Main Inconsistencies revealed by Physileaks



The provided  Informations  by PhysiLeaks to Vogel in 2017 were more a bad surprise than a nice surprise as these were mostly not conform to  Vogel's published Theory of Everything and at first sight  seemed to be not very reliable because these were hard to believe.  

Only when Vogel got aware of Universal Principles / unique CBD - mechanism he realized that  all information made sense and fitted to all other observations. Below you'll find some of  the most important issues:


Collider Experiments:

1. Basic data show no relevant dependency on strength of acceleration.

This can be well explained by the real  formula for collision energy, which is equivalent to kinetic energy of particles:        E(kin) = m v.

Current formula    E(kin) = m v²    refers to the energy needed for acceleration (valid at velocity much below light velocity). The relativistic energy is an empiric formula for acceleration energy near light velocity. So there is nearly no increase in collision energy near speed of light. New Physics shows that this is verified by many experiments. Also when there are differences in collision energy these are not relevant, as long as these are above the activation energy of decay reactions . All possible decay reactions are well known.

2. Basic data show no relevant difference by particle-antiparticle collisions.

This is explained by  the reality that antiparticles just have opposite  orientations, which has no influence for high collision energies. 

3. The detection of elementary particles with high mass ( above neutron) refers to biased interpretations.

The apparent observations of particles are observations  of activation energies,  transition states and  "missing energies".


Supermassive black holes: 

 1. There is an inconsistency between observation:  low and increasing  orbital velocities  with distance to black holes and hypothesis:  high and decreasing orbital velocities with distance to black hole .

New Physics prove that supermassive black holes are stars, which have been generated  as first stars in universe by condensation (freezing) of neutrinos. Therefore they are called neutrino stars by New Physics. By absorption of high energetic radiation and  release of low-energetic  neutrinos neutrino stars  conroll the generation of galaxies and orbital velocities by gravitation. 

 Above observation (extreme low orbital velocities) is reality,  as the gravitation is  zero up to a specific distance to the  neutrino star, further increase leads to increasing gravitational force until it is decreasing again  by 1/distance, so that the orbital velocities are nearly constant. (Is explained by New Physics)

2. The picture of a neutrino star  in 2019 was a great achievement, but following information was not mentioned: intensities of spectroscopic signals in the black area of neutrino star/ black hole  were only little lower than in the surrounding bright area. This is the typical effect of the bulge of a galaxy. A galactical bulge is a hollow spheric space around the neutrino star (black hole), which contains a high density of all kind of radiating celestial bodies. Hypothetical phenomenons like accretion disks are no reality.  The generation of the bulge  is conform to described dependency of gravitation on distance to neutrino star. 

Gravitational force is due to CBD-mechanism.


Gravitational waves:

The signals of observed  gravitational waves are not conform to prediction of Einstein und expectation of physicists.

The stated sources of gravitational waves are hypothetical.


Quantum Entanglement

The Inconsistency is here between particle physics and quantum physics. Whereas for particle physicists  entanglement of particles refers to the classical scientific principle of energy conservation, quantum physics makes something magics out of this. For particle physicists it is clear that an electron pair has opposite spin orientations and when an electron pair decays then the spin orientations are conserved so that both electrons have opposite spin orientations. For quantum physicists the spin orientations of the generated electrons are random and  independent  as long as these are not observed. As soon as one is observed the other will turn to the opposite spin orientation of his entangled partner.  For New Physics/ SURe scientific principles are valid, which is the statement of particle physicists.  Due to the principle of energy conservation  all interactions generate entangled particles 



It is concealed that Stern-Gerlach experiment works also by homogeneous magnetic fields  and that the particles  are deflected to opposite sites.


It is reported that  that interference by double slit works for few symmetric particles but it is concealed that for most particles  it does not work.  One "negative" result would be sufficient to falsify that particles are  non-local wave funkions.