Neoclassical Explanation of Gravity

Since General Relativity got popular gravity has become unimaginable. Instead of explaining gravity GR has created hundreds of questions concerning gravity.

But General Relativity has also two major positive achievements:

* the mathematics, which seems to be conform to all observations

* the elimination of the constancy of speed of light which is necessary to achieve conformity to the observations, that speed of light depends on gravity.


In VTOE there is a separate theory of gravity, which has been called Vogel's Chemical Theory of Gravity (VCTG). The name already tells us, that gravity is caused by chemical interactions. These are "orbital" interactions among adjacent particles, and as all particles consist of positrons and electrons these are interactions of adjacent electrons and positrons.


Please look into VTOE e-book for the description of gravity.


Although the final version of the VCTG is relative short and simple, it took 40 years for the author to develop it.