Vogel's Theory of Everything (VTOE)

The first and only complete scientific TOE

2017: The beginning of a new age of physics

The new physics is called theory of everything (TOE), because it meets all requirements for a TOE like unification of all forces and solving all current problems of physics, but it is no theory, because it is not based on any hypothesis or postulate as it is the case for modern physics or other theories.

A team of chemists have deduced the VTOE  in March 2017 by applying basic chemistry to physical issues. Thus VTOE is generally accepted science and all statements of VTOE are or can be tested. See "Tests of VTOE".

Any disproof of the main statements of VTOE would be a disproof of basic scientific principles


As the VTOE is based on classical principles the new physics of VTOE is also called neoclassical physics.

Differences between

  • VTOE eliminates all inconsistencies of modern physics
  • VTOE presents scientifically sound descriptions and explanations of nearly all  currently unsolved problems of physics (see listings of Wikipedia). 
  •  VTOE can easily be tested (see page "Tests of VTOE")

Scientific Basis

The VTOE is based exclusively on generally accepted scientific principles and not on hypotheses or postulates like it is currently the case for physics. 
Vogel's Chemical Theory of Particles (VCTP) for example is based on following basic chemical principle: The number of fundamental particles of each type is constant within a closed  system.  
The Neoclassical Theory of Relativity (part of the VTOE) is based on principle of relativity and does not violate this principle for speed of light like in Special Relativity.
The formula for the relativistic energy had to be corrected in VTOE, as it violates the principle of energy conservation.

Spectacular findings

1. Fundamental particles  are exclusively electrons and positrons. All other particles and matter is built by equal number of electrons and positrons (for neutral matter). So there is matter-antimatter symmetry in universe.
2. There is just one interaction (fundamental force) in universe which  is the interaction among adjacent electrons and positrons. This is also shown for gravity!

3. Dark matter consists of muon-neutrinos.  Muon-neutrinos are as well the most stable as also the most reactive particles in universe. 
4. Kinetic energy, impuls and corresponding velocities (including speed of light) have to be referred to the rest frame of dark matter.
5. Space and time intervals are absolute. Speed of light is relative and not constant.

New explanations

Baryon asymmetry
Uniqueness of neutrinos
Cosmic inflation
Dark energy
Black holes
Violation of symmetry
Origin of mass
Decay of protons and other particles
Big bang
Gravity and equivalence principle
Electrostatic und magnetism
Elektromagnetic waves
Speed limit of light
Origin of kinetic energy
upcoming in next VTOE update:
Quantum entanglement and quantum eraser
Superconductivity and superfluidity
Gravitational waves

The universe needs your comments!

It is very important to review the VTOE and write comments.
A scientifically sound disproof of any statement would be as important as additional facts for validation. 
Most urgent issue to consider is, if there is a hazard for all of us by one of the major findings of the VTOE: the symmetry of matter-antimatter!

The deduced matter-antimatter symmetry is a realistic existential threat for all of us: under specific conditions, which can be generated by collider experiments, annihilation of all matter can occur (reverse big bang)!

See pages  "Particle physics" ; and  "Collider Experiments" and "Reverse big bang"

In order to motivate scientists to review this or other important issues of VTOE, the author will do below charitable donation.

Up to 10.000 $ for the disproof of VTOE

VTOE donation campaign:

(for now limitted until 31-May-2017)


For the proof that the most important statement of VTOE below, which is the basis for matter-antimatter symmetry, is less probable than current standard model of particles the author will do a charitable donation of 10.000 $.*)

Most important statement of VTOE:  All matter of our universe consists of electrons and positrons


For the proof that one of the below listed basic statements of VTOE are less probable than corresponding statements of modern physics the author will do a charitable donation of 5.000 $ *).

Basic statements of VTOE are:

* All interactions in our universe are interactions of electrons and positrons.

* Speed of light in vacuum is not constant to all inertial frames.

* Propagation speed of light in vacuum is not constant.

* Time intervals and space intervals are absolute.


*) Total donation is limitted to 10.000 $;  donation will be documented on vtoe-physics.com, donation will be for cancer research (Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum Heidelberg, see Link)


Please send comments to office@vtoe-physics.com. You can use contact link.

Relevant comments will be published on "Comments" of this homepage.

In Addition:

Each customer review for "Vogel's Theory of Everything" (links see below) until 31-May-2017 will contribute additional 4 $ for a donation of the author for cancer research (see above).


Links to e-book:  VTOE EU ; VTOE COM

Test (under construction)


Above statement is the main argument for safe operation of high energetic experiments   

The truth is that there has not been a direct measurement of the energy of the cosmic particles. The energy of these particles has just been derived from the energy of radiation of "air showers" and energy of particles of "air showers", which are generated, when high energetic cosmic particles (mostly protons) are colliding with particles of the earth atmosphere.  

By this it is not possible to get informations of the energy of the originating particle! The total energy of air showers depends on the number and type of collisions per cosmic particle and this is accidential. Most collisions of high energetic particles lead to decay reactions, where chemical bonding energy is transferred to kinetic energy or radition. A proton for example decays via kaons to 3 charged pions and 1 neutral pion, which means an energy generation of about 938 - (3x139.6+135) = 374 MeV/c². The high kinetic energy of pions activate numerous further proton decays.  Much less collisions lead to bonding reactions, where kinetic energy is transferred to bonding energy. Therefore the total energy of generated particles is much higher than the energy of the particle of origin.

This is conform to following fact: