – New Physics (Vol. END OF RELATIVITY).

Another example that Valuable research findings were not allowed to be published. Another example of the fact that physicists are “indirectly” forced to do anti-science.




W5.13 The Weltformel will cause a Revolution in all natural Sciences


All natural sciences work by the two Fundamental laws of Nature and thus by the 5 interactions determined by the Weltformel. Thus in principle there is no difference of scientific research of all natural sciences. Main research of all natural sciences refer to particle reactions. By the strong restrictions to just 5 interactions, it should be much easier to find the explanations for observations. There will be many new and improved technologies for observations. An extreme high number of additional research scientist will be needed after the Weltformel has been detected because of highly increase possibilities to do successful research with valuable findings. Funding of research will mainly taken over by industry, as research will mostly refer to new valuable applications for mankind.




W5.14 The huge new Research Potential for Chemistry


As by Weltformel the basic rules for structures of atoms and molecules are known, all possible reactions are known without testing these. Also the optimal conditions for reactions are known. Concerning atoms the structures still have to be determined for heavy atoms.

As for determination of atomic structures mainly time is needed and just basic knowledge about characteristics of different elements, my daughter Janika took over this task and still works on this. Latest achievement was the determination of the structure of gold.

The knowledge of the real structures and by the knowledge of the real possible reactions by which elements can be converted to other elements, this opens unimagined possibilities to generate valuable atoms by industrial manufacturing out of non-valuable atoms without mining.


Also energy generation works by reactions and thus by basic chemistry. All rules of chemical reactions comply to Weltformel. As already mentioned this includes also the absolutely wrong theory that by nuclear fusion energy is generated. Instead of bonding reaction, decay reaction have to be used.

Accidentally the conditions for decay reactions were correct: for decay reactions high energies are required. Not correct was the used “fuel” for energy generation: Instead of a fuel plasma was used, which can be regarded as the ash of fuel, because plasma are decayed atoms and thus completely burned -out. Normally the ash must get out of the burning chamber and not hold with by extremely expensive magnets in the burning chamber. (burning means here energy generation). The cheapest fuel is water. Decay of photons from water is also the heat generation of nuclear fission plants. But nuclear fission is the worst reaction to generate high energetic particles( in this case neutrons) for the decay of water or other molecules. In fusion test facilities decay reactions of neutral molecules are already used for preheating of test chamber. Thus the only action to be done is to inject these neutral molecules (fuel) permanently instead of extreme short start phase of real energy generation.



W5.15 The huge new Research Potential for Biology


Scientific research for biology is much more challenging than for physics as there are much more chemical reactions and much more complex structures of particles. Therefore many additional observations have to be done in order to define the mechanisms of interactions.

But the Weltformel should be a strong help for this. In addition it can be expected that in near future by SURe many highly improved technologies can be developed so that the experimental observations can be extended to new areas and accuracies which will offer uncredible sophisticated analytical possibilities.



W5.16 Weltformel can save mankind from Life threatening Danger


For medicine the same is valid as for biology. Of course research for medicine is of higher value than of other natural sciences.


But because by SURe all chemical reactions in technological equipment are known mankind get knowledge about possible health dangers of already applied and new technologies. It should not happen something like for X-ray photons, which have been applied after their detection without being aware of any health danger.

The same has happened by radio radiation (emitted electron-pairs). It should have been noticed by physicists that electron-pairs have the same charcteristics than X-ray- photons. These penetrate living matter except heavy nuclei. The health danger of X-ray photons is a result of absorption by specific molecules in living beings by which mutations can occur and thus cancer.

It is known that electron-pairs are absorbed by antenna, which means by iron. Iron is in blood and thus there is a clear potential for health danger by absorption of electron-pairs by blood. Current testing procedure completely measures the wrong “product” which is generated besides electron-pairs. The generated magnetic fields are measured and not at all the absorption of electron-pairs. This is worse than no measurement of health dangers. Thisonly leads to a false sense of security against possibly very dangerous particle radiation.

Overall the testing is now done directly by all people and nobody can escape from this health test. The result of the test is not clear up to now.

Such a situation that mankind is used as Guinea pig should not happen and will not happen by support of Weltformel.

Thus Weltformel must be urgently accepted by physicists.

We now live with the possibility that by a special energy (currently called frequency) red blood cells decay so that we can‘t get oxygen anymore. It is very simple to determine if there is a frequency at which this is reality.


Thus a simple action determined by Weltformel might save mankind from dying out.


Also ALS might be caused by radio radiation as ALS results by a malfunction of a molecule which can absorb radio radiation and thus might be destroyed.







W5.17 Clear basic physical Definitions



consists of bound spin-energies = bound electrons.


ENERGY of a body

is the sum of spin-energies + sum of vibration energies.


KINETIC ENERGY = FORCE of a body (relative and vectorial)

is the potential to transfer maximal the value of all relative kinetic energy of a body to another body by collision.

Both is proportional to mass and velocity of a body.


The Universal FORCE

is the force to be accelerated to position of lowest spin-energies (First Fundamental Law of Nature).



is the average kinetic energy of randomly moving omnipresent photons.



is the chosen measurement unit for heat and thermal energy



is exclusively done by breaks of bondings to photons/particle and the resulting emission of IR-photons/particles, which increase the average kinetic energy of omnipresent photons/particles.



is exclusively done after collisions by absorption of omnipresent photons/particles..



refers to a decay of a particle by collision.



refers to binding of colliding particles.


DECAY of a collided particle

results by breaking of a bonding, by which the vibration energy is transferred (50%/50%) to kinetic energy of decay products.


BINDING of a collided particle

is the partial superposition of contrarily rotating electrons

causes that the kinetic energy of the collided particle is transferred to vibration energy of the new particle so that a harmonic stretching vibration is generated.



refers always to symmetric stretching movements of bonded electrons of a particle..



causes change of movement of a particle by collision (acceleration).


MOVEMENT, VELOCITY of a body (always relative and a vector)

Can exclusively be described by changed distance per time to another body,

is no property of a body; change of velocity is proportional to change of average vibration energies



is resistance against acceleration and is proportional to the number of not-decaying bondings of a body.


PRESSURE (of gases)

refers to sum of collision energies (=kinetic energies) of molecules to a surface area.






W5.18 The Universal Force replaces all other Forces


The Universal Force eliminates all current theories about other forces.

The Universal Force is described by First Fundamental Law..

Another description is: The force of collided spin-energies (electrons) to move to or to escape from a position of superposition depending on decrease or increase of spin-energies by superposition.

A stable superposition of electrons is called bonding. A bonding does always symmetric stretching vibration which results by the Second Fundamental Law (conservation of energy).

The force of a body, which is a result of maintaining the movement of the body should be called kinetic energy to do a clear differentiation between force and kinetic energy.




W5.19 No Disputes anymore about Physics



Validity (=physical reality) of assumptions, interpretations, hypotheses and theories can be discussed by different argumentation, whether these are reality or not. But as physical reality is unique it can not be discussed. The physical reality of the Weltformel has an extremely high probability as it is based on about 600 physical observations without interpretations which are always physical reality. SURe – New Physics should also be physical reality but it can be expected that some statements might be no reality. As all statements of SURe- New Physics are falsifiable, these should not be discussed, but tests should be arranged and performed to falsify the statement. When there is already an alternative statement for physical reality this should be falsified by an experimental test.








W6 Explanations of desastrous State of current Physics


W6.1 Termination of Research before Finding any Result


Physics research is a long process from explaining the universe by imaginary theories until finding the physical reality by observations. Main research task is to eliminate all imaginary statements like theories, models, hypotheses and interpretations. Current physical research is terminated already by defining a theory, which is just the starting action of physical research.

There are several reasons, why physics decided to quit any research to find scientific descriptions and explanations of the universe, which are listed below.





W6.2 Theories are accepted to be Physics


Instead of clearly describing imaginary theories as preliminary stage of physics these are accepted to be physics. There has even been defined a separate area of physics, which was called theoretical physics. Theoretical physics is identical to science-fiction of physics. By Weltformel it can be shown that nearly all theories, which have been accepted as physics are physically impossible science-fiction. Nearly all fundamental physical phenomenons like energy, heat, movement, mass, absorption, emission have either no or wrong scientific definition and scientific explanation.



W6.4 Non-scientific Verification of Theories


A large part of current scientific research consists of experimental verification of theories. Every experimental observation is extreme valuable research work to test the reality of a theory (incl. model, hypothesis, interpretation, statement). But it is very unscientific to declare the verification of theory as a valuable research task, as it is currently done. By this the experimental work is made worthless, because a theory cannot be verified. A theory can only be falsified (negative test result).

Extremely unscientific is, that only positive test results are acknowledged as excellent research work, whereas a negative result of an experimental test is regarded as a negative research result, although this is an extreme valuable finding of research. As negative test results are mostly ignored or are refused to be published, physicist did lots of unscientific work, so that it seems that the theory is verified. SURe has clearly revealed these fake- verifications, which are shown in the different chapters.



W6.5 Physicists work on useless Research Tasks


As research tasks only falsification (negative tests) of theories make sense.

One single falsification of a statement in a theory is sufficient to declare the theory as unreal, so that it has to be eliminated from physics. Contrary to a negative test a positive test result (=verification) provides no information about reality of the theory. By a clear falsification you know that exclusively elimination makes sense and further tests can concentrate on findings of reality. By verifications endless further testing is required without getting a definite answer about reality.


If physical research institutions would announce today that they acknowledge every falsification of a theory as excellent research performance, physical scientist would clearly falsify within about two months nearly complete physics.

I have needed of course a longer time for this task.



But the main task for me was also to falsify my own new made-up theories, which replaced the falsified theories by a theory with less contradictions. . Thus over 90% of my work was falsification and revision of my own theories.

So I know that the falsification of own theories, which took lots of hours to be worked out, is a strong mental problem and it took many years until I could regard many hundreds of eliminated sheets of written papers as normality of research work without any frustration.




W6.6 Ignoring Falsification


Typical for current physics that falsifications are mostly ignored, not published or hidden by non-understandable descriptions, mostly by mathematics.


A simple example for just ignoring falsification and not reporting the falsification of a statement is the statement that every particles can convert to electromagnetic wave and by this can interfere. This statement is clearly independent from particle as only the frequency of wave differs by different particles.


There were extensive research work, the statement was verified by less than about 20 particles covered a huge range of size, mass and thus frequency.

But the statement is falsified by many more particles, which are all particles which were not reported to generate interference patterns.

One falsification is sufficient to be sure that a statement is wrong. But the clearly falsified statement is still a statement of physics. Again an example that physics is clearly antiscience. .


Particular unscientific is that by the falsifications the researcher clearly got the information that for generation of interference patterns the particles have to be highly symmetrically. Also this finding is not reported, because of the clear falsification of the theory of interference.


For interference there are more than about 20 experiments which would clearly falsify current theory of interference of electromagnetic waves and would verify that interference is done by deflections of particles according to Weltformel.

This shows that most physical research is prohibited in physics, because most experiments falsify current physical theories and can’t only be reported, when physicists can manage to hide the falsification from detection.



W6.7 Physical Reality is ignored (Example Interference)


There are only very few physical items, which have a partly correct description in current physics. One of theses items is classical interference.

As expected quantum physics and relativity converts the reality of interference to physical impossible science fiction. But that is the characteristics of quantum physics and relativity. The basis for quantum physics and relativity is that physical reality does not exist.

The classical real definition of interference is:

Interference is the result of superposition (=addition) of energies; energies of real waves are proportional to amplitudes of waves.

As electromagnetic waves do not exist these have no energies or amplitudes to be added. Apparent interference patterns of photons are not due to interference as the positions of patterns are caused by changes of intensities (=number of photons) and not by energies of photons. The reality of photons are determined by Weltformel: patterns of intensities are clearly caused by deflections of photons by collisions to photon chains which are bound rectangular to all surfaces so also between slits. This explains why all surfaces of atomic matter show patterns by different specific deflections of photons.


(See Youtube

playlist Optik.





W6.8 Contra-productive Acknowledgment Policy


The worst issue for scientific work is that only a verification of a theory is acknowledged as excellent performance of a physicist but the much more valuable falsification of a theory is not only ignored, but physicists had to fear severe consequences by this.

When it would be possible to publish falsifications of the existence of electromagnetic waves and this would be appreciated as a valuable finding of physical research there would be a high number of different experiments within short time which clearly falsify that electromagnetic waves exist and that all experimental results are conform to the reality that electromagnetic waves are particles, nearly always emitted photons.




W6.9 Indoctrination of physically impossible Sciene-fiction


Most physical scientists are not aware that current theoretical physics consists of physically impossible science-fiction.

The missing awareness is caused by learning antiscientific physics in schools and universities. Physical scientists would not get a university degree in physics, if they would not accept physically impossible science fiction.


W6.10 No awareness of missing Explanations and Non-Understandings


Because of teaching and learning current “physics in schools and universities people don’t think scientifically about physics and do not notice that there are no scientific explanations but mostly explanations by physically impossible science-fiction and magics.


Sure physical reality are

* all unbiased descriptions of observations.

* all scientific explanations of physical phenomenons, which are conform to Weltformel.


Probably more than 90% of current theoretical physics can be falsified by observations or Fundamental Laws. More than about 75% has already been falsified by SURe.



W6.11 Findings of Reality are quasi impossible to publish


Currently not any scientific explanation of a physical observation would be accepted for publishing. Such a publication is rejected with the reason that it does not correspond to the actual accepted state of physics.

As this is well known by physicists they do not do any research to find physical reality. Later there will be shown examples which consequences they have to fear by publishing the real results of their scientific research.


W6.12 Nature of Mankind severely hinders scientific Work


The most severe problem of science is that human beings have many characteristics , which cause that scientific work is nearly impossible:


Errors are perceived to be negative:

Nobody likes to admit own personal errors and many people chuckle about errors of colleagues. Particularly scientists are confronted with such behavior. This attitude has urgently to be changed. It has to be realized that doing errors and admitting errors are important characteristics for scientific research. When a scientists does theoretical scientific research by scientific method, over 80% of his work are falsifications of own personal errors.

This is at at least my experience of my physical research. Before I achieved a final statement of SURe-New Physics I had to do an average nearly 4 revisions of this statement because of errors. So I did and admitted up to thousand physical errors, which surely are more errors than in any research facility has officially been done. The probability that already the first explanation of an observations is reality is very low.


Not anyone should diminish others because of errors. If someone claims that he is a good scientists because he had never done errors than it is sure that he did never do successful scientific research.


The probability to do errors will dramatically reduce when there is a sure scientific basis by Weltformel and SURe.


Human beings are interested in anomalies:

This is an important characteristic to assure survival of living beings. Everything which is normal is no threat for mankind. But everything which is abnormal can mean danger. So it is natural that we all are interested in everything which is abnormal and thus might harm us. We don’t buy magazines with headlines like “Everything works fine”, but we buy magazines when there are headlines like “abnormal phenomenon discovered”. For science this means if a new physical finding is explained by a general scientific rule, nobody takes notice of this, but if a new physical finding is explained by a violation of a general scientific rule, then it will be of great interest.


Human beings want to get acknowledgment

If a scientist explains a new finding by a general scientific rule he has no chance to get acknowledgment. If the same finding is explained by a specific physical theory contrary to observation he has a high chance to get acknowledgment because it is something special.


Human beings think that the use of complex mathematics is an indication for an excellent physicist:

Mathematics is exclusively useful to describe physical correlations, which have to be described before by valid mechanisms. Reality can be described by very basic mathematics. Complex mathematics is a clear indication for unreal science fiction. All anti-scientific theories and most fallacies of physics are due to mathematics. Mathematics is a tool to hide inconsistencies and fallacies.


Many human beings like to be in a group of like-minded people with a strong leadership and as strong company:

This often leads to autocratic systems and the mentioned negative effects of such systems.



W6.13 Is there a Root Cause for the late Discovery of Reality?


My personal thinking is that the desastrous state of physics and the late discovery of physical reality have such a low probability to occur that there must be another basic explanation. Also other events in universe have such a low probability so that these can’t be explained, like the evolution to living beings. .

Events with extreme low probability can’t be explained by physical reality, so that there has to be a theory, which is only possible by a supernatural force which is exerted from outside the universe. Mostly such a supernatural force is called god.

In short: I believe in a supernatural force/ god, who has directed that the physical reality of the universe has not been detected earlier. And I believe that this was done in favor of mankind. This will be explained in chapter W13.


By this believe we should not look back and try to define explanations for the inability to detect physical reality of the universe. We should just say that there was a long time period where human beings had not the capability/ allowance to realize reality and that we now have got the capability/ allowance to realize reality.

I myself was not excluded. I did not manage to discover SURe- New Physics for over 30 years despite searching for it all the time. I also suffered several personal drawbacks, which caused me that I had to pause my physical work: burnout by extreme workload, severe heart attack, cancer and dead of my wife and three brain strokes. After each event I thought that this was a sign, that the supernatural force does not want that the physical reality is disclosed. I would have stopped my physical work forever, when I would not have had in the time of pausing the strange experience that I got overnight ideas which solved important physical non- conformities. This subconscious experience I interpreted as sign to continue my work. But I lived steadily with the fear that my “work and ability of thinking” might experience a sudden complete termination because the way how the universe works should be kept as a secret for ever.


It can be assumed that there is a considerable reason that the disclosure of the universal physical reality happened now and not earlier or later. We should consider the detection of the Fundamental Laws of Nature as a divine gift for all of us. Now we all have to stick together and do what we ought to do. Every scientist has an extreme high responsibility now to lead us through the new age of physical knowledge.



W7. Examples of Conversion of Physics to Antiscience


W7.1 Acceptance of the physically impossible Theories of Relativity


The acceptance of theories of relativity as physics is the first unexplainable event in history of physics, which prevented the detection of Weltformel and SURe.


Before 1900 nearly all physicists recognized that there has to be an omnipresent matter which is required for scientific explanations of the universe particular for the observations of forces in space and light.

There were a lot of research activities to define the omnipresent matter. As there over longer times bo ether could be detected , physics accepted the extremely illogical theory of relativity of Albert Einstein, which worked without an omnipresent matter.


Albert Einstein used for his theories two axioms /postulates:


Principle of Relativity

The first axiom was, that physics has to be identical for each observer and is called principle of relativity. This axiom is identical to the axiom used by SURe – New Physics for the universe: The universe is irrevocable physical reality.


Constancy of light speed

The second axiom was, that the speed of light is constant and maximal for all observers, independent from the velocity of the observer or from source. This axiom is one of the most severe scientific faults in physics as this shows the complete misunderstanding of velocity: Velocity is no property of an object including photons, because it is a relative property. A relative property must be expressed relative to another object. Every physicist knows that speeds are relative and can only be constant to objects, which have a constant velocity. Thus physical research has to define the object to which light is constant. The only possible answer by logical thinking is that light is constant to an omnipresent matter. Even when this matter is not known, it is impossible that light is constant to objects which have different velocities. So by logic thinking every physicist was aware that there has to be an omnipresent matter, which detemines the constant speed of light in this matter. This is supported by the clear observation that light speed differs by density of the matter in which light propagates.

The next result by logical thinking is that the light speed has to differ relative to objects with different speeds. The statement of constancy to all objects severely violates the principle of relativity and by this there would not be a physical reality.


So the two axioms of Einstein which he used for his theories are clearly contradictory. This already shows that all statements of theories of relativity are physical impossible science-fiction. In current times measurements of llight velocity are so accurate, that the statements of light velocity can clearly be falsified. In reality these have already been falsified by physicists, which was of course not clearly reported. Instead lots of research work has been done to develop experiments by which faked verification is possible. All these measurements verify in reality the Weltformel, but falsify theories of relativity. (see SURe-New Physics Vol. THE END OF RELATIVITY).


Einstein himself got aware of his paradox axioms. Thus he did a faked verification by mathematics so that most physicists believed that axioms are conform. As Einstein has published his “verification” every scientist can get aware, that his verification is done by a cyclical fallacy, which is the most severe fallacy because every scientists should know this.



Typical of current physics is, that although physicists can easily falsify all statements of theories of relativity and although there are clear mathematical and physical errors of Einstein, physicists do everything to save this physically impossible science-fiction, which has already become anti-science.

Physicists seem to know that not only these theories are wrong but complete theoretical physics.


That this nonsense could survive until today shows the great power near to omnipotence of physical institutions.





W7.2 From Reality to highest Level of Absurdity of Relativity


Einstein has based his theories on the correctly defined principle of relativity: The reality of the universe is unique for each observer.

But later he made the most absurd statement about relativity and thus reality: The reality of the universe is depending on thinking of a person. Everyone can chose what he wants what is reality, he just need to chose a corresponding inertial system.

He presented several examples for this. The most popular example are following statements:

When a person is thinking that he is in a moving train he sees light velocities differently than someone who thinks that he observes the light from outside of a moving train.

Of course by Weltformel the is a concrete formula which is the speed of light, which is identical for all observers.



W7.3 Atomic Clocks are misused to verify Time Dilation


Another example of anti-scientific statements of Einstein’s theory are:

When there is a clock in the moving train , the clock has different run times for persons who think to be in the train than for persons who think to be outside the train.


Later tests have been done where run times of atomic clocks in passenger jets have been compared. The clear finding was that the run times of atomic clocks depend on velocity of atomic clocks and of height of atomic clocks above sea level.


Typical for physicist is that they use this observations for the statement to have verified time dilation according to Einstein. In reality the finding falsified Time dilation: In all cases the atomic clocks were observed in the same reference system of observer and atomic clocks. This means according to Einstein there should be same run times and not different run times.


This shows that physicist don’t shy away from anything by their fight against detection of reality. This can be regarded as scientific fraud against mankind:


* They modified significantly clear statements of Einstein

* They use wrong statements for modification

* They ignored extremely valuable findings of their research

*Measurement data have been adjusted to formula of Einstein

* They didn’t repeat the test, because this would show that the data have been adjusted.



W7.4 Reality of Run Times of Atomic Clocks


Without the antiscience of theories of relativity there would have been scientific research to explain the fact that atomic clocks and no other clocks are influenced to go wrong. The cause can only be an interaction the omnipresent matter.

Physicist know, that the specific difference of atomic clocks is that the crystal oscillator is adjusted by the mostly constant emission line of an atom, here caesium. Experts in spectroscopy might know, that emission lines are not stable. By Weltformel it is known that different number of collisions of omnipresent photons change the kinetic energy of emitted atomic photons. Number of collisions are increase by increased velocity and decreased distance to sea level. This explains why both parameters change the run time of atomic clocks.

Thus instead of science fiction of time dilatation there is boring chemical kinetic, which causes that atomic clocks go wrong. So an atomic clocks can be called a faulty constrution.


This also shows that defining time by emitted kinetic energies of caesium is not a good idea, because this has nothing to do with frequency and time.







W7.5 Since Einstein got genius Antiscience got genius  


As physicists realized the success of Einstein’s anti-scientific theorie without any logic, there was a deep cut in scientific physical research.




W7.6 The Antiscience of Lorentz-Transformation and Spacetime


The transformation from one inertial frame to another does not make much sense as by principle of relativity there is no change of physics and physical descriptions by correctly done transformations. If a transformation causes different physics like Lorentz- transformation the transformation is not allowed. The fault of Lorentz-transformation is the use of absolute velocities for transformations.


The combination of the 3 dimensions of space with the dimension of time makes no sense as this has more disadvantages than advantages. Depictions of space-time are very complicated so that errors can hardly be seen. Currently space-time is just used in order to minimize the detection of physical and mathematical errors of physical impossible science-fiction.

On the other side when space-time is used to explain something, one can be sure that the explained issue is physical impossible science-fiction.




W7.7 (=P4.1) The most significant Particle Research in the 1930s


It is unbelievable but true that the most significant physical research concerning particles were performed in the years of the 1930s. Nearly all knowledge of the Scientific Universal Reality (SURe- New Physics ) has been derived from these early studies, whereas the 90 years of physical research after that time did not add any significant knowledge about particles. It was the contrary: Physicists degraded the extreme valuable scientific work of the 1930s by replacing it by pure physically impossible theory without any basis of observations. The theory violated the unequivocal observations of the realy detected elementary particles of protons, which are electrons and positrons. Kaons as important products of the first decay step of protons have even deleted as finding in Wikipedia since the first time a have read the article about proton decays. So it was luck for me to have read the article before deletion. Otherwise the detection of the physical reality would not be very probable.



W7.8 (=P4.2) The findings of Proton Decays


The early findings of successive decay steps of protons were achieved by identification of generated particles resulting from decay of cosmic photons in different heights of the atmosphere. Chemists well know that decays nearly always occur successively by several decay reactions. At each successive reaction step normally just two decay products are generated.

When a proton decays by the first particle-collision, it can be observed that there is mostly a decay to kaons and pions. Thus in the highest atmospheric regions kaons have been observed. In the next reaction step by collisions of kaons photons, pions and then muons are generated, which are observed at somewhat lower atmospheric heights.

Photons are by far much more stable than kaons, pions and muons, so photons will mostly remain stable. The decay products of pions, muons and photons are electron- pairs, which finally decay to electrons.

At the time of experiments photons and electron-pairs were regarded as radiation instead of particles, later these were called muon-neutrinos and electron- neutrinos. It was also still not known that electrons and positrons are identical particles (see picture at end of document).




W7.9 (=P4.3) Electron has been verified as only elementary Particle


Overall the studies of air showers have verified that electrons are the final and smallest decay products of proton which cannot decay to smaller particles. As it is known that neutrons decay to protons and atoms consists of neutrons, protons and electrons, all kind of matter decays to electrons. By the definition of elementary particles being the smallest decay products of matter, the knowledge of Scientific Universal Reality has been verified: Electrons are the only elementary particles. This means, that all matter consist of electrons. Current standard model of elementary particles has to be eliminated.




P7 The Unbelievable Anti-Research by Colliders



W7.10 (=P7.1) Anti-physics instead of Verification of Reality


With the newly built high energetic particle accelerators after 1950 it would have been very easy to verify the 8 different subatomic particles which have been detected in the 1930s years as decay products of protons and which are more than sufficient to explain all interactions in universe.

But the verification of known particles would be nothing new and this would not be appreciated and acknowledged as good performance. Particularly the high costs of the accelerators required absolutely new publications.

Therefore a completely new theory has been made-up in 1964. There would have been hundreds of theories which would have been nearer to reality, but physicist decided to create a theory which was very far from reality. It was not based on any observation. It just was pure science fiction. It is the theory that quarks and gluons are elementary particles, and it was stated that protons and neutrons consist of three of these.

A theory contrary to clear reliable observations is anti-science per definition. The anti- scientific research by particle accelerators is not a fault of the scientists, but the fault of the physical systems to do funding and acknowledgments for physical research work.


Chemists know that all reactions are equilibria which can go also to the reverse direction. In chapter “from Nothing to Universe” it is shown, that the universe developed since generation by corresponding reactions to all matter of the universe.



W7.11 (=P4.4) Decay - Reactions of Protons


By the identified particles of proton decays in atmosphere the successive reactions could be derived. This was supported by the stability data of particles. (e = electron)


Proton (13e) → Neutron (10e) + Muon (3e)

Proton (13 e) → Kaon/S (8e) + Pion (5e)

Proton (13 e) → Kaon/L (9e) + Photon (4e)

Kaon/S (9e) → Pion (5e) + Photon (4e)

Kaon/L (8e) → Pion (5e) + Muon (3e)

Kaon/0 (8e) → Photon (4e) + Photon(4e), photon = muon-neutrino

Pion(5e) → Muon (3e) + Electron-pair (2e) ; electron-pair = electron-neutrino

Photon (4e) → Electron-pair (2e) + Electron-pair (2e)

Muon (3e) → Electron-pair (2e) + Electron (e)

Electron-pair → Electron (e) + Electron (e)


(For kaons and pions different isomeric structures are possible)




W7.12 No publications of real findings


Scientists do daily experiments to identify decay particles of protons and other particles. But it seems that they are not allowed to publish their findings. This is due to the fact that their daily findings are just the particles of the earlier experiments like mainly photons, but in addition muons, electron pairs and electrons. The searched gluons and quarks could not be found as these particles simply do not exist.





W8. Examples of Activities against Findings of Reality


W8.1 Einstein was “prohibited” to correct his own Theory


Einstein realized that his theory of special relativity is not correct and corrected it by a publication in 1911 where he showed that the speed of light varies by gravitational force (physical reality). So Einstein was a real great scientist because he had the courage to revise his own obsolete theory. But unfortunately this was not the case for the autocratic System of Physics, which did not want to show “weakness” by admitting the erroneous acceptance of Einstein’s theory. His revised theory was ignored and criticized which forced Einstein to continue with antiscience.


As in current time the accuracy of measurement should have improved, it should be very simple and inexpensive to verify the dependency of light speed to gravitation. Already a lot of measurements of light speed have been done. There was a comparison of light speed data which were done in many different cities. There has just a correlation to be done of measurement values to height above N.N. to do a first check if this already shows the dependency to gravitational force.

Also the light speed to the moon is significantly faster than C. Of course the correct distance to moon has to be taken for this. The correct distance is measured by trigonometry.



W8.2 Defamation of clear Finding of AnIsitropy of Speed of Light


1933 Dayton Miller published a paper where he showed that by high number of measurements he could improve measurement accuracy of anisotropy measurements by interferometer.

His measurements clearly showed that there is a significant influence by ether wind on light to different directions. The effect is conform to ether which is dragged by earth without rotation.

The significance was proved by the fact, that the anisotropy effect showed higher values with a periodic dependency to celestial time, which was conform to times when the surface of earth faces the movement through galaxy.


Einstein realized, that the results of Miller are a falsification of special relativity. Therefore he arranged that a colleague (R. Shankland) brought the experiments of Miller in discredit by arguing that these have systematic errors although he did not have any scientific argument. As he knew that Miller had good arguments against this defamation, he waited until Miller was dead, so that Miller couldn't defend himself any more.


Much later physicist verified anisotropy of light speed by CMB measurements. By this the speed of earth in the galaxy could be determined.

Despite numerous falsifications the theories of relativity still are regarded as being physics. See SURe – New Physics „The End of Relativity“.


W8.3 Punishment for proving Neutrinos being faster than Light


 OPERA research team at CERN falsified the limit of propagation speed of light by thorough experiments which showed a significant higher speed of high energetic neutrinos. (Ref.: search under “OPERA neutrino anomaly”). The team was forced to invent a measurement error and was severely criticized and mobbed for their publication.

 New Physics/SURe:

 Neutrinos are high -energetic electron-pairs. It would be a big surprise when electron-pairs would have the same maximal speed than photons. As electron-pairs are smaller than photons the penetration time of omnipresent photons should be quicker, so that these with extreme high probability have a maximal speed somewhat higher than photons.

It is known that the speeds of photons through matter of earth is significantly reduced compared to speed in vacuum. It is very unscientific that nobody mention this. When the OPERA-team was forced to correct their value just to C, neutrinos are still significantly faster than photons.

On the other side the stated maximal speed of protons in LHC near C would also be an incredible wonder. That this is science fiction and no reality is already shown by the accuracy of stated value.


Overall there is no doubt that the OPERA team did correct measurements. The required faked measurement error by improper cable connection is ridiculous.



W8.4 Faked Falsification of the Falsification of spontaneous Reactions


The most basic physical law, which is accepted by current physics is the law of energy conservation: In a physical system the total energy remains constant by time. This law is equivalent to: Spontaneous interactions are physically impossible. This is also valid for radioactive decays. So there should have been research work to explain radioactive decays.


A significant correlation of rates of radioactivity versus Sun activity by yearly variation of earth distance have clearly be observed over multiple years. (Ref.:,the%20mechanism%20of%20this%20fluctuation.

Also correlations to Sun activity has been detected. These finding verifies that radioactive decays are not spontaneous but activated by emitted particles from Sun, mainly high energetic photons.

The “control organization of Physics” realized that this finding would have led in short time to the discovery of physical reality. To prevent this, measurements were arranged by a much less sensitive equipment. By the low sensitivity it was not possible to measure any variation because of the inadequate measurements. The inadequate measurements were ”sold” to public as falsification of the measurements with high sensitivity.


The postulate of spontaneous reactions is an example where the error of physics is so obvious and the knowledge of reality is so sure that it can be assumed that there is no physicists, who really believes in spontaneous reactions. That this and the other physically impossible statements are still in books of physics shows the great fear of physical scientists to tell the truth about physics.


Also nearly all violations of principles of symmetry are caused by the fixed direction of reacting particles from Sun.

But an apparently detected and stated violation of a law of nature is one of the surest way to receive a Nobel Price in current physics.



W9 Physicists are forced to do Anti-Research


W9.1 Definition of Anti-Research


Definition: Scientists do anti-research when their research has not the aim to find out the physical reality of the universe but the aim to hide findings of physical reality from general public.

Thus observations, which are clear falsifications of current theories are not or wrongly reported. Often faked verification of current theories are done. This makes only sense when physicists fear severe personal harm and disadvantages by management, when they falsify theories which have been accepted as reality by physics. The result is that more and more physical interactions have been described and explained by physically impossible theories.

Otherwise physicists would have detected the Weltformel already before more than 50 years.

It can be assumed that physicists are so intelligent that most are aware of the errors of physics and by this of the desastrous situation of physics.


The most anti-scientific research is done in the large research institutions like CERN. As the issues are presented in detail in SURe – New Physics Vol. PARTICLE MECHANICS, here is just a short overview.


W9.2 The unscientific Tasks of Collider Experiments


Physicist mainly justified the extreme high ongoing research costs and the costs of the construction of a new collider of more than 3,000 billion Euro by the testing of theories like the standard model, the theory of quarks and gluons and the theory of Higgs-boson.


The defined tasks already show that the money is spent in order to prevent that general public gets aware of the scientific reality, which physicists have detected already in the 1930s by scientific experimental research. Otherwise they would have defined as research task to test the already found reality about particles and to extend the available knowledge about real particle physics.

The available knowledge at this time was that cosmic protons decay by collisions to molecules in air successively to electrons and positrons. As intermediates following subatomic particles could be identified kaons, pions, and muons. In addition stable photons were generated.


The logical definition of current physics is that elementary particles are the smallest decay products of all matter. As protons decay to electrons and positrons and it is known that neutron decay to protons it should be irrevocable that also all atoms and molecules decay to electrons and positrons as smallest particles and by this it can be assumed that the same is valid for all matter. SURe – New Physics has explained that the physical reality of + and – charges are opposite spin rotation, which results to the fact that electrons are identical to positrons. Thus all matter in universe consists of bound electrons.



W9.3 The Basis for Knowledge of SURe-New Physics


The Weltformel and nearly complete reality of particle physics could be derived from the very reliable measurements of successive decays of protons in atmosphere from 1930s. This includes all relevant subatomic particles incl. structures, all atoms and molecules incl. structures, the reaction equations which describe nearly all interactions incl. interactions in space like generation of celestial bodies incl. Black Holes and the decay of stars to atoms and molecules (supernovae).

Without the incredible ignorance towards real physical research the physical reality by Weltformel would surely have been detected already around 1950.




W9.4 The gained knowledge by over 50 Years of Collider Research



The only additional knowledge gained by more than 50 years of experimental research by high energetic colliders were following:

* High-energetic protons penetrate about 20 cm metal.

* There are no differences of decay products by different particles like lead-ions, protons, antiprotons, electrons and positrons and by a large range of energies of colliding particles.

* Electron-neutrinos are additional decay products.

* Interactions of accelerated particles with magnetic fields generate high amounts of photons (called Synchrotron radiation).


By this observed knowledge many statements of current physics could be falsified.



W9.5 High energetic Particle Collisions are physically impossible


Most important falsification by scientific measurements at CERN is that the colliders are run with much too high energies, so that no particle- particle collisions occur. The fact that penetration increases by increasing energies is well known by physicist. One example is the increasing penetration potential from infrared over visible, UV, X-ray up to gamma-photons. Physicists at CERN showed that high energetic electron-neutrinos penetrate through matter of earth without any losses of energy, also muons can hardly be stopped by absorption and do no collisions to other particles

But I also have to admit that if accusations are done these can particularly also made against me, because for a long time I also was not aware of penetration and only when my daughter in a discussion about interactions of particles told me that there should be also complete penetration when there is penetration by bonding I recognized this as important interaction. So I had to revise many own wrong theories.




W9.6 Missing basic Research for Collision-Tests.


There is a high probability that physicists at CERN already know, that they do not any particle-particle collision.

Normally all research projects start with variations of experimental conditions in order to gain basic knowledge about impacts to results. This means a wide range of different collision energies should have been tested. By this the following important knowledge would have been gained:

* From which collision energy (=kinetic energy) onward there is no collision any more.

* Below which kinetic energy there is no decay anymore, which results to the activation energy of decay.

* Below which collision energy colliding protons bind to di-protons which are identical to alpha-particles. This reaction is called proton- proton reaction and is the nuclear fusion reaction in stars or, which is identical to the reaction by which stars are generated. Nuclear fusion reactions of a bulk of gas or liquid molecules are equivalent to solidification by freezing. (See Sure-New-physics Vol. ASTRO-PHYSICS)

Of course the generation of alpha-particles can easily be verified by comparison to alpha particles by atomic decays.

Thus a very simple collider test with low energy could give the information of the result of a proton-proton -collisions, so that also the research physicists at the nuclear fusion tests would have gained the reality about nuclear fusion.


Thus by sound scientific research physicists at CERN and other collider facilities

would have gained the knowledge that the colliding particles have energies, which are many powers too high, for collisions, that means collision energies are very far away away from the maximal energy by which collisions occur.


W9.7 Falsification of Particle Collisions in LHC - Collider


There is another reason, why physicists at CERN surely know that no particle- particle collisions occur.

A research scientist always starts an experiment with a new equipment by doing a so called blind tests in order to gain knowledge about the signal, which is generated by the equipment and not by the observed interaction.

For LHC collision experiments this is very simple. The LHC just has to run with one single particle beam.

This would have clearly revealed that all observed decay particles by collider tests are not generated by collisions of particles but by collisions to equipment.


This falsification by observing same decay products in a single beam pipe has even been well reported. Of course the observation was described as an additional interaction besides particle-particle collisions. The generation of the real decay particles in a collider is called generation of synchrotron radiation. Physicists got also the knowledge that magnetic fields are required to generate synchrotron radiation.

As magnetic fields are also in the colliding and analyzer chamber physicists should well know that all generated particles by a collider facility are photons. This explains also why all accelerated particles (electrons, positrons, protons, antiprotons, lead- ions) generate same particles ( mainly photons and somewhat less decay products of photons).



W9.8 Real Observations by Colliders verify Weltformel


The reality is that physicists observe collisions to magnetic fields by which the bound photons (=magnetic structures) decay to photons. As everything, which really exists in universe, consists of matter, also magnetic fields consists of matter with well observable and describable structures. Magnetic fields are identical to structures of bound omnipresent photons. The same is valid for electrical or electromagnetic fields. This is very logical because there are no other possibilities.

Colliders work with electric-magnets which generate particular magnetic structures which are planar structures instead of the normal string structures of permanent magnets. By Weltformel it is known that the plane of bound photons in the most dense matter in the universe. Because of this these cannot be penetrated by high energetic particles. A probable requirement for collisions is that the angle between colliding particle and plane of photons has to be small. This has to be tested.

Instead of being penetrated the bound photons (magnetic structures) decay to single photons which are emitted.



W9.9 The Reality of Synchrotron Radiation


Radiation is equivalent to emitted particles. Mostly the particles are photons. The term radiation should be eliminated as it leads to wrong understanding of physics. Instead of about 20 different theories of generation of radiation there is just one unique reality:

Emitted photons are generated exclusively by break of bondings to photons activated by collisions, followed by emissions of multiple photons .


This is also valid for synchrotron radiation. All current theories are based on physically impossible science fiction and can be falsified by many experiments.


Currently there is not any scientific explanation of generation of radiation. Not only the radiation has to be explained, but also the characteristics of emitted photons like the fact that synchrotron photons are polarized.





W9.10 Why are Synchrotron Photons polarized?


In current physics the explanation and description of polarization is no reality. Photons are polarized when the plane structures of emitted photons are parallel to each other. Most particles have plane structures because there are three bonding options of electrons in a plane. Also photons have three bonding options in a plane.

Following three interactions cause that emitted photons are or get polarized:

1. The decay of magnetic fields, because in the bound structure of magnetic field most bondings are in the same plane.

2. Emissions by laser because there are multiple collisions of photons in a plane, by which the photons are adjusted to the plane of collisions (polarized). The process for this occurs by bonding-adjustment of bondings -decay (called BAD – mechanism by SURe- New Physics).

3. Magnetic fields adjust photons to same polarization direction by BAD mechanism of photons.

4. Polarizer adjust photons to same polarization by BAD of photons with photon chains between slits.


By 3 and 4 random polarization directions are adjusted to same direction.

This is no measurement of polarization direction! The same is valid for spin direction.


Thus naturally generated polarized photons are always a result of decay of magnetic fields!



W9.11 Why don’t bound Photons have Mass? (Definition of Mass)


Photons do fluctuating bondings, which means these do steady bondings and decays of bondings. By this photon bondings are called weak bondings. For example The bondings of photon chains to atomic nuclei Photon brake when these are accelerated. This is the explanation for the fact that the bound photon chains on nuclei have no mass. This results and complies to the first scientific definition by SURe- New Physics ..

Definition of mass:

By SURe- New Physics mass has a scientific logical definition which is at the same time the explanation and origin of mass:

The mass of a bound particle is the resistance against acceleration by collisions to an other particle.

The cause for resistance against acceleration is, that all bondings which survive collisions have to be adjusted to new vibration amplitude and/or vibration direction.

Thus mass is nearly proportional to number of bondings of a particle without bondings which break by collisions.


Example: Bound photon chains of atoms decay as soon these are accelerated, but mostly are built new as soon as there is no acceleration any more. Thus atomic mass is equal to mass of nucleus.



When the collision energies are so high that the nucleus has so strong vibration- energies, that stable photon -bindings are not possible, the atomic nuclei are called plasma.



W9.12 Einstein’s E = mc² is falsified by scientific Definition of Mass


The Reality of mass falsifies also the physically and mathematically impossible statement of E = mc²: Energy can be generated and consumed without change of mass.

The formula has been derived by mathematical and physical errors and can’t be explained. The unit does not make sense.

There are also falsifications by meassurements of masses of products and educts.




W9.13 The Reality of Collisions to magnetic fields (bound Photons)


Photon- bondings of structures of bound photons break at the collided position. By low energetic collisions this does not result to a decay of photons because there are other bondings which remain stable. The broken bonding is builtup again by omnipresent photons.

This is the explanation for the observation that there are no overall interactions by low-energetic collisions to magnetic fields and why magnetic fields do no significant interactions with living beings. This means we feel not any resistance by moving through magnetic fields.


When there are high energetic collisions the building up of a resistance by bondings is quicker than the decay of photons. By this many vibration energies of photon- bondings are increased before all corresponding bondings break, which result to decay of bondings. Before new bondings are build there are many decays of photons because emitted photons cause breaks of other photon - bondings.


Comment: Last two chapters are the newest findings of SURe – New Physics. First documentation was done on 8-Jun-24, but there has to be done a revision already on 23-Jun-24. Although the explanations are very logical, I have searched for these explanations for many hours. This shows that the basis for SURe – New Physics is to look for unexplained physical issues and try to find a scientific explanation by Weltformel.



W9.14 The Reality of Colliders was experienced by Accident


In 1978 an accident occurred at a soviet collider facility. A physicist got his head in the high accelerated proton beam. The only “observed” interaction refers to absorption of photons: high intensities of visible photons (light).

At the day after the accident the typical damage of skin by UV – photons appeared. Later health problems are probably a result of X-ray-photons.

When the beam would just have been protons not anything would have happened to the physicist.

The accident verifies the logical statement of SURe – New Physics that visible photons are not seen by eyes when these don’t move directly into our eyes.



W9.15 Over 60 Years the same Research Results


As by high energetic collider experiments always a decay of magnetic structures occurs, the observed decay products are always the same:

* mainly photons

As the proton beams consist of more photons than protons and the photons have all kind of energies in a broad range, there should be photons which do not penetrate but collide. By this decay products of photons are observed in particle analyzers of colliders, which are :

* muons, electron-pairs and electrons

Finally by decays of magnetic fields some oligomers of photons like dimers and trimers can be generated-.

Many tests have to be done to clarify all infornation about interactions of collisions.

Overall the results of collider tests are independent from the accelerated particle. Tests covered electron, positron, proton, antiproton, lead-ion.

When decays of protons = antiprotons would be reality there would be in addition kaons and pions as decay products. The non-detection of kaons and pions clearly proves that there are no particle-particle collisions.

Of course electrons (= positrons) do not any decay.


No physicist has dared to report that nearly all observed particles are photons. It would be extremely unreliable that many physicist are not aware that the observed particles in the analyzer are mainly photons. The identification of photons is relative simple. But as photons are not conform to theories, publication of this finding is “prohibited”.


As far as I know, physicists did also not dare to publicize that nearly all generated particles in colliders are quarks and gluons and that these are no photons. The reporting of quarks and gluons would be a problem, because of the earlier theory that quarks cannot convert to single particles and that gluons are just virtual particles. Otherwise physicist would have to determine the ratio of concentration between the different quarks and between quarks to gluons.

Physicists avoided concrete statements of what is observed in detail and how this can be explained.

The only concrete statement is that they need higher energies to do concrete statements.




W9.16 Over 60 Years of useless Research


Physical research should at least result to unbiased descriptions of experimental observations. Concerning collider experiments this was not done, because this would reveal that descriptions would have been the same for every collision since over 60 years.

Measured data by colliders are:

* Sum of kinetic energies of decay particle by a collision event.

As can be expected the sum of kinetic energies depend on number and average collision energy of colliding particles. Number of decay particles can only be estimated and has a statistic distribution around an average. The same is valid for the sum of measured kinetic energies.

* Kinetic energy of a single decay particle.

As expected these will have a distribution around an average as it is known by emission peaks and bands in spectroscopy. The distribution can also be non-symmetric.

By this the knowledge will be gained that there are no significant differences between all collision experiments.

* Trace of first generated decay particles by collisions by a trace analyzer.

These can be only analyzed by computer. The directions of traces are random.

Collisions, which activate further reactions occur randomly.

By the trace the degree of deflection of each particle can be calculated.

This is usually specific for each particle. Thus the number and portion of different decay particles can be determined by computer for each collision event. These can even be separated by first and second reaction step.

I have never seen a report of these valuable data. Are these reports not published, because it is “prohibited” to publish the reality, that there is just one major decay particle: a photon with a broad range of different energies?

Remark: Also photons are affected by slight deflections.

* By computer a complete trace analysis of a collision event is stored. Mostly this is done exclusively in cases when the observed traces have a stronger deviation from average than most others.

This storage is not meaningful as there are always more or less deviations from random collisions. No two collision events will be absolutely identical.


Overall the “allowed” published data at collider facilities are either not of interest or not conform to reality, which means false. Even the only admitted decay- products, which are muon and electron-pair are not explained by a reaction equilibrium. For muon there are earlier published data which shows the reality: A muon decays to an electron and an electron-pair, currently called electron-neutrino.


Valuable research at by LHC at CERN refer to structure analyses by scattering, for which the generated polarized synchrotron radiation can be perfectly used.


By SURe – New- Physics all interactions of generations of new particles are described by an reaction equation. Nearly all interactions in universe refer to emission or absorption of particles and thus are described by reaction equations.




W9.17 Analyzers of LHC needs to be improved


Currently analyzer generates many data which are not useful. By the data pictures of decaying particles are calculated. As picture are just 2-dimensional these causes wrong impressions of the 3-dimensional reality of colliding particles particular concerning the values of deflection angles. Gained knowledge would be much clearer, when emitted particles are just measured in one single direction with a small range of angles This can be done continuous collisions. By this it can be ensured that all particles are deflected by a very homogeneous magnetic field, which is the requirement for detection of number of different particles. Different particles have also different angles of deflections. By calibration with known particles the decay particles can be identified. For each deflected particle the corresponding kinetic energy can be measured. By observation over a long distance the successive decay reactions can be determined.




W9.18 Real Particles according to current Theory


For The decay particles of protons there are two theories. Besides the theories of non-observable imaginary quarks and gluons there is a theory about real particles, which are generated by high energetic collisions of protons: This is the theory of proton- proton reaction. The reaction is called reaction although it is no valid reaction, but a chemically impossible magic conversion, which means science- fiction.


The first made-up conversion step by high energetic collision is the binding of colliding protons to a deuteron and a simultaneous decay of a positron and a neutrino.

The statements of second and third conversion step refer to collisions of deuterons with protons, by which binding to helium -3 and helium-4 occurs and simultaneously photons are generated.

By the observations of collider experiments the proton-proton-theory has been clearly falsified.

It is a severe disaster of science that despite of the falsification of nuclear fusion by high energetic collisions physicists spent huge amounts of money in order to achieve magic conversions, which are known to be not possible.





W9.19 List of other severe Errors at CERN


Following errors are explained in detail in Vol. PARTICLE MECHANICS:


* No understanding of constructed magnets. These are no dipole magnets as stated.

* By above error physicist did not understand why all particles are deflected to center area independent of moving direction and independent of imaginary “charge”. Of course this very important finding is concealed and not reported, because it falsifies theories off magnetic interactions.

* Publication of CERN shows a physically impossible magnet:

By this particles can be deflected against the force vectors of magnets. This is a scientific catastrophe.

* Physicist were not aware that the expensive deflection magnets are not needed to do collision experiments.

* Energies of collisions are much lower than stated, because energy consumed for acceleration is mostly not equivalent to energy which is used for acceleration.

* Velocities of accelerated protons are much lower than stated velocities, which are physically impossible.

* It is extremely unscientific to report an accurate number of cyclings.




W9.20 Verification of Electron being Fundamental Particle


If there would be smaller particles than electrons, these would have been detected by collision experiments. Measured masses of all real particles are clearly larger than that of an electron.

The second lowest measured mass is the mass of a muon, which is about 200 times larger than mass of electron.

As no matter has been found till now, which decays not to electrons as final decay step, this can be regarded as verification that electron is the smallest particle in universe, which means the only elementary particle.



W9.21 The fictional Detection of W-, Z- and Higgs - Bosons


W-, Z-and Higgs boson are purely fictional particles which were made up by physicists in order to avoid admitting, that they have not found a scientific explanation for physical phenomenons. W- and Z- bosons are used as “magic sticks” for the magic conversions of particles. The scientific reality of the magic conversions are chemical reactions.

The theory of Higgs uses the Higgs boson as magic stick to explain the mass of particles. The scientific reality of mass is the resistance against acceleration because vibration movements of bondings have to be changed. Thus physics do not need these fictional particles any more.

As it was prohibited to do scientific research to convert fictional theories to reality, physicists at CERN could not publish anything for many years. In order to get further funding they had to work out a fictional detection of the fictional particles.

Thus they made-up the definition that the measured sum of kinetic energies, which is measured by one unusual pattern of the totally random decay patterns refers to the mass of a fictional particle.

Also without the many violations of the Weltformel physicists should have had realized that this is nonsense. It is for example scientifically impossible that by a decay of a proton particles with larger particles than protons can be generated. This can be compared to building a larger house by blowing the smaller house up by explosives.

But the physically impossible nonsense was successful.






W9.22 The exorbitant Value of Collider Research


There is an exorbitant value of collider research: The observed generation of lots of emitted photons is exactly the process, how the Sun generates its energy: by collisions of high energetic protons to magnetic structures, causing the decay of magnetic structures to photons.


By collider tests the optimal conditions for energy generation can be determined. The required energies for energy generation can be strongly reduced compared to current consumption of energy. The process can also be simplified by using cheap matter like water instead of magnetic fields. Each atom can emit heat by decay of photon chains. The activation needs high energy, but activation energy always will be released again by emitted photons.

Also conditions for continuous energy generation can be defined.


So after the acceptance of SURe- New Physics there soon power plants will be planned and constructed which work analog to Sun. In principle every atomic matter is usable as fuel. Thus the “fuel “ will be extremely inexpensive and available nearly everywhere. There will be not be any shortage or struggles concerning fuel.





W10 Most fatal Misinterpretations


W10.1 Descriptions must be without Interpretations


Most errors of current physics are caused by using interpretations in description for observation. This error is also called biased description of observation. Avoiding interpretations for descriptions is very easy, because you just have to describe what you really see and not what you think to see. Unfortunately even many scientists use biased descriptions of observations. Such descriptions can’t be used any more for deriving physical rules.

For deriving the Weltformel and SURe – New Physics a major task was besides elimination of theories the elimination of interpretations.

A well known wrongly described observation is that the Sun orbits around the earth. The unbiased observation is: The Sun is seen as if it is moving from east to west over the sky during the day.

It lasted nearly 2000 years until the misinterpretation of the Sun orbit could be eliminated.



W10.2 The Misinterpretation of a hot Sun


A misinterpretation with fatal consequences for mankind is the wrong description that the Sun is an extremely hot plasma-ball or fire-ball. This caused the error that by nuclear fusion energy is generated. Physicists are convinced of the Sun being an extreme hot plasma ball although it is obvious that this is physically impossible statement which is paradox. All people know that all observed ball-like bodies are solid bodies, in which the ball-like shape is generated by bondings of matter. Physicists know that the main characteristic of plasma is that this consists of separate particles without bondings between particles. There are even less bondings as for gases, therefore plasma is called the fourth aggregation state in the row solid- fluid- gas- plasma. Also the dependency to temperature is well observed: All matter evaporates above a specific heat.

Although nearly every physicist on earth should know that the Sun has to be a solid and a hot plasma ball is physically impossible, no one dares to tell the reality. This is not the only example that 99,7% of all physicists are indoctrinated by absurd anti-science or dare not to tell the truth. This is the case for nearly complete physics.

The unbiased scientific observation concerning Sun is: The Sun emits huge amounts of infrared -photons which generate heat when these are absorbed by atomic matter like earth surface. All other descriptions are interpretations (science-fiction).