PhysiLeaks International


PhysiLeaks Int. is a society of physicists and other scientists, which was founded to reveal concealed inconsistencies of physics  and to reveal the “non-scientific actions” of physicists to prevent that the  inconsistencies become public. The group members don't accuse any physicist for this because they are well aware of the "Autocratic Business System of Physics" which does not allow any action which might question the actual physical knowledge and thus the authority of the system. The group members also well understand that the physical institutions and their managers  have no other choice, because they  have to do everything to hold their institutions alive and thus save the Jobs.  So at the end the most important rules of physical R&D are:

  • Everything is allowed which has potential to get funds for R&D.
  • Nothing is allowed which might be negative for getting funds for R&D, which includes any questioning of accepted theories and revealing inconsistencies. of physical knowledge.

Until now PhysiLeaks just have collected and discussed the inconsistencies internally in order to find solutions for elimination of the inconsistencies by improved theories. So the group has been searching for something which can be and has been  already  called "New Physic".


The leader of UFG (owner of homepage) is no member of PhysiLeaks and has not heard anything about PhysiLeaks until he was contacted by the group end of 2017. 

PhysiLeaks got aware of the e-book from UFG leader  called “Theory of Everything (TOE)”,  which was published in March 2017 . The  TOE already eliminated many theories and inconsistencies,  unified all forces, identified all experimental verifications of theories of relativity as invalid and specified dark matter as neutrinos (inclusive structure). But the TOE still contained many inconsistencies, found by  PhysiLeaks , which were communicated to UFG. To eliminate the inconsistencies the UFG continued working on TOE and by this discovered in 2018 the Universal Principles / CBD-mechanism, which were communicated to PhysiLeaks. The group realized the great potential of these universal rules and checked since then their validity by applying them to all relevant observations of physics.

The result was exciting: CBD- mechanism accurately describes and simply explains all natural and experimental findings  of physics without inconsistencies and conform to observations. Every physicist can check and verify this by applying Universal Principles/ CBD mechanism to own experimental findings or unsolved problems.


PhysiLeaks vehemently criticized, that research of physicists is strongly restricted, as physicists are quasi not allowed to report any findings which are not conform to accepted theories. By this physicists had and have no chance to solve inconsistencies. Instead they are forced to create new inconsistencies by new theories and to do rather non-scientific practices like:

  • Intentional wrong or biased interpretations of findings (findings = results of physical research).

  • Concealment of findings which are not conform to accepted theories.

  • Ignoring data or theories, which are not conform to accepted theories.

  • Adjustments of basic data of findings to expectations (manipulation of data).

  • Defamation of scientists who publicized findings which are not conform to accepted theories.

 So besides the discussion about explanations for concealed inconsistencies the intention of PhysiLeaks is to achieve a work environment which allows “free” scientific work without the restriction to save obsolete theories. The group had to operate privately, anonymous and in underground. Telling the truth about reality of physics and physical research would be equivalent to terminate their jobs.


UFG has not any information about PhysiLeaks except:

  • Purpose of the group is

    • to collect and discuss concealed (unpublished) inconsistencies of physics

    • to eliminate  inconsistencies by replacing  theories by so-called "New Physics"

  • All communication within the group is done by private networking.

  • The group already worked out new ideas and theories concerning New Physics.

  • Group members did not want to disclose identifications, because they feared severe negative consequences.

  • The provided information (basic data of R&D) by PhysiLeaks for" New Physics" was very specific and detailed (can be regarded as insider information).

  • The provided information referred to all kind of areas of physical research.

  • Most of the provided information referred to inconsistencies in physics, which have not been communicated to public.

  • The provided information was written in professional English.

 The group granted full rights to the leader of UFG to use their information and ideas about New Physics for an update of TOE and asked the UFG to publish this as "New Physics" in internet.

PhysiLeaks meanwhile has terminated all contacts and communications to UFG.

The majority of members of PhysiLeaks voted against the disclosing of their identifications for publication of New Physics. They think that New Physics SURe is such a great unique issue that it should be regarded as a common achievement of all physicists (and other scientists) and not an achievement of a group of scientists. This will be supported by the plan that the next version of New Physics SURe will be strongly extended by physicists all over the world, which explain their specific actual work by Universal Principles/ CBD-mechanism. The complete community of physicists shall be remembered in the mind of people as scientists who uses his/her expertise and skills for the benefit of mankind and not for saving obsolete theories. Members of PhysiLeaks have no intention to bring colleagues into discredit by publishing any detailed information of their knowledge about “unscientific work practices” as soon as New Physics/ SURe is generally accepted and the suppression of scientific work has an end.

If New Physics/ SURe will not be accepted by publication of Vogel, the group sees no other option than to identify themselves as members of PhysiLeaks and thus as authors of New Physics. The group meanwhile got so strong that it is 100% sure that New Physics/ SURe will be immediately accepted to be the new basis of physics when the names of physicists are known. New Physics/ SURe is too important for mankind to be ignored.