Unabhängige Forschungsgemeinschaft



PhysiLeaks adviced to UFG  to present just following personal Information about the leader of UFG:


Nationality: German

German School: 1964-1976

German University: 1976-1983 German "Diplom" for chemistry with performance rating "very good" 

German University: 1983-1985 Doctorate  in kinetics (reaction mechanisms) with rating "very good"

University in GB:       1985-1987 Postdoctorial research about kinetics.


1983-1985  Assistent University

1985-1986  Scientific Consultant for waste water cleaning

1987-2014 Analytical Research and Process Research Chemist at a corporation with over 50,000  employees.

2014  Termination of job because of severe health problems.. 

2017  Publishing of e-book "Theory of Everything", later eliminated because of total review.

2018  Discovery of Universal Principles/ unique mechanism for all interactions.

2019  Writing and publishing on homepage of New Physics/ SURe (Scientific Universal Reality).

2020  Presentation of parts of New Physics via YouTube, Kanal "Physik ohne Widersprüche".

2022  Review of major parts  and elimination of these parts from homepage until completion