Einstein Logic Test

This test has been developed by the author on basis of the experiments which led to Einstein's theory of special relativity. By the test you can compare your way of thinking to that of Albert Einstein and most physicists. You will also get an impression, if you tend more to a scientific or more a human way of thinking.

This test will not value anything. There is no good or bad way of thinking. But this test shows that there are strong human barriers, which hinders us to think logical or scientifically. These barriers are in all of us and probably have their origin in evolution.


The barriers can be described by following preferences of human beings:

Human beings tend to prefer all things which are new, special, unique, unusual, extreme, unbelievable, spectacular, unexplainable, complex and so on. On the other hand normal, usual, easy and  well explainable things are just boring and do not activate anyone to think about. So if you have done an experiment, it is much better for you, if you can explain this by a very complex, unusual, unique and unbelievable mechanism instead of saying, the results are conform to basic scientific principles.  Only in the first case you get attention and the chance for ackknowledgement. If an explanation is logic or not logic seems to be not relevant.  All of us like mysteries, and physics is a science with uncountable mysteries. Most of the theories of the last century created many more new mysteries than providing physical explanations to eliminate these.

I really think that mysteries are a significant enrichment of our lifes, so it can't be negative to create mysteries by non-logical theories. On the other hand I think the task of science is not to create mysteries but to eliminate these. For this we need to try, that we suppress our natural human way of thinking and strengthen the unpopular scientific way of thinking.


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